I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 04

Idle Talk: I thought I reincarnated into the otome game I yearned for, but isn’t this a checkmate?

Translator: I’m not going to translate the author’s ramblings anymore, it’s irrelevant and difficult to translate. Unless it’s relevant.

I’m Oomori Chino, 17 years old. I am a high school girl in the flower of my youth…… or was.

On that day, Yacchan and I were heading to the station to get to school like usual.
The topic of our chat was of course about the popular game ‘I’ll Risk Everything for You’.
Since Yacchan completed the prerelease PC version already, she was playing the additional contents. The additional contents are rated R-18, and apparently had very obscene contents…… I was somewhat shocked at Yacchan who was saying such obscene things with a straight face. Still, I was sorta interested, so I didn’t stop her.
Yacchan is one of the so called fujoshi, so there’s no limit to her dirty talks……

I was playing on a home video game console so I couldn’t play the additional contents. Before that, I haven’t even finished the vanilla version……
Yacchan was very helpful. She was more detailed that the walkthrough sites. Like, ‘this choice leads to that scene in the added edition,’ or ‘by choosing the sweet choices, the love interest’s affection rates become easier to raise,’ or so, analysing additional information that’s not written on none of the walkthrough sites or books!

To me who was challenging my lovely Kyle-sama’s route, her words were like the words of God.
While we were waiting for the light to change, we were so avidly talking about the game, so we did not see the truck until the very last moment.


When I came to, I was having a dream of playing games.
I was the protagonist, and was getting friendly with the love interests. I took it easy, watching the dream, thinking, ‘Ah, I know this scene,’ or ‘This was the choice right~.’ It seemed I was playing the harem route.
However, it looked different from the game’s harem route…… Since it was a dream, maybe the blank spaces are being filled in with my imagination……

Due to that accident, I seemed to be in a critical condition. I could not open my eyes, but I somehow understood that I was in hospital. I faintly heard my parents and my friends weeping and telling me something every time.
Since I could not make out the details, I was worried since I could not tell whether Yacchan was alright.
Most of the time, my consciousness stayed in the room, but sometimes I felt faint as if I was going into deep sleep, and at those times I always saw dream of the game.

I was happy that I was the protagonist, but I was disappointed in the protagonist’s personality. What do you mean ‘Eh!?’…… Well, this must be because this is a dream, or so I consoled myself.
The personalities of the love interests were also very different, so some were disappointing as well. But there were characters that were more moe than in the game.
In Kyle-sama’s case, I was hurt because he was so cold to the protagonist. However, his gaze towards his fiancée was so sweet…… I was actually more delighted by that clichéd setting of ‘pampering and cherishing his fiancée’, and my heart beat faster.
Robert was the usual easy character, but I was turned off at how he was much more of a musclehead he was.
Brad, too, felt more like a perverted criminal than as bespectacled bastard, so I was really turned off by him……

Instead, there were others who are not love interests but nevertheless were very handsome, a sight for sore eyes. Kyle-sama’s friend Louis and the butler Daniel, they were all very dashing.
There were also many other handsome people in the background, that I enjoyed many a romantic episodes.
Though I really didn’t like the protagonist’s bitchy behaviour……

While watching the dream that didn’t go as I wished, I started thinking, ‘am I going to die?’ Since the time that my consciousness stayed in the hospital room was decreasing.
By the time I started thinking, ‘at this rate, I’m going to enter Henry route……’ my consciousness spent more time in the dreams than in the hospital room.

Ah, soon, I’ll die…… In the end, I couldn’t finish the game.
I wanted to at least see the ending of the game.

Or so I absentmindedly thought.
To me back then, ‘do something about the protagonist!’ is what I want to say to you!!

One day, I started living fully in the dream. Before, I was just watching the game progress, but now I was in full control.
I was confused. When I realised, ‘ah, this the the trendy otome game revival scenario,’ I was more scared than happy.
Well, I was heading toward’s Henry’s endings, which have no real happy endings and only shouted ‘checkmate!’ you know?
That feeling of despair I felt is indescribable.

When I was panicking over my future as a reincarnator, something popped into my mind.
If there is reincarnation, then there might be other reincarnators.
Then, there was one truly suspicious person!
That’s right! Kyle-sama!!
Also, Louis-sama is suspect as well!

