I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 08

Chapter 08: Dates always have disturbances……

I knew in advance that we would meet today.
However, the location was different. In the game, it would have been in the hallway in front of the office. As I knew that in advance, I took care of all my work yesterday to avoid this, and chose the courtyard furthest away from that place, and yet this happens!
Why did you come all the way over here!? In addition with such amount, too!!

I unconsciously stared at the four who could not read the mood — Robert, Douglas, Hughie and Bitch — with a blank expression.

You interrupted my oasis time. You want me to crush you, right?

I realised I was building up a murderous look in my eyes. Right now, I was wearing my rage around me.
Since Douglas knew me for a long time, he panicked when he saw my expressions, but the three behind him did not realise a thing. Because of that, my frustration built up even further!

What do you want!?
I was just about to coax Angelica, but you just had to interrupt!

I carry out various patterns of revenge in my head. I examined which would be the most effective.

I could also feel my face was twisting into horrible expression.
But then, someone gently patted my shoulder. It was Daniel.
When I furtively took a look, he was slowly shaking his head…… Calm down, me.

I sighed once, and made the usual smile.

“Hey…… Quite the unusual combination, eh? What about Jessica and April?”

I was sarcastically hinting that betrothed people should not approach other girls, but Robert was not shaken up at all. ‘Ahh, it’s different,’ he responded cooly with a smile.
Hughie awkwardly averted the gaze of his orange eyes, and Douglas — whose fiancée died last year due to disease — hid his eyes with one hand and scratched his green-haired head.

“So, do you some business?”

I know what you’re going to say, so I’ll give you attention. I want get over with this charade quickly and play with Angelica.

“Ahh! Michelle wanted to thank you herself, so we were all looking for you! Come on, Michelle!”

Robert gleefully explained and pushed Bitch over towards us.
Bitch locked her fingers in front her chest and twiddled her fingers in hesitation.
Do you mind talking already? And, quickly disappear from my sight!

“……thank me?”
“Yes! Thank you for breaking the fall and catching me yesterday!! Thanks to you, I was unhurt! Also, sorry for surprising you with that!”

While I maintained my smile and listened on, Bitch said that and bowed. Only to me!!
I think I’m about to frown. Suppressing that, my face grows ever darker.

In the game, Kyle would say, ‘What an interesting child,’ which raised his affection, but for me you’re just picking a fight, you know?
Why would Kyle’s affection increase in this encounter!? There’s a threshold for bearing these things!

“…You don’t really need to thank me, but, I’d like you to properly apologise to Angelica, you see?”

I was at my limits but I managed to say that with a soft voice and smile.

“Ah! Sorry! ———Angelica-san, I’m sorry for yesterday! Were you hurt anywhere?”

Bringing both hands to her hand as if she just realised, she apologised to Angelica panicking.
Every action looks like a farce.
Is it because I only have animosity for her?

When I turned my gaze towards Angelica, she too must have been displeased as well. She was making a smile just like her brother’s.

Mm, that side of you is cute as well.

My frustration lifted in an instant.
Truly, it’s Angelica magic.

“Please don’t trouble yourself over it. I did not receive any injuries.”
“Thank goodness! I was so worried about that!!”

I felt as if I could almost hear her go ‘hah~’ as Bitch smiled. Then, I realised her eyes were looking at the object on the table.

“That flower…… it’s very pretty”

I could tell that she wanted it even without having to read between the lines.

“Pretty, is it not? I received it from Kyle-sama.”

Angelica responded as if she didn’t realise Bitch’s feeling, but she looked very unpleasant.
And of course, Robert could not read the mood.

“Well there are many flowers, so why not share one? It’s okay, right, Kyle?”

Of course it’s not!
In a sense, he really doesn’t change, does he!?

Angelica too was almost reaching her limit, twitching her eyebrows rapidly.
I also don’t want to see my smiling face. It probably became very scary.
Still, I have to take care of this here, or else Angelica will explode in frustration……
Breathing in and out many times and calming myself, I talked to them with a smile (which may have been twitching).

