I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 32

Chapter 32: They say a rumour lasts but 75 days, but aren’t three months painfully long to endure?

The next day, rumours were circulating around the school as expected.

From that Brad’s office, three couples came out. On top of that, the combinations are……
“The girl everyone’s interested in her choice” Michelle and “just another underling” Jackie.
“The girl getting attention from that annulment of engagement” Jessica and “the one who protected her” Louis.
Finally the prince of this country and his fiancée, who are involved in all of these incidents.

All the males carried their respective partners and went into their rooms. From Jackie’s room and the prince’s room, they came out before dinner, but Louis and Jessica were still holed up in their room.
In addition, it was made known that Louis and Jessica’s betrothal was concluded last night. For a betrothed couple to be together day and night in one room……

The three couples came out of Brad-sensei’s room.

“What? If I recall correctly, there were rumours of special classes in his room, correct?”
“Indeed…… it was rumoured that he taught etiquette required for ladies and gentlemen.”
“What……! Then to be holed up in their rooms right after that…… I wonder what he taught?”
“My, there are still people in there? Moreover, to rush their betrothal like that……”
“My, really! ……Even if the betrothed two stay holed up for however much time, even if they marry as students, there will not be any criticism, it seems……”

They do not come out of their room for some time…… and the hurried betrothal………
The noble children who love rumours spread it as if it were the truth.

“Hey, did you hear? The current person of note, Brad-sensei, had suddenly retired yesterday due to his health.”
“Huh!? But I heard he was healthy and teaching classes just until yesterday……?”
“Ah…… furthermore, it seems that no one even saw him leave the school grounds……”
“That kind of thing…… is that possible?”
“From the rumours, it sounds like the Empire’s secret agency moved……”
“Huh? The secret agency that is said to be hidden from everyone, yet moves when the existence of the Empire is related?
“Or so it seems……? Since this time the prince and his fiancée is involved as well……”
“Huh, yeah……”

Young noble children are heatedly talking about the rumoured ‘secret agency’ but their speculations will ultimately end up being no different from other children.

…… The biggest topic was…… Who the father is if the three female students become pregnant……

They jumped to this vulgar conclusion.

The rumours were as expected.
It’s a scandal involving the most famous people in school. It’s no surprise that everyone is talking about it……
As the nature of rumours stand, the more vulgar they are, the easier they spread and create more rumours.
Even if I tried to erase the rumours now, it would be impossible unless it involved something on the scale of a coup or a war……


“Iya~…… Rumours are spreading faster than I expected……”

After finishing dinner alone, Jackie smiled sheepishly and approached as he scratched his cheek with his index finger.

“Hello, Jackie. Did you have dinner already?”

Since I expected him to come today or tomorrow, I speak out kindly and offer him a seat.
“I just finished dinner,” replied Jackie, and sat across from me. Daniel was promptly offering tea.

“Then wait a bit more. I want to talk in my room. Can you come with me?”
“Yeah, of course.”

When I told him I was ready to hear his story, he relaxed. He started talking as he smiled gently and sipped tea.

As I had dinner, the two of us had small talk on culture and cuisine of our countries.
Around us, people are listening in, thinking, ‘What are these two famous people talking about now?’ At this rate, there might new rumours tomorrow……
Also…… we noticed that some weren’t listening in out of pure interest. Henry and Hughie.
They were harbouring hostility not only against towards Jackie, but to me as well.

Wait a moment? Hey, you guys.
I can understand why you harbour hostility to Jackie? There a vague rumour of “Michelle-chan, everyone’s idol”, so yeah.
But why are you being hostile to me who was caught by your ally?
Well, Henry I know, but what’s with Hughie?
Hughie, I didn’t do anything to you?

Come to think of it…… Hughie was following Brad, right……
………… Could it be…… Hughie……
No, stop thinking about it.

Because I could not feel anything good, I quickly finished dinner and returned to my room.


“So, how was she today?”

After getting a cup of after-meal green tea from Daniel, I offer Jackie some too.
Jackie stared at the drink strangely for a while, but soon sipped a bit and opened his eyes wide. Seeing that reaction, I unconsciously chuckled.

“Er…… Ah! I told Michelle to rest for today and tomorrow. It was going as expected, should I say……”

Jackie who was being fascinated by the green tea nervously lifted his head to reply. When he looked this way, a bitter smile was on his face.
The envy of Henry and Hughie after hearing the rumours must have been amazing……
Michelle is resting, and the culprit Brad is no longer at school. The rumours are absurdities and Jackie who knew the details would not open his mouth. I wonder if they’re suffering because they can’t grasp the relation between Jackie and Michelle.

“How did you explain it to them?”

How did you make it through the day safely?

“It was my date yesterday…… So, when I replied no to Brad who wanted to changed the order, I was locked up…… or so I said. For some reason Michelle along with Angelica-jou and Jessica-jou were dragged there, but His Highness Kyle and others helped. Thus, I just enjoyed my date. Or so I explained to them.”

To my question, Jackie replied with a bitter smile.
There are many parts to retort at, but there weren’t any lies. So even if a lie detecting magic tool was used he would have fooled them.

If we were to continue dealing with them like this, we would be able to fool them easily enough without much trouble.
……However, since that incident, I don’t think Michelle can hide her feelings for Jackie anymore.
That’s why Jackie is making her rest as well……
If that happens, the countdown to the ‘imprisonment ending’ will start.

“The countdown to Henry’s rampage will start.”

When I told him flatly, Jackie’s face distorted into a tearful expression. Trying to hide that, he hung his head down while holding the tea cup.

“Right…… that………”

Seemingly in pain, Jackie was stammering while still hanging his head down for a while. But soon, he raised his head and looked at me resolutely, saying, “Is there not a plan? If it’s for her, I can do anything!”

“If it’s for her, I am willing to risk everything. I will abandon it all! Country, family, everything!”

He said something that sounded as if it came straight out of a game, then requested me for help. Jackie’s expression was clearly different from yesterday. His love for Michelle was growing strong.
He probably had some event to ‘deepen his love’ after that……

Ku! I envy you!!
Well, I had something good too!! Though it was platonic!!!
(TN: Really?)

Anyhow, it might be a good idea to make him owe me and make him into my subordinate. This guy is quite outstanding too. If I have Michelle, he’s not likely to betray us.
Then, I’ll take care of myself as much as I can.

If I recall correctly, the reason Henry imprisoned Michelle in his country was……

Then we’ll be striking first with that……
Then is Jackie ready? Tomorrow night, Louis will come out of his room too.
Then we execute the plan tomorrow night.
I decided to test Jackie’s resolve.

The sentences in this chapter are a mess.
The author was apparently sick when she wrote this, so I understand, but as a translator this chapter was a pain.

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    • Idle talk? 😉

      Louis had enough self-restraint to care for the one who’s precious to him for a couple of days, and he didn’t go overboard. It would be ironic if Jackie couldn’t hold on for a couple of hours. So maybe there’s not much to tell? But maybe there’s a Michelle POV that we’ll hear about.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Check his resolve? And Louis is needed?
    Henri is gonna bawl I imagine. That’ll be fun~
    Hugie….. What to say?…. Feel sorry, I guess?
    Didn’t get the woman, after the change in his “culture” lost “the” partner. What can one say?
    Thanks again


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