Thinking that, I couldn’t sit still so I went to check straightaway! If they’re reincarnators, then they might just help me!?
However…… my prediction was wrong. They both said that they’re not reincarnators……

Nonetheless! The two of them took interest in my story, trusted me and even thought up some plans for me!
They’re so sweet!? I’m moved!!
Since they disliked ‘Michelle’ before my reincarnation, I didn’t expect them to be so kind. So I was really happy.

“Let us cooperate.”

When he said that, I was really relieved, you know?
I no longer had to worry over it on my own. Just having someone to talk to, it was very reassuring……
So I did as they said, staring off into the sky and muttered “Yacchan……” to myself.
About four days since I did that, Jackie approached me.

“You’re always murmuring that, who’s she?”

When he asked me, I grew quite restless.
I wanted to consult the two of them, but the next meeting was after ten days, and I was told not to draw the ire of Henry and Brad……

Wawawawawawawhat should I do……

Jackie, as one of the love interests, was one of my followers, but felt distant. It seemed as though he had some other plans.
To have my strange behaviour be pointed out by such a suspicious person…… I ended up averting gaze around.
To my overreaction, Jackie merely smiled and said, “You don’t have to rely on people who are not here, I can help,” in a soft tone……

At that moment, a bell rung in my head and heart tightened up……

Was I such an easy woman? orz

Next chapter is idle talk again.

Bugger, author. Just when I decided I’m not going to translate your ramblings.
By the way, poor girl.

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28 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 04

  1. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    …this is what happen to those people that likes to rely on walkthrough and guides.. when there’s no guide, they panic and got conquered easily..

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  2. I really want her to fall for kyle now, even as his concubine, when she was bitch she would have been better with henry, but as a reincarnate there’s some things that only another reincarnate understands and would be helpful to Kyle to have her too, but Angelica must be the LEGAL WAIFU!!

    Liked by 3 people

        • “Has to have concubines?” That’s BS. Remember, the game has European-type medieval fantasy setting, not Chinese or Japanese one. If it was the latter, I would agree with you – the monarchs having dozens of official concubines is only natural. European setting is different, however – as a rule, the position of an official concubine generally doesn’t exist and while it isn’t exactly rare for monarchs to sleep around and sire bastards left and right (and even keep long-term lovers as part of their courts), such things aren’t part of politics – they are just something that’s quietly tolerated.

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        • I would like to reply to this in any meaningful way, but it’s been so long since I read this that I don’t remember the context of my own comments, have a nice day 🙂


      • I also against Kyle having a concubine. There’s NO rule saying that he has to have a concubine. Maybe a king in chinese culture. But this is more like western culture. So.. Big NO…

        Liked by 4 people

    • Ikr
      I was thinking the same
      but i still doubt it will end that way since there’s the character Jackie
      and Angelica looks like a jealous person based on the last chapter


    • Not gonna happen, b/c this is shoujo + Jp, and thus most likely most characters will try to practice monogamy. If it was shounen then the girl will be like “I love you so will try to be accepting” but in a shojo, it is catered more to the wants of a single girl, and a single girl will want one boy to love only her, or would want lots of boys to be with only her. So sorry for those who want a male-centric harem, not gonna happen.

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Jackie can be Yacchan…. Who knows?

    Well, let’s hope he isn’t even a reincarnator, that would be so cool as he is a dang awesome dude and still one of the game characters *Laughs*

    Thanks for the idle talk Kuda-kun!


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    • I do really feel sorry for her to be reincarnated after the original bitch done a lot of mess.. I hope kyle-sama can somehow make things right. But of course he should prioritize the safety of Angelica-sama.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter~ (-^w^-)

    “Instead, there were others who are not love interests but nevertheless were very handsome, a sight for sore eyes. Kyle-sama’s friend Louis and the butler Daniel, they were all very dashing.”

    I’m glad she understand Daniel’s charm! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

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  5. hmmm so it looks like it really is a case of body snatchers. I’ve read real reincarnation and body swap otome, but this is new, an interesting direction. I was kind of hoping the idle talk would be in Angelica’s perspective again, thinking “why does a part of me want Kyle to punish me?!” or something…
    Something that’s been kind of bugging me, but Michelle could have explained the game simply by saying it is a story in a book with alternate versions. Instead of over complicating it, meh…Just something I thought of as a sensible explanation after reading multiple otome and the characters make a mess of explaining it.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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