I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Reincarnators everywhere!?

The six of us spent the afternoon at the dining hall again.
Surprisingly, even without Michelle, the four love interests Hughie, Henry, Jackie and Brad were still quite friendly to each other.
Maybe friendship bloomed while they were around Michelle? Well, there’s a reverse harem ongoing, so maybe the men’s relationships are not so bad?
Even if their true intentions are different, they aren’t stupid enough to let it show……
Then again, it could be that there is an amazing conflict beneath the surface.

Also their attitudes varied greatly here.

First, Hughie, was talking with Brad, the bespectacled bastard, that he was looking this way at all.
Is it just me who’s imagining that Hughie’s cheeks were blushing in joy?

Hughie…… you…… your rear end, is it alright…?

As for Henry, it still showed that glance as if to say ‘I’m planning something!’
When I gaze at Henry, he deliberately summons his butler and whispers something, while grinning widely.
That unnatural act reeked of a small fry’s smell, it’s almost painful to watch.

About the bespectacled bastard……
I. did. not. see. anything.

What’s up with that gaze! What will you do if a women gets pregnant!
No, even men might be included! It’s just that kind of dangerous sight!?

Ah… my butt has hallucinatory pains……

Next to me Louis too was aghast, cringing.
After hearing last night’s story, we confirmed that it’s not just our imagination, so our fear multiplied, you know?
Plus he’s a bespectacled bastard. Not someone whose thoughts are really proper……
Although the dining hall’s temperature should be mild, I still get the chills. My skin’s full of goosebumps.
Daniel was still diligently pouring tea, but it’s not enough. It’s as if the tea instantly cools.
Really…… the fearful ‘bespectacled bastard’s cooler’! Indeed.

Finally, Jackie……
He was acting quite normally among the four of them. As if he was the air itself.
I actually felt disturbed at that scene.
Because, it’s amazing that he can ignore those guys and go at his own pace, isn’t it? He’s not saying anything, just sitting there as if it was the most natural thing in the world, without being conspicuous.
In the game, he was a very self-assertive character, but I can’t even guess what his personality is here.
I think it’s just not possible if he’s not doing it on purpose.
That’s why it felt strange to me.

For some reason, he also felt like a reincarnator.
If I and Michelle exist as reincarnators here, it should be prudent to assume that there may be other reincarnators nearby.

When I learnt that Michelle is a reincarnator, the first thing that popped into my head was ‘how many more reincarnators are hiding?’
When I was caught up in that accident, there were at least ten more people waiting for the green light.
Of those people, how many died, and how many reincarnated here? And out of them, how many know the game?

I did not have knowledge on the additional contents. Michelle too only heard second-hand about the juicy parts.
If someone who cleared everything like ‘Yacchan’ was to reincarnate as an enemy, I don’t know how I should respond.
If her head is normal, then it’s fine, but if she too is unpredictable like a martian it would be troublesome.
And if she’s someone who cleared all those contents, is she some fujoshi or what?
It would be nice if that person saw this world as the ‘reality’, but if she was thinking that this is ‘an extension of the game,’ there’s no telling what she might do.

Maybe it’s best to use my authority to eliminate potential dangers……
……However, how will I differentiate them? If I eliminated someone normal, what will I do about his life?
Am I to take responsibility?
The more I think, the more cornered I feel……



That evening, I barely ate. My stomach was not normal.
Seeing Louis, he too seemed to have lost his appetite. He barely touched his meal.
As it was meaningless to stay in the dining hall, I silently apologised to the farmers and left the hall.

To us who returned feeling very disappointed, Daniel gave us some sweet-flavoured royal milk tea.

“Sugar is good for the brain, sir.”

Words overflowing with benevolence and a smile……
Today we saw an awesome man’s smile!!

“Hey, Louis, were you able to organise your thoughts?”
“Not very well… shall I say? How about you?”

After enjoying the sweetness that seeped down to our soul, we started revising the facts.

“There are many things I am not sure of, but…… first, there is the possibility that we are targets of Brad’s mad sexual desires, and there is the possibility that there are more so-called ‘reincarnators’.”

Pretending to not have understood everything, I carefully chose my words to the level that Louis can understand.
This was probably the limit he could process.

“Right…… and also that Michelle wanted cooperation because she felt endangered. We can make some countermeasures, at least.”
“Is that so…… then, would the only choice left be to use my authority to eliminate them?”
“……How much of that do you think will work? We are not even sure who are the strange ones……”

Louis was against the use of my authority to eliminate people. I felt greatly relieved that he was against it.
I also didn’t want that to happen. I’d like to refrain from abusing my authority.
There are too many consequences, and it is too easy to make mistakes.

“Even if we do it, we have to observe more and purge them all at one…… If there is one suspicious person, it would mean that there are actually about thirty people, so we have to be thorough, won’t we?”

……No, it wasn’t that he was against it, he’s just merciless.
He said so with contempt as if he were crushing some cockroaches, while smiling darkly.

Still, as he said, it’s inefficient to eliminate people one by one, and even if there are other reincarnators I can’t hastily conclude that they are all weird.
If they do not harm us, it really doesn’t matter what they do.
Then, for now we should prioritise discerning who the enemy is, sounding out potential enemies.

A part of me wants to just leave her be. However, since she was now providing valuable information, I should assist her however I can.

“What do you think about Michelle?”
“Hm…… I don’t think it’s good to suddenly separate her from those guys. If Henry’s personality is indeed like what she described, his volatile personality may just become very dangerous.”

That is true.
That guy is so possessive, to the point of being morbidly obsessed. In the game, too, one wrong move sent you straight to his bad ending.

“Then, should we ask her to continue acting the fool and report to us of the suspicious people who approach her?”
“Right. I believe that may be the best plan for now. Why don’t we also make her act as if she is interested in us, and exchange information then?”
“Ah. Then even if there are misunderstandings over her visits, we will have an excuse, and it will be a bit easier to deal with those guys…… though I really don’t want to be involved with them in any way.”

So we have to satisfy Henry’s possessive desires and quell his jealousy, while building a relationship with Michelle……
It sounds easy, but it will be very hard to do……

TN: One more before I sleep.

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    • I was think that too. ^^; This is a 45 chapter complete series so we’re not 1/2 the way through. Plenty of time to throw a few more plot twists at us.


  2. Wow thanks for the chapter!!!
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  3. Thank you very much for the chapter

    Think easy guys
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    See who are enjoying it or have a beam smile cause that food is rare in eropa kingdom

    Thats so easy right?
    And thats way of many way in other novel that one can reorganise other reincarnator


  4. The obvious answer to “who’s the reincarnator” would seem to be
    – Kayle
    – Michelle
    – Brad
    We know that the first two are correct and the last one behaves inconsistently with what is known about the game. What’s more, the game’s four editions feature three different protagonists – and two of them are confirmed reincarnators while one behaves strangely. Coincidence?

    PS: Fun part: Kayle thought that he was a potential LI going completely off the route. Turned out he was actually an alternative protagonist on the tutorial path of Casanova edition (Angelica’s path with Kayle as the protagonist – can’t get any easier than starting already engaged and with the girl in love with you and you just need to not f*ck it up and let her go yandere on you).

    PPS: Michelle reincarnating at the point of the story where she did is more f*cked than 99% of the “villanesses with only bad endings” out there. No time to prepare and already well on the route with the guy where getting kidnapped to another country and made into yandere prince’s personal possession is the good ending.


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