I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The mystery seems to ever increase.

First, we decided to continue observing Bitch.
We also decided to increase our target of observation, that is……
One of the love interests, the bespectacled bastard boyfriend Brad. (TN: kichiku megane in raw, for those who know)

This guy, he’s acting strangely.
Talking about Bitch and Robert in front of Jessica as if to make her jealous, or leading Bitch and Hughie in front of April.
And when Angelica goes to chastise Bitch, he stares at Angelica with a strange look.

Today, he approached Jessica, who was with Louis, and asked, ‘I wonder what Robert is doing now?’ The students already know the two broke their engagement. Normally one wouldn’t think of asking such a thing.
Moreover, Brad is the etiquette teacher. I can’t understand why he would act in such a way.
On top of that, he seemed to have made a creepy grin as he looked at the angry Louis.

Also, he seems to be making Henry be more possessive of Bitch.
Whenever Henry and Bitch are a having a pleasant conversation, he squeezes in between them, unnecessarily touching her or talking with another love interest.
When Bitch becomes flustered because of this, he then smiles wryly.

……I have no idea what he wants.

In the game, Brad’s setting was that he is ‘a friendly etiquette teacher on the surface, but a bespectacled bastard deep down’.
Silver-haired and wearing slim-frame glasses, teaching classes with a warm smile, I recall my little sister agonising over the still.
As the story progresses, he reveals his true nature and proceeds on to sweet ‘discipline’, which is really just sexual harassment……
I remember my little sister huffing and moaning over this still, making me rather queasy, something I wish I didn’t have to remember.

Brad in this world must be a bespectacled bastard in this world as well. But in the game he didn’t do anything like this.
……Just what is going on?
The more I investigate, the deeper the mystery gets. I am so very confused.
How should I deal with this mystery……

Should I just stop investigating?

Or so I thought for a moment.
However, Brad is getting dangerously closely to girls such as Angelica, Jessica and April, so if he is scheming something, I’ll have to do something!

Henry’s actions are disturbing too, I need to put more focus into making countermeasures.

“……We have to tell the ladies to never act on their own…… Actually, it might be dangerous even if they are together……”
“Indeed. Even if we dispatch our butlers, we still can’t  predict their next moves.”
“Yeah. For example, if that is the predestined fate, the butler do not seek to change it, so we can’t expect to use them to avoid disaster.”

Since we are unable to predict the actions of Henry and Brad, ‘the two big perverts’ of the game, we first must secure the safety of the girls.
Because of the ability ‘butlers’ have, they also act as bodyguards in school, but they have something called ‘domain’ and they do not overstep that bound.
Thus when there is a crisis and the butlers determine it do be an unshakable fate, they do not intervene in these. So we can’t rely completely on butlers for the girls’ safety.
Butlers with more power seem to be able to see more futures, so their ‘domain’ is also wider. So their actions as butlers are completely different.
They actively intervene in events.
So more powerful butlers are always in demand.
However, as the butlers have the final say in choosing the contract, having power and money does not guarantee a superb butler.
It’s quite fortunate to have the best butler available for me.

If the butlers have the ability on par with Daniel, I can rest easy and assign them the task of guarding, but unfortunately it’s not possible.
Also, butlers do not see the future of anyone else other than their masters. So I can’t leave Daniel to guard Angelica and others.
If I do that it’s also same as insulting Angelica’s butler. Intervening in another butler’s bounds is akin to saying ‘you are an incompetent butler’.
So I can’t use Daniel here.
Then…… it’s up to us to protect them, eh?

“……Starting tomorrow, the six of us should act as a group.”
“For now, that might be the best action……”

We faced each other, both looking very disappointed, and decided on our plan for tomorrow. Then we sipped some green tea from Daniel and sighed heavily.
We had to end today’s meeting without being able to create a proper plan……




The next day, except in class the six of stuck together while continuing the investigation……

Brad……, disgusting.

He is cleverly leading Bitch’s actions to make us angry.
Then he watches from afar, enjoying our reactions……

Yes! He’s enjoying it!!
Normally he puts on a meek smile. However, behind those glasses, we can see the sinister look of rapture!
That is the face of a sadist. No, more like a degenerate?
He gets excited from seeing our disturbed expressions. The way he looks at us in ecstasy is really terrifying.
Also, even though it was him who drew Bitch and other men closer, he looks at them very jealously…… Is he also a hardcore masochist……?
Then when he realises that we are there, he shoots us a strange gaze as well!
That is definitely the eyes of a predator that found new prey.

