I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 39

Chapter 39: I know she’s a tsundere, but I never saw her be tsun to me.

A bit of sugar supply.

Since it’s Robert. I wonder if he thought everything would return to the situation before as if nothing happened?

He failed several times in high society, but Jessica’s heart did not waver from that, and thanks to Louis moving in the shadows he never had any big problems.
So even though it was an ‘annulment’ this time, maybe he thought that Jessica would receive him normally, going back to how it was…… It could also be that he is thinking that getting disinherited is also ‘temporary’……

I thought such things as I stared at Robert’s dejected backside.
Then I noticed particularly hostile gazes.
When I turned around, as expected, there was Hughie and Henry.

Yeah. I knew it.
And if you are there, say something to Robert as his fellow Michelle worshippers……
Especially Hughie. You’re childhood friends. Come on……

Since Hughie is simple, he must have been yearning for Robert, who does not nag, as a big brother.
Some time ago, we were very friendly, with the four of us practicing swordsmanship together. Of course we didn’t win against the musclehead Robert, and even though he lost, he would arrogantly say, “then I’ll just have to be protected by Robert-nii-sama!” full of affection for Robert……
What’s with that look, looking at Robert as if he’s a piece of trash?
Indeed an amazing change in attitude.

Well, for Hughie, I have a final harassment (gift) for him. So it doesn’t really matter what kind of attitude he has towards either us or Robert.

Since I wanted to surprise Hughie really badly, I approached the girls’ table rather excitedly. There I saw Angelica looking at her brother and her friend a little jealously.

Angelica is really, really cute.
I noticed recently that she’s the type that likes to be pampered. She cautiously clings on to me or buries her head in my chest, wanting to be pampered.
Rather than the teasing kisses on the ears and shoulders, she prefers cherishing kisses on her hair or her forehead, melting from that.
I think that kind of honesty is really cute. I want to boast to everyone.

Then, shall I go all out here.

I smiled refreshingly and approached Angelica.
Like how Louis did with Jessica, I hugged Angelica from behind and kissed her on the head.

“Angelica, you don’t have to make such a face. I will do what you want, okay?”
“I, it is not like I was jealous……! P, please let go of me, people are looking……”

I whispered quietly enough that only she could hear. To that, she blushed and said a tsundere line in an unusually loud and flustered voice.
Though she says “let go”, she too clung on to my arm and leaned against me as if to give herself to me.
I can’t help myself, Angelica is too cute, appealing to not let go with her whole body.
Like this, she has never been tsun (cold) to me and is always dere (lovey dovey) to me. However, to others, she is always tsun (cold).
Indeed, everyone in the dining hall looked surprised at this side of Angelica. Of course, Hughie was one of them.

“Hey, mind feeding me cookies like last time?”

Still hugging her from behind, I rested my head on her shoulder and pleaded.

“E……? H, here……?”

Even though she says that embarrassedly, she puts a cookie in my mouth. I too reached out for a cookie and gave her one, saying, “Then, here’s my thanks. Say ahh.”
While I was at it, I wiped her cute lips with my fingers.

“How is it? Tastier than when you eat it alone, right?”

When I said so, Angelica just nodded without saying a word.
I released my embrace and sat down next to her.
I then stretched out one arm to her face, tracing her lips with my thumb as I caressed her cheek.
Now Angelica has fully melted. She probably doesn’t understand where she is by now.

Aaaahhhh~! I want to hug her right now!!
I want to put her on my lap and bury my face in her fragrant hair!!

After I suppressed my wild desires somehow, I glanced at Hughie.
As I thought, he has a really scary look on his face now. If looks can kill, I would have died already.
Henry too made a look that seemed to say “Why only you!”

Men’s jealousy is amazing……
I wonder what will happen if I provoke them more? Maybe they’ll start shooting beams from their eyes?
Well, if I’m interested, I can’t help but experiment.

“I really have to thank Jackie and Michelle. Thanks to them, we grew a lot closer…… I wonder if they’re doing well, too?”

I said to Louis, raising my voice just enough so that they could hear. Of course, my hand did not change its position from Angelica’s face.
Louis too sat down right next to Jessica. He held her hand with one hand while enjoying black tea with the other hand.
Louis turned towards me and replied,

“Indeed. They should be preparing to live together, are they not? Then I suppose they are being more intimate than us.”

With a devilish grin.

At that moment, Henry rose from his chair with a loud noise and started stomping his way over here.

“So it was you!? You…… you coward!”

Henry shouted emotionally and continued to approach me to hit me.

“I cannot let you get any closer to His Highness.”

But before he got to me, he was stopped by Daniel. Although Daniel was not touching Henry in any way, but he looked as if he was paralysed.

“My prince has caused you much trouble. Please excuse him……”

Henry’s butler, whose presence could not be felt until now, appeared to retrieve his owner.

Although I’ve seen him a few times, he really doesn’t feel like ‘Henry’s butler’……
If it’s Daniel, he would stop me before I took such actions. The same applies to Doga, Louis’s butler.
I don’t know if it’s because he lacks skills as a butler, or because he was forced to be Henry’s butler……
Either way, isn’t that a problematic mindset to have for a royal butler to have?

While I was thinking that, Daniel said to Henry’s butler,

“As a butler, please remember to advise your master from taking radical actions.”

Chastising him with a strict tone and a frosty look.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Just here, there is a small mistake with the name : “Of course we didn’t win against the musclehead Louis”— Robert, right?
    To you who give us one chapter everyday, I’ll send (telepathic) cookies!

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  2. Meatbun Delivery~
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  4. ouch this much sugar make me really jealous!!
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