I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Meticulous that it’s scary!

Seeing that I did not show antipathy to becoming a bait, the tense atmosphere surrounding Jackie loosened somewhat.
Since it would normally be lèse majesté to suggest such a thing to a prince of a country. Though he looked casual, he was in truth rather nervous.
Even so, he must have been quite  desperate, to bet on my response……
It just meant that we are in dire straits ‘now’.

According to Jackie, Henry and Brad’s aims do not match. Henry strongly desires to bring harm to ‘me’. In contrast, Brad is fine with whomever.
Thus, wanting to eliminate ‘me’, he planned on handing me over to Brad as tribute.

For example, say that Louis and I were caught just as Henry planned.
Then, Henry’s objective is achieved. Also, upon learning that her brother and I are caught, Angelica will most definitely dive into the enemy’s position, without anything……
If Louis and I get caught, it would also mean that Daniel will have his hands tied.
Then Brad’s objective too will be achieved……

Quite an intricate plan for Henry.

Then, what benefits do we get if we become bait?
The targets of Brad’s obsession is currently Louis, Daniel(?), Angelica, Michelle and me.
And in this situation in which we do not know who he will aim for nor when he will strike, it’s hard to deal with that.
However, if we take advantage of Henry’s plan, then the target becomes limited to Louis and me.
In addition, by Jackie being there, we can also learn beforehand how and when they will make their move. It will be much easier to plan countermeasures if we know details of their plans.
And if it’s Louis or me, even if we’re actually caught, we’ll somehow manage.
As long as we endure some sexual harassment and learn of their plans, I have absolute confidence that Daniel will do something.
Anyhow, I just want to prevent Angelica from becoming a target herself!
Thus, it’s best to take advantage of Jackie’s proposal.

“One that would have the fruit must climb the tree,” they say. I’ll take this chance and crush them all in one fell swoop! (TN: raw says, 虎穴に入らずば虎児を得ず, which in a direct translation would mean, ‘one that would catch tiger cubs must enter a tiger’s den.’)
Let’s put some spirit into it, and steer the talk towards the baiting!


“That idiot Prince, he plans to kidnap Your Highness and Louis-dono while Your Highness’s butler Daniel is keeping an eye on Brad. They also want my help in it, to lure you into the room, apparently.”

Huh? What’s with that child’s trickery. Do they really think that they can get away with such a lax plan?
Still reeking of a small fry, Henry……

“Do you not think that is a trap? Maybe they have already planned a step or two further……”
“H~m…… really? They were preparing anti-magic barriers for the room…… as well as some strong aphrodisiacs from our country and some various prince collections? I thought they were really strange, to be able to chat happily while holding such suspicious things……”

What the hell! Scary!!

Jackie said that casually, but he was gently pressing his forehead and shaking his head in disgust.
I also ended up grabbing my head in pain.
I had though there might be something more, but there did not seem to be.
Just vulgar? Just ‘suspicious’?
Using such things on us!?

The three of us stared off into the distance. Michelle probably didn’t understand our conversation, just having a blank expression.

If they’re using such things, I have to do something quickly before anything happens to Angelica!!
My Angelica is going to get tainted just by thinking of those things! What if she get’s pregnant!?


“……Fuu. I knew that it’d come down to this, but the question is, when are we going to do it? We have to prepare some things too…… various things, like guards, or guards! Or guards!”

Louis too must have been thinking of Jessica. He looks sickly. Also, we too are placed in maximum danger.
If there is an anti-magic barrier, then does that mean that we can’t use our ‘trump card Daniel’?
Then, doesn’t that mean we don’t have any options?

Anti-magic tools are designed to counter Daemons and magic tools. As long as one is in this barrier, only physical ability is not hampered.
I have confidence in my swordsmanship, and I also know some martial arts. I can protect myself to some extent.
However, if they use aphrodisiacs from the neighbouring country, I’m helpless……
Their aphrodisiacs are known for being odorless, tasteless and volatile. Thus, it’s hard to tell when and where it is being used.
Normally, one would carry around nullifying magic tools, and butlers would prevent harmful substances so there usually is no damage from poison……

If there is an anti-magic barrier, then one will be rendered helpless against aphrodisiacs.

“I realise that it is a risky proposal. However, if we do not take action now, there will not be any way to help one another in times of need……
“……Indeed. If we move rashly, we will all be caught…..”
“Is this really a problem we can solve by ourselves?”

Trying to find a walkthrough for this impossible game, we got lost in thought for a moment.
But as Louis said, if they’ve prepared this much, we can’t take care of this just by ourselves.
If we can prove that they’re planning to use the tools and aphrodisiacs on us, we can take other measures, but we can’t do that.
There are quite a few nobles who use aphrodisiacs to enjoy intercourse. Though some aphrodisiacs are prevented, it’s not possible to punish them just with aphrodisiacs.
It’s the same with the anti-magic barriers, where nobles without butlers employ those instead.
Since it’s possible to use it in tandem with locks to prevent thieves. Also, some anthrophobes and overly-cautious people use them, so we can’t easily crack down on them either.

It was the same in Japan, things made for people convenience can be abused for malicious purposes.
The things Henry prepared this time was also like that, just normal stuff.
Just that he’s using it for malicious purposes. I wonder if his small fry nature is finally showing it’s villainous side……?

“……Daniel, are their any good countermeasures or magic tools?

Unable to think up a solution, I put both hands behind my head and stretched back as I asked Daniel for his opinion.
He’s the best butler in history, he might know some countermeasures or magic tools to use against barriers.
But if Daniel also doesn’t have a plan, we’ll have to give up on the baiting plan. Then, the only choice left is to abuse my power……
If possible, I want to avoid having to resort to that.
I want to avoid the reputation of ‘a tyrant prince’. However, even that’s a small price to pay for Angelica……
When I let out a sigh thinking such things, as if to cover it up, Daniel said,

“Then, how about this plan, sir?”

Suggesting a plan proving Daniel’s real worth, as a mischievous grin formed on his face……

Hello, I’m back! Sorry I left without telling you anything. I’ve been to the mountains, so I couldn’t really use the computer that much.
Plus food poisoning for two days. Do be careful of what you eat during summer, especially humid summers.

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