“I can’t possibly do that. These flowers are my feelings toward her, so even one less flower would degrade its meaning…”
“Is that so?”
“Yes. Also, the receiver would feel happier if it’s from the person they like.”
“Oh right!”

Robert is indeed an idiot……
Saying, “I’ll give you the same flower” or something. For a betrothed man to say that to someone other than his fiancée……
Furthermore, doing that in front of her friend……
How much of an idiot are you!?

Furtively stealing a look at Angelica, she was blushing bright red and was lowering her head. Looking at her, she doesn’t seem to have heard Robert’s statement.
Her irritation also seemed to have stopped, as was no longer twitching her eyebrows.
Because she understood my flowers’ meaning, did she get embarrassed?
In the game, the event would have ended with a cynical remark from Angelica, but… today was alright.
Hm. Then, should I say it for her?

“Hm, you know that there’s etiquette class in school, right? If you want, you can apply for extra classes, you see?”

For you lot who do not know what courtesy means, you should get some manners knocked into your head!

To my nasty remark, Hughie’s and Douglas’s face reddened.
But it seems like it didn’t work on Robert and Bitch, since they were making a face that looked as if was saying ‘So? Eh, what is it?”
……It must be easy being an idiot.


After the four went away, as I was taking stroll in the garden to refresh myself, I realised I needed to discipline my mind more, so I felt like purifying myself by sitting beneath a waterfall……
Angelica was just that cute, but I won’t show that to anyone else.

In the language of flowers, these are the meanings:
One flower … fell in love at first sight.
Six flowers … madly in love with you.
Pink tulip … true love
Gypsophila … purity

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I don’t know much about flowers, but that’s so sweet.

Recently I picked up two web novels, one called ‘Honzuki no Gekokujou ~ Shisho Ni Naru Tame Ni Shudan wo Erande iraremasen ~’ and another called ‘Tsumi Kake Tensei Ryoushu no Kaikaku’. Both are reincarnation novels, but unlike most that involve fighting, these are more focused on economic/technological development and politics, so I really liked them. I finished about one third for both of them. I am thinking of translating them, but not right now until I’m finished with this beauty.

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47 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 08

  1. Having an Angelica by my side would be a dream but I have to admit, having a Daniel would be perfect too. So many problems that I could have avoided.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Dude is showing his love to the woman he loves. It’s no like he’s playing around or seducing her for sex. He legitimately wants her as his queen and he’s actively pursuing her in the same way a modern age boyfriend would pursue his girlfriend. Lots of pretty words, physical contact and enormous amount of teasing.

      It’s only creepy if your comparing things to Otome games or Shoujo mangas where seeing each other 6 times a year is enough to create unbreakable love. Love is created through familiarity and spending time together which is what Kyle here is going for.

      Liked by 8 people

      • So you don’t sense an unbalanced, yandere vibe going on, huh? Like how he’s always thinking about her, and only considering actions in the context of how they relate to her? If he was just a little more restrained I would agree with you, but…from where I’m standing, he has crossed the line from “deeply in love” to ” disturbingly obsessed”. 😱

        Just my opinion, and let’s be thankful that Daniel is there to keep a lid on things. 😉


      • That’s what I wanted to say! Honestly, they’re engaged but instead of taking advantage of that by forcing himself on her he’s trying to go slow despite the intensity of his feelings to match her level. The only creepy factor here is bitch and her effect on people. I mean seriously, does she have midas lady bits or something?

        Liked by 4 people

      • @Dark Jackel

        Not really considering he knows exactly what happens to her. Angelica’s actions are painted as villainous throughout the whole otome game due to protagonist centered morality rather than being actually villainous. He knows exactly how much the heroine is able to get away with due to being the protagonist and how much Angelica will suffer which as the woman he loves he’s going to make sure to protect.

