I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 02

Idle Talk: The Sweet Terror (Angelica)

TN: Prepare insulin injections everyone.

After the noisy four left, Kyle-sama suggested to take a stroll in the garden.

I offered my hand, to which he flowingly accepted and escorted me. To that, Kyle-sama gleamed his emerald green eyes towards me in a soft smile.
This garden, even amongst all the gardens in school, has received lots of love from the garden, with many different types of roses blooming beautifully. Thus, it is a popular place for students to go on dates.

In such a wonderful place, taking a stroll with just the two of us……

I’m so happy…… and so embarassed…… Also, thinking about the meaning of the flowers he sent me, I don’t think I can look straight at Kyle-sama’s face.
Kyle-sama would discover my unsightly face, and my trembling pupils…… However, I have no idea what sort of emotion I am feeling now.
I do not think it’s displeasure, at least.

“I wonder what kind of flower you like, Angelica? I want to reference it the next time I send flowers.”

While I was examining a slightly strange-looking rose, he suddenly asked.
When Kyle-sama looked at me with a sweet gaze, I thought of the flowers I received over the past few days.
The pink rose I received just before. Just thinking of its meaning, I can’t help but feel a tug at my heart.

“Before, I like lilies the best, but if it’s any flower with Kyle-sama’s feelings in it everything is fine.”

When I replied so while staring vacantly at his sweetly smiling face, his emerald green eyes slightly widened, and his hand gripped a little tighter around mine.

I wonder what happened?

As I thought that, Kyle-sama closed his eyes for a moment. Then, he returned to the usual kind and sweet he sent to me over the past few days.
Just that, it felt like the mood around him changed a bit. That terrible mood seemed to hasten the beating of my heart.

“Then, I would have to put more feeling into the flowers, hm?”

Even though he continued to charm me with his smilee as sweet as honey, he made a statement that teased me even further. And then,

“……Then, not a long time later, there won’t be any flowers that would be able to hold feelings. When that happens…… Can I ask you to receive my feelings directly?”

Staring at me with a sweet piercing gaze, he pulled my hand towards him with that statement, and kissed my hand over the gloves.
In Kyle-sama’s eyes, I felt as if there was something burning in there……
I could not help but feel anxiety and anticipation from the heat.
I do not why it is so, but I feel like I would become a different person when I figured out why.
When I unconsciously lowered my head, I heard a small chuckle, and was urged to walk on.

We discussed many things while walking, but non on them entered my head. Even though I’m taking a walk with Kyle-sama……
I could not help but stare at the dashing Kyle-sama.
As ungraceful and rude it is, I could only stare at him. I was aware of these eyes getting moist, but whatever should I do……?
Every time our eyes meet, Kyle-sama’s free hand sways slightly, and his other hand clasps tightly around mine. Every time that happened, I panicked at myself who was thinking ‘I want to be hugged.’
I felt like such a shameless woman.
If Kyle-sama finds out, I will be hated……!

However, ignoring my will, my emotions and my body craved for Kyle-sama.

By the time we arrived at a gazebo, the atmosphere surrounding Kyle-sama was thick with breathtaking sweetness, that I was taken over by the sweet terror.
I did not wish to be hated, yet I could not stop this craving for him.
If I put him in my sight, I felt that I would not be able to stop myself, so I was averting my gaze from him……


To Kyle-sama’s words, I unwittingly turned my gaze towards him.
It was only that my name was called, but I slowly closed my eyes. As if I was begging for a kiss……


I heard him breath in, and approach my face. Yet, it did not touch my lips, but made a soft smacking sound on my forehead and left……


As if I was unsatisfied, I involuntarily let out such a sound.
Surprised at my own voice, I widened my eyes and quickly faced downwards to hide my face.
Looking downwards, I could see the arm hanging down from Kyle-sama’s body……
His hands were gripped tightly and trembling……?

I wonder what happened??

Pondering that, I forgot the embarrassment I just felt and loked up at Kyle-sama. Meeting my gaze, he laughed sheepishly.

“Angelica, you’re quite the devil……”

Kyle-sama muttered something, but I could not hear it.
So I stared at him and tilted my head in confusion…… Only to be taken by surprise with a sweet smile.

Really, I wonder what he said? It’s worrisome, but if he smiles like that I cannot muster up the courage to ask.
Something still tugged at my mind, but I had to give it up.

Then I was pulled along back to where we were having tea……
But I felt like I was above the clouds, my feet not finding solid ground.
I just could not help but think that this was a dream……

On my way, I could only think of this…… What if Kyle-sama’s sweet gaze and actions were but a dream…… I was terrified at this notion.
If this really is a dream, I hope would never wake up……
Still, I wished confirm that this was not a dream, so over and over again I looked at Kyle-sama, to which he always showed me a sweet smile. With that, I was somewhat able to regain composure.



I received a heart attack while doing this.

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52 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 02

  1. Aye, the next day, authorities will find a mysterious phenomenon wherein victims are found tightly clutching onto their chests and their faces cramping with an overflowing pinkish tears on their cheeks…

    Ai, thanks for the chap!

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  2. M-My *COUGH!!!!!* Heart!!!!!

    This is just too much sweetness for mee!!! My god just how cute Anju-tan can beee???!!


    Everyone here expects more idle talk from Anju-tan after all!!

    I just hope the bietch does not do anything to Anju-tan…

    Not only we all would ragequit, but the very own protagonist would make witch hunt for her….. Oh sorry…. I mean Bitch Hunt xD

    Annoying pink-haired girl characters have existed since the prehistory xD

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  3. Hah- I’m just gonna agree with all the people above…Truly, so much sugar…and honey…
    Maybe sugar cotton candy with honey glaze…
    Thank you for the chapter!^^

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  4. This Kyle is so dreaming, way more than the otome game’s Kyle.
    And Angelica is quite the protagonist of a shoujo manga~
    Such a nice couple~
    But Angelica have to be more cautious, because Kyle is a wolf and he is doing his best at holding back, just a little more and he can’t control himself anymore and eats her….. which isn’t a bad idea~ hehehe
    You are in roll!
    Thanks for the translation!

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    Wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed. “When that happens…… Can I ask you to receive my feelings directly?” Holy cripes and she still didn’t get it. we have a natural devil on our hands!

    Thank you for your amazing work on this series



    Thanks for killing me. You’ve done the world a favor.


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