I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The tremendous change and influence the case brought about.

Author: Time for explanations.

From the ‘annulment of betrothal’ case, already a week had passed.
The situation was going in a very interesting direction now.

First, Robert had not yet returned. Currently, House Redford seems to be in uproar.
Since Robert is the eldest son, if it went smoothly he would definitely have inherited the position of leading the Royal Guard……
That musclehead won’t be able to.

Managing a marquessate is one thing, but it’s problematic for the whole country if someone like him takes an important position like the Royal Guard leader. If the protector of the royal family is such a musclehead, then the court will become full of assassins and spies.
It might be fine if he has a competent aid by his side as a lieutenant that can take care of his work, but if a spy like Bitch appears it’s going to be very scary. Well, he seems like the type of person to say ‘I can’t refuse the wishes of my love,’ and spill state secrets, doesn’t he?

So I quickly suggested an examination of the human resources management to father through Daniel.
Before, since it was not a matter that should be hastily decided upon, the talks were proceeding slowly, but because of this incident the talks fell through quickly.
Both the marquessate and the position of royal guard captain will be inherited by Robert’s little brother.
Education of any kind is best started early.
Fortunately, the little brother has the brains and the proper knowledge as a noble, and he can also read the mood! Does he really share the same genes as Robert?

The face that Marquess Redford made upon hearing this incident was amazing.
As the person in charge this time, I went to the palace with Jessica, and the Marquess made an expression stricken with horror as I calmly reported the situation.
He probably didn’t expect Robert to be that much of an idiot. “What did my son learn in school? ……Does he even attend classes?” Or so he asked to me.
Marquess Redford originally planned to have Jessica be betrothed again to his younger son. However, the actions Robert took not only insulted Jessica but also Marquess Rowling.
Since betrothal with House Rowling was no longer a possibility, Marquess Redford had to formally apologise as well as pay a hefty sum of annulment fees.

I had continued to report Robert’s actions through Daniel, and Marquess Redford was receiving those through father as well. It appears that there were complaints from House Rowling as well.
Yet the Marquess Redford said, “Robert places importance on chivalry, so he will not deviate from that path,” without fully understanding the situation, neglecting the problem.

I think I sort of get why Robert is such a musclehead…… Is it alright? This country’s defences?
Thankfully, my worries were for naught. Since there is a woman with good acumen in House Redford.

Marchioness Redford seemed to not have received reports on Robert until this incident. So upon hearing news about my reports, she went pale in shock.
Marquess Redford had thought that things would get out of hand if he delivered the reports to his wife, so he had not told her.

“There’s an important talk we should have later……”

She said so to Marquess Redford with a bone-chilling smile exceeding that of Louis’s.
After shooting that smile to her husband, she stands in front of Marquess and Marchioness Rowling.

“Our son has been very rude to you. Our House is solely to blame for it. May I suggest that we withdraw our proposal of betrothal?”

She acknowledges that her House was to blame and chose to “withdraw” instead of outright “break” to not disgrace House Rowling.
It’s not a perfectly clean ending, but their relations in high society have not worsened, at least superficially. There was no danger of gossip, and it became easy to avoid political attacks.
Also, by disinheriting Robert, they were showing plenty of respect to House Rowling.
It seems that there will not be any more commotions from House Rowling. Also, currently, the heir of a duchy Louis is already making his moves to be betrothed to Jessica so House Rowling did not wish to create more incidents.
Smiling bitterly, the Marquess and Marchioness Rowling accepted Marchioness Redford’s apology, ending the feud between the two houses, for now.

After the two Houses reconciled.
Marchioness Redford hugged Jessica tightly, saying, “our senseless son has caused you much grief…… I’m really sorry……” while crying many times.
It appeared that the marchioness regarded Jessica like a daughter. Before being a musclehead, Robert was her son, and Jessica was engaged to him.
As she hugged Jessica tightly, her muttering curses  to her son could be heard.

After she was done with hugging Jessica,

“I am very sorry to have betrayed your expectations, your highness…… Please lend your hand to Jessica to ensure her happiness. I implore you.”

She politely bowed her head.
At that moment, I thought that House Redford was able to come this far thanks to her acumen.

