I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 07

Idle Talk: How to calm down her in heat (Jackie’s case)

Some forced depictions here, so steer clear if you’re weak to these stuff.
I think you won’t feel to uncomfortable if you skip up to this.

I was careless.

The cause for today’s commotion can be summarised as thus.
I still do not know what turned his switch on. However, It seems that he knew that Michelle and I understood each other. I can only think that his actions were from his knowledge of that.

This morning, His Highness Kyle and Louis said that they will explain to Angelica and Jessica about the details of the plan, and about how dangerous Brad and Henry are.
Ultimately, this saved Michelle and me at the cost of putting Angelica and Jessica at risk. I felt sorry for the girls, but this was divine reward.


When I was called out by Brad after lunch, I did not feel anything unusual, nor did I hold any doubts. Even when he said, ‘Come to my room because I want to check things for the plan three days later,’ I went casually thinking, ‘I’ll collect information.’
Even after I entered the room, he just checked and showed the restraints and soundproofing magic tools that he planned to use. He was checking the condition since it was scheduled to be passed to Henry.
Brad did not show any particularly weird movements, and it just seemed as if he wanted to boast his collection, so I thought, ‘let’s get over with this quickly.’

“Later, I’ll also use that handmade tool.”

As he held that tool out while making a shady smile, I saw images of that pervert Brad and I, but I had already reached out.
I chagrinned at the image that came a bit too late at a situation where I could not pull back. Then, as if someone turned the lights out, my consciousness faded.


When I came to, I was writhing on his room’s floor, tied and gagged.
Unable to grasp the situation, I panicked slightly. I then recalled the meeting that afternoon, but I could not fathom how it came to this.
He was supposed to be uninterested in me. Then why did he decide to prey on me?
I thought of many different reasons, but the most likely reason was that he wanted to have that after-school date that I had with Michelle, which is a petty reason.
But that was the best I could think of. I had no idea why else..

I tried to take off the restraints, but I could not take the magic tools off. While I was floundering about madly, I could hear many voices of women. I could recognise one. This voice…… Michelle……
Why are you here? You know this place is dangerous……
As I wondered, the room suddenly fell silent. Then, Brad came in, carrying the bodies on unconscious women one by one.
I recognised the three of them. One was of course Michelle. The other two…… Angelica-jou and Jessica-jou.

“Do you know since when these children were friendly with each other? Why did these two follow Michelle here? Strange……? Anyway, to even get these girl as well, lady luck loves me! Now I can get those two easily as well!”

As he laughs raptly, he continues to tie up the women one by one.
Maybe they tried to help Michelle seeing her going to Brad’s……
I understood the reason, but I wanted to yell, ‘Why the hell did you stick your neck out here? If there’s something bad going on, you should have reported to your knights first!!’
His Highness Kyle and Louis were both even moving while considering the girls’ safety first. Yet for this to happen…… I feel sorry for them……

I knew it was futile in this situation, but I my hopes got up just by seeing the girls. However, as I could not move nor speak, I could not do anything. Since their butlers must have contacted His Highness Kyle, I could only wait for help.
While praying for help to come before the girls receive any serious damage, I move my eyes, the only free parts of my body, to collect as much information as possible.
Then, as I looked around, some terrifying tools that I did not even want to know what they were for came into my sight. ‘What the hell are you planning to do!’ was what I wanted to shout.
From trying to calm myself down, I instead became more restless.

Then, Michelle was made to sniff a bottle that had some strange liquid. Then Jessica-jou too was made to, and there was even a small amount of it in her mouth.

What’s that liquid? It can’t be aphrodisiac, right……?
He didn’t use it on Angelica, though……

In front of my confused eyes that could not keep up with the current situation, things progressed one by one.
When I realised that guy came here, he started tripped me. Maybe because he grew annoyed at not being able to take them off so easily because of the restraints, he started ripping them apart. Then as I lied naked, Jessica-jou was laid down beside me.
Angelica-jou was forced to sit at a place where she could see everything, and then she was tied to the chair and gagged.
Then Michelle was placed where I could see her, and then he started hugging her from behind.
I saw that the girls were awake when he used the magic tools, but Michelle and Jessica-jou’s appearance is somehow alarming……

“Come, let’s start the orgy!”

