I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Men who would get the best solution naturally are indeed handsome people, I think.

The next day, Louis did not yet come out of his room.

So I spent the usual time with Louis alone, but my job did not change.
As usual, I spent the afternoon in the office surrounded in overflowing documents and then enjoyed some tea with Angelica. To assuage her worries of her friend, I tried giving her gifts of flowers, perfume and sweets, but to no avail.
In consideration of her as well, I was thinking of visiting Louis now.

I decided to have dinner with Douglas tonight.
Though it’s still refined and delicious, the amount was somewhat lacking. I realised it has been quite some time since I had dinner with Douglas like this.

“Douglas, it has been some time since we had dinner together.”
“Really now…… two weeks, maybe? It seemed you had quite the hectic schedule, no didn’t mind it too much.”
“Is that so? Well, I was rather surprised to see you smile again in such a short period of time.”
“If there is such a splendid woman nearby, of course one would.”

Chatting with me, Douglas no longer showed signs of breaking down like few weeks ago.
His counselling was definitely going well, and I could see him smile naturally now.
The atmosphere surrounding him became softer as well, and the danger I felt was disappearing too.

Counselling, it’s awesome!! No, wait, April’s awesome, right!?
Douglas said so too, but April really is a good mother…… I mean, lady!
It won’t be long until Douglas revives fully. At this rate, he should make it before we graduate, you see? Now I’ll put Douglas in the list of my retainers!!

Feeling happy from getting a load off my shoulders, I could feel my recent depression recede slightly.
My footsteps felt somewhat lighter too. With light footsteps, I returned to my room and got some green tea from Daniel.
While sipping on the green tea, I nibbled away at the baked rice balls. For a slightly unsatisfied stomach, baked rice balls are just good.
The green tea Daniel brings is always perfect, and of course he brings out sweet bean jellies and rice cakes. Recently, he even brought out ‘pickled kombu’. I wasn’t too surprised, but it brought back memories.
……Though it bothers me a lot as to how he acquired it.

Is Jessica fine, with the effects still taking place.

While eating baked rice balls, I thought about the two who did not yet come out of the room.
Even if it may be a strong aphrodisiac, to be like this even after giving them antidote, I’m worried that it might be really dangerous.

What about aftereffects……
Also, you won’t die from excitement, right, Louis……?

I know that they’re having proper meals, the fact that the effects did not go away even after three days made me worry a lot.
Also, seeing Angelica’s complexion get paler everyday, I was starting to worry that she’ll faint.
If she doesn’t get better by today, I’ll visit them. It might be better to get a doctor then.
They would want to hide that aphrodisiac was used, but professionals are needed.
Come to think of it, would Daniel be a professional here? He even prepared the antidote immediately, so he might know quite a bit, wouldn’t he?

“Hey, Daniel, what kind of aphrodisiac did Brad use?”

If I’m curious, I should ask.
It’s time for “Tell us, Daniel-sensei!”. I’ll ask what I need, then bam! Solved!

“It’s a volatile type where it’s usually used by breathing in the gas, but this time Jessica-sama was fed some of the liquid. Because of that, the effects are lasting much longer. As for the aftereffects…… she had the antidote, so it now depends on how Louis-sama acts.”

Serving me more tea, he replied, “Well, if it’s Louis-sama, I believe that he will react to it properly. There will not be any lasting aftereffects,” while smiling serenely.

What’s a proper reaction? So there are correct answers in choices?
One mistake, and the penalty is applied to a loved one instead of oneself, huh. From feeling the game-like specifications here too, I felt unpleasant.
And if it were Angelica and me that were in Louis and Jessica’s position, would I have chosen the correct path?

From thinking that, I had chills on my back. The possibility that aftereffects may last because of me was unbearably terrifying. So I ended up asking.
“Hey, Daniel…… if I were in Louis’s shoes, do you think I could have ‘reacted properly’?”
“If it’s Your Highness, you would have been fine. Your Highness and Louis-sama think very similarly when it comes to cherished ones.”
“……Is that so……”

To my pathetic question, Daniel smiled kindly and responded to my question.
From that I gained more self-confidence. I decided that if Daniel said so, there was no way I would make a wrong choice.

Before and now, I always had the role of an older brother, but if I had one myself this might be how it would feel like…… Knowledgable, dependable and able to do anything. An ideal older brother.
I should also strive to become a dependable older brother!

As I silently vowed to myself, I was informed that Louis came to visit. Indeed, he seemed to have just come out from a long exhausting ordeal.

“Hello, Kyle, it has been a while. Any changes while I was away?”

A while after I received the message, Louis entered with a drained expression. I was curious as to why I did not feel fulfilment from him, but if’s three days there might only be fatigue left.

What’s with the weariness coming from his whole body?

I believe it can’t be helped that I just had dirty thoughts. Well, I’m still in puberty, you know? My head easily gets filled with pink stuff.
So I lobbed a joke at him, but he replied, “Then, Kyle, would you be able to emotionlessly hug Angelica if she was suffering from pleasure?” with slight malice. And I also really respect Louis!

Of course he’d be drenched with fatigue. I guess he managed to hold on until the last minute.
When I said “Impossible” in reply, I was not imagining it either when I thought Louis made a sinister smile like that of a demon lord.

The actions Louis took this time, I really think that he ‘reacted properly’.
If in that state that happened, the body would no longer be able to last without it. Then would the mind start collapsing. Then, he really couldn’t afford to give out.
It would be torture to see a loved one break right in front of one’s eyes. I won’t be able to last. I’d probably end up harming myself, unable to resist the pain……

I thought so…… I did have the correct mentality for romance…… Alright, I’m a decent person.
By the way, Brad, Henry, why were you never in the land of perverts?


Jessica was sleeping in Louis’s room, so he said that he wanted return quickly if there was nothing else.
He wants to propose properly the next time she wakes. So when she wakes, he wants to be next to her.

Hearing my friend boast about his love life with a soft, blissful expression, I could feel something get cut in my mind.
I want to meet Angelica.

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17 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 35

  1. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    [***warning*** program “Daniel” has illegally attempted to access outside network known as “the internet” and is downloading multiple “Recipe” information]

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  2. I reread Louis’ chapter and…

    Louis’ perspective (idle talk 8):
    Satisfied at his answer, I showed him my best smile, but for some reason my friend froze up.

    Kyle’s perspective :
    When I said “Impossible” in reply, I was not imagining it either when I thought Louis made a sinister smile like that of a demon lord.

    Now I’m very curious how does Louis’s smile look like 😂

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  3. whoah demon’s smile of louis is his best smile???
    daniel can make anything even japanesse snack!!
    kyle so fortunate to have him, i want daniel too!!
    thanks for the chapter!! 😁


  4. Frankly, my interest in this series is starting to fade. It was much more interesting when he was doing everything for him and his fiance, and using everyone else for his own benefit. Now he’s helping all the NPCs, and even stopped using “bitch” on that girl. Only saving grace is Daniel….


  5. I’m that unusual person that doesn’t like Daniel anymore, the only thing keeping me with this is Angelica but she doesn’t even have much screen time. Daniel just gives me this creepy anonymous vibe and like any other person, I’m scared of the unknown as I don’t know if it’ll harm me or not, emotionally or physically. My love for this is like playing hangman, you’re on the verge of losing. The flow of the writing is confusing and I can’t tell the setting, and I really want more sensory language. The whole novel is already finished anyway so I can’t really say anything about it, but I can learn from my disappointment from this novel so I don’t do the same thing in mine. But enough of me being a Critic, Overall I like this novel, and I hope it gets better later on!


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