I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 01

Idle Talk: My fiancé is acting strange (Angelica)

I am Angelica, daughter of Duke Fontaine.

When I was eight years old, I was betrothed to the first prince Prince Kyle. From there on, as the future Empress, and to not shame Sir Kyle, I tried my best.
It was a political betrothal, but I still admired the kind and hard-working Prince Kyle.
……Maybe the feeling was something closer to love…

However, I knew that Sir Kyle only treated me as his future spouse did not harbour any particular feelings for me.
Still, it did not mean that I received worse treatment, but rather, I felt that I was receiving favourable treatment as a treasured fiancée.

I also knew that Sir Kyle was struggling under the heavy burdens placed on him, but I could not insensitively infringe on such private matters. I wished to share that heavy burden alongside him.




In this country, we have an obligation to attend a boarding school from the age of fifteen for three years.
During these three years, we learn many things including socialising, but among all that it is considered most important to either ‘solidify the bond with one’s fiancé’, or for those without, ‘find someone that will be a future partner’.

As it was predetermined that I would enroll this year, I was also expecting to build up trust with Sir Kyle.

However, the Sir Kyle that came to escort me on the morning of ceremony felt somewhat like a different person.
Appearance, voice, intonation, none of these changed greatly, but the ‘heat’ filled in them? The emotion was different.

…….The smile directed towards me, different from the usual smile used in social gatherings, felt like it had a sweet sort of energy in it….
That morning, I was toyed with.

Moreover… he kept touching me and the way he touched me was so…
S, so! E, erotic, I daresay…
Yet, I was surprised to find myself happy with that.

“….I’ll make sure to make up for this, so look forward to it.”

The words he whispered in my ears before leaving still rang in my ears, and the touch of his lips and his breath on my ears still made my heart flutter.
At that time, my heart pounded so much—-
I ended up thinking to myself if Sir Kyle was trying to kill me.
For some reason, I felt that I was being loved. I felt very happy.




Shrouded in happiness, the entrance ceremony ended, and the escorted changed from Sir Kyle to dear brother. Then I went on to the welcoming party.

“You look happy, Angie.” (TN: Anju in raw, but I felt that Angie was more natural as a shortened form of Angelica.”
“Oh, fufufu. Is that so?”

To be found out immediately by dear brother, my happy feelings must have been showing on my face.

We went into the banquet hall and conversed with various acquaintances….
Then I noticed it. That my childhood friend and intimate friend Jessica was not at the banquet hall, and that the person who was supposed escort her was escorting a stranger!!

“Dear brother.”
“Aah….. Angie, one moment, please.”

Drawing his attention to that, dear brother immediately realised and went out the banquet hall. He most likely went to find Jessica.

How did this happen?

Since I could not do anything if I did not have a clue, I decided to observe them for a while.
Jessica’s fiancé is Sir Robert, an officer in the royal guard and the eldest son of the Marquess Redford.
He trained too much that his brains now might be made up of muscle as well, so he is little awkward, but he must know the minimal rules at least.
Was he maybe considering this to not be an official social gathering since this was school, or was that lady maybe newly adopted by the Marquess Redford?
Seeing Sir Robert blushing and happily chatting away to the lady, I had a bad feeling.

As I continued to grow restless, dear brother returned with Jessica. It seemed that Jessica was standing in front the hall that the entrance ceremony was held in with a face about to cry.
Jessica came to my side, and when she spotted the two of them she started cry large teardrops.

“…..Why? Why are you doing this to me…”

Her blue eyes wide open, Jessica murmured as she sobbed.
As dear brother kept watching over the crying Jessica, I ended up witnessing a malicious grin forming on his face.
When dear brother does this, there is no telling what he might do.

I should take action quickly!
I left Jessica to dear brother, and went to the couple in question.

“Good evening, Sir Robert.”
“Hey, Angelica! You look beautiful again today.”
“Thank you…. Uh, I don’t recall seeing her before. Could you please introduce her to me?”

I put on a friendly smile, and requested to receive an introduction.

“Aah, of course. This is Michelle, daughter of Baron Rhône. It seems that she was taken in by her mother who was a mistress.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Michelle Rhône.”

