I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 36

Chapter 36: I’m sick and tired of waiting for problems to occur.

I explained the phenomenon to Louis and suggested that we talk about future plans tomorrow morning. Since we need to think up countermeasures for Henry……
We can’t really decide on anything with a short talk. It’s also meaningless to ask for Louis’s opinion when his mind is only on Jessica. Then, it’s best to send him back to Jessica quickly for us to spend a meaningful time.

“Then, see you tomorrow in my room. I asked Angelica to take care of Jessica so don’t worry about things surrounding Jessica……”
“Yeah, thank you. Jessica should be fine if it’s Anju…… though I feel a bit frustrated……”

I am negotiating about the future with the school. I also requested Angelica to follow up, so there is no need to worry about Jessica. When I told that to Louis, he showed mixed feelings.
Well, I can sympathise. Any man would want to protect the girl they like themselves. However, to choose her peace of mind above his pride, Louis is indeed a good man.

“Louis-sama, a gift for you, sir. Please have it with Jessica-sama.”
“Huh? Thanks…… what’s in it?”

To Louis who was about to return to his room, Daniel gave a small package.
Louis interestedly inquired about the contents as well.
Of course he would. I have no idea why Daniel did that. He never did give ‘gifts’.
I’m also curious.
Seeing Louis and my suspicious gaze, Daniel smiled softly.

“They’re just dried fruits. They say fruits are good for restoring energy, and since they are tomatoes in there I believe that it will have some good effects? Furthermore, I thought that it might be better to feed Jessica-sama sweet things……”

I was bewildered by Daniel.
What’s with this high level of girly power!?
I never knew that tomatoes were good for restoring energy. And to think of something that Jessica can have easily without getting someone to feed her…… That’s my Daniel!
Louis too sent a bewildered gaze to Daniel. Louis becomes horribly petty when it comes to Jessica, but he too did not feel like rebutting Daniel.

“Th, thank you…… when I return…… I’ll have it with her.”

Thanking him, he returned. Right afterwards, Doga appeared and thanked Daniel politely before following Louis.



Now, regarding Henry.
Our original plan was to wipe out both Brad and Henry when they fell for our trap, while we would declare war on the other country, to cause his complete downfall. For now, Henry’s country and our empire are on friendly terms. However, the empire is much bigger and has better military strength.
If someone tried to do something to the heir of such a country, that country could only exclude Henry from royalty and show their good faith toward the empire.
Being merely the fifth prince, the problem child Henry should have got out of the picture. Then we would be able to secure the safety of Michelle, and he would no longer be involved with Jackie’s little sister. Or so we planned……

This time, we appropriated the magic tools and aphrodisiac that Henry supplied to Brad.
We also conveyed that we have taken custody of Jackie as a witness. However, it’s still not enough to strip him of his status.
Henry merely delivered the goods. He isn’t responsible for how Brad used it. The goods weren’t originally used for malevolent purposes anyway.
Also, I ordered Brad’s mind to be destroyed, so he can’t testify for anything.
Currently, there is no specific evidence that Henry was involved in this case so the best we could get is a stern warning issued to Henry.
Well, still, they look like they’re planning to do something to me, so it should be fine.

I feel like ‘come on, this is exciting!’ now.
For me, by the pervert BL element Brad disappearing, that anxiety I had also disappeared. Even if Henry does something to me, it will just be normal violence, nothing sexual.
Then, shouldn’t Angelica be the one who should be careful……?
Since it’s Angelica, it’s quite problematic. ‘Recovering all the flags’ and ‘just stepping on mines’ and whatnot. I think it’s definitely the game’s influence that causing this bad turn of events……
Even if I try to protect her from harm, things will happen. Then, I should think that there will be trouble for her and prepare for the aftermath properly in her case.

Furthermore, the one that worries me the most now is Hughie. This gaze is really disturbing……
That’s not the eye one makes to a prince of his own country.
If my intuition serves me, it feels like he’s going to make things complicated…… For someone who reeks of being a small fry, he’s been moving bit by bit, and now it feels like he’s going to do something big.
Since this bad feeling did not go away, I decided to break the flag before anything happened.

The heroine (Michelle) disappeared, but no rest for me, what kind of shitty game is this……




The next morning, a happy Louis came for breakfast.
After that last night, he received a positive reply and so he spent a sweet time until lights out. When I heard him boast……
It was so sweet that I did not need sugar for a year…… I was practically vomiting sugar from my mouth……
Anyway, I was relieved to hear that there weren’t any aftereffects on Jessica. Though I will still make Daniel give her a checkup.

Looking at the happy Louis, I really want to say, ‘Congratulations’. Knowing how hard he tried for Jessica, suffering Robert and even bowing his head to me……
Louis proved that pure love comes to fruition with enough effort.
It was like watching a romance drama or movie.

While smirking at my friend’s happy expression, I explained to him about Jackie and Michelle, as well as the movements of Henry and Hughie.
It was a sensitive topic to discuss while having breakfast, but well, this is breakfast here.
There are no reports of any problems from the castle yet. There will be weekly reports. The butler and maids are prepared too.
Michelle and Jackie are taken care of just through reports, but Henry and Hughie are different matters.
Louis too also realised the misfortune surrounding Angelica, and was worried about Jessica who was near her.

Concluding that it would be a waste to try predicting the future, we concocted up a dangerous plan ourselves, thinking, ‘let’s attack first’.

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  1. [I was practically vomiting sugar from my mouth……]

    We are all vomiting sugar almost every week, so many giant sugar ships here, this can basically neutralized saltiness of LoL.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    It’s interesting how things will move from now on. What will the new Arc be? Will there be new characters. There’s already the plan of the consultation with Michelle’s mother, the Charm Cheat Mamma.


  3. >> Concluding that it would be a waste to try predicting the future, we concocted up a dangerous plan ourselves, thinking, ‘let’s attack first’.

    Since there are plot benefits to dangerous plans, I’m all in favor of this. Just make it a _good_ plan.

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  4. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I kinda pity Hughie though.. all 3 of his love partner got blocked by the MC.. his original partner got into a relationship while he’s aiming for Bitch, and when bitch became michelle he got dumped and have no where else to go but brad.. and then brad got himself killed for cheating.. poor hughie..


  5. A small fry huh?
    He spent so long not making a move and watching Kyle, he must have a big plan. Either that or Kyle is actually right in that he’s just a small fry which I seriously doubt.


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