I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 08

Idle Talk: How to calm down her in heat (Louis’s case)

Rated R.
Louis’s pure love?
Here he takes the role of the orthodox hero in shoujo mangas.

The moment I stepped into that room, I froze from the madness within.

It was clear what he was trying to do. The screams of women were reverberating throughout the room.
Seeing that no sound could be heard just next door, a soundproofing magic tool must be in use……
Somehow, I managed to calmly analyse the situation.
However, that was only for an instant. When I spotted my precious Jessica, my body was already moving.

Without a doubt, she was writhing in confusion at the sensation she felt for the first time. It was painful just seeing her cry while stripping on her own right next to Jackie.
I immediately ran to her side and clothed her agin, yet she would shake her head as if she didn’t want it and would again try to strip.
Wanting to stop her, I forced my jacket on her and hugged her to stop her movements.
Yet, however hard I embraced her, that only seemed to stimulate her even further, causing her to cry out even more pitifully. Unable to resist hearing such words that she would not normally use…… I unconsciously shut her up with a kiss.


Having learned that aphrodisiac was used on Jessica, I immediately took her to my room.
Since, I could not show her in distress to anyone else. No one would want others to see them in such an uncontrollable state.
Of course, she would not wish to show that to me, but the future husbands has the rights to.
I cannot leave her alone either, so I will take full responsibility until the very end.
As I entered the room, I received a message from Daniel that quite a large amount of aphrodisiac was used on Jessica. Even if the antidote was applied, the effects would linger all through tomorrow.

The next few days will be tough for both Jessica and me……

Thinking so, I hastily fed Jessica the antidote. Praying desperately for no aftereffects, I slowly made her drink through my lips.
Once I finished with the antidote, I made Doga open the doors to the bedroom, and carried her away to a place where she would not exposed to others’ sights.

Laying her down on the bed, I kissed the crown of her head and told her, “I will be leaving for a bit, okay?” To Jessica who anxiously clung on to my arm, I showed her a smile..

“I will be back soon…… it will be fine. I will not let you go…… okay?”

I whispered in her ear.
Maybe she was slightly relieved at that, since she let go of my arm.

Checking that there was enough water in the kettle, I set up the soundproofing magic tool and went out for the moment.
To Doga who appeared without a sound, I told him to report to Jessica’s butler of the events today and of my taking custody of her for tow days. I also ordered him to quickly progress with the engagement talks between us.
In addition, I asked for meals to be ready anytime she wants, and told him to not let anyone in.


“H, hot…… h…elp……… ……Loui…s…sa…ma……!”

When I returned, what awaited me was Jessica crying alluringly.
She took off her uniform again, and with eyes that were out of focus she was pleading for help.
Quickly, I ran to the bed and embraced her, lying together on the bed.

Until the effects of the aphrodisiac fades, her current state will not improve. Then, I will endure this ordeal with her until the end. I did not want to have our first time like this.
For Jessica, I want our first time to be of her own volition……

Just from my embrace, Jessica felt immense pleasure, crying out many times.
Seeing her like that, my thread of reason was almost severed many times. Every time that happened, I bit my lips, and withstood from the pain and the seeping taste of blood.

“Aaahhh! ……N, no…… Louis…… sa… p, lease…… don’t…… hate mee!”
“It’s okay, I’m with you… ……I still love you, however you are……”

Wishing that Jessica would have some peace of mind as she wailed from pleasure, I continued to whisper words of love.
In this situation, she would not remember a single thing, but maybe some of feelings will get across……

Jessica then entered a cycle of fainting and gasping when she woke up. Within that cycle, I continued to give her water through mouth-to-mouth, trying to endure this hell that seemed to never end.

However, I have to endure this much trial at least.
Because, I have suppressed my feelings, envy and desire, for many years. Jessica had loved Robert. Until Michelle appeared, their relationship was very good. It was not uncommon to see them kiss.
I wonder how many times I wanted to murder Robert?
I thought of causing his downfall so many times, which he was in danger of many times. However, every time that happened, Jessica would cry so much to the point of fainting, so I kept saving him behind the scenes.

It seemed that Jessica thought that I moved as a friend, but Robert was the least of my concerns.
To entrust my precious Jessica to that oblivious musclehead, that pain. To help that person I wanted to murder so many times just for my love, that humiliation.
Compared to that pain of blood gushing from my heart, this was merely sweet talk.

Robert lingered in her heart still. However, my presence in her had grown a lot. If I take advantage of this situation, I can dye her in my colour.
However, I want to win her fair and square.
Victory is almost in my hand, no need to get restless now. For now, I must devote my all to nursing her……


Around noon the next day, the effects finally started subsiding. Her sleeping hours, that came in the name of fainting, started getting longer to.
During that moment, I gently left her side to have a meal and change the water.
I wiped the sweat off her body and changed her into the clothes provided from her room.
From these actions, I ended up imagining my life after marriage, that I made a wily smile.
Jessica was not yet of sound mind, but her crying out for me soothed my heart.
Those kisses were just turning me into a stupid man……

This kind of hell might not be so bad after all.

Thinking such idiotic thoughts, I continued to cherish and care for Jessica.
…… That sweet hell lingered until noon the next day, when she fully recovered.



A few days later, I had a meeting with Kyle after a long time. Having received the report on the betrothal between Jessica and me, he said, “Louis climbed the stairs to adulthood……” making fun of me.

What is this guy saying……

Wiping off my wry smile, I said,

“Then, Kyle, would you be able to emotionlessly hug Angelica if she was suffering from pleasure?”

I shot a malevolent smile.
If you say ‘Yes’, I am so going to break it off.

Kyle went wide-eyed in surprise, but soon made a bitter expression.

“Impossible. I cannot, no, I will not. I might vomit from just imagining……

With a pathetic face, he smiled feebly and said, “What is with that self-mortification…… You are a true sage……” He bestowed me some incomprehensible guarantee.

My little sister fell in love with a good man.

Satisfied at his answer, I showed him my best smile, but for some reason my friend froze up.

There was no way a musclehead like Robert would stop creating trouble.

Louis, you’re going to break off what?
Sorry, I just trolled, it says engagement in the raw please don’t hit me

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