It was an awkward greeting.
It seems that she did not receive proper education.
Bobbed pink hair that had a fine luster and green eyes. A cute face with an innocent expression. A head and a half shorter than me maybe?
Among men, I hear that there are many who like such women who bring out their protective urges.
For me though, I think Jessica is much lovelier…..

“Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Angelica Fontaine. As fellow first year students, let us get along peacefully.”

I returned the greeting with an elegant smile, and turned to face Sir Robert.

“By the way, Sir Robert? May I inquire to the reason why you are escorting Miss Michelle, instead of Jessica?”

I asked him smiling stronger this time, and saw his facial expression shift as if was saying, ‘Ack, I forgot!!’
…..You can’t really have forgotten, have you?
I felt my smile thickening, almost into a smirk.

“Even if this may be school, I thought it was basic etiquette for a betrothed gentleman to escort his lady…… I suppose it works differently in the royal guard. Perhaps, have you trained so much that you could no longer comprehend the rules, by any chance?”

You musclehead!

“Th, that’s rude! Of course, that is the norm, but it is the duty of a knight to escort a lady who is quivering in foreign lands!”

Sir Robert turned bright red as he raised his voice.
In such a place…. Is he an idiot? Because you raised your voice, we drew attention!
This musclehead really likes the word ‘knight’, doesn’t he? Although I think he misunderstands the meaning of the word.

“Your chivalry and courtesy are all fine, but from the point you abandoned you fiancée, you failed at both. If you wish to escort someone other than your betrothed without a special reason, I believe it would be best to do it after you break the betrothal. Otherwise, you would end up bringing disgrace on both houses.”

I threw such words with a blank expression, and turned on my heels.
I don’t wish to be at the centre of attention, and I finished saying what I wanted to.
I didn’t say it directly, but I meant to say that he was a ‘musclehead’ and a ‘womaniser’. I wonder if he did understand the meaning though.
Soon afterwards, the three of us left the banquet hall, consoling Jessica on the way to the dormitory.
…..By tomorrow the rumours will spread.
Will I be hated by Sir Kyle?

Many times I have created commotions, but this time I thought of such a thing for the first time.




The next morning, as expected, the incident yesterday already became the topic of the day.
I thought that it would be best if I explained to him in person, so I prepared to go out a little earlier than usual.
I was about to contact him when a message came from him, so I quickly ran down to the entrance.
Like yesterday, Sir Kyle showed me his sweet smile. The rose I received that day felt as if I received his feelings, so I was very happy.

During the conversation we had later, Sir Kyle cared for me about the incident yesterday.
To me who made sarcastic remarks at his friends, there was not one word of scolding from him.
It’s just that, the things afterwards, was just, so… e, embarrassing!
He hugged me tightly, his hand on my shoulder, and a shower of kisses begin on my profile. The smacking sounds I heard was opening the door to a strange new land….
I was surprised when Miss Michelle fell from the tree, but I was thankful that Sir Kyle stopped his actions.
Even then, almost as if he was doing it on purpose, left Miss Michelle out of his sight and worried only for me.
From his actions, words, gaze, from everything he did, I could feel the love directed at me.

I think Sir Kyle is acting strangely these days, but I gladly welcome this change.

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Angelica’s maiden’s heart is already conquered! It was fun translating this. So sweeeet~

As I translated, I realised that I’ll have to do something about the honorifics. Currently, I localised them into english (ex. -san => Mr/Mrs/Miss, -sama => Sir/Lady, etc..), but please tell me if you would like the honorifics kept in original japanese.

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71 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 01

  1. Sorry about making things difficult for you when I say this, but could you please leave the honorifics in japanese? -_- sorry for the trouble…

    just telling you my preference…

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  2. I wonder if the ‘thing’ is deliberately trying to break up the relationships and if it will occur to her that breaking the relationship between fiances who actually love is each other is generally impossible. Be interesting to see if she is a serpent or an airhead.

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    • Kyle will know how to deal with it, he has a bitch-repellant aura with him so that bitch will surely get fucked up. There’s no way in hell would he abandoned his fiancée, would be good if Angelica becomes a little bit yandere.

