I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 05

Chapter 5: It seems like my route started.

I inadvertently sent a ferocious glare at the object that fell into my arms.
But you know?
I was right next to Angelica, you know? What if she was hurt!

“Aaaah! I’m really sorry! I climbed the tree and lost my balance!!”

I hear something ridiculous coming from my lap, but that’s not important! I have a more important thing to check on!

“Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

I moved my hand from its resting on Angelica’s shoulder to her cheek, sweeping and checking over her.

“…..Yes, I am fine…”
“Yes! I’m alright! Ah, but maybe I’m a bit grazed?

Two answers returned to my question.
To the one that’s still on my lap, um, I don’t care.
For now, I’m glad Angelica is unhurt.
Then now I must carry out my duty as the imperial prince… although I don’t really want to.

“It seems you are hurt. Then, I will escort you to the infirmary.”

I forced a made-up business smile and offered help to the object on my lap. Then, that object blushed as if she was happy and stared at me absentmindedly. In addition, the brazen thing had the gall to lean up on my chest!


As I called for him in a slightly annoyed tone, he appeared out of nowhere.
…Well, since it was me who called him so it would be strange for me to say this, but he’s too good at hiding his presence. A ninja? Is he a ninja or something?

“Take this lady to the infirmary.”

After I delivered my command while suppressing the boiling anger with an emotionless voice, Daniel promptly replied yes and pulled down the thing from my lap.

“I have an important appointment so I can’t escort you myself, but if there’s anything you need please tell Daniel.”

Feigning an expression that would rival a superb businessman, I so informed the thing, then turned around to face Angelica and lent her my hand to help her up.

“Angelica, let us return to the dormitory first. My uniform has a footprint on it now. You also might be bruised, so let’s check up thoroughly.”

Desperately trying not to frown, I lifted up Angelica, who was still a bit worried, in my arms.
The mud-stained parts are her shoulder and her thigh. It is possible that she is hurt, so I can’t possibly let her walk in this state.

“P, please let me down! I can walk!”

Objection dismissed. Whether or not she can walk, it’s fine, it doesn’t matter. I just don’t want to make her walk.
I carried her to the girls’ dormitory in silence, and was led to her room by the maid who was waiting in front of the dorm.
Softly laying Angelica on her bed, I explained to the maid what happened and asked her to see the doctor just in case.
I also told her not to force herself to come to the introductory session this morning, and left her room.

…….The rose she held close to her chest till the very end, left an imprint on my mind for some reason…..




Shit! Shit!! Shit!!! How could I forget such an important thing!
This morning, I did realise that we went into the ‘hidden character reverse harem route’!
Striding rapidly to the hall of the introductory session, I condemned myself.
I resent my own carelessness.
That event just before is the first meeting event between Kyle and the bitch!
If I recall correctly, in the game, at that place Kyle reprimanded Angelica about the incident at the party, which turned into a fight.
Then, the bitch fell down, so Kyle takes the bitch to the infirmary, abandoning Angelica.
From there on the couple starts having disagreements at delicate situations, slowly causing the envious Angelica to become broken, that she starts harassing the bitch.
……That scene was enough to make me feel broken-hearted when I was just watching from the side.

Even though I knew in advance.
Along with my rage the pain I felt that time revived.
In the game as well Kyle did not attend the welcoming party.
So he heard the news from Robert second-hand and sort of advised Angelica.
So Kyle listened carefully to Robert, huh.
For me, Angelica’s actions were within my expectations, but it must not have been the same for Kyle in the game.
Then Angelica who could not accept Kyle’s harsh words snaps back.
I remember then that there was the choice to climb the tree then. After climbing up, the player character gets interested in the conversation below, and listens in for a short while before she falls down. (This time, she might have been interested in the lovey-dovey fooling around below…)
Kyle, seeing the interruption as a good chance to shake the awkward mood off, takes her to the infirmary and abandons Angelica.
It was that kind of event.

Probably though, since it was mediocre for a first meeting event, it wouldn’t pass as one, I think……..
No, from the beginning, since it was Daniel who took her to the infirmary, maybe it will go into the ‘Fantastical Daniel route’?
Such absurd thoughts were entering my head.
If my route actually did get established, then the next event is…. there’s that 5 days later, huh.

I’d like to avoid it, but Angelica too is involved in it. If it’s her, she wouldn’t just let it go.
Then, I’ll have to support her for the next 5 days, and prepare cleaning up the aftermath of the event.

And most importantly—-
I’ll conquer Angelica, and see how she feels for me!
To ensure that she will not feel anxious about my love for her, I will make her head over heels in love with me!


Filling myself with resolve, I shifted the frown to the usual smile and opened the doors to the banquet hall.

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TN: A bit harder to translate, this one… I had more free time today so I decided to translate this in the evening. For the next few days (during which I have a lot of time) I probably will translate one or two chapters a day. I hope you enjoy the translations.

Edit: Accidentally left a part out. Sorry about that. Nothing too important though.

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44 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 05

  1. hahaha~ XD! Nice Reaction~! Whew~!
    The idiotic heroine got dumped to Daniel the assassin, lol.
    And yes~! Whew~! Angelica~! Angelica~! Go for it~!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

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  2. Thank you!

    Hahaha. I love how hard he works going against the otome game’s storyline. He comes across as a bit frightening/forceful though. I hope he won’t scare Angela off.

    And good riddance for that b*tch who only knows how to capture men. He certainly showed her, huh?

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  3. I thank you -queue stage lighting for a spotlight-
    Kudarajin-sama. For taking your utmost time to translate this novel. I upmost thank you. Kudarajin-sama!
    (Also, when I was typing your name it autocorrected to “Kids taken” LOL OMG. I just had to note that lol. That’s so funny. It would’ve been like “Kids taken-sama I thank you!” LOL! Thank you for what? Taking kids?! LOL. I crack myself up)

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  4. Are all otome games like this?
    I think I’ve yet to see any decent heroine in any novels I read, even the girl is MC she will be somewhat weird.

    To my next question are all the girls wish to be like that?


  5. Poor Angelica, i bet her maiden’s heart is overwhelmed, and already drowning in his love. The rose clitched to her chest! Getting princess carried! Her putting up with the kisses! Good thing she hasn’t died in agony yet.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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  6. The moment that “thing” had the gall to lean up on his chest… hahaha… i just knew “yup shes a selfcenterd, dum dum with no regards for others feelings, as long as i am happy, but we are suppose to think its charming” otome game character… rooting for Ky+Angel!!
    Thx for the chap! I need more!! 🙂


  7. @translator
    The description of the heroine’s appearance wasn’t important? Lolwut?

    But yeah, this is another story in which the villainess is shown as the female lead and the heroine is made out to be the antagonist. However much like in the story about the story about the villainess Camilla (great story but probably the most useless and most unlikeable “good mc-villainess” ever), the villainess in this story is just boring fluff. She has no redeeming qualities, and all the things that the MC likes about her are actually pretty poor qualities. She is a haughty bussybody that is yet slutty as she allows Kyle slobber all over her in public. She isn’t very intelligent either from what we have been shown so far.

    Taking all this into account I actually feel sorry for this antagonist heroine whom has gotten a bad rap from the start. The MC hates her because of what he saw in the game but hasn’t even really gotten to know her in this real life at all. As such I hope the heroine wins and that Kyle gets his ass handed to himself. Would be glorious if the author went against expectations and made the villainess actually a real villainess in this story, forcing the MC to get over his pre-concieved notions.


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