I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Don’t make an enemy of him!

Just between us……
Frankly, regarding the case about Robert and Jessica, it’s already mostly concluded. I called over the butlers of both houses, and asked them to report the current situation to their houses. In addition, I conveyed my opinion to my parents (the emperor and the empress) to mediate between the two families.
Because of that, I received more documents to take care of, but if it’s for my cute Angelica and my friend this is nothing.

If, around noon today, the ‘annulment of betrothal’ event does not happen, the conflict will be ‘resolved’ peacefully by the imperial family. At the original event, Jessica’s family, House Rowling decided to break the betrothal.
I told this to Jessica as well.
At first, she was shocked, wanting to continue her relationship with Robert, but now, she looked resigned seeing Robert like that every day.

Recently, the four of us, Louis, Angelica, Jessica and I spend time together a lot. I would much prefer being alone with Angelica, but I couldn’t possibly leave Jessica alone as she is now.
It was also not a possibility to leave her alone with Louis. If I did so, then Jessica who is still betrothed to Robert will be called a “slut” as well.
Thus, it would look most natural for the four of us to be together.
Angelica and I are engaged, and she is also friends with Jessica. Louis is my future brother-in-law as well……
Most importantly, Angelica wanted this situation as well. (This is important!)


Recently, I could feel Kyle’s memory fusing into mine. With my opinions as the base, Kyle’s opinions on them were slowly adding on to them.
I was feeling trust and friendship towards Louis. I was worried about my musclehead friend Robert and could not bring myself to hate him. I was very worried about Douglas. I felt as if I was looking at an unfortunate little brother when I looked at Hughie. I regared Jessica like a little sister.

When I was playing the game, I didn’t care a bit about whatever happens to them, but I wanted to do all I can for them.
So I try to fix the situation, yet they just……

My rage pointed towards Bitch even more. If you could see the parameters it would have been scary, you know? There would have been no lower limit. The screen would be deep blue. Heading straight for the bad ending.

I lost my cool. I can’t seem to be able to control myself when it comes to badmouthing Bitch.
Going back… to what I was saying.

As for Angelica, Kyle originally seemed to think of her like a little sister… yet he at the same time envied her slightly.
If she showed that she was struggling, then Kyle might have said ‘let’s do our best together’……
But she kept working hard without complaining even a bit. She kept hiding it and Kyle grew more envious of that strong Angelica.
I could now tell that Bitch took advantage this to drive a wedge between the two of them.
But now, I am Kyle! I never felt envious of Angelica. I only think her of as cute!
There’s no way I’ll let Bitch have her way!!

By learning more about Kyle’s memories, my admiration towards Angelica strengthened. Other than that, my own feelings overwrote anything else to become even stronger love.
Making me love her more, what is she planning to do with me?
……Angelica…… Scary!


Having finished working and scheming, she were walking a little quickly towards where Angelica and Jessica were.
Yet, no matter how hurried, one must not forget elegance.
It’s after school, yet the hallways are still crowded. Considering my position, I have to be careful of how others think.

“I think Robert is reaching his limit…… Since my dear little sister is always chastising him.”

Walking elegantly, he said something venomous so casually as if he was talking about the weather.
Going ‘fufut’, his smile grows sinister.

“……Louis, you wish for Jessica’s family to break the betrothal, right?”
“Of course? ……That bastard, he made a complete fool of Jessica? As idiotic as he may be, there’s a limit. ——He was kissing with that girl at a garden right in front of Jessica, you know? ……I really wanted to kill him back then.

Saying that, Louis’s expression turned grim. Terrifying, Louis.
Robert…… as for you… You’re beyond help now. You’re too much of an idiot……
Still angry at the recalling such a thing, Louis turned to me, and asked,

“If you were in my shoes…… What would you do?”

Smiling as if he was testing me.

If Angelica became heart-broken in front of me.

“……I won’t be able to forgive the perpetrator. I’ll drive him into a corner and make him regret making an enemy of me forever, that death would have been a better option……”

I was smiling, but it probably was a sinister one like a demon king.
Satisfied at my answer, Louis smiled and said, ‘Right?’. That smile implied, ‘If you understand, don’t get in my way, or else……’
There’s no way I would get in the way of someone so scary……
So, I smiled in approval.
Our smile were black with ill intent, yet for the ladies it must have been a very breathtaking scene.
I could hear people sigh in awe here and there.

But, Robert…… To make an enemy of someone who you should never make an enemy of……
Rest in peace.


By the time we arrived at the dining hall, there seemed to be some commotino inside.

Could it be!?

Feeling an ominous hunch, we tried to force our way through the crowd.
Yet, the crowd was so thick it was hard to.

“I mean! If you are indeed a noble, why do you not think before you act! It’s unsightly!!”

I could hear an unusually upset voice from the usually calm Angelica. I could also hear Jessica weeping.

This is……!
The event already started!!
Wasn’t it supposed to begin with Kyle in the game!?

“What do you mean unsightly! I love Michelle, not Jessica! For love, I would gladly—————”

Panicking, I tried to quickly wade through the crowd, but I couldn’t make it. Robert was about to say that line.
Angelica held up her fan—————


A thunderous sound rung out through the dining hall.
Surprised, Angelica froze in place, still holding her fan up in the air.

Then, where was the noise from……?

The crowd split left and right.
At the newly vacated space, there was a toppled table and————

“Oh, sorry? I seem to have knocked the table over.”

Louis, who was making the most beautiful smile I ever saw.

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60 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 11

    • I somehow imagine her reaction when Robert said “What do you mean unsightly! I love Michelle, not Jessica! For love, I would gladly—————“

      I bet she was veeeery happy and blushed, with sparkling flowery background and doki doki sfx around her (ʘ言ʘ╬)

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    Ahaha, thanks for the chapter! Looking forwards to the next one!


  2. Haha~ XD! Louis..! What a great move~! lol.~!
    I wonder just how they will handle this now, kukuku..~!
    Right, right, just what will Louis do now~? Hahaha~ XD! I can’t help imagining it! Whew~!
    Please, hopefully the plan still goes alright~ :).
    And yes, Kyle’s reaction about Angelica is good~! Haha~ XD! I can sympathize… T_T. lol.

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^. This is really addicting.. Scary..!


  3. Looooooool that was awesome! GJ Louis!

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    Anju-tan is lobe, Anju-tan is laifu, Anju-tan is jastisu!!

    That was almost over, Kyle u must hurry next time!

    Thanks for the chaprer Kudarajin!! (And co. If there is editor cus IDK) xD


  4. You know, this MC, if he has the ability to mediate directly with the families, why not just go straight to Bitch’s father and tell him to remove his daughter from the school?

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    • Remember when he’s saying try not to abise his power inside of school? Beside, kicking bitch out of school with reason like being a bitch, what would people say? Technically, no rules saying about not being a bitch in school right? If he wants to remove her from school, he needs a strong reason, otherwise, it’s a power abuse.


  5. Angelica-sama, please calm down. That idiotic unsightly thing in a human form named Robert is not worth even an ounce of your energy and attention, you know.

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  6. Hello again. Thank you for the translations.
    I’m working my way through your backlist and found this little treat.
    For some reason, I thought Louis was aiming for Robert, not Jessica!
    Lol. Too much bl lately.


  7. I don’t understand why Louis mad at Robert, as if he still want Robert to marry her beloved Jessica. Instead of being mad to Robert it is best to support him with the bitch…”
    while saying in his mind (Robert sama arigatou”daisuki” kukukuku)

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  8. Robert is a dead man, no, not a man, a fricking rat, no the rat kind wouls be offended to be compared to him. he’s against two demon kings for his crimes


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