I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Strength leaving the body

“Would it not be better to set up our own traps instead of heading for them?”

Seeing Daniel smiling, I felt as if scales fell from my eyes.

That’s it! We didn’t need to attempt a frontal breakthrough in this impossible game!!
We can just skip the stage, like how they use those pipes!
Louis and Jackie too were gawking at Daniel. They must not have thought of that either……

We must have been quite restless, to try only frontal assaults……
I really think Daniel is the best, he does help a lot.

“Certainly there is that…… ……I, because I could not find a solution on my own, I was thinking that if we could not find a solution here, I would take her and run away……”

With an inanimate expression, Jackie muttered to himself. As if all strength left his body, he went limp, leaning against the back of the chair. Seeing that, it was painfully clear what sort of resolve he had coming here.
His somewhat resigned attitude was indeed him being resigned……
Although he was thinking of running away, he did not know what to do next. First of all, he did not even know where to run to.
However, if he stays here, he’ll have to witness his love fall into hell.

Well, he would grow resigned in such a situation. Actually, he did well to endure until today.

“I suppose I am glad that Kyle and I do not have to risk ourselves anymore…… This will not do. I cannot seem to think straight when she is involved……”

Louis too went limp, sighing heavily as he leant back and closed his eyes.
That expression was that of relief.
Louis was in love with Jessica from a young age. But when he finally realised his own feelings, she already had a fiancé, Robert. He was thinking that he could no longer get her, but thanks to that commotion, he miraculously had the chance to get that gem for himself.
Louis is now eliminating any rivals as well as persuading Jessica.
He’s probably desperate to not lose her this time……

“……Same here…… Just thinking of her being put in danger, all rational thought left me. At such times, I am reminded…… that I am still a shitty brat……”

Strength left my body too, that I slovenly drooped on the table. I was more tensed up than I thought. I felt much lighter after relaxing.
Because of those surreal perverts, my mental health was devastated.

I’m really glad I have excellent associates.
I can’t really do much by myself. If I move on my own, I’m bound to make grave mistakes. Thus it’s good that there are advisers beside me to criticise me.

As royalty, one is supposed to build up one’s entourage during school.
I have no plans to become a tyrant. I want to delegate tasks to excellent and trustworthy attendants.
Thus, talented people are good and needed for the country.
I need those who can stick to their ideologies while leading the country. I don’t need yes-men. I don’t need braggarts nor do I need conceited people. I need those who can think.

Currently, I only have Louis and Daniel, but Douglas may join in soon after rehabilitation. Next year, my little brother and Robert’s little brother will also enrol.
From what I’ve heard, their education as my close attendants have already begun.
As for Jackie…… him defecting to my country is also being considered.
This is how my plan is developing so far.


As I pondered about the future, Daniel silently brewed more tea.
With perfect timing, Daniel drew my attention back towards the topic. He really is too good.

“As for myself, anti-magic barriers of that calibre have no effect on me, so I shall deal with any threats, sir. I believe you sires may experiment however you want with your power, sir.”

Daniel reassured us as he refilled our drinks.

Daniel-san…… Aren’t you cheating too much?


Now that we had the greatest joker known as ‘Daniel’s backup’, we started concocting more plans.

First and foremost, regarding the traps they laid out for us……

They seem to already know that Michelle and Jackie is visiting us.
Michelle said that she’d like to get closer to me, and Jackie came as a monitor under the pretence of preventing more rivals.
As for others, they thought they would not be allowed in because of their relationship with Louis and me. Thus, Jackie, who had barely any contact with us, was chosen as the watchman by Henry.
Here, Jackie was also ordered to get close to us. They were planning to get Jackie and I closer together over the course of three days, after which he would lead me to Henry’s room, or so……
If I go into Henry’s room, it would be easy to capture me with the barriers and aphrodisiacs. And when someone comes to rescue us, they would catch them all……

Petty trickery.
I though it would be a more underhanded plan, but like a small fry, the plan is unbalanced.
Still, that is their plan so far, so we will have to think up countermeasures.

With that information as the base, we made many detailed plans.

By the time the meeting was over, it was quite late.
To show that I am on more friendly terms with Michelle, I made Daniel escort her back.

“Take care? …See you…… tomorrow.”

In front of the room, Jackie let such sweet words flow.
In contrast, Michelle was staring at Jackie with anxious eyes.

“It’s alright. I’ll definitely protect you from. So…… please don’t make that face.”
“Okay…… you’ll definitely protect me?”

Well, since this is their normal state, they might have to do this to not raise any suspicion.
I know that……
But I wish you’d stop doing that in front of us!
Michelle! Stop blushing already!!
Jackie, you too! Those eyes are forbidden!?

I, it’s not like I’m jealous or anything!!

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20 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 26

  1. So…since its been awhile now that Michelle took over Bitch and there has been no merging of there thoughts and personality, like our mc. Doesn’t that confirm Bitch had no thoughts in that empty head of hers to merge in the first place?

    Seeing that lovey dovey atmosphere, kind of irritates me. I know they are emotionally stressed and suspension bridge affect is probably in play, but its too soon for such a love struck development between them. Give me back those moments with Angela! He knew her character from game and childhood memories so it felt much more sincere.

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  2. I’m getting tired of all this plots.. when does kyle gonna have time for angelica?.. seriously..
    just get rid of those two perverts already.. I want more angelica time.. hoping its soon..

    well, thanks for the chapter..


  3. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    uh.. i-it’s not like me-meatbun didn’t think of trapping them is not an option or anything!
    ..and meatbun certainly didn’t say “AH! there was that method too..!”
    *looks away*


  4. Thank you for the translation~

    Daniel really is a cheat…
    Maybe he should be given a whole new series where he is the MC lol


  5. Brad and Henry’s plans seem so absurdly stupid. I understand that there’s a need for dramatic tension and an antagonist but they’re so incredibly outmatched.


  6. Thanks for the chapter!
    I wonder if Michelle has a weak charm ability that stacks when spending time with someone who likes her. Would explain how got so many capture targets so easily. Like that character in “The white cat who wants revenge…” who for some reason always wants to be with the MC and is a complete airhead on responsibility and thinking due to everyone getting so accommodating after spending time with her.
    BTW In case anyone was wondering the thing about entering a pipe to skip a stage is most likely from Mario Bros. for the early Nintendo system. Scattered among various stages are pipes that can lead to bonus areas where can get coins, power ups, and warp pipes that can take a player to another level. Like entering a pipe on Level 1 Stage X will take you to pipes leading to stage 1 of levels 2, 3, and 4. So can shorten game time since before saves or bypass tricky areas.


    • Actually might have wrong game. Might be the first Super Mario Bros. game as I think Mario Bros. was a one screen room where had to knock over and kick out pests coming from pipes without King Koopa. Been a while but Super Mario Bros is probably the first game with King Koopa, Mario, Princess Daisy, and warp pipes together.


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