I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 30

Chapter 30: “Punishment”, that somehow sounds erotic.

Just being lovey dovey.

“……P, punishment?”

When I crouched in and whispered in her ear, Angelica jolted up with a loud noise. She then put her hand on her ear as if to hide it and squeaked in a panicked voice.

She took some steps back, but there was no fear in her expression. She was just being cute, getting all embarrassed from my actions.
Indeed, her head is now filled with the word “Pu·nish·ment”, that no traces of the previous hell could be found now.

She can just forget it now……
She should forget that and turn her attention to me. She only has to become a fool for me.

Thinking such thoughts, I throw more words as if in pursuit.

“Yes, punishment…… Naughty children who break promises need to be punished, right? What sort of punishment do you think is best?”

I was enjoying playing this brutal game on her, also called ‘hunting her’. On the other hand, I, who was in the love mode of ‘I want to treasure her so much that she will forget everything’, was trying to gain control.
In this contradicting stance, while thinking of the beautiful looks of the two of us that are so very compatible with each other, I was enjoying this situation.

I slowly backed down, slightly leaning on the back of the chair that Angelica was sitting on. I looked at her, while hiding my grin behind my hand.

Really, she’s so cute. What at I going to do with you!

“P, Punish…… ment……? …… What… sort……”

While darting her eyes around the room, she continued to step back. In the end, she was cornered into the wall, and ended up stuck there.
I slowly approached her, and placed my right hand on the wall, right next to her face.
Then, I shortened the distance by placing my elbow on the wall as well, and softly stroked her deep blue hair.
Unable to run away from me, Angelica just stared at her feet as if to escape the gaze at least.

“Yes, punishment… because… we promised, right? That I will punish you if you break our promise. The classic form of punishment would be ‘spanking’ on top of my knees…… But for this special occasion, I will let you choose.”

While taking care to not sound suggestive, I tired to speak in a gentlemanly manner.
However, my head was already full of pink stuff. Well, “punishment” sounds erotic, right!?
It’s alluring for me who’s in full puberty!?
What kind of pervert am I to get excited from my own words?
But! This was promised!
Justice is on my side!!

The orthodox punishment is of course ‘spanking’…… No, on second thought……

You know, this is a reward!?
In my head, I could see Angelica sobbing and mumbling.

If I get careless, I’ll make an expression like a dirty old man. No, I might already be doing it!
Thus, I plastered on a wicked grin to not let my thoughts show on my face.

Angelica, still blushing bright red, shyly looked at my face…… And then she wore a sad expression.
What happened?
The pink flowery atmosphere suddenly turned tense. I gently moved my hand, stopping the stroking of her hair, to her chin and lifted her head to face mine. When I stared at her, tears started welling up in Angelica’s eyes.

“Yes…… a harsh one, please……”

With a hoarse voice, she voiced her wish.




………… I thought I was going to die!
I just blacked out for a moment!?
…… What’s with this nosebleed……

By a sharp punch from an unexpected angle, I was almost incapacitated. However, Angelica did not stop her assault.

“Because of my mistake, Jessica is suffering, right……? If it’s Kyle-sama, nothing is too painful………… so you can punish me that much……!”

Saying that while clinging to my chest……

I feel like I’m vomiting blood now…… please spare me!
Saying nothing is too painful or something, that has too much destructive power!!

Still, I know that she said from the bottom of her heart. She really regrets her decisions and wants repent.
She’s feeling guilty for being the only one untouched after being captured by Brad.

My cute, poor Angelica…… you don’t have to worry about anything?
I’ll be making sure everything’s fine. Jessica too is probably feeling happy now. Your brother is next to her, you see?
There’s no way that my friend I’m so proud of will abandon her, so……

Cuddling up to my chest, Angelica started whimpering silently.
I gently lifted her up and laid her down on the sofa. Sitting her on my lap, I gently embraced her and continued to kiss her head until her tears stopped.
After that sweet moment, Angelica raised her head and gazed at me. Seeing that too cute figure, I kissed the tip of her nose and wiped her tears away with my lips. By the time they reached her eyelashes her face had melted into a good expression.
When I leaned my forehead against hers and smiled, she too shyly smiled back. Just like that, caught up in the atmosphere, I was about to kiss her on the lips……
At that timing, with a small clack, tea was prepared on the low table in front of the sofa. Next to that, cookies too were prepared……
The usually silent Daniel made a noise as if to advise me. And next to the tea, some very meaningful cookies were prepared.

