I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Dear God (Angelica-sama), I repent.

A serious chapter(?)
Since there are some stuff left over, it might get serious from here on.


Having enjoyed the ‘punishment’ with Angelica, I need to speak to her about the future.
‘Punishment’ was an effect shock therapy that removed grief from her face. If I am to bring it up, it should be now.

I lift Angelica off from my lap and place her down next to me on the sofa. When I gazed down at her face, which was still dyed red, she too fixed herself up having noticed the change in the atmosphere.

“What is it, Kyle-sama?”
“Regarding this incident…… I decided to speed up the betrothal between Louis and Jessica. It will be done tonight. Also, Jessica won’t be coming to classes for some time. During that time, Louis will be nursing Jessica, so there might be weird rumours……”

When I explained this much, she seemed to have understood everything. “Alright. I’ll do my utmost to follow up,” she responded.
She really does have good insight. If I tell her one thing, she gets ten things.
That aspect is similar to Louis.
A superb family, indeed.

The commotion this time makes a great material for nobles, whom by nature love gossip.
The retirement of the teacher who had rumours about him. The hurried betrothal between the two who came out of his room. On top of that, those two are staying in the same room for days.
It’s practically saying, ‘make conjectures please.’
Nobles just love to gossip. By tomorrow, wrong conjectures will spread in rumours as if they were true. And it’s hard to suppress gossip that has already spread. Then, the surrounding people have to follow up properly.

Three couples came out of that room.
As the people directly involved, if we continue to act as usual, or even friendlier, we’ll be able to avoid vulgar rumours.
Louis is involved as well, so there should be no shocking developments for Jessica. By the time she comes out of that room, she’ll have become one happy girl.
If Jessica is happy, there will be less people making false conjectures.
Louis is the person to protect Jessica even if he is forced to change. Even if that is due to formless rumours of bad taste.
Louis has quite the political acumen for his age.
Furthermore, regarding matters on Angelica and Jessica, he effortlessly eliminated sons and daughters of nobles.
Regarding Jessica, there aren’t any students who would dare go against Louis in this country.

So, while we are absent from their side, it should be fine if Angelica protects Jessica’s reputation.

She has that much power, huh. Come to think of it, there were bad rumours floating around at the time of the incident with Robert. But Angelica had protected Jessica then as well.
If it’s for that, she does not hesitate to borrow my authority.
This time, because she feels guilt, she is trying to protect Jessica even harder………

It’s hard for us to defend Jessica in women’s society. So we have to ask Angelica to do it, but I’m worried about her.
We’ll never know who was the most hurt person in this incident. However, it’s sure that Angelica did get hurt as well. Even though I know it, to request such a thing, I wonder if I’m a cruel fiancé.
Yet, I trust her. And I believe that this is the best way to heal her wound.

“……Angelica…… Indeed, the incident this time did stem from your hasty actions. ……However, that’s not it. Ultimately, it was me who made this blown out of proportion. Even if he may have been a base criminal, it was me who destroyed his mind. Even if that may have been the best possible choice, it was me who ended up hurting you……”

However, as I did not wish to make her feel more conscientious, I chose my words carefully and spoke politely to her.

“This incident, as the person who hesitated until the end, I am most at fault. The most sinful one this time is ‘me’.

I want to lighten her burden. As such, I confess directly to the last person that I wished to tell this to.
Angelica opened her eyes wide at first, but soon she clung onto my chest with her strong will being reflected in her eyes as though she made up her mind.

“If Kyle-sama says so, then that’s what I will think as well. ……However, I’m Kyle-sama’s fiancée. I too should be held responsible!”

In my embrace, slowly but surely, Angelica declared, “Let me bear this burden with you……” in a small and faint voice.
I was moved to tears by her love, her declaration that my sin is also hers. With that emotion, I hugged her tightly, to which I heard a ‘kufuun’ sound from her. I can only say that was a satisfied voice……

Dear God in heaven! Thank you for giving me the best wife in the world!!

Like how I think Angelica as ‘cute’ or ‘lovely’ in any situation, she too just said that she likes me however I am.
I managed to collect my fragile mentality to somehow.
Also, although it’s a pity, I have to shake off this sweet mood for my mental health.
Because, at this rate, there will be an R-18 flag in no time!

Having thought that, I hugged her tightly once more and separated myself. Led by that movement, she looks up at me, to which I flash a mischievous smile.

“However, don’t do that again, got that? The wolf this time wanted to eat you up slowly, but there are also wolves that like to wolf down, okay?”
(TN: No pun intended.)

