I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 02

Idle Talk: The Sweet Terror (Angelica)

TN: Prepare insulin injections everyone.

After the noisy four left, Kyle-sama suggested to take a stroll in the garden.

I offered my hand, to which he flowingly accepted and escorted me. To that, Kyle-sama gleamed his emerald green eyes towards me in a soft smile.
This garden, even amongst all the gardens in school, has received lots of love from the garden, with many different types of roses blooming beautifully. Thus, it is a popular place for students to go on dates.

In such a wonderful place, taking a stroll with just the two of us……

I’m so happy…… and so embarassed…… Also, thinking about the meaning of the flowers he sent me, I don’t think I can look straight at Kyle-sama’s face.
Kyle-sama would discover my unsightly face, and my trembling pupils…… However, I have no idea what sort of emotion I am feeling now.
I do not think it’s displeasure, at least.

“I wonder what kind of flower you like, Angelica? I want to reference it the next time I send flowers.”

While I was examining a slightly strange-looking rose, he suddenly asked.
When Kyle-sama looked at me with a sweet gaze, I thought of the flowers I received over the past few days.
The pink rose I received just before. Just thinking of its meaning, I can’t help but feel a tug at my heart.

“Before, I like lilies the best, but if it’s any flower with Kyle-sama’s feelings in it everything is fine.”

When I replied so while staring vacantly at his sweetly smiling face, his emerald green eyes slightly widened, and his hand gripped a little tighter around mine.

I wonder what happened?

As I thought that, Kyle-sama closed his eyes for a moment. Then, he returned to the usual kind and sweet he sent to me over the past few days.
Just that, it felt like the mood around him changed a bit. That terrible mood seemed to hasten the beating of my heart.

“Then, I would have to put more feeling into the flowers, hm?”

Even though he continued to charm me with his smilee as sweet as honey, he made a statement that teased me even further. And then,

“……Then, not a long time later, there won’t be any flowers that would be able to hold feelings. When that happens…… Can I ask you to receive my feelings directly?”

Staring at me with a sweet piercing gaze, he pulled my hand towards him with that statement, and kissed my hand over the gloves.
In Kyle-sama’s eyes, I felt as if there was something burning in there……
I could not help but feel anxiety and anticipation from the heat.
I do not why it is so, but I feel like I would become a different person when I figured out why.
When I unconsciously lowered my head, I heard a small chuckle, and was urged to walk on.

We discussed many things while walking, but non on them entered my head. Even though I’m taking a walk with Kyle-sama……
I could not help but stare at the dashing Kyle-sama.
As ungraceful and rude it is, I could only stare at him. I was aware of these eyes getting moist, but whatever should I do……?
Every time our eyes meet, Kyle-sama’s free hand sways slightly, and his other hand clasps tightly around mine. Every time that happened, I panicked at myself who was thinking ‘I want to be hugged.’
I felt like such a shameless woman.
If Kyle-sama finds out, I will be hated……!

However, ignoring my will, my emotions and my body craved for Kyle-sama.

By the time we arrived at a gazebo, the atmosphere surrounding Kyle-sama was thick with breathtaking sweetness, that I was taken over by the sweet terror.
I did not wish to be hated, yet I could not stop this craving for him.
If I put him in my sight, I felt that I would not be able to stop myself, so I was averting my gaze from him……


To Kyle-sama’s words, I unwittingly turned my gaze towards him.
It was only that my name was called, but I slowly closed my eyes. As if I was begging for a kiss……


I heard him breath in, and approach my face. Yet, it did not touch my lips, but made a soft smacking sound on my forehead and left……


As if I was unsatisfied, I involuntarily let out such a sound.
Surprised at my own voice, I widened my eyes and quickly faced downwards to hide my face.
Looking downwards, I could see the arm hanging down from Kyle-sama’s body……
His hands were gripped tightly and trembling……?

I wonder what happened??

Pondering that, I forgot the embarrassment I just felt and loked up at Kyle-sama. Meeting my gaze, he laughed sheepishly.

“Angelica, you’re quite the devil……”

Kyle-sama muttered something, but I could not hear it.
So I stared at him and tilted my head in confusion…… Only to be taken by surprise with a sweet smile.

Really, I wonder what he said? It’s worrisome, but if he smiles like that I cannot muster up the courage to ask.
Something still tugged at my mind, but I had to give it up.

Then I was pulled along back to where we were having tea……
But I felt like I was above the clouds, my feet not finding solid ground.
I just could not help but think that this was a dream……

On my way, I could only think of this…… What if Kyle-sama’s sweet gaze and actions were but a dream…… I was terrified at this notion.
If this really is a dream, I hope would never wake up……
Still, I wished confirm that this was not a dream, so over and over again I looked at Kyle-sama, to which he always showed me a sweet smile. With that, I was somewhat able to regain composure.



I received a heart attack while doing this.

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56 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 02

  1. Aye, the next day, authorities will find a mysterious phenomenon wherein victims are found tightly clutching onto their chests and their faces cramping with an overflowing pinkish tears on their cheeks…

    Ai, thanks for the chap!

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  2. M-My *COUGH!!!!!* Heart!!!!!

    This is just too much sweetness for mee!!! My god just how cute Anju-tan can beee???!!


    Everyone here expects more idle talk from Anju-tan after all!!

    I just hope the bietch does not do anything to Anju-tan…

    Not only we all would ragequit, but the very own protagonist would make witch hunt for her….. Oh sorry…. I mean Bitch Hunt xD

    Annoying pink-haired girl characters have existed since the prehistory xD

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  3. Hah- I’m just gonna agree with all the people above…Truly, so much sugar…and honey…
    Maybe sugar cotton candy with honey glaze…
    Thank you for the chapter!^^

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  4. This Kyle is so dreaming, way more than the otome game’s Kyle.
    And Angelica is quite the protagonist of a shoujo manga~
    Such a nice couple~
    But Angelica have to be more cautious, because Kyle is a wolf and he is doing his best at holding back, just a little more and he can’t control himself anymore and eats her….. which isn’t a bad idea~ hehehe
    You are in roll!
    Thanks for the translation!

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    Wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed. “When that happens…… Can I ask you to receive my feelings directly?” Holy cripes and she still didn’t get it. we have a natural devil on our hands!

    Thank you for your amazing work on this series


  6. This is so sweet.
    Love your choice of novel.
    Too much harem these days.
    Grateful for you to continue this.
    And thank you.



    Thanks for killing me. You’ve done the world a favor.


  8. there is one thing for why i don’t like much this novel now….this fucking MC is just flirting ,we don’t know nothing about him …just that he was playing Otome game with his sister. He doesn’t do nothing in the story


  9. *Deep Inhale* *Menacing Cross-Legged Pose*
    How?… How could something so cute exist!? I’m putting this on the level of Claudia, maybe a little lower, but OMG, the CUTENESS OVERLOAD was, ah, it was pure ecstasy, I love this, so thank you for this =)


  10. “————————Uggh!!” I feel like the first “Uggh” could be misconceived as harsh, but I guess it depends on the tone you read it -which I read a little harsh sounding as the tone of it- as I passed it though I started caring less as it could be read softer and I understood what it meant. I feel like ‘Urkk’ or ‘Urgk’ would fit better, maybe ‘Uck’. Thanks for translating. It’s really just a ramble so it matters not too much, the meaning got across anyways.


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