With a blissful expression, he declared so, making a fanfare sound, and ripped Michelle’s shirt. A scream rang out. Michelle was being kissed on her neck as she was being groped.
Fear and despair in her eyes, Michelle reached out to me pleading for help.
Brad looked at that delightedly, whispering, “why don’t we show your favourite Jackie your cute side?”

Stop! Don’t you dare touch Michelle!! Was what I wanted to shout, but I could not even cry out. To be unable to do anything as the girl I like is being violated……
Next to me, Jessica was stripping and writhing in confusion.
From that, I concluded that it was indeed aphrodisiac. Isn’t it dangerous, the amount that was used on her?
If that’s the stuff Henry prepared, then won’t she become a cripple!?
Your Highness Kyle! Louis! Please, quickly!!
Before it’s too late!

I had only thought everything would be fine by causing Henry’s downfall. Then I thought Michelle’s safety would be guaranteed.
But what’s with this!?
Brad ignored Henry’s wish. He acted on his own.
Then he appeared with many dangerous tools.
At this rate, he will cripple everyone.

Somebody, please!!
Screaming silently, I continued to plead for help, to anyone.

That seemingly everlasting hell suddenly came to an end.

“My, it seems that you have something going on. However, I must announce this party over, you see?”

A voice drifted in the room, and suddenly someone rushed by next to me.

I couldn’t follow the turn of events.
While I was still panicking, His Highness Kyle’s butler was standing next to me.
The butler-dono snapped his fingers.
Then, Brad’s body flew into the wall, drawing a graceful arc. Also, my restraints came off and my clothes were lying next to me. I hurriedly put some clothes on and ran to Michelle’s side.
From that snap, her restraints came off too and she started scrambling for me.
While embracing Michelle, I put my jacket on her.
As I checked her, my beloved, everything seemed to have been cleaned up.

“It appears that Jessica-sama and Michelle-sama were drugged with aphrodisiacs. Thus, I hope Louis-sama and Jackie-sama will consider that while taking care of them. If we make a wrong move, their futures will receive heavy blows, so please do take care.”

Hearing that, I lifted Michelle up in my arms and dashed to my room. When I arrived, a message and medicine arrived. Apparently, the effects will fade away after two hours. The medicine is an antidote for the aphrodisiac, to be applied to reduce the effects and suppress side effects and after effects.
I immediately gave her the medicine mouth-to-mouth, then observed Michelle.

Even after a while, I saw that the strong effects were gone. It was only a matter of time until the effects fully receded. The problem was…… I wasn’t sure if I could stay rational that…… long.

But it’s for her. I’ll do my best……!

“……Jackie… Jac…… kie……”

The oath I just swore was already about to be broken from Michelle’s provocative voice.

I’ll do my best, as much as possible…… no, a little bit…
I’ll persevere, I think?

The next chapter is also idle talk, from Louis’s viewpoint.

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22 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 07

  1. Who cares about Jackie and Michelle with their instant flimsy love. I’d rather see an idle chapter of Louis and especially Jessica. Their characters are so much more interesting. I’m really curious about Jessica, in love with an idiot, until only now finally noticing the person who’s always loved her since they were young. Even if it was according to plan I can only imagine the internal struggle she was facing to be around and even try to help Michelle, after Bitch took her fiancee away.

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  2. A good end.
    Thanks for the chapter!
    I think Henri is gonna make some drastic changes to his plans. With this fiasco.
    Louis, let’s see how u endure the hell.
    Thanks again for the chapter!


  3. I don’t understand why the prince of the kingdom couldn’t get rid of a rapist teacher. Surely he could have had the power to dispatch knights or assassins to kill Brad.


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