        The reason he relates things to her is due to those things actually affecting her. In this type of games the only ones affected negatively are the love rivals. The capture targets don’t end up blacklisted due to their lapses in manners, the heroine doesn’t end up in trouble for stealing other people lovers, but the rivals end up condemned for not being happy at getting their fiancees stolen or for trying to show the illegitimate daughter of a fucking baron why antagonizing the daughters of earls and dukes in a medieval setting is a bad idea.

        Anyways the protectiveness is justified since everything since to be going according the storyline except for Kyle’s actions. If Kyle had played along super nice and diligent Angelica would be a villain.

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        • I wonder if otome games in general are like this? Well, many guys love netori so I’m not surprised if girls also like reverse netori, but that would be rather nasty game. And yeah I’m a guy so idk about otome game


        • Kyle is so possessive and is being angry all the time …..seriously the heroine is just fooling around with his retainers…. why he is so mad?
          he is on the Yandere route


  2. Thankfully at least some of the capture targets aren’t idiots. Maybe seeing the Crown Prince’s reaction to their actions will make them think about what they are doing.

    If “Honzuki no Gekokujou ~ Shisho Ni Naru Tame Ni Shudan wo Erande iraremasen ~” is Ascendence of a Bookworm it is being translated by blaston through I don’t know the current status or how often.

    Tsumi Kake Tensei Ryoushu no Kaikaku sounds very interesting similar to Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu without the otome game setting. A very interesting read.


  3. nice, more … more … more … especily if he goes the stomp a mud hole route! So Very close there … but I see he’s constrained by political BS … this is definitely getting to be a favorite


  4. Seriously, how effin’ shameless do you have to be to try to take another girl’s flowers? What a bitch. Keep your sticky hands to yourself you incorrigble douchepot. RAWR
    Hopefully out guy will put those other men in line. Except the muscle head, his house should fall for producing such brainless progeny hohohohohoho~
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    • not defending the bitch but Robert was the one who asked for a flower…. damn i just launched a Fujiyoshi into something with a whole Kyle x Robert thing since robert asked kyle for a flower which means “One flower … fell in love at first sight.”


      • Hahaha I think Kyle would go insane if Robert was his love interest. (Robert would totally be the bottom because of his denseness)
        But she obviously wanted it, and didn’t say anything when Robert asked for it because she was expecting Kyle/Angelica to acquiesce to the request.

        Liked by 1 person

        • hmm true but by that same logic the other 3 people there also wanted a flower since they didn’t say anything either. sign and suddenly i turned it into a 5 way didn’t I? and the fujiyoshis go wild…


  5. At least two have shame, hope they get their act together and see that her actions are a bit unnatural.
    And his remark was point on, but those idiots don’t understand >/
    But since the one that is doing those remarks and is gonna be the one to interfere most of the time and stand by Angelica, so it’s probable that he (and company) will get unscratched from bitch’s harem.
    Thanks for the translation~!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. haha prince kyle, you have to chill. hehe thanks for the chapter 🙂

    you are going to translate Tsumi kake tensei? Oh my gosh, I’m so hyped! Thank you in advance. hihi


  7. Are these people actually from high society, I’m having trouble believing that there would be four such people who don’t think to read the mood before interrupting. They’re definitely the kind of people I’d threaten with severe physical violence in any case. Thank you for the chapter. I hope you enjoy the new stories! 😀


  8. Thanks for the chapter(s)!!
    The novels you’re looking at seem interesting, but I’m glad you’re putting priority on this one first.


  9. that bitch should disappear mmmm no, actually it’d be better if prince can take off her mask ,humilliate and vanish the bitch and that muscle head! yeah im looking forward to how prince will take care of this situation 😮
    thanks for the chapter!!! 🙂


  10. Thank you so much for translating and sharing this fun work with us. Your comments at the end are super exciting! While the reincarnation trope is certainly overdone, I REALLY enjoy those that veer away from combat and instead have different slants like development and economy. Absolutely no rush or expectations, but it seems like your taste in novels really matches mine and I look forward to your future translations.


  11. Now I wanna know how he knew the flowers meanings, is it because of another tome game?? But that phrase idiots have it easy though 😂😂😂


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