I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 07

Chapter 07: My accomplice brother-in-law

The next morning, while I was having breakfast, Louis came for me.

“Good morning, Kyle. Do you mind sharing the table?”
“Good morning. I don’t mind but…… is there something you’d like to discuss?”

Louis’s smiling face was scary, so I assumed that it was because of that incident.
When I approved Louis’s request, his butler started setting the meal. Daniel, like always, used his magic to bring out tea.

“Looking at that face, you must know what I want, eh?”

After the meals were prepared and the butlers hid their presences, Louis asked that while thickening his smile.
In that smile, the meaning of ‘you know what happens if you refuse, right?’ was included.
His face is indeed beautiful, so it is doubly overwhelming. Truly like the demon king (TN: Maou) himself.
……Well, although I’m likely to be the same myself……

If I were in his shoes, I would have thought the same, so I’ll cooperate. Actually, I already had made my moves.
So, Louis will have to be accomplice.
Even if I ask Daniel to carry out my plans, it’s hard strategising on my own.
If Louis helps, then the speed will increase greatly.
So I make a devilish grin.

“It’s about the future sister-in-law, is it not?”

Bringing up the matter about Jessica in a roundabout way, I read Louis’s face.
Louis saw that I was had a dark aura in my smile, but he seemed to understand.

“………Hm…… So, what to you want me to do, future brother-in-law?”

Louis made a satisfied smile.


Since we couldn’t talk about the details at a public place, we decided to meet at my office after breakfast. Then we chatted about mundane things while finishing breakfast.
As to why I chose my office instead of my room, it was because I am less likely to be disturbed in my office.
It’s not like I’m going to make him help with work, you know?

“Hey, you two. What kind of secret conversation are you two having so early in the morning? Let me in too.”

See, a disturbance.
Robert sent an unsightly wink. He still behaves annoyingly, doesn’t he?
Robert’s brain is made of muscle, so he doesn’t know for whom Louis has feelings for.
He doesn’t know why Louis does not yet have a fiancée, nor how he feels.
Furthermore, unlike a proper noble, he does not know how to read the mood.
Robert…… Will he be fine in the royal guard?
Making him inherit a noble House of a marquess, I don’t know what they’re thinking.

Just by Robert coming, the atmosphere is cooling to be like Antarctica, yet the culprit has no idea why.
For me, I wouldn’t even be able to look straight at Louis!

Anyone! Does anyone have a warm drink!?

When I silently sent a rescue signal, Daniel delicately filled my cup again.

You’re a psychic. I can tell.

I sipped the tea and took a breath. The cold atmosphere was starting to return normal, and I returned my gaze towards Robert.

“Good morning, Robert. Would you like to help with our work as well? That would be nice since there’s just so much to do.”

Having managed to revive with the warm tea Daniel just gave me, I smiled at Robert.
Since the musclehead Robert would never help with office work, it would be a great excuse to refuse.

“Work!?…… I refuse. I can’t ending up increasing the workload, you know!”

Sure enough, Robert became restless, said something along the line of ‘Ah, I had something to do!’ and ran away.

Thanks to him leaving, the atmosphere returned to normal, as well as Louis’s smile, and so went to my office.
Gimme a break.


After breakfast, we discussed shortly about our future prospects and decided to share information even for a short time everyday.

I think I prepared pretty well for the encounters with Bitch today!
Actually I would have liked to meet with Angelica, but since there was a chance that an event would happen so I gave up while sobbing.
I will have the opportunity to visit after school, but for now I have no plans to go over there.

After the classes were over, I invited Angelica to an afternoon tea time.
It was me trying to make up for refusing her lunch invitation today, as well as me aiming for a date.
As soon as I received her approval, I arranged for it to be held at a different courtyard from yesterday.
The courtyard yesterday consisted of grass and trees, so if really felt like it was a place of rest, but today’s courtyard had an elegance like that of an English garden properly cared for.
It feels like a place for couple.
I asked for six pink rose wrapped cutely, and head for the courtyard.
Aah, I can finally meet her….. Seeing that I think that when I meet her every day, I think I have some problems. Well I don’t have any second thoughts on that though……

As I waited at the courtyard, Angelica came soon afterwards.
Because of the rule that ‘everyone is equal irrespective of rank in school’ we are obligated to wear uniforms outside of our rooms, but just by the fact that Angelica is wearing it, it feels like a different clothing altogether.

“Welcome, Angelica.”
“Thank you for your invitation, Kyle-sama. I must also thank you for the splendid bouquet yesterday.

Blushing, Angelica was looking at me happily as if she was seeing a quaint object.

Can I hug you, please?

“Then, here…… These are my feelings for you.”

No, I mustn’t. Regaining my composure, I gave her today’s flowers.

“!…… Thank… you… very much…”

After seeing the flowers, she widened her blue eyes in surprise and smiled at me with that looked blissful.

Wait a second! What was that just then!
Without realising it, I hid my mouth with my hand and turned my face aways.

“Your highness, tea is prepared. Please take your seat.”
“Ahh, of course.”

I heard something about to break inside of me, the psychic Daniel stopped that from happening.
Thank you, Daniel. (TN: Thank you in raw as well, not sure how to translate this.)

I ordered to pull up a chair for Angelica, then I took a sit across from a her.
Afterwards, hearing things about her newly begun school life, the time passed peacefully.

“Hey, Kyle, Angelica! What a coincidence!”

The thing that put a damper on our date was, still shooting out unsightly winks, the musclehead Robert.

I went out for most of the day, so I could only start translating this chapter from the evening. Since it was the weekend, I would have liked to translate more, but oh well. This will be all for today.

But good news! Tomorrow is a national holiday in Korea, so I might translate lots tomorrow 🙂

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28 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 07

  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    This is heaven, it has been so long since the last time so many chapters of a novel i have been following came so fast.


  2. Some translators use different language for English words used in original text – like changing it to French for example. You could always do the opposite translation and write it in Japanese (since you decided to use those honorifics for now, it would fit).


  3. English is my first language and I can attest, you’re doing great! There are rarely any mistakes and the few we find are not common ones. Keep up the great work and thank you! also, That Robert is definitely one of those can’t read the mood kind of guys I’d love to punch him myself.


  4. Yey! Korean holiday banzai!!! Thanks for the chapter 🙂 and hey, Robert, would you be sensitive enough as to not ruin their date? Haa, seriously. Haha


  5. That moronic muscle dampened the atmosphere! God damn it! Curse you muscle head!

    So you’re Korean.. and you are fluent enough to translating from japanese to english? Impressive.


  6. Thanks for the chapter! Ugh, this muscle head, I realize now that you don’t deserve your fiancé. Go and be with the bitch, you fit her.


  7. you are doing well with the translation so far, and I love that you are localizing this instead of going with all of the confusing monikers. That said, just from these few chapters I’ve read I kind of wish our MC was as ruthless in some things as an MC from a Xanxia … that robert would be the first to go in that rout with the bitch going second …

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  8. “…Butlers,” there’s more than one!
    “…so I gave up while sobbing.” so many good pieces, hahahahahaha! Bout what Imma do with my life because I don’t feel.well at all today and won’t to back to sleep. Ah well, comfort from laying down and changing positions and reading, I guess.


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