I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 24

Chapter 24: It’s fine for riajuus to go and explode!

(TN: Just in case you don’t  know what riajuu is.)

The story will progress quickly from here on.
There will be violent depictions and obscene depictions, so be careful if you’re weak to these.

The discussion was progressing unexpectedly well, even with Jackie.
I was surprised the most at his ability of predicting the future. Even in the neighbouring country, only three people seem to know.

However, the ability isn’t perfect. It’s rather unreliable, since the visions are quite quick to change.

Is it fine to reveal such an important secret to me!?

Or so I thought, but he said, ‘I need to reveal my secret if you are to trust me,’ so I thought it can’t be helped.
As we were talking, Daniel, who usually doesn’t voice his opinion, spoke out.

“……Daemon……for an ancestor, I believe……”

He murmured a little excitedly.
A daemonic ancestor……, eh……?

Jackie’s grey blue eyes widened in surprise, and he stared at Daniel. Come to think of it, their eye colours are very similar. Other butler’s have the same colour, maybe that’s characteristic of daemons.
Could hair colour also be a factor?
Jackie has steel blue hair, while Daniel a silvery dark blue hair close to black.
Considering the fact that butlers’ hair colours are shades of blue…… hair colour might be an indicator of magic power.

“So my power originates from daemons…”

Hearing Daniel, Jackie’s expression softened.
He probably was very confused and had trouble with his ability from a young age……



We then listened to reports of their recent movements while enjoying tea……
Some of the new information Jackie brought was rather disturbing.

“Prince Henry seems to be planning to hand Prince Kyle over to Brad, you see? ……Oh, incidentally, also Louis-dono too…… They said their plans went awry because of you. They bear quite the grudge against you.”

He said that so casually as if he was talking about tomorrow’s weather!!
Th, that’s…… that’s that right!?
Uuh…… my butt……


Really, I wish they didn’t! Just what is it!?
Just what is it that I did to you?
Why am I so hated by you?
What do you mean ‘their plans went awry because of me’??

While I was in full panic in my head, Jackie sipped tea leisurely. Then sometimes, he would fool around with Michelle, holding her hand, tickling her hand and all that. Michelle indeed looked like ‘a high school girl unused to men’.
……This man is…… without a doubt, a riajuu!

You know, Louis and I can’t even have a date because we’re so busy?
Quite depressing, right?
But then! You’re fooling around here……

Riajuu go explode!!

After I cursed the two of them looked at Louis, he was making empty eyes.
I understand your feelings!!
I want to have a date with Angelica, too. I want to see her blush!
I want to return to my riajuu like!

……Or so I say, but for the two of them, they barely have any time to play around. If they do that out in the open, then they’ll go straight to the bad end.
Since they can only be like this here, I have to be generous here……

Jackie smiled at me gleefully as though he knew everything. But in his eyes, there was no lightness in it, just determination.
I’m sure he is trying to what kind of person I am.
His rude attitude towards a prince is probably to gauge me. For me, anything goes as long as he’s not my enemy.

Then Jackie said jokingly, though his eyes were full of determination.

“I want keep a lid on Prince Henry~. …… So, can you help?”
“So are you telling me to become a bait?”

A ridiculous request came. What kind of punishment game is this.
I couldn’t whether he was serious or joking. Without saying a word, I just stared at Jackie to discern his real intention.
However, Louis, who was to become bait as well, quickly snapped out of his dazed state and retorted to Jackie.

“Well, simply said, yes.”
“If we become bait, will you protect our chastity?”
“Please take care of that yourself…… even if you couldn’t… you might just a door to a new world?”
“Open them yourself. I do not need that world.”

……Scary conversation, oi.
As he knows just how dangerous Brad is, Louis was threatening Jackie with a ferocious expression.
Even then, Jackie kept his aloof attitude and responded accordingly.
From that attitude, I could tell that Jackie is going to be useful. I think there are some problems with his personality, but who cares.

However…… to their grim conversation, Michelle ended up getting scared, you know?
I’m also very scared at their ‘Huhuhuhuhu’ and ‘Hahahahaha’.
What kind of demonic conference is this.
You’re even more black-hearted than Daniel, aren’t you?

I’m not sure how serious Jackie is, but a baiting plan?

Of course, if he does something to me, a prince of the Empire, he won’t get away easily. We could possibly swoop both Henry and Brad out of the game at once.
Still, it’s a risky plan……
Michelle must be at her limits now. Her mind is just that young and innocent. The moment she fails at deceiving them, the chance that she falls in danger increases manifold.
If I were Jackie, I think I might to everything I can to eliminate those two. Especially when a girl I like is involved.
And, we don’t know when and where they might just move.

If I don’t take care of this quickly, there’s no telling what might happen to Angelica……


“Alright. I suppose the baiting plan is fine. However, will they get caught in our trap easily? I hope you have a plan, you are staking the heir apparent of this country, you see?”

When I said yes, Louis looked aghast while Jackie gleefully smiled and looked at Michelle.

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21 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 24

  1. Is the security at the school so bad that a foreign prince and a teacher, which are undwr surveillance, is capable of abducting the first prince of the said nation? Okey. Lets just go with that.

    Regarding our MC’s regressing and cringy thoughts. I thought the guy was portrayed as a reliable older brother, but i guess not


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