I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 04

Chapter 04: Are you picking a fight? You want me to accept it?

If I recall correctly, the schedule for the new students were various introductory sessions in the morning, and a tea party that also serves as a social gathering in the evening, right?
I also heard in the briefing session this morning that I should drop by for a greeting.
Originally, it should have been done in the welcoming party last night.
Then, I should just pick up Angelica and go straight to the banquet hall.
Thinking so, I first returned to my room to prepare myself for going to the girls’ dormitory.
As I was walking down the hallway, Robert was standing in front of my room. Then, on seeing me, he ran up to me.

“Yo, Kyle!”
“…Robert, what is it?”
“No, um, you didn’t come to the party yesterday, right? I was wondering what was up.”

He’s acting suspicious.

“Because I collased the day before, the doctor forbade me from going… More importantly, about what you did. I heard that you caused a commotion at the party yesterday, is that true?”

I decided that I should sound him out.
He probably has something to say to me about that.

“Oh, that thing, that wasn’t me, but your fiancée!”

—As if he was waiting for that, Robert started laying out excuses desperately along with what I heard from Angelica, trying to justify himself.

Oh, and, the reason why he’s talking as if he’s so important, is because Kyle asked his friends to draw a line between public and private matters, asking them to treat him as a friend in private places.
Especially during school life that is out of reach of the eyes of adults.

“However, even if this is ‘school’ and not high society, do you not think that there are minimums that a noble should keep?
“…That is true.”
“Ultimately, your actions have caused your fiancée grief and made her a laughingstock, didn’t it? Although your pride was hurt by being reprimanded by Angelica, that was you reaping what you sowed.”

As if I was rejecting him, I scoled him coldly.
However, since he’s an idiot, he probably would bear a grudge against Angelica instead, so maybe I should cheer him up slightly.

“If your fiancée can avoid being ridiculed by brought into derision yourself, is that not much better? Is that not how a gentleman takes responsibility?”

I lightly soften my tone and smiled.

“R, right. I am a true gentleman who protected his fiancée by drawing attention to myself.

Robert’s mouth almost formed into a grin.
Truly, he is an idiot. Too easy to manipulate.
Without a doubt, he’s probably thinking something along the line of ‘self-sacrificial me, so cool’
Watching this idiot makes me ‘irritated’, but I’ll bear it, thinking that this is for Angelica.
As I was brooding so and repressing myself from making a cynical remark, this guy smiled refreshingly.

“Well, it must be tougher for you since you have such a fiancée.”

He gently pats my shoulder, shouts something along the line of ‘let’s do our best, see ya!’ and goes away.

…Robert, are you picking a fight with me?




Because of that idiot, I lost precious time that I could have been spending with her!

I quickly returned to my room, and promptly contacted her that I will be going to pick her up. Then I picked out a pink rose from one of the vases in the room, checked if there were any thorns on it, then took it with me, heading for her.


When I arrived at the girls’ dormitory, she was already waiting at the entrance. As I was expecting to wait a bit since I thought she would take a while to prepare, I hurried to her side, quickly but gracefully.

“Good morning, Angelica. I apologise for the sudden visit.”

I give her the rose in my hand, and smile apologetically.

“Good morning, Sir Kyle. Please don’t apologise, I also wished to see you.”

Angelica received the rose as though she was happy, and smiled furtively.

Mm, she’s cute today as well!

I gave a thumbs-up in my head.




Since there was still time until the morning explanatory session, we decided to go to the courtyard. Arriving at the courtyard, we sat side-by-side on the bench under the big tree. Angelica looked embarrassed yet somewhat happy as she looked on at the rose.

“I am sorry that I couldn’t be with you yesterday…”
“It is alright…..It was nothing. My dear brother was with me as well, and that was not anything to be called a commotion.”

She understood my intentions when I told her that I was sorry for not being with her at the commotion.
Seeing her haughty smile, I felt something flare and surge up.


She’s just too cute.
…Just a little’s fine, right? Luckily there’s no one around as well.
I gently placed my arm on her. Flustered, she turned away from me and lowered her head. It can’t be helped, then. Looking at the places I can see – her temple, cheek, earlobe and hair -, I made light smacking sounds as I kissed those places in turn.
Seeing her reddened and quivering was too cute as well.
As I was doing this, I realised there was something I was forgetting. It was important, but I can’t recall what it was.
…Well, I can think of that later after I part with Angelica.
I want indulge fully in this sweet mood.


Something fell into my arms as I was thinking that.

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  1. Woah, thanks for picking up this novel~! I can’t tell you how happy I was when I say this updated again. Than for translating, and I look forward to the next chapter!


  2. Thank you for picking this up, I was actually thinking of taking up this series myself. If you need any help or want some shameless promotion just let me know. Welcome to the world of translators.


  3. I hope he drops the cockblocker ‘heroine’ hahaha He’s probably cursing like a sailor in his mind right now xD
    Thank you so much for picking this up!


      • You’re wrong. The name of the b*tch is still unknown. Jessica, however, is Robert’s fíancée and also a childhood friend of Lewis and Angelica.

        And in Chapter 3, it seems that Robert made the wrong move when he escorted b*tch instead of Jessica. This action may indicate that Robert wants to break their engagement. However, in this chapter, it is apparent that they are both still engaged to one another. Jessica was also bullied by b*tch to the point of crying (at the welcoming party), that’s why Angelica was in a bad mood, and also made Lewis (who may be in love with Jessica) angry to the point that he consulted to Kyle-sama.

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      • seem like i mistook from tjhis part -_-
        “I mean, what I said is natural, no? -> Jessica, made her cry you know <-. The surrounding women who had heard also sneered" (chap 3)


  4. What a cliff~! And most likely the important thing he forgot is the event with the idiotic heroine~! And yes, hopefully he succeed in his love with Angelica~! And go for it~! Kick the idiotic heroine out~! lol.

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.
    —— Thanks for picking this up~ :). It’s such a great news that this has been finally updated and picked up! Whew~! What a good day today is~ ;).


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  6. YAS! Thank youy so much foir picking up this translation <333! I even lost hope, but you just saved the day, thank you!


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