I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: I made them annul the betrothal

Standing next to the toppled table, Louis was emitting a threatening aura with his demonic smile. His level of anger might be ‘Kamchatka fire~’, or something? (TN: He’s referring to this)
If I act rashly here, I might become his target of rage.

“Angelica, Robert, what’s wrong? Making such a loud noise.”

Louis now is in ’do not disturb’ state.
So, diverting Louis’s glare, I talked to Angelica and Robert. I approached them putting on my usual mild smile.
Angelica regained her cool, looking at me. With a alarmed expression on her face, she lowered her arm and elegantly hid the fan behind her back.
I think I’m already beyond saving, thinking that that side of her is cute as well.
I slowly took my place at her side, blocking other people’s sight aimed at her. Then I softly grabbed her hand.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t by your side…… Because of that… you had to do this……”

I conveyed my feelings of regret to her in a soft voice that only she could hear.
Hearing this, Angelica started looking like as if she was about to cry. Her hand, still holding the fan, was trembling.

It must have been scary……

No matter how much of a staunch character she has, Angelica is still a girl. Facing this musclehead, there’s no way she would not be scared.

Holding her hand, I moved slightly to hide her from Robert’s sight.

“Robert, shall we have a slow talk? This place is unfit…… How about my office?”

Not yet calmed down, Robert snorted and nodded yes. He doesn’t say it directly but his face shows that he has so much things to complain about.
Actually……, should I say that he has grown enough to not let that spill?
But yet……
Robert was a making a face as if it was saying ‘anytime!’ Robert, you…
I let out a sigh.

“It’s my fault! Please do not criticise Robert-sama! I’m the one who should be criticised!”

Bitch spread out her arms and stood in front of Robert as if to shield him. Robert for some reason, seemingly impressed by her, was murmuring ‘Michelle……, you……’
What can I say now……
Please read the mood.

Bitch’s personality is judged to be ‘positive, hard-working, persevering and postive’, right?
Isn’t this actually more like ‘positive (no ill intent?), hard-working (which I can accept), persevering (super-optimistic) and positive (rushing in headlong misunderstanding things)’?
There’s no way she could read the mood. Truly a martian. The way of life is different from the base.
……I kinda understand.

But I have to work harder here! It’s a hard task of mediating between boys and girls, but I’ll make it work!!
Psyching myself up, I dropped the usual smile and looked at Bitch.

“It’s fine. It’s not related with you, so you will just a nuisance. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I told her straight up in a cold tone. If I beat around the bush, she will interpret it however she likes.
I’m still not sure if she did understand.
Maybe Bitch has some communication disability, since I can’t seem to get through to her.

“You’re lying! You’re trying to criticise my Robert-sama, right? I’m going too!”

See, she didn’t get it.
I could almost hear a ‘rise’ as she pleaded to be let in. (TN: ‘rise’ is ‘kiritsu’, the thing Japanese class reps say at the beginning of class)

Of course it didn’t get through!!

Where is her confidence coming from, I wonder?
I’m saying that you’re a bother, why do you so matter-of-factly think you should participate??
Even if I am not going to censure Robert, why would I be inviting someone I’m not familiar with to an office full of government documents?

There are so many things I want to tell her, but I suppress my feelings and tell her the least she needs to know.

“It’s about this country’s future. You’re an outsider. It’s troublesome if you’re there, so please don’t follow us.”

When I told her so bluntly, Bitch ended up crying.
I can’t understand why you’re crying!
Is this that? Women’s secret weapon, crying?

Sure enough, Henry hurried over to her side and hugged her, while glaring daggers at me. He seemed to mutter something under his breath.
No matter how much you glare at me, it won’t work! I won’t listen to your story!!
I flamboyantly ignored Henry.

“Robert, shall we? Douglas, Hughie, you too.”

When I signed ‘no buts’ with my smile, the three followed reluctantly. I stole a glance at the furious demon king……
Louis was tacitly supporting Jessica who wasn’t able to walk by herself……
Really, spotless.

Oh, I almost forgot.

“I apologise for making such a commotion.”