That was dangerous……
If I kissed then, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself.
That’s my Daniel! Nice timing & nice assist!!

“Then, Angelica, why don’t you serve me as punishment?”
“S, serve……?”

When I smiled crisply and said that, Angelica tilted her head interestingly.
Even that action’s cute, what is this child planning on doing to me!?
Resisting that torment somehow, I lift up the plate with the cookies.

“Right, serve. First, won’t you feed me the cookies?”

I softly close my eyes and open my mouth in wait.
Angelica was flustered for a while, but soon she hesitantly put cookies in my mouth.

Much more delicious than usual! I want to lick those fingers as well!!

While munching on the cookies, I broke out into a grin. Seeing me like that, Angelica made a perplexed expression.

“This is not a harsh punishment at all!”

Pouting, she slightly sulked a complaint. Thinking that seeing Angelica like was cute too, I ended up stealing a kiss.

“Do you really think I will give you such a ‘harsh punishment’?”

I stared into her eyes and asked.
If you think I can, that’s unexpected!
Even though I’m doting so much, enjoying these sweet moments!!

“I……… don’t think that, but……”
“Then, you should serve me properly, right? …… I want some coffee now. Can you do it mouth-to-mouth?”

Seeing her crestfallen like that, I lobbed a joke at her.
At that moment, as if I could almost hear a ‘bo~n’ sound, Angelica was dyed deep in red. So cute……


Afterwards, I spent a lot of time enjoying the ‘serving game’ with her.
I’ll just say that I was very happy.

That was from the kabedon.
It would be nice if I could write ‘I’ll make you fall’ quite well from the last time.

If this was an adult novel, Daniel would be the most annoying cockblocker.

On another tangent, I want to message the author for permission, but I’m not sure how I should approach it. I’m not doing this for money, it’s just my hobby. I really hope he or she will say yes.

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27 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 30

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  2. Huhuhuhu….. it does sound like another thing….. but Daniel is always getting in the way…. wonder if the author didn’t make a spin-off 18+ ¬¬

    Also, if you are going to approach the author…. shouldn’t it have been at the start?… er… anyway, say that you aren’t receiving any money for it and that when the book releases you will put a link for people to buy the book, even if it’s just for the sake of the pictures (and you can’t show the pictures other than the cove here).

    Thanks for the translation~!

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    After the long absent of sweetness…to suddenly receive this much sugar is…bad..for..my heart…
    But good for my mental health! ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯♡


  4. I don’t get why translators do this “Let’s approach the author mid-stream for permission” thing.

    Just keep in mind:
    * Asking for permission means that you need to understand that ‘No’ is an option. If you’re going into this with the assumption that a feel-good response is guaranteed, don’t.

    * Understand that ‘No’ is, in fact, the default response. Saying ‘No’ doesn’t cost the author anything; saying ‘Yes’ requires that the author sufficiently comprehend the context to know whether saying ‘yes’ is going to come back to bite him in the future. (It also requires that he be in a good mood, that the email hits just the right tone, and so forth… He only needs one reason to say ‘No’, but everything needs to line up for him to say ‘Yes’.

    * Depending on your fluency, understand that you could screw yourself over with some subtle incorrect phrasing that either miscommunicates the situation or turns the author off.

    * All else aside, the fact that you’re asking the author for permission after already having translated a significant chunk of the work might result in a ‘No’ by itself, since that sends a confused message. If you need his permission, then you’ve obviously done something wrong by not asking at the beginning; if it’s okay for you to do what you’re doing without his permission, then why are you asking?

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  5. What kind of shit is he that just by kissing he can’t stop, i mean really! Is this some kind of cockblock method nowadays author found.
    He said he got love experience but i think he’s just a virgin kid who can’t even control his emotions.


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