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    • Unless the heroine is another reincarnated person the entire thing is based on predetermination. Kyle is going to have to fight faith itself. Still I would rather he focus on Angelica rather than try to interfere between the heroine and the other capture targets. As someone who knows the story he’s immune to flags and encounter events.


    • The trend seems to be to make the heroine into a serpent, but it would be more interesting if this wasn’t the case. As is Angelica is really unlikeable and annoying, she is the type of girl that you want to punch in the face when you read her thoughts.

      Poor Michelle really had no way of knowing that the guy that was helping her was engaged or that he was a slimy womanizer. Likewise later it is shown that she is a bit of a tomboy as she climbed the tree when she got curious having heard some people talking. She isn’t exactly an airhead, but she seems to more a force of nature and a wild child.


      • lmfao i dont remember her saying anything to the girl she was mocking robert for his foolishness .she only started hating after the kyle incident as described by the mc previously 😂


  3. wow I was confused at first seeing “chapter 1” again… maybe it was better to slightly change that name a bit? like maybe to “Chapter S1” or soemthing to signify that it’s a side chapter?


  4. Thanks for the chapter. Angelica is so adorable. Oh and here’s a correction.

    Even then, almost as if he was doing it on purpose, left Miss Michelle out of his site and worried only for me.
    site —> sight

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  5. Please, please, please do not “localize” the honorifics! So much social information and context is contained in the native Japanese honorifics none of that translates well into English no matter how it is done. Feel confident in the fact that 99.9% of the people reading your translation are quite conversant with -san, kun, -chan, -dono, -sama, -sensei, -hime, and any other honorific that you might find in manga, anime, or LNs/WNs.

    The only people who will be confused by the Japanese honorifics will be the unlikely few people who choose your work as the first translated work that they read–and considering that most people’s introduction to translated Japanese is either manga or anime, there’s really no reason to believe that anyone reading this won’t be fully versed in honorifics, onomatopoeia, names of family members, and every nuance of Japanese cuisine as well. So if you have an oujo-sama going “fu fu fu” while eating taiyaki with her aniki, there will not be a single one of your readers who will be confused or put off.

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    • No, you are saying that because your view of her is colored by how the MC thinks of her. I am willing to bet that if the MC hd liked her, you would never have thought badly of her. I mean after all, had she ever done anything bad on purpose? The answer is no. The choices in the game is die by the player (see MC) and when narrated not explained as if the heroine intentionally did something with an ulterior motive. Fell on purpose? In the game she truly lost her hold by accident for real… Why would this be different here?


  6. Thanks for the chapter. And I think that since the story is situated in a noble school, honorifics like Ms/Mr/Lady etc. are fine.


  7. Kyaa! So the heroine’s name is Michelle. Hmm. Haha i’m happy to read angie’s point of view. Haha prince kyle you did it! Thanks for the chapter 🙂


  8. Hello, thanks for the hard work and picking up this series.
    This story is so refreshing into its execution, I’m looking forward to the followup.
    Though please don’t overwork yourself.

    Personally I would rather you left in the japanese honorifics, but if you didn’t, I’d understand.

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  9. Its definitely better to leave the honorifics in Japanese. There is alot of subtextual information that Japanese people convey through how they use honorifics that simply does not have any English equivalent. Even though words like “sama”can be translated to “sir” it’s a very shallow translation that loses alot of meaning due to the fact that native english speaking culture has a radically different style of interpersonal communication and customs than japanese.

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    • 1 vote for keeping honorifics too
      when i read “sama”,it feels admiration and such,but with “sir”, it mostly only feels politeness
      the same goes with “san”, u may address friends with “san” but i never seen “mr” this “mr” that when u talk to a friend
      so…yeah….better keep the honorifics

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    • There are a lot of honorifics in english (mr, sir, lord, your highness, your grace) and I think trying to use them is better for the story (if one wants it to be in the theme). If there are Japanese honorific used in english language of european like noble story – it looks like Japanese are cosplaying. They are after all using first name basis to adress to people, not their surnames.