Really scary.
Those eyes were terrifying enough to almost make us chicken out.

It could be that the two of us are in most danger……




After we observed for some days, we saw that Bitch acted strangely sometimes.
It happens for a few minutes, or even few dozen minutes, and it feels like her personality has changed.
Brad even aims for those moments, teasing her with different methods, where Bitch is caught up in them.
When I read Louis’s report of a ‘helter-skelter Bitch’, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but when her personality is changed she is indeed always flustered.
She feigns composure, but it shows through.
Maybe Hughie’s the only one who doesn’t realise it? No, it might unexpectedly be Henry who doesn’t realise it.

With each passing day, Bitch’s change became more noticeable. By the fifth day, her personality completely changed.

She was acting cautiously, her change being so great, but it was almost as if an alien became human.
Superficially, she lets herself get led by Brad and gets together with others, but I could tell that she was treading carefully to not offend Henry and Brad.
Her smiles sometimes just freeze up, and when Henry and Brad act obsessively her eyes well up with tears.

More mysteries now…… My head is already overloaded.
Just what’s going to happen from here on?

TN: Kichiku megane… that was some shocking stuff for me (my first BL experience). But it is quite interesting XD.

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36 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 16

  1. wait!
    it looks to me that bitch is a reincarnated person
    but brad is also acting different from the game? so he might be also a reincarnated person?
    on another note
    it would be funny if the bitch was actually her little sister

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  2. I wonder whats up?

    It COULD explain her actions. She could’ve been dormant all this time, just appearing in the form of “prophecies” and now she’s all cautious cuz she’s awakened!
    Oh god, what if it’s the IMOUTO?!
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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  3. Sounds like the bitch is either a reincarnated person who just finished regaining all her past life memories (if so there’s like a 9 in 10 chance its his little sister), alternately the bitch is under some kind of mind control enchantment that forces her to act in certain ways and the tears are because she -can- see all the damage and destruction she’s causing to the people around her but she can’t stop herself.

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  4. Humm~
    Then it would be…
    – 1 take over
    (Personality changed or overlaped, old and new memory intact)
    – 1 memory fragment holder
    (Personality unchanged, get old memory and knowledge)
    – 1 multiple personality
    (Personality increased, get old memory and knowledge)

    Oh, yes, right, thank you for the chapter.

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  5. oh poor kyle and louis~ they can’t stop brad act even though they really angry and worry for the girls~
    and about bitch, maybe his another life already awaken so she behave strangely??
    maybe brad is a reincarnated person too??
    uuuhhhh this seriousness really making me stiff!!
    i want the romantic and lovey dovey chapter too!!
    but it’s okay, thanks for for the chapter!!


  6. I think I get it, Bitch has always been a sneaky and manipulative person. So I don’t quite believe her personality is changing, but rather her mask is cracking under the pressure. More specifically from the previous revelation Bitch has visions or whatever of the future. Possibly the reality is she’s reincarnated or something similar. Now if she is regaining the memories little by little than its likely she finally remembered the many endings, specifically the bad endings and is under immense stress as she tries avoiding stepping on a landmine.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. “Yeah. For example, if that is the predestined fate, the butler do not seek to change it, so we can’t expect to use them to avoid disaster.”

    Although we know who the butlers are from the idle talk with Daniel, I’m surprised that the main char suddenly knows it like he always did. This is a big plothole where the reader isn’t told how he knew it…sadly that happens a few times in the whole story which makes the story lacking although it’s so good.

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  8. Thanks for the chapter ^^

    The future seems interesting, I love when not only the protagonist is reincranted like in “An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku”, it creates a mix of story and eeach of the reinarnated do hat they want ^^

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  9. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    a four-eyed Sadistic Masocist teacher.. too much personality..
    On the other side, Bitch already triggered her own bad end~


  10. When I read “(my first BL experience)” I cant help but think for a second you were one of the boys in the relationship XD
    Well, no matter what, good luck ;p and thanks for the translation!


  11. I’m starting to think she’s half daemon or whatever they were called. That would explain her ‘divinations’ and why they’re wrong. It also explains why she’s suddenly so scared, because her powers are showing her negative outcomes now that the yandere and bespectacled bastard are involved.


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