I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 06

Idle Talk: Ruinous footsteps invade the body like aphrodisiac (Brad)

Author: This time, it’s the bespectacled pervert’s perspective. I’m rating it R.
It may be offensive, so steer clear if you don’t like these things.

The story still connects well enough without this chapter, I guess?
It shouldn’t be so bad if you skip from here up to Jackie’s idle talk.

TL: You have been warned.

The entrance ceremony this year was somewhat different from the usual.
I couldn’t specifically point out what was different. If there was something, the atmosphere in school changed……?
From the different atmosphere, I felt exhilarated———




My first impression of her was surprise and excitement.
Her appearance was very similar to that prostitute who never accepted my offer. The legendary courtesan who never accepted me.
To get her by any means, I craftily and carefully laid out traps, like how a spider spins her webs. Then I waited for her to fall into my arms…… that was how it was supposed to be. However, she swiftly avoided my traps and flew out of my reach, as if to mock me.
With pregnancy as her excuse, she stopped being a prostitute and ran away to a noble. That noble then sent her away to his villa, stating that he did not want others to see her. Such events transpired, and for me who did not have connections to that noble, I was left without a single lead. Thinking that I would never meet her again, I gave up on the chase.

The prey that I thought would never appear again has reappeared in front of my eyes. The prey designed only for me, her daughter……

The prey called Michelle captivated men one by one like her. I could not feel the same cleverness from her actions, but she might have been acting. It would not be strange for her daughter to have schemes.
I have to be cautious this time. I am not letting her get away like that time. I have to be even more meticulous in laying the traps this time……

I mixed in with Michelle’s followers and spent my time there. She captivates men effortlessly like a whore in front of my eyes. She is indeed her daughter, what with that talent of toying with men without crossing the line.
The more I stay with her, the more my wild desires pile up. Though I desperately suppress them, those sadistic desires of domination continue to grow.
While I suppressed my growing desires, I ensnared students who had the same eyes as her. Even though they may be noble kids, they are still kids. It is easy to make them fall to pleasure in a blink. Even as I harassed a substitute, my target of violation in my head was her.
To be honest, I was doing the taming to be done on her to a substitute. By I continued such perverted acts, i kept in check my sadistic desires as I imagined delusions of capturing her like a spider.
I could feel myself break down, but that too excited me further like aphrodisiac……


Was it just coincidence that I learned of them? No, it was definitely fate.
The commotion that musclehead Robert caused in the dining hall.
She ——— Angelica was standing face to face with Robert with her eyes hiding a strong will to protect her friend.
Without looking down, she throws cynical remarks at Robert. She was indeed like a noble queen.
In those seemingly incorruptible eyes, I felt a chill.

How will those eyes change when she is dominated by a man whom she does not even like……?

Just by imagining, heat gathered in my lower body. In this situation that may even be called chaotic, I felt ridiculous at my own desires, yet I became more excited.

In my moment of excitement, they then appeared valiantly.
As if to protect a precious gem, hidㅑㅜㅎ Angelica with his body, he silenced the surroundings with those eyes holding absolute power and resolved the conflict.
I had originally thought of Prince Kyle and Louis as just ‘pretty-faced puppets’……
That incorruptible, absolute dignity of a prince. And the lingering sex appeal that had not yet left the domain of a child. And those earnest eyes gazing at their beloved gems, as if to compensate for the lack of passion.
All that combined with their attitudes towards their precious people tugged at me. At the same time, a sadistic desire was born.

How will those strong eyes turn when their beloved are violated in front of their eyes…… How will they cry when violated in front of their beloved……

It was a tempting desire. Every time I saw them, I teased them. When I stared at them without hiding my desires, they turned away in fear. My newfound desires basically meant needing more substitutes, but it was a necessary sacrifice.
While I trained the young lambs, I satisfied my unfulfilled desires with their photos. Still, it was not enough.
This desire will not go away until I violate them in person.

That man started bothering me when I saw that he relied on that man.
That man used his position as a butler and became His Highness Kyle’s confidant. Though it was a little different from the gaze Kyle sent to Louis, but it was similar nonetheless.

Shouldn’t he be making those eyes towards me? So this what it feels like to have one’s trust betrayed into despair……
Why are you making such eyes to that man……?
Ahh! I wish to taint them with myself.
I want to make them all soft and wet with me, however many times it takes……

It would be amazing…… Just from imagining…… I end up coming so many times.

Angelica and Michelle. I shall give you a lovely necklace. You will become my cute pets as both mouths are blocked on the bed.
Prince Kyle and Louis will need cuffs, so that they will not rampage about.
To not miss the moment when their cynical remarks turn into imploring pleas, let’s not block their mouths.
If they play nice, I might let them touch their beloved.

It was paradise, just from imagining.



