I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 09

Idle Talk: My Prince (Angelica)

To be frank, it’s hard writing from Angelica’s perspective.
Thought it takes a toll on my mental health, it’s actually easier to write from Brad’s perspective……

Many things are over……

Angelica’s corner is back!

The cause of our crisis was my heedless action.
I should have gone to Kyle-sama immediately. Kyle-sama even warned me to not approach him so many times……
Also, I even ended up dragging in Jessica who was expostulating to me. On top that, it was only Jessica and Michelle-san that suffered. I was also restrained, but that was it.
It was painful to see my friend being tormented right in front of my eyes. If Kyle-sama and onii-sama did not help us then, I would have lost a precious friend……

Always appearing when I am in crisis, Kyle-sama really was like a prince in fairytales.
After having enrolled in this school, the more I spend my time with him, the more my romantic feelings for him grow.

Kyle-sama tries to not use the influence he has. He does not really show his status as a prince.
Of course, the school fundamentally emphasises that ‘status does not matter in school’, but truth be told many people behave with status in mind.
However, Kyle-sama really does not mind status and socialises with anyone candidly. I was also surprised that he was not increasing the number of retainers in school, as was the custom.
I heard that royals from other countries and high-ranking nobles were increasing the number of their retainers through special requests……

“Even if I am the crown prince, I believe it would be negligent of me if I were to be satisfied with the special treatment I receive.”

Some time ago…… when I asked why he did not mind being treated the same as other nobles, this was reply.
Kyle-sama has been strict to himself from a long time ago. He may be a bit stubborn, but that too had the charm fitting his age.

Since the prince himself only has the bare minimum number of retainers, students from our country also bring only the minimum number of retainers.
Kyle-sama has an excellent butler, so it is enough even if he takes on official business, but other nobles seem to be struggling.
However, as some low-ranking nobles do not even have butlers, there are non who would admit that they are struggling with work. Saying that would be tantamount to declaring that they are incompetent.

Also, Kyle-sama does not seem to like using his influence to solve problems.
I asked onii-sama why Kyle-sama thought so, and the reply was: “Trying to solve everything with authority and influence is an incompetent thought.”
Influence is supposedly to be used at the right times, that failing to do so will turn one into a tyrant. Thus, he goes out to negotiate first, gauging if he needs to use his authority, then determines the timing for it. “School is a simulation for politics we will be doing in the future,” he also added.
Then, on that line of thought, as the future queen, I too must take control of the ladies’ society here in school.
I must learn how to use information in high society to be of help to Kyle-sama.
If Kyle-sama dislikes using his power to solve problems, I will support him in that way!


I always thought so……
Kyle-sama dislikes using his authority.
To support him, I was trying my best……

Yet I……
I forced his hand.
In that room, I saw for the time Kyle-sama’s ‘rage’. I quickly realises that it was directed at me. Yet, there seemed to be some towards me……
It was the first time that I thought of his gaze as ‘scary’.

Also, the word ‘punishment’ that came out from his mouth sent jolt through my waist.
As if to accelerate that feeling, a strange sexual charm hung around Kyle-sama, melting me.
However, seeing Kyle-sama smile like onii-sama, I was reminded of Jessica.
Just like this, I have been forgetting my friend while enjoying my time with Kyle-sama!!
Indeed, I felt that I needed that ‘punishment’……

I remeber being punished by my home tutor when I was little. When I did not do well, I was caned on my palms. On days I received punishment, I could not even eat well because of the pain.
Realising that from seeing me, onii-sama appealed to my parents that that tutor disappeared quickly. So i was only punished twice in reality, but it stil remained a painful memory.
However, I believe I need ‘punishment’ like that time! No, something even harsher!!


I pleaded for a ‘harsh punishment’……
So why am I receiving an ‘embarassing punishment’……?
Not only embarrassing, it is joyful.
Sitting on Kyle-sama’s lap, feeding him cookie and tea……
No matter how I see it, this is just a lovers’ fun time. If this is punishment, then all the meetings I have with Kyle-sama are punishment.
This is not punishment at all!!

So I said that to Kyle-sama, but he just responded, “Do you really think I will give you such a ‘harsh punishment’?”
Indeed, I cannot imagine the kind Kyle-sama giving a ‘harsh punishment’……
Still, this is not punishment at all!
This is just ‘pillow talk’!!
If this is ‘punishment’, I might become a naughty child in want of more punishment……
Kyle-sama’s punishment was sweet and soft, that is was almost addictive.


When that ‘punishment’ which really was pillow talk ended, Kyle-sama gave me an opportunity to atone.
It was a matter of course that I would follow up on Jessica’s matter, but he told me to do it to atone. Also, he put all the blame on himself. Saying that I do not have to feel responsible.
Really, he is too kind……
If he wishes to place all the blame on himself, I will respect his wish. However, as his future partner, I have the right to share his burden!
I will not let even Kyle-sama take that right away!

From my resolve and declaration, Kyle-sama was visibly happy. Hugged tightly, I unconsciously squeaked.
That voice was unexpected sweet, surprising even myself……

I felt as if I would get drunk from the sweet atmosphere.
And, “Also, I’m a wolf too…… if you’re too defenceless, I might eat you up whole?” , said Kyle-sama while smirking……
You ruined the mood!

Thus, let’s keep it a secret that I felt like saying, “I would not mind being eaten up whole if it is Kyle-sama”……

Because Angelica likes Kyle so much, there are various filters applied.

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33 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 09

  1. angelicaaaa…..!!! uhhh….this much from a filtered version ? author are you planning to kill us with sugar overdose(if thats even possible) lol… thanks for the chapter >.<


  2. Hello! I love this story and I was wondering… do you mind if Ii use your translations to make a re-translation into spanish? Of course, I will give you the credits. Please? >.<


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  4. I REALLLLY WISHED SHE SAID THAT! HAHAHAHA And for monologues on end, we’d hear thoughts of Kyle struggling. HAHAHA As if previous monologues aren’t enough. lol I think some of Brad’s S-thoughts rubbed off on me huhuhu HELP


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  5. I quickly realises that it was directed at me. Yet, there seemed to be some towards me……
    This part doesnt make sense should it be “wasn’t directed?”


  6. Oh, /that’s/ what the author meant by various filters, I couldn’t figure it out. He means how she said Kyle told her to help Jessica in order to atone: I always assumed he said that and we just didn’t see it for some reason, but the author actually meant that she was just interpreting it that way (because she thought it was obvious that she’d be doing that regardless).


  7. This chapter could use some minor edits as it’s got more spelling errors over the previous chapters such as:

    I remeber being punished

    that is was almost addictive.


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