I make sure one last time.
And, I should teach her something important……

“Also, I’m a wolf too…… if you’re too defenceless, I might eat you up whole?”

I smirked and warned her.
To my words, Angelica reddened like a boiled squid, and was opening and closing her mouth without a word.

Since that was too cute, I kissed her on the forehead with a flamboyant sound……

The distance between the two changed after the kidnapping incident.
As such, Kyle’s behaviour and his way of talking is changing slightly.

This bit feels like an otome game.

……I just realised that the title did have otome game in it.

After much deliberation, I decided that asking for permission from the author would not be the best choice of action. Although I want to thank the author and let her know, I am too scared to take the risk. Though I feel the pangs of conscience, I would hate it more to not be able to translate this work. So no message.
……Sorry for being such a spineless translator. I hope you still can enjoy reading these.

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21 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 31

  1. thx for the chap
    about ask for permission, IMO its up to you to ask or not
    we are very glad you can continue to translate this novel


  2. No problem! It’s not like they are being published in english anyway~
    Don’t know why some authors and publishers do so much drama about the projects that don’t have been published outside or that simply will never be published for lack of market…… only ultra popular (mostly shounen/seinen) can have a spot on the light….. and if they want money they could just make an account for overseas donation and ask for the translators to put on their site!

    Thanks for the translation~!

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    • That’s entirely correct. These otome-type novels represent an incredibly niched market, you won’t find them elsewhere besides Japan. Plus, “small” authors and editors (more like narrow-minded) tend to run away from fan trans.,hiding behind their contracts, making them feel like they’re teaching you a lesson, when in retrospect they end up losing possible buyers.
      Like I said, this is too much niched, so it won’t ever leave Japan.
      If you’re feeling guilty, don’t. You’re not even trying to earn money from this (then it would be illegal).
      Just put some links to amazon japan and problem solved.

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    • Eh, it makes perfect sense to me, actually.

      Picture that you’ve been putting up something on the web (story, web series, blog posts, whatever). Then, one day, you get an email out of blue from some guy in Russia, in imperfect English, saying that he’s a big fan of your work, and that he’s been publishing translations of what you’re doing in Russian for a few months, and wants permission to keep doing it.

      Your default answer is going to be ‘No’.

      You’re probably not fluent enough in the language to know if he’s doing a good job (and depending on how protective you are of your baby, this might really matter to you). You don’t know enough about the sites it’s going to show up on to know if you want to be on that kind of site. You don’t know enough about the law of that country to know if giving permission like this has any potential to come back and bite you in the ass later.

      More to the point, spending any time thinking about these kind of things is time wasted on something you don’t really care about, and, let’s be honest, the odds of this having any benefits on the things you do care about–readership numbers in your home country–is pretty much nil. ‘No’ doesn’t cost you anything; ‘Yes’ might.

      And that’s even leaving aside all of the other potential pitfalls–errant phrasing that comes across as rude or makes the author think you’re not going to do a perfect translation job, the author being irked that you’ve already started translating without permission, or your email hitting the author when he’s had a bad day.

      I’m actually surprised any time I hear that a translator sent one of these emails and got a positive response back.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    I can kinda relate to what u are thinking Translator-san. I hope u ask the author though. I also understand the cons of this. Oh man! Now even I feel hesitant….
    Ara~ it seems I’m being immature, too greedy and shameless to ask u to translate under this condition.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’m wondering what they’ll do for dramatic tension next, though. MC and his fiancé are clearly falling in love. The heroine (Michelle) fell for a guy and it appears to be mutual, so her interference is no longer an issue. Even the fiancé’s brother and best friend are heading toward their “good endings” together. There are open questions about Henry and about vicious rumors, but how much are they going to amount to?


  5. Think of the whole author permission as a kid wanting to do something bad. If he asks his mom for permission, he just gets yelled at and doesn’t get to do it anymore. If he doesn’t ask for permission, he gets yelld at as well, but at least he’s experienced the naughty deed already. 😉


  6. Uhm, good call perhaps? My friend, we too at another translation made the decision to contact the author to ask for permission. We were initially asked to stop all effort regarding their work but they eventually let us continue with some concessions.

    It is nice of you to consider but asking will likely tend to being rejected, so good call for the fans.


  7. I’m sorry, but there’s this retarded ass plot hole that bugs me:
    Just have Jessica taken care of by women. FFS, she’s a highly-ranked noble with servants. She has maids that can take care of this shit.


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