I came across that by chance. Prince Henry from the neighbouring country requested my help in his plan to capture Prince Kyle.

That prince had a sick obsession with Michelle, and harboured hostility towards Prince Kyle. I had no obligation to help, but since I also had something to gain I responded adequately.
As a part of that plan, Jackie was to approach them under the pretence of helping Michelle.
So when the two of them came out of Prince Kyle’s room, it was not too surprising…….
But to Jackie’s courting, Michelle definitely responded.
I could see desire in that expression…… I was dumbfounded.
Before, I could not see any ‘desire’ or ‘lust’ in her. She was just enjoying romance as a game, toying with men without using her body.
However, when she was looking at Jackie, I could see that lovestruck expression……

…… I will no forgive you……?


I don’t care about Henry’s plan anymore.
Michelle, I shall go forth and capture you right now. And then I’ll shatter whatever feelings you have.
I’ll make you moan obscenely in front of Jackie.
I wonder, what sort of sound will you make in front of the person you like? I want to see those pure eyes go blank. At the last moment, will you plead for his help? Or will you scream, ‘please don’t see me’……?
How will you despair, I wonder?

While I basked in happiness in the twilight, I somewhat forcefully ensnared Michelle and Jackie.
However, there was a miscalculation on my part. There were more.
Very enjoyable extras……


Four victims are now in my room. As I eye the four of them, I grin. The sight of the four of them trembling at my smile is just so……

Those eyes are unbearable…… please, get more scared? I will show you despair too.
Now, who should I start from……?

While imagining the fun time that is about to begin, I make Michelle and Jessica sniff aphrodisiac.
While waiting for the aphrodisiac to take effect, I restrain Jackie and strip him, as well as putting Jessica next to her.
When the aphrodisiac takes effect, they will strip on their own and start clinging to whoever is next to them. Michelle will see her love getting messed up with someone else.
Just how will she despair……?

Ah, at that thought…… I!!

Anyone can tell that I have an ecstatic expression, hm? This will be the most pleasurable time……

How should I break Angelica……?

Right, I should prepare a VIP seat for Angelica. A spot where she can see everything while she is restrained. There she will be shown how her closest friend falls. On that fool’s seat, there will be Angelica who tried her best to protect Jessica.
I wonder how the sight of her friend falling in front of her will change her……
Finally, Michelle. I will let Jackie see your cute sight.
I will softly crush all four of them.




Now, the orgy begins———

Writing this story is the reason for me feeling emaciated.
I could feel my eyes dying as I typed……

I’ll upload the next chapter as soon as possible.

You sicko, Brad.
I also could could feel my eyes dying as I typed.

And ditto with uploading the next chapter as soon as possible. (Tomorrow)

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39 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 06

  1. Just to be clear: I liked this chapter for your huge effort you done translating this!! Dang, this was soo creepy, I’d totally love to kill him, he’s threatening mankind.

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  2. I want an alternate storyline where Kyle get there too late as short story!!!
    Fuck me, but i love ntr!- not! Maybe, but not really, oh fffuuucckkk, i dont want it but at the same time i want it!!

    Ffuuuhh… T-thank you for the chapter…
    Zu’u kogaan, dii fahdon.

    And for all of you
    Zu’u draal fah hi ni mah kotin daar dur

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  3. Thank you for the chapter. I’m not ashamed, I’ll just say it…. I liked this chapter.

    I couldn’t understand what this sentence was talking about with a necklace:
    “Angelica and Michelle. I shall give you a lovely necklace. You will become my cute pets as both mouths are blocked on the bed.”

    I struck me as weird and out of place. I don’t know, but could the author be talking about a collar? That makes more sense in the context I think.


    • He’s probably thinking about it like a pearl necklace, aka the slang for when you um.. spread your seed all over a (generally girl’s) chest.


  4. To be honest, this was interesting? I’ve definitely read too much hentai by now to not to be fazed by this (lol) I expected something orse u know~

    Anyways, hope the bastard does not do anything to Anju-tan or April-nee-san or Jessica gets off lol if not imma rage-quit like Berserker Heracles.

    Thanks for the chaptah Kuda-kun!

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  5. Man, Brad is creepy. Well, I kinda expected it but reading his actual thoughts made me want to upchuck in my mouth. He should totally be locked up/eliminated for the betterment of mankind.

    …just had a weird thought. What if Kyle went into Demon King Sadist mode and… Brad actually likes it? Like, he unlocks his hitherto-unknown inner masochist? *shudders*

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  6. NOOOO!!! i hope kyle, louis and daniel not late!!!
    this person is really dangerous!!!
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  7. Literally how is Brad capturing these people in broad daylight and overpowering multiple people at once. This is at least 6 people he somehow managed to subdue singlehandedly if you include the 2 butlers.


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