Anyway, such a thing happened……
Until Robert decides on what he will do in the future, it was concluded that he will not return to school for the time being.
I believe that the Marchioness is planning something.

Robert…… he is annoying when he is around, but it is a little sad when he is not around……



Hughie too broke his betrothal. After talking with his fiancée April August, it seems that she gave up. (TN: April August? Really?)
April, a year older than me, had the personality of a caring mother…… more like a responsible older sister. Everyone thought she was fit for a pampered child like Hughie, but the prideful Hughie disliked her.
Then, he met with Bitch who knew and said what men wanted to hear.
A nagging motherly… sisterly figure, and Bitch who fanned his ego. For the spoilt child Hughie it was clear that Bitch was better. Also, it was more satisfying for his pride to meet a woman of the age than an older woman.
After talking with Hughie, April concluded that Hughie was a lost cause and promptly annulled their engagement.
Since both houses were already aware of the problem, it seemed that the annulment would proceed smoothly.


Nowadays, the six of us, Louis, Douglas, Angelica, Jessica, April and I spent time together.

Douglas needed to open his eyes.
From his interaction with Bitch, his wound from Clarice’s death deepened. There were times he had impulses to hurt himself as well.
So I asked April to be with Douglas. I scouted her to counsel Douglas.
She is a noisy nagging person, but she did know how to deal with people with troubles.

She does give advice, but fundamentally waits for the other person to draw their own conclusion.
She just watches over the other person. She patiently waits for an answer. She takes the long road.

It’s excruciatingly passive and requires a lot of patience, but I believe that Douglas is better suited to this kind of contact.
She is fit for counselling Douglas.
I have confidence that Douglas will soon return to normal.


As for myself……
I’m a little depressed because I couldn’t find the time to have a date with Angelica……
But since Henry was being openly hostile towards me after that incident, the current situation might be for the better. Since Henry is a yandere (and a mad one at that) it would be troublesome if Angelica got caught up his attacks.

In the game, people said, ‘the only happy ending with Henry is the reverse harem route!’ or something.
In the ‘normal ending’, ‘Bitch’s ability to captivate men is acknowledged, so Henry kidnaps her away to his country and uses her as a spy against men’. In the ‘bad ending’, ‘she gets stuffed, preserved and mounted in Henry’s room as a decoration’. In the ‘happy ending’, ‘she gets kidnapped and imprisoned in Henry’s country, and spends the rest of her life together with Henry’. Those kind of crazy settings defined Henry as a character.

Because I made Bitch cry that time, he now sees me as an enemy.
So I’m currently taking all possible actions! I’m really busy.

Ahh, I want to rest……



Today, I continued to do my work while complaining.
By evening I was like an overworked salaryman.
Still, I pretended to be fine and had dinner with Louis and Douglas.

“Kyle, do you have some time?”

I thought the day was finally over, but Louis came over with a devilish smile.
Is it about Bitch?
It seems I’ll have to endure a little more!

“Would you care for some tea in my room afterwards?”

So the two of them followed me to my room afterwards.

Outside the dining hall, there was one person with the eyes of a predator staring at us.
Of course, it was Prince Henry……
No matter how you see it, he is clearly scheming something…… what should I do.
If nothing bad happens to Angelica and others, then that’s fine……

“That prince, he must be planning something, right? Well, as long as he does not do anything to our precious, I do not really care though.”

Louis said the same thing I was thinking and smiled at me.
Thus, I replied,

“Treasure is meant to be protected, so I think it is rather fun thinking up ways to protect them, eh?”

I suggested to plan together.

“Right, it might be interesting to create some very strong security measures.”

He gladly accepted my proposal without hesitation, still making that sinister smile.

Author: Next chapter is idle talk.

TN: Sorry, I was really sick, so I couldn’t do anything last week.

Gosh Henry is scary, yandere just scares me so much. Next chapter is really funny, it’s going to be about Daniel.

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    • Well, he is the third prince, so he is unlikely to become king so he is sent to another country to strengthen the bond of the two countries, so he can in the future become an embassador able to talk to the royalty without having to humble himself too much.


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