I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 40

Chapter 40: It’s useless to say anything to idiots who don’t realise their stupidity!

I never thought Daniel would chastise another butler like that. Moreover, since we provoked him this time, Henry’s actions were as expected.
After I looked at Henry who was being taken away, I looked up at Daniel in curiosity.

Why did he stop it?

In my opinion, I thought it would be better to jeopardise Henry’s standing when many people are looking……
More people = more witnesses. So, I thought he would not be able to back out.
Having read my expression, Daniel smiled bitterly.

“If you cause a commotion with that method, sir, there may be unwarranted damage.”

“Think of the consequences,” I was told. Of course, he lowered his voice so that only I could hear.

That look as if he’s looking at a troublemaker kid! I’m hurt!
Can I get compensation!? Someone call a lawyer!
Stop already, stop looking at me like that!

But, on second thought……

Indeed, I seemed to have created unnecessary effects here and there.
If I did get assaulted by him, there will first be consequences for those around me.
Henry might get deported back to his own country, but he won’t be stripped of his status as a member of the royalty. His political standing will be weakened, causing changes in his future, but he will still be treated as a ‘royal’.

Well, if he gets out of this country, it doesn’t matter to me.
However, there is the possibility that Louis and Angelica will be censured, that ‘they could not protect me from accidents’. If they’re around me, others see them as being capable of protecting me in unexpected situations.
But if they could not react momentarily, they are seen as being ‘incompetent’.
I want to avoid tarnishing their reputation like that.

There will also be consequences for Daniel, who acts as my bodyguard as well as my butler. Butlers accompany their masters to aid in their masters’ daily lives, but also act as bodyguards.
Although they dare not go against fate, they must protect their masters from accidents and violence. Thus, when they do not intervene, people acknowledge the disaster as ‘inevitable’.

Well, thinking up to here, it only sounds like a normal assault case……
I’m a bit naive……

Still, there’s no reason to stare at me like that Daniel!
Next time, I’m really going to demand compensation, you know!?
I’m a sensitive teenager! I might rebel from this, okay!?

I tried to appeal to him that I felt hurt, but Daniel just shrugged it off.
What a butler!
He’s a little…… I mean, quite superb, so is he getting ahead of himself!?
If you’re going to be like that, I have something too! I’ll report this to the higher ups……

“Your Highness…… I know that you wish to escape reality, but I believe you should start acting seriously now……”

I was scolded……

I think I’m being hasty because I want to end this quickly.
But because I want to end this quickly, I have to be more cautious. From today’s provocation, Henry is bound to try something today……
I’ll end this then, for good.
But, the questions is, what is he planning……? Because of Brad’s incident, I don’t think his country will readily provide him with magic tools and drugs anymore……
But I can’t rule that possibility out……

“Kyle-sama, are you alright……?”

Seeing me clam up, Angelica stood up and asked in worry, while touching my cheeks with her hands.
Noticing her amethyst eyes tremble in anxiety, I put my worry aside for after dinner. It’s not something so urgent to have Angelica make an expression like that.
I wanted to hug her right there, but there were too many people around and Henry, whom I wanted to provoke, was already taken away.
It should be better to change places for fooling around.
Then, I shall propose to change the location.

“I’m fine, but why don’t we move to my office now? Frankly, I want to return to my room, but I still have work left…… Louis, mind helping?”
“OK. Then shall we get going?”

I stood up, while placing my hand on Angelica’s waist, and invited Louis. Louis too stood up and walked with Jessica by his side, his hand on her waist.
The four of us started moving in a friendly manner, but Hughie was still glaring at us from the entrance.

Isn’t he getting too full of himself?
One more case closed?
Well, I can leave him alone since he’ll be taken away tonight. However, I have to let him know his position to prevent him from behaving the same way in other places.

“Hughie, think of your relationship with me and your position in it, okay? Even if you are my childhood friend, I cannot allow it any longer after we graduate from school, you see?”

I placed my elbow on his shoulder and whispered in a low tone. Since I never acted like this to