I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 09

Chapter 09: Is this what calm before the storm feels like?

Today’s Angelica was very cute. Just by thinking about her, I could feel something boiling inside me.

“Kyle-sama, your face, sir……” (TN: Daniel usually says ‘Your Highness,’ but he used this just this time)

As I recalled my time with her countless times, Daniel looked at me as if he was looking at a pitiful child.
Making the usual expressionless Daniel wear an expression like that…… What kind of face am I making now?
I cover my face with my hand and turn away from him.

“Is that so?”
“I understand how you feel, sir, but you are gleaming too much. If you don’t do something about that overflowing pheromone, you’ll soon be feared. She’s just an innocent girl.”

I was scolded by Daniel!
Even for the usually quiet Daniel to say this, I must be in a really strange state.
Still, I also have my excuses, you know?

“Still…… I don’t think I overstepped my bounds……”

I did caress her hair and hug her, but I never kissed her on the lips. I did kiss on other places, but it’s just lightly touching my lips.
It’s probably of the level of middle schoolers, right? Well, I don’t know what middle schoolers these days though……
I’m already stopping myself from hugging her, what more do you want?

The dissatisfaction must have shown on my face, for Daniel was making a face that looked like it was saying ‘it can’t be helped.’
I remember making that face a lot when I was little. As an older brother that is……

Stop! Stop looking at me like that!!
It’s as if I’m pestering you!
I’m saying an obvious opinion as ‘a boy my age,’ you know? Don’t treat me like a helpless kid!

However, I had to accept what Daniel said afterwards.

“I believe that because you repressed your emotions only with willpower your pheromones became stronger, sir.”

I see…… I must have taken Angelica aback……
It’s no surprise that she was scared.
I really should control myself…… I was desperately bearing it all, but if scare her because of it, that won’t do at all.

“Later, when you have impulses, I advise you to think of disagreeable tasks to quickly cool your head, sir.”
“Alright. I’ll try to cope with it.”

To my thoughts, Daniel gave me a useful advice.
I am willing to accept everything Angelica throws at me, but there’s no meaning if she ends up getting scared.
Let’s get her accustomed to me little by little.

“Hm, hm,” said I, as I planned my future meetings, but Daniel smiled wryly towards me.

Really, stop looking at me like an unfortunate child! It hurt quite a bit, you know!!




So far, my plan was progressing smoothly.

Time to time, Hughie and Douglas showed signs of ignoring the reality, so I sometimes broke the hard truth to them. To Hughie, I tell him to not shame his fiancée…… For now, I don’t see any opposition to it.
If, even then, they are thinking of stuff like ‘I’ll sacrifice everything for you,’ I’ll have to respond as one of the leaders of this country.
As a ‘friend’, the best I can do is to give candid advice. From an official perspective, I will have to give up if they don’t change their mindset.

The time I can wait for them to correct themselves is when we’re still in school. Not as the prince, but as a fellow ‘student.’
So if there is no change in them in the meantime, I will have to cut them off. As they are now, they only harm the country. We can’t have such people lead the country.
I hope they quickly realise that and fix themselves……

……As for Robert… Um, I’ll just leave him alone.
It’s not possible for me to make him understand.
Like trying to learn Robert language, it’s too much work.
There also…… Louis’s wish.
I, instead of choosing the musclehead, would rather respect the wishes of my future brother-in-law.

Also, I quickly gave up on the notion of avoiding Bitch. Maybe it’s because this is a game, but whatever I do I’m destined to encounter her in a mini-event. If I try to rashly avoid her, then it actually becomes even more complicated with more people involved.
Like that afternoon tea time with Angelica.

Therefore, instead of avoiding her, I decided to destroy all the flags. Whatever Bitch does, I will refuse her like a devil.

Unfortunately, there was a situation where the two of us talked alone in the English garden. That in itself was tough, but then she had to say something with her sympathising eyes.

“Kyle-sama, even when you must be in pain with all the burden on you, you still respond to everyone with a smile…… But then, some day you will reach the limit…… You don’t have to force yourself to smile in front of me, at leat. I would be happier that way.”

