I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 37

Chapter 37: First love is unforgettable. But that’s no excuse for turning into a yandere.

Curious, I asked Louis about Hughie. Then Louis, saying ‘Ah, ah— …… well……” explained that Hughie’s first love is Angelica.

Huh? What’s that? What’s that new information……

Then, he’s being envious at how Angelica and I are being lovey-dovey? Then going to Bitch was also to gain Angelica’s attention?
Huh? Are you a primary school kid?

“No, can’t be…… he wouldn’t go that far.”

Hahahahahaha. I laughed dryly back at Louis, but he was staring off into the distance……

“Yeah, normally that would be the case. His feelings toward Michelle not really those of romantic feelings, but of possessive desires……”

Though he agreed with my words, his behaviour……

“Come to think of it, I saw him peep on Your Highness’s date and grit his teeth. When you had your first date in the courtyard, he was looking at you with amazing eyes, have you not noticed, sir? I was rather worried that he may attempt something out of jealousy. There were actually quite a few close moments……? Well, the plans were all scrapped in minutes……”

Daniel casually spoke out.

“On top of that, it’s not only Angelica-sama that Hughie-sama has an interest in, sir, you see? I believe that he holds feelings for Jessica-sama as well.”

As he elegantly brews tea, he drops more bombs!
Louis too was aghast next to me.

Daniel!? If you’ve noticed please tell us! Why didn’t you!?

“It seemed that your chastity was not in danger, sir, so I did not feel that it was necessary to report.”

He fearlessly admitted that he did not report.

Are you doing this on purpose? ON PURPOSE!?
More like, this game. What’s up with most of the love interests being yanderes! To the scenario writer of this game, are all the men ‘potential criminals’!? Or is it from a maiden’s delusion of ‘tying me down from possessive desires’!?
Either way, there are too many sickos! Well, that might make the game easier, but still!!

……Anyway, then do I have to eliminate Hughie here……? I want to reduce any unstable factors now, even if by a bit.
However…… Gosh. Even if he is to return home, that would mean that Hughie dropped out of school, which would end his life as a noble……
Just how is it, destroying the future of someone even though they did not do anything? And the target is someone I knew from a young age like a little brother, you know?
Then how? Should I ask Angelica to mercilessly shake him up?
No, if I do that I’m 100% sure that his yandere power will level up to become even more bothersome……

Haah. How annoying! Just whatever should I do!?

“Hey, Kyle…… your mildness, I like it, and I do think it’s your strong point, you know? However, if you can’t make a decision when you need to, then that’s just being indecisive. It is a fatal flaw for a prince to have, do you not think so?”

While I hesitated, Louis gave me a painful advice.
Indeed, I’m just running away, not wanting to become the bad guy. I can’t bear the weight of crushing someone’s life with my hands……
However, if I am to run a country, that is something I must bear. I can’t say “I can’t do it.”
I was about to open my mouth……

“Then, how about sending Hughie abroad for studying?”

But I was overtaken by Daniel’s smooth voice before I could say a thing.

“The neighbouring forced on us a nuisance, so there shan’t be any problems even if we send him over. Then won’t he not lose face?”

Smiling quietly, he proposes a solution.
Daniel, indeed. I never thought of that!
When we have tunnel vision, he broadens the horizon for us.
He teaches us the importance of taking a step back to observe things……

Of course, if we send him over to a neighbouring country, his future as a noble won’t be destroyed. Although it was only in school, he made two mistakes towards me. He will no longer have the chance to get an important spot, but he won’t be causing more trouble either. Very good, very good.

“Daniel, please contact the count immediately and ask them to choose between taking him back in or studying abroad. Or rather, should we contact our neighbour first to make this go as fast as it can?”
“Understood, sir……”

I immediately gave my response. Daniel smiled at me as if to say ‘good work’ and started to move.

“It is good that you are both cautious about deciding yet quick when it comes to carrying out the plans.”

Louis too smiled in satisfaction.


“Ah, by the way, Louis.”
“What is it?”
“It seems Robert is coming back soon…… that, um…… will you be fine?”