I smiled gently at the remaining students in the dining hall and apologised.
Thus, the seven of us headed for my office.




“Daniel, prepare some tea. We’re going to have a discussion. ……Also, quickly go on ahead with the previous case.”
“Understood, sir. ……Everything’s ready, sir.”

When I spoke out to the empty space, he replied calmly behind me. The answer gladdens me, for it advances my plans……
Also, you’re still good at hiding your presence as always, Daniel.
Before I realised it, there were seven seats prepared in the office.

On a large round table, I seated us in this order from my right: Anglica, Douglas, Robert, Hughie, Louis and Jessica.
I think this is the safest arrangement. Especially Robert and Louis, I have to keep them apart.
I urged them to take a seat and served tea.
I slowly sipped the tea brewed by Daniel……

Phew, I could finally calm down. Good tea always is good for the mind.

………Alright, I took a breather, shall we begin now!

“Robert, what were thinking of doing?”

I erased my smile and asked him with a serious face.
Pressured by my expression, he started laying out excueses.

“That! That’s because Angelica was mocking me like———“
“Hmm…… Blaming a girl, are you?”

But Louis impassively cut off his excuses.
Um, brother-in-law, that’s a scary smile. Also, it’s my duty to protect Angelica, please do not intercede.

For now, Louis censured through his glare.

“Robert, do your actions not go against your code of honour as a knight and a gentleman?”

The quick way to make the musclehead understand is to bring up chivalry and courtesy. He understands these concepts quite easily.
He seemed to have understood a bit, since Robert said,

“I’m sorry! I didn’t realise……!”

and lowered his head.
I don’t know if he did understand. But at least he understood that he did a bad thing…… so what else could I do?
Well, this guy’s also a martian. Although, unlike Bitch, it only required a ‘simple translation’, so could he still be saved?

Also, the incident this time is not entirely Robert’s fault. At that time, there were two people who could put a brake on him.

“You two are the same, Douglas, Hughie? If you were there, you could have stopped him, right? ……Could it be that you lost even the judgement for that?”

‘You good-for-nothings!’ I think in my head.

“I’m sorry.”

Douglas really seemed embarrassed, but Hughie seemed to be unable to accept it, wearing an expression challenging my words.

“If Louis and I did not take action, do you realise what kind of mistake you would have in front of the royalty of other countries? Even if Angelica is the future Empress, it’s not proper for a man to make a lady raise her voice like that!”

“Ah…… Angelica, I’m sorry……!”

For now, Douglas looked straight at Angelica and bowed in apology……
But Hughie still had an angry look in his eyes, still glaring at Angelica and me.

……Hughie… he might be beyond help.

I’m a man who will lead the country. I can’t afford to hesitate when I have to make decisions. However, he is still a student, so……
Until we graduate from school, I’ll put off such thoughts.
However, if by graduation, you still haven’t fixed yourself, I’ll mercilessly fire you!

I close my eyes for a moment, and then open my eyes.
Then, Angelica gently laid her hands on mine.

I felt my body relaxing. I glanced back, and she turned forward wearing a resolute expression.

I found that I required her support more than ever now. If it weren’t for her, I might have lost my cool.

I momentarily grip tightly onto her hand, and calm myself.

“Robert, House Rowling wants to annul the betrothal. The reason being…… I think you should know. The school also gave permission, so when the escort comes, please return home for now.”

At my words, Robert dropped his head and nodded lightly.
Then, I faced Douglas and Hughie.

“Douglas, reflect on your actions and fix yourself.”
“Hughie, by tomorrow, go discuss your future properly with your fiancéee. Also, contemplate on your future and then think about the what you’re doing now…… This is an order.”
“……All right.”

Douglas lowered his head further and Hughie glared stronger at me.

“This is all I want to say. Now, be on your way.”

The difficult Hughie is the first to exit the room. Then leaves Robert, his head still lowered. Douglas is not moving in his chair.
The other members are not moving as well, and Angelica didn’t let go of my hand as well.

I’ll have to work harder.

Sorry for the delay. I have a sports competition coming up during this weekend, so I had practice and stuff. I don’t think I could translate during the weekend because of that. See you next week.

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