I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The early morning date was training for my rationality.

Author: Increasing sugar content.

At the discussion last night, it was decided that we will take advantage of Henry and Brad’s trap and lead them to our own trap three days later.
For that to work smoothly, we had to explain the whole thing to Angelica and Jessica as well.
Well, how should I say it…… I’m going to enjoy a petit date from the morning!

I, it’s not like I thought, ‘I want to be with Angelica!’ after seeing Jackie and Michelle last night…… it’s not like that.
Well, I admit I wanted to sorta confirm that I am indeed a riajuu? But more importantly, I needed to let her know what sort of crisis we were in.
So I discussed this with Louis and came over to meet these two.
However, since Louis would also need some time with Jessica, we distanced ourselves at the garden just enough to not hear each other’s voices, and enjoyed our dates…… I mean, enjoyed the explaining…… I mean, we just explained.

“……So, after three days, dangerous events may happen. So I want you to take care. If possible, can you please stay in your room for the whole day?”

We sat on the wooden bench under the tree, the same bench that we sat on the day after the entrance ceremony. I clasped the gloved hands and stared into her amethyst eyes.
In those eyes, I could see a reflection of a pathetic and restless man.

Ah, so I always showed this pathetic face to her……
My default face is rather handsome, I should take care…… I hope she doesn’t think badly of me for showing such pathetic expressions……

As I stared into her eyes, I saw her pupils waver. She was becoming teary-eyed, and the reflection in her eyes seems to melt as well.
As I gawped at that sight, her eyes closed as if it could not stand the gaze.
That face was the face of ‘waiting for a kiss’……

Before I realised it, I almost locked my lips with her, but with what rationality I have I stopped myself.
If I start kissing now, I won’t be able to stop myself!
Before I’m an imperial prince, I am a healthy adolescent male in puberty. I have no confidence that I can control my libido!!
Of course, I won’t do that here (I’ll get a room if it comes to that!) but I might ‘touch’ here and there……
Her brother is here, I can’t do that!
I really didn’t want Louis to see me like this!!
Because, I think my breathing has become rough. I don’t want to show a friend such a sight.

I am a sage. I am a sage! I am a sage!!

I tightly shut my eyes and cast a spell on myself to calm myself down as I stuck my lips to her forehead.
When I finally calmed down and backed away, in front of me Angelica was looking at me with a blissful expression.

Stop! Stop bewitching me!!
Is that a devil? No, begone, foul temptress!?

I held back my trembling fingers and ended it with a gentle smack on her forehead.

For such a hard mental training to be waiting from the morning…… Welcome! I’d like to do it every day!!

As I thought such stuff, I stole a furtive glance to Louis. There, he too was fighting with an invisible something.

I know Angelica and Jessica are not meaning to seduce us. But it’s just that we’re in puberty.
However, to those eyes, I can’t help myself.

When I just reincarnated, I thought, ‘as I thought, this girl is my favourite,’ and that feeling grew as we continued to meet, and by now I was already deep in it. No, I feel like I’m about to drown in that.
In my previous life, I have some experience with love. So I’m surprised at myself for falling in love from just a feeling of like. But then again, that is why I’m so happy……

I want to hug her as much as I want…… my rationality with papier-mâché durability is about to snap.
…… So, Angelica…… Can you stop……?

As I anguished over my desires, her amethyst eyes stared at me as if they were unsatisfied by just a smack on her forehead. My head is then filled with R-18 thoughts, that it’s just too hard control myself anymore.
Still…… I’m freaking happy.

“Since we cannot predict what might happen, so never, ever! Approach Brad or Henry, okay? Also, if possible, on that day, please stay in your room and try to not go to classes, even…… promise?”
“Yes…… I understand……”

While being enveloped in brain-melting happiness, I kept warning her like a nagging sister-in-law, to which Angelica consented with a ecstatic expression.

Does she really understand?

I ended up getting worried because of her overly blissful expression.
So I took a step back and looked at her with a serious expression.
Seeing that change, Angelica too looked at me seriously.

“Promise? Absolutely? If you break our promise, I’m going to punish you…… kay……?”

I unintentionally spoke in my original way of speaking.
Because I spoke a bit rougher than usual, Angelica made a surprised expression for the first time. But she soon slightly blushed again and stared at me with a charming face.

“Yes…… If I ever break our promise, then do punish me……”

Those words with that blissful expression.
Angelica-san, foul play!!

By the way, it’s natural that I’m bending forward now since I’m a healthy man!



Thanks to that happy event in the morning, I spent the day well.
There’s also Louis who was feeling likewise. When we arrived at the dining hall after school, Angelica and Jessica who usually arrive before we do did not arrive yet, but we did not care too much.
They will come soon. Or so I thought such carefree things.
In retrospect, that must have been a flag. But back then I was too excited that I could not sense anything.

However, even if I was too excited, I noticed that there was only Henry and Hughie where Michelle and others usually were, and that they were being restless. Seeing that, an unpleasant feeling ran down my spines.
My heart started beating quicker, and sweat erupted all around my body strangely. An alarm was flashing red in my head.
Growing more anxious, I looked at Louis, and saw that he too was looking at me with the same expression.

We have to go to them. They must still be in the classroom……

Then when we stood up,

“You Highness…… I received word from two other butlers that Angelica-sama, Jessica-sama, Michelle-sama and Jackie-sama are locked up in Brad-sama’s room.”

Different from the usual voice, a cold, dry voice came from Daniel.

Though I feel queasy, I’m doing my best, thinking, ‘there are people who enjoy this stuff!’ Once I get over this ordeal, I’m going to write lovey-dovey scenes!
Good luck! Myself!!

For those who do not like violating stories, please skip the next few chapters up to Jackie’s idle talk.

I read ahead a bit because of that author’s comment. I’m going to go over those chapters as quickly as possible, because of some shocking content.

And author, you said there will be more sugar. But noooo.
Well, et hoc transibit, so I’ll get over it quickly.

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27 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 27

  1. Fuuuuuuuu*********k~
    That was bad! Man! What sugar, author-san!? U nearly made me get up from shock. My body can’t keep up with such movements.
    Oh well, I guess we get to see some riot action from Kyle n Louis. Oh man! Brad n Henry did the things that they absolutely shouldn’t do. Royal decree in the shadow for the gallows.
    Anxious but pumped at how the MC will handle the situation.
    Want more!!!


  2. Anju-tan is lobe, Anju-tan is laifu! Anju-tan is jastis!!!!!

    With this small sugar-content thanks to Anju-tan I can resist the othre few incoming chapters!!!!

    Thanks for the chaptah Kuda-kun!


  3. Fuck, I’m too excited for the lovey dovey part the author is talking about….

    Begone Yaoi/Sadist beast(Brad)… If you dare lay a finger to Angelica… You will die a mongrel’s death…


  4. Noooo!!!! What will happen to Angelica???? Σ(゚Д゚;≡`゚д゚)
    I’m really worried about that violating part!!!
    You’d better not do anything to Angelica, you pervert sadist!!! (ʘ言ʘ╬)

    And thank you very much Kudarajin-sama for the translation and your consideration to us for the next few chapters~


  5. oh noooooo!!!!!
    this is just like a peace before storm!!
    they get a little lovey dovey and then they trapped in that pervert’s room!!
    ahhh~~~ this cliff really make me heart hurt!!!
    i hope they’re alright!!!
    thanks for the chapter and the cliff too!!


  6. that’s lese majeste. offending the imperial family by touching the first imperial prince’s fiance is punishable by death. hope nothing happens though.


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