I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Idiot couples may be having fun, but it’s miserable for others.

“Okay, Angelica? You mustn’t approach Henry this time, alright?”
“Jessica, you too? If Angelica approaches Henry, you at least must get out of there and come tell me.”

That morning, when we met the two to explain the situation with Henry, instead of explaining it separately we decided to tell it to them together.
As we told them off as if they are children, they made guilty expressions.

“……I understand. I swear not to this time.”
“Louis-sama…… if that happens, I’ll…… run straight to you……”


Angelica’s reply was like that of a punished child reflecting on her actions……
But, Jessica, did something happen? Why are you looking at Louis blissfully?
When I stole a glance at Louis, he too looked as if he would melt.
They were off in their own world.
You two……

Ku! Baka couple!!
Your friend and your little sister is right next to you!
I wonder if they can’t see me and Angelica now……
Well, now’s practically honeymoon for them, so maybe it can’t be helped…… but that pink atmosphere…… is really making me uncomfortable……?
Aaahh! I wish all the other riajuus except me will explode!!

While I was busy being jealous, I felt a gaze.
When I turned to the side, I saw Angelica glance at me with expectant eyes.

Will you care for her?
→Yes No

I can almost see that kind of illusion.
If it’s for this cute monster, I’ll do it immediately?

Anyway…… Angelica wanted to be a baka couple?
I see…… then, as her fiancé, I have to do my part!

I gently shifted towards her and took her gloved hand, as if I were holding caramel in my fingers. The so-called lover complete set.
There, I move my fingers and caress the back of her hand.

“I can’t do anything here, so will you forgive me for now?”

I leaned in and whispered, almost touching her ears with my lips. Angelica then blushed and nodded in agreement.

“Then, shall we get going soon.”

I urged everyone to quicken their steps and walked on.
To my actions that deviated from the original escorting, Louis looked at me as if he wanted to say ‘oh boy’, and Jessica looked somewhat envious.
And Angelica……
Blushing red in embarrassment, she had the face of a ‘satisfied cat’……
I’m glad that you are pleased, ojou-san.


After school, we met up at the dining hall like usual.
Ah, by the way, we do not go to meet them at their classes because our class hours are different. If our class ends late, they have to wait in an empty classroom. Moreover, we don’t know for how long they’ll need to wait. I thought it would be safer to move to a place with many people, so we’re doing that.

In fact, it should be safe unless he attempts a reckless assault…… right?

Having arrived earlier than us, the two of them were elegantly having tea by the usual table.
Seeing the two of them, Louis and I were about to approach with smiling faces……

“Long time no see, you two!”

A man approached them and spoke up. ……It’s Robert……
That guy, he’s too brave……
Even though he was confined to his house from causing that commotion, he talks to the victims as if nothing happened. I really think he lacks common sense.
Well, even if you wanted to apologise, do it where there are less eyes!

Even Angelica and Jessica are in disarray……
Getting scolded a little by his parents (though I must wonder if getting disinherited is a ‘little’…) did not improve his brazenness and insensitivity……

“Jessica, I’m sorry about that time. It was an unforgivable act for a gentleman. Angelica, I’m sorry to you too. But Angelica, if you don’t become a little more graceful, Kyle might get sick of you?”

Laughing, he speaks without reading the mood yet again.

He really is the strongest.
Idiots are strong…… they don’t have anything to lose. Actually, they might not even know that they’re losing something.

How is Louis now? I think I can feel the temperature dropping……
When I glanced at him, expecting a dark smile……

The demon lord has descended!

Robert, run for your life! Your future is already depressing enough, anymore and you won’t even exist as a noble!

“I’m sorry, could you please not talk to me? If you talk to me, I will become the target of ridicule. This is problematic, even for my fiancé!”

Louis had been distorting his face, scheming something. While I was staring at him aghast, I heard Jessica’s strained voice.
Hearing that, the sinister smile disappeared from his face, and his expression grew softer.


With a soft expression and a sweet voice, he called Jessica and went over to her side. Standing behind her, he held her in his arms and kissed her on her head, as if to show his ownership.

“Sorry for coming late today. Because I was away from you for such a long time, I became lonely…… Were you doing alright?”
“Louis-sama…… I felt lonely too. Also…… I really wanted to see you……”
“Yes, me too……”

Jessica fawned to Louis, leaning against him and burying her face in his arms.
There, Louis was staring at Jessica with a smile as sweet as honey, as if to say, “she’s too cute I can’t do anything about her”.

Hey, you two?
This isn’t a room? Everyone’s looking!?

To the two that were going off into their own world, Robert stared vacantly. Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?
Could it be that he did not though their betrothal…… no, that’s too oblivious, isn’t it?
Louis too seemed to have felt Robert’s reaction, as he narrowed his eyes at Robert.
However, Louis only did so momentarily and soon returned to his lover, boasting it to everyone.

“You two…… so Jessica’s new fiancé was Louis?”

Robert asked, looking somewhat devastated. Hearing that, Louis turned toward Robert with a sinister smile, acting as if he saw him for the first time.

“Oh, it has been a while, Robert…… Do you business with my fiancée? I would prefer that you do not speak to her even if you do have business……? What will you do if weird rumours spread because her ex-fiancé spoke to her?”

With a scary but beautiful smile, he bluntly keeps Robert in check, almost as if to say “don’t come any closer!” Also, Louis effectively told Robert, “can you come to me if you have any business with her?” with words that even stupid Robert can understand.
From Robert’s appearance, it was clear that he did not know about their betrothal. I don’t know if he was told but forgot, or if Marquess Redford kept if a secret (it’s probably the latter), but anyway Robert was quite shocked.

“I, is that so…… I’m sorry……”

Indeed, even Robert was unable to withstand Louis’s malice and turned his back……
But from that backside I felt as if I saw a large doggie that was scolded by its owner.

I really wanted to get revenge for Jessica, so……

Well, if Robert wasn’t a noble, he might not have been so obnoxious…
If he was just a high school kid in modern society, I think he might have been the slightly annoying but uplifting and cheerful sort of guy.
I almost feel sorry for him.

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26 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 38

  1. the demon lord louis appear!!
    the brave but idiot knight robert lose in just one fight!!!
    hahaha now jessica will be happy!!! 😁
    kyle say,” Aaahh! I wish all the other riajuus except me will explode!!”
    i agree with you!!!
    thanks for the chapter XD

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  2. Thanks for the chapter~
    I was smiling to myself when I read this chapter…until Robert comes and destroy it…
    But at least even that musclehead knows his place in front of the Demon King 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I actually feel a bit sorry for Robert… but I agree that he made his own bed and therefore must lie on it. I agree with teamglister, he’s not a bad person… at least not on purpose but he is rather slow on the uptake . He simply isn’t cut to be a noble or someone who has to shoulder high responsibility, really.

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  4. Louis may have overdone things? No doubt he wanted to defend his territory from Robert, but as harsh as he was about it, he may have made an enemy. They don’t need more enemies.


  5. I don’t really care that he’s dense but he’s always badmouthing angelica. What did she even do that was wrong? Stood up for her friend who was being disgraced by his actions. How does he think he has the right to say that kyle will lose interest in her for not being graceful when she has treated most situations with much grace and poise while holding her ground. Its just because she had the gall to speak up against a man I think is his issue. And I really can’t stand that medieval mind frame. Its not as if she had no authority, she is the future Queen after all. Yet he continued to besmirch her good name and didn’t even give a frank apology. That can’t just be stupidity.


  6. I really don’t feel sorry for Robert. He is not what we could call a evil person but it’s not like he is a good one either so i feel like he got what he deserved.

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