  10. Thanks for the chapter! And oml it’s so cute I’m gonna explode. Can’t wait for the next chapter, and how the MC deals with this fake bitch.


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    Angelica’s really adorable~! haha~ XD! Kyle! Do your best~!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


  12. English honorifics fit the setting more appropriately. If it were a Japanese themed world then JP honorifics would make sense, but this is clearly a European theme so things like Lord and Lady feel considerably more authentic

    The only JP honorifics that I see used frequently without appropriate English counterparts are the kouhai/sempai thing, since students are considerably less formal with each other in the west (and in casual every day conversation). Considering this is high society, however, I expect they’ll typically be using things like sama which have perfectly serviceable English translations.


    • But there’s some honorifics that are quite similar and don’t have a separate meaning in English right? Like “dono” that’s similar to sama?

      In this novel should still be fine, but if there’s a “Onii/Onee-sama” you use them.

      Don’t go putting honorable/dear/Elder/Older brother/sister here.


      • I find dear brother or dear sister totally normal in high society or when we try to reprimand/distance ourself from our siblings. However only when we omit the name 🙂
        Older brother and older sister – that would feel strange while talking to a person themself. Use it only as speaking about them. Eg. “Ask your older brother.” Right?


    • kouhai/sempai – I think it’s because we use those kind of ‘honorifics’ in place of the name and placing them with the name sounds just wierd.
      The construction of whole phrases is different depending on who we talk to – the junior is spoken more like to a child and senior with more politeness/respect or non-personal (at least it should be like that if one had a proper upbringing). To the junior we could easily speak with shortened, soft version of their name, and to the senior we would rather use the full name. Speaking full version of junior name sometimes could sound like reprimanding. Softening senior name is like we are close to them or just we think of them as more childish than us.
      It probably consequence of Europeans speaking to themselves by first name basis, and Japanese speaking by their surname. Speaking by surname feels like distancing yourself or used in working conditions to us.


  13. I can’t stop grinning while reading this, I need more! Angelica is the true wife and Kyle will surely unconsciously capture the bitch. Also, I can’t to see if there’s action or him leading an army.


  14. Thanks for the chapters! ❤ These two are so cute!

    I vote for English honorifics, for the reasons Tor brought up.

    Also: For me, suspension of disbelief is a little harder when Japanese honorifics are used in a European setting, which makes it a little harder to take the character's struggles seriously.

    This kind of story should be fine either way, but… I vote for English honorifics!

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  15. Angelica’s so cute! With honorifics you can localize most of them except -chan or when they’re part of a nickname. You’re doing just fine. Keep up the stellar work.


  16. Angelica’s so cute! With honorifics you can localize most of them except -chan or when they’re part of a nickname. You’re doing just fine. Keep up the stellar work. For female knights you use Dame; isn’t that interesting since over here in America calling a woman”dame” has negative connotations despite it’s noble origins?


  17. As I thought, she is drowning in love~ at least she isn’t shying away from the sudden attention 🙂

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    Kyle should sexual harass her more. Seriously.

    Oh And I vote for japanese honorific o/

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  19. Thanks for the translation!
    Definitely prefer the japanese honorifics since it makes it less awkward to me. Like having sama, at least for me, shows more respect towards that person than just sir.


  20. Normally I prefer the the Japanese honorifics to be left as is and can even find it annoying when they are changed or left out but for this kind of story things like sir and lady just sound better, more natural. I don’t think the Japanese honorifics would fit here because they lack authenticity for such a strongly western europe type story setting and would just sound weird to me if you changed them now.

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  21. I completely understand why he says she is the one with the most common sense… Taking account the OTP and the age(aristrocacy times) as well as their circumstances… Everything she said was so correct I did not find fault on it. Robert indeed is an idiot XD


  22. I don’t understand the thinking of the one who made the game. Why make the villainess be the one with common sense while the Heroine become the train-wreck of a girl. Normally, when you create a villain, you try to make them as hateful as possible.

    And LOL at her brother. Is he happy that he sees Jessica having a rift with her fiancee? Does he want to step in and console her while getting “justice” for her to win her heart?? xD


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    #When you have the same names as the antagonist


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    Thanks for the chapter


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