I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The first kabe-don in my life was amazing.

The serious stuff should be over by this chapter. For those disturbed by violating stuff, you should skip from Brad’s idle talk to Jackie’s idle talk.
The story should still connect well enough……
(and then stuff about the author’s chapter schedules that I can’t be bothered to translate)

After the four quickly ran out, there was me, Angelica, Daniel and the climaxed Brad left.
Daniel collected the remaining magic tools and aphrodisiac, and laid a hand on Brad’s head. He’s probably reading the memories directly from his head.

“Regarding the amount of aphrodisiac used on Michelle-sama, the effects will linger for about two hours. However, regarding the amount used on Jessica-sama, there seems to be quite a lot…… Even if the antidote is applied, the effects will remain all throughout tomorrow…… Worst case, it may persist for few days……

Daniel, though his beauty never falters, distorted his face in pity, and told us.
To that, Angelica, who was staring with vacant eyes, started trembling and crying. At that scene, I felt a pain in my chest.
I could not bear it anymore, so I embraced her strongly and kissed the swirl of her hair.

“It’s alright…… Louis is…… your lovely brother is with Jessica, it will be fine, okay?”

I continued to whisper many times.
If it’s Louis, no matter what state Jessica is in, he won’t abandon her. On the contrary, he will get her with this opportunity.

“Pass the information onto Louis and Jackie, and if there is an antidote deliver that too. Afterwards, why don’t we take some actions to progress Louis and Jessica’s betrothal at maximum pace?”
“Understood, sir. I will do so…… Let us conclude the betrothal by tonight.”

While consoling Angelica as I pat her waist and the back of her head, I give orders to Daniel.

Whatever the circumstances are, it is a scandal for a daughter of a noble to stay in the room of a man who is not even her fiancé. If I am to protect Jessica’s reputation, I have to finish their betrothal today……
This betrothal was already practically concluded. It was just that Louis said, “I’m waiting until Jessica opens her heart to me,” that the talks have not yet definitely concluded.
Thus, it will be over with just a bit of pressure.
Also, there’s the circumstances. It was something that House Rowling wished for anyway, and House Fontaine has no reason to oppose a rushed engagement between Louis and Jessica.

Though it may be disappointing for Louis, but since the situation is dire, he can’t do as he wishes. Rather, instead of saying that, by the time he comes out of the room, he would probably take the matter into his own hands, proposing for a betrothal and using any method to make the negotiations fall through.
He’s the kind of man to be assertive at that, so no worries there.

Next, regarding Brad……
I would like to end it without revealing this incident to the public. Though their chastity may have been protected, it is still a vicious scandal. The reputation of the girls will be damaged. I also have to consider other noble sons and daughters who were affected by that viper’s fangs……

Making it so that the whole incident did not happen…… Even for Brad, if he swears an oath to not say a word on this, it is possible to make it as if nothing happened.
Instead, if Brad is handed over to the knights, the news will spread.
I can’t even kill him on the spot. Then,

“Daniel…… now……”

Is it possible for you to tamper with his mind and make him a cripple?

The thoughts that I don’t want Angelica to hear was seemingly accurately conveyed to Daniel.

“Understood, sir. As Your Highness wishes……”

Daniel responded with a beautiful smile and lightly applied force on Brad’s head.
For a while Daniel’s hand shined, then the colour faded from Brad’s eyes who was laughing ecstatically just until now.
No one else would mention this anyhow…… With this, this kidnapping case turned into one only we knew. It has been turned so that the attempted rape virtually didn’t happen.
I will report to the knights about how Brad tried to kidnap the four of them, about how I arbitrarily rescued them, and about how Brad became a cripple due to an accident.
Finally, by leaving the rest to the butlers, we will no longer be involved.

I wonder if Brad will spend the rest of his life in a room with white walls……

I felt bad for destroying someone’s life like that, but more than that I felt relieved at saving everyone else.
It is an unbearable guilt, but if by doing so I protected Angelica and others, it might be natural that I am feeling vaguely happy……
As if to deceive my own feelings, I bury my nose in Angelica’s hair and fill my chest with that lovely scent.
While I was taking care of the aftermath, I then realised that I have to check up on Angelica as well.

If you have to ask, I’m going to change the place and finish it today!

I won’t ask after she calmed down, since this case is something that one does not want to be reminded of. In that case, I am going to gouge out a wound, but I will finish it all today and then heal the wounds afterwards, as long as it takes.

“Daniel, I am planning to return to my room now, but then what about this place?”
“There will not be any problems, sir.”
“Then I am going.”
“Understood, sir.”

I carried Angelica under my arms as she clung to my neck. Then, as if nothing out of the ordinary happened, I started walking nonchalantly to my room. Afterwards, Daniel snapped a finger and then faded into the background as usual.
On my way back to my room, I was seen by some students who subsequently made interested looks, but I ignored all of them. By tomorrow, there would be new rumours and conjectures, but none will arrive at the truth.


When I arrived at my room, I gently sat Angelica down and asked Daniel to make some black tea.
I gave her some spacing, leaning lightly against the sideboard and drinking tea. Though there was some distance between me and her, I did not take my eyes off her.

“Angelica, won’t you please tell me? Why were you caught by Brad?”

Just did the four of them get captured by that guy……
Angelica and Jessica promised so many times to not approach Brad. After the classes were over, we promised meet at designated places.
There weren’t any problems so far. However, this happened today. What irregularity occurred to have caused this?

To my question, Angelica hesitated a lot, but soon she started talking as if she gave up.
It was——

The first year students’ last class today was ‘etiquette’.
After the class was over, as the two were packing up, Brad approached Michelle. Normally, they would not care, but knowing the current situation, they eavesdropped out of curiosity.
Apparently, Brad had invited Michelle over to his office, and Michelle resolutely declined, saying, “It’s Jackie’s turn (date) today.”
But then, he said, “Jackie’s waiting inside, you know?” half-forcefully dragging Michelle inside. To that, Angelica who has a strong sense of justice could not stand it any longer.
Before they realised it, Jessica too was caught in it. Even when they tried to escape, the magic tools activated, locking the doors. While they were getting agitated, more strange tools activated, that they lost consciousness. When they woke up, they were in that state.

An awkward silence permeated the room.
I shook my fist in anger. Even as the nails did in, bleeding my palm, my fury did not subside.
I ended up punching the wall.

With a loud bang, the wall screamed. Some of the paintings on the wall fell, and a fist-sized hole opened up on the wall itself.

“Angelica…… over and over again, I told you to not approach him, right?”

After taking deep breaths, I could finally speak calmly.
But, the only thing that was calm was my manner of speaking, my voice being deep and low as if it was echoing from the depths of hell.
With my fist still in the wall and with my head still hanging down, I only lifted my gaze towards Angelica, narrowing my eyes at her. Her shoulders flinched from that.

I got sadistic desires from seeing her like that.
Though I was furious that she did that despite the warnings, but it was inevitable considering her personality.
In that scared look she has from breaking her promise, those purple gem-like eyes were too cute. She was probably worrying about her friend who got into that situation because of her. Seeing that cute face, my anger went away.

Ultimately, I couldn’t even get agnry at Angelica. I can’t say such ‘terrible things’ at her, absolutely not……
However, I wanted her to know that I was very worried, so I coated my face with a wicked grin even more splendidly. Still smiling, I got off the sideboard and slowing went towards her.
Thinking that her trembling was cute, I increasingly shortened the distance.

“Now, it’s time for punishment, as promised, right? ……… What sort of punishment…… would you like……?”

I whispered sweetly into her ear.

Boom, kabe-don!
I really don’t know what to link it to. Here’s a picture:


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