I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Even at times like these, boys will be boys.

The idle talk yesterday, I revised it.
I wanted to write more entrancing sentences, but that was the limit. My mental fortitude is just too……
But this was a bit better.

It only took a very short moment of thought. Before I realised it, I was already running.
When I arrived at Brad’s office, there was a bleak-faced Louis standing next to me. Because he too was out of breath, I assumed he also came running with me from the cafeteria.
I couldn’t even see him.
Anyway, what’s more important now is to save Angelica from that pervert!

I was about to enter thoughtlessly, but Daniel placed a hand on my shoulder to stop me.

“I will enter first and neutralise the magic tools inside. Then please enter. Please prioritise the rescuing of your beloved, sirs.”

I felt sure seeing the unfazed Daniel.
When we silently nodded, Daniel politely knocked, saying ‘excuse me,’ and opened the door.
Then an extraordinary cracking sound came from the door.
Ah, it was locked…… I thought it wasn’t since Daniel opened it so naturally without using much strength……

Daniel entered and proceeded. He disabled the magic tools placed in the reception room and quietly opened the doors to the bedroom.
Then the scene inside was laid out in front of our eyes……
Seeing that, I felt a shudder.

Jackie was naked and restrained on the floor.
Then there was Jessica who was writhing and crying on the floor while undressing herself in confusion.
Michelle was being grabbed by Brad, as she was crying out for help to Jackie. Her uniform was torn apart and her breasts were being fondled.
Then Angelica……
Her hands and feet were tied up and she was put where she can see everything. Nothing was done to her except being gagged……

…… Although this was a grave moment, I ended up thinking, ‘I’m glad he didn’t touch Angelica’. I’m trash……
Not letting that out, I ran to Angelica’s side and untied her quickly. Without saying a words I just hugged her tightly, trying to reveal my terribly distorted face.

Please don’t look at me, I’m trash that only thinks of you……

“…Ah, ……K, yle… sa, ma?”

As I just hugged her tightly without saying a word, Angelica let outa small sound.
Feeling angry at myself for failing to protect her, my grip tightened.
There were many ‘ugh’ sounds and various violent sounds, but I did not think to check. I left Brad to Daniel. Then I had nothing to worry about.

I wonder how long I was hugging Angelica……?
The mysterious flow of time might have been 1 hour or 1 minute. Before I knew it, Angelica stopped trembling.
However, I still felt tremors……
Then I realised that it was me who was trembling.
I must have been clinging onto Angelica, not embracing her.

How pathetic am I.
At times like these, I have to be the one to console her……
I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. My head went blank seeing her safe.
To not be able to say anything, I couldn’t help but laugh bitterly at myself who was good for nothing.

If I’m already a good-for-nothing, wouldn’t it be fine to be more pathetic now?

I slackened my arms slightly. Feeling my arms loosen, Angelica looked at me uneasily. To that, I kissed her forehead and stared into her eyes.

“Why did this happen? …… If anything happens to you, Angelica…… I might kill myself. So, please…… take care of yourself? I’m glad…… really glad…… that you’re safe……”

I reproached her for my own failings in an unsightly manner. Though I could not say anything to reassure her, I could still say such pathetic things.
But she did not show displeasure and gently leaned her forehead against myself and smiled. When I thought that smile approached closer, I felt a soft sensation on my lips.
From the sudden attack, my rationality had already flew out the window when I finally understood that was a kiss. I chased those fleeting lips, and firmly asserted myself over them. Just like that, I invaded her innocent, untainted mouth.

“Mm…… Mmm”

I heard muffled moans, yet I couldn’t care less. To her whose legs gave out, I wolfed down on hose cute lips.

The tension all left from that kiss. I couldn’t care less where this is and what situation it was in.
Normally, I held back with my rationality, but now nothing could stop me.

The arms that had been supporting her started slowing caressing downwards……

“Your Highness, that’s enough.”