Seeing her speak as if she knew me. I was truly infuriated.

Swans may look elegant on the water, but beneath the surface, they desperately wade their feet to not sink.
But it’s fine if what everyone sees is the elegant side. At least that’s what I think.
Even if others know that I am trying desperately, I had no plans to advertise that, yet she just took the needless trouble to uncover that and sympathised with me, how humiliating!

Kyle in the game seemed to want for this, but for me, this was just outrageous.
While I’m trying desperately to hide that fact, yet hearing someone just exposing it and sympathising……
Angelica and Louis too understand my pain. But, they never say ‘I know you’re suffering,’ and give me help while subtly saying that I am exerting myself.
I think that is what it means to truly worry for someone.
Saying ‘I know’ like Michelle but not taking action is just hypocrisy. Plus, that isn’t really what you say to someone you’re not very friendly with, is it?
(TN: Gasp! He said Michelle!)

In response, I decided to gratefully take Bitch up on the offer. For Bitch, I quit forcing myself to smile.
Isn’t it really a great refresher, relieving stress? Truly, this is a blessing in disguise!

Regarding this turn of events, though, Robert who could not read the mood said, “What happened Kyle? You shouldn’t be making such a face to a girl!” while adding in a sigh.
Then, when I said, “She said that it is better when I don’t smile,” he cleanly understood.
Really…… You……

It seemed like Angelica was criticising Bitch when I wasn’t with her. However, unlike the game, there was no sign of madness from envy. My overly heavy affection probably erased any chance of jealousy.
Also, Angelica is not spitting anything extreme, but just stating the truth matter-of-factly, so there were no bad rumours of her.

Things were progressing delightfully. If I just get over today’s event, everything will be wrapped up today.


To make a final decision, I contacted Louis.

Here’s another one. I’m not sure if I can do more though. For the moment, enjoy!

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35 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 09

  1. Yes! Thanks for the update! And don’t overwork yourself, you should relax a little!

    But dang, this couple are idiots around each other, it’s adorable. Angelica and Kyle OTP~


  2. Fahk… That bietch sure knows how to talk and make men fall for her. Probably she is also a reincarnated but who knows….

    We just need more Anju-tan ad Insulin in this series! No more bietches!!

    Also I’m not sure how many kg can Robert lift with that brain of his (lol)


    • I don’t think she’s reincarnated since she isn’t questioning the extreme differences between the Kyles. I think that this is just a case of destiny and fate guiding her through the story no matter what. However Kyle is outside the hands of fate and it’s causing small changes in the story.

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      • She might be questioning it, we still haven’t had any chapters from her POV, she might be a real nasty B who wants to get the harem ending like that guy from “Katahane no Riku” novel


    • I was thinking the same
      that the bitch is also a reincarnated person
      but if she really is
      wouldn’t she weirded out of the change of the personality of kyle from the game
      and that’s what i’m looking forward for if that is true
      if they learn they are both reincarnated person…

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  3. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Copyright by GM_Rusaku… Maybe?)

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  4. From the sounds of things at the end it looks like a major confrontation is in coming, so go ahead and take your rest before hand (no one here will blame you as we will probably do the same). I’d also suggest checking the next two chapters for a cliff, that way you can take the time to pull a double to span the cliff if you can. Though if this is the climax point, then it will feel awful short …


  5. Wow! Thank you for your hard work!
    Ugh that Robert-Bitch combo..
    I don’t know how many time have I cursed them when I read this 😂


  6. finally Daniel told him “stop being a dog in heat ”

    this guy is so fucking easy to enrage ….. i wonder if in the end he die for that reason


  7. “I understand how you feel, sir, but you are gleaming too much. If you don’t do something about that overflowing pheromone, you’ll soon be feared. She’s just an innocent girl.” Daniel is best, boi.
    “I believe that because you repressed your emotions only with willpower your pheromones became stronger, sir.” Daniel is still best boy.


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