Louis and Jessica’s betrothal is already set, so there won’t be any problems even if Robert comes back.
……On the surface, that is.
I do know that Jessica’s heart is starting to lean towards Louis. However, this is a delicate period. If there is even a bit of Robert left in her heart, there may be trouble……
Although I did not say it out loud, Louis read my thoughts. He made a displeased expression, but soon returned to a cold expression.

“There will not be any problems. I trust Jessica, and moreover I am not planning to let her go nor am I planning to hand her over, at any cost. If there is something…… that guy, I will take him down myself this time……”

He declared that with a devilish smile.
N, no problems whatsoever…… yeah.

Anyhow, Robert…… It would be nice if he could read the atmosphere now……
Well, since Marquess Redford said that there won’t be any problems even if he returned, I don’t think there will be any big problems……


Now for the main topic, Henry.
First, now, he must be planning on taking Michelle and Jackie away from me. However, he’s not that stupid to lay his hands on one the highest authorities in this country. Thus, using ‘everyone is equal in school, regardless of status’ as justification, I can expect that he would attack me.

He might have used Hughie to do something, but Hughie won’t be here starting tomorrow. In other words, his hands are tied.
Even though he’s the last boss, he never dirtied his own hands like the small fry he is.
Well, his hands won’t be fully tied, so I will need some caution. However, I want to end this quickly.
Then, it would be best to have myself as the bait to lure him into a trap. Well, Louis disagrees on this though.

However, whatever we do, we are lacking crucial information.
So I decided to let him observe me today, while trying to provoke him further. I’m thinking that it might be possible to predict his movements from his reactions then.
When I told Louis about my plan, of course he was against me becoming the bait, but he agreed on my activity today.
Since Daniel was just being like the air, I suppose he doesn’t think that there will be trouble.

Another point of worry is Angelica’s problematic aspect…… When I talked about it, everyone agreed that the future will not change even if I told everything to her.
Then I decided that I want to tell everything to her and think about it together. I want to act normally to her. Louis too comprehended.

Then, let’s do my best again today!

Kyle, I’m a bit disappointed in you. You rely a little too much on Daniel. I know Daniel’s amazing, but… well, you’re only human, so it’s okay, I guess?

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15 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 37

  1. I feel like there will be a triangle between Louis, Jessica and Robert. Like Robert will say that he learned his lesson and want Jessica back by begging to her then her previous emotions would someone spring back up. I mean, they were engaged for a long time before right? Then I am guessing that Angelica will somehow fix it for Louis. I swear if I got this right, I have psychic powers.


  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Angelica too?! I guess thats 4 strike.. wait.. i guess brad didn’t count on the count.. but why did his first love urge suddenly resurface?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i think daniel is more like the mastermind than kyle rely to him!!!
    he always says things that destroying or calming the mood!!!
    and giving perfect plan or just being indifferent to kyle!!!
    well i still love and want a butler like daniel!!!
    thanks for the chapter!!! XD

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  4. You know that chapter of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun where they were researching otome games and discovering yanderes all over the place? This kinda feel like that.


  5. Thank you for the chapter~ ^^
    Daniel’s position in the story really is getting more and more important..
    At this moment, isn’t he basically the hidden last boss who pulls all the strings?
    Well..since Daniel is cool, it’s okay~ 😆


  6. Since Daniel was just being like the air, I suppose he doesn’t think that there will be trouble. <——- At what point of your experience of Daniel led you to think this was true?!? Are you stupid?!? My novel boyfriend Daniel is the troll of trolls who does things for the lulz!!!!!! You deserve interesting things happening to you…. XD

    Thank you very much for all your hard work!!!


  7. Does anyone else find it weird that Daniel interfered before he could say anything? Also the fact that Daniel gave out information to make them think a certain way? Wasn’t butlers supposed to stay on their own domain? It’s really odd because Daniel’s actions is affecting them, and people futures greatly. It’s worrying that Kyle blindly trust whatever he says, as well.


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