I thought there was nothing to stop me…… but there was also Daniel here.
Feeling that hand on my should and hearing the cold yet stern voice, I returned to my senses. A part of me felt disappointed, but I released her lips upon which a transparent tread formed between us. With an expression out of focus, she was looking at me ecstatically.
My excitement was fanned even more my that, but to stop myself I held her to my chest so that I would not see her.

To check if others were alright, I turned around.
There, I saw Jessica, who was now wearing Louis’s jacket, hugging and kissing Louis.
Michelle was clinging onto Jackie, who was now dressed up, crying her heart out.
And then there was Brad, tied up and moaning ecstatically on the bed, with a blissful expression.
A pervert indeed.

“I have shown him a happy hallucination. I ask that you now contact the Empire’s knights to collect him, sir.”

Daniel answered my gaze with a smile.
What the heck is ‘a happy hallucination’? Looks like his secret desires were fulfilled in that illusion……
As for that desire……
Who the heck is the partner!?

As I shuddered in fear, Daniel continued to break the bad news.

“It appears that Jessica-sama and Michelle-sama were drugged with aphrodisiacs. Thus, I hope Louis-sama and Jackie-sama will consider that while taking care of them. If we make a wrong move, their futures will receive heavy blows, so please do take care.”

Having received the news, Louis and Jackie quickly excused themselves out, carrying Jessica and Michelle in their arms.

I thought, ‘I’m a bit envious,’ at the sight of the them. I truly am perverse.

The protagonist is a good-for-nothing. And perverse.
I think it’s fine though.

There is a part of me that is disappointed that nothing actually happened except for Kyle making love, but I’m mostly glad that nothing actually happened.


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29 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 28

  1. Some part of me : “I want Brad illusion. Please?”
    *slapped by another part of me*

    Thank you for the chapter!
    I seriously sweating when i see the chapter came out ‘oh shit, will it be NTR? I hope not.’

    Please let it be sugary, sweet and full of glucose that you need insulin shot to read, amen.

    Zu’u kogaan dii fahdon

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  2. The mc really seems like a person you can relate with, I think it’s fine that he only really cares about his fiance, even with his reincarnated memories he is still just a teen
    Thanks and good job with the chapter

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Thanks for the chap~!!!!
    Just, like I thought, Daniel is the best character in this story.
    Don’t think! Feel! (Bruce Lee refrence! I’m not talking about Fairy Tail ending music theme XD )

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Thanks for the chapter!!
    So glad that nothing happened to Angelica (except for the sweet scene with Kyle ❤ ) (´,,•ω•,,)♡


  5. fyuuhhh~~ i’m happy they’re not late!!
    poor kyle~~ his happy moment is destroyed by daniel!!
    but whatever happen daniel is still the best!!! 😍
    thanks for this chapter! XD


  6. I waited for K&A’s kiss. It was supposed to be cute and fluffy and all that.
    Instead I’m now disgusted with Kayle. It’s beyond being “good for nothing”, he’s just plain disgusting in this chapter. Love or not, completely ignoring the plight of everyone and only running to the one person that’s actually clearly ok? And even after freeing her up he continues to ignore everyone and goes to comfort himself by kissing the rescued girl instead?
    What an utter piece of sh*t.


  7. I feel like the author just went “FUCK IT, EVERYONE’S KISSING, IT’S MESSED UP ANYWAY, AND BRAD DIES FOR BEING A PERVERT” which left an unsatisfying first kiss and it was very weird, with caution I read only bits and species on this chapter since I didn’t like Brad’s utter bullsh*t, I feel like the author could’ve done a better job but I guess everyone can’t have everything they ask for ;-;


  8. Sooooooo… That’s it Kyle? No anger, no rightful burst of hatred at the sheer audacity of a mere schoolteacher trying to lay his hands on not only your fiance but the fiance of another major households son? You just cry a little and we’re done? I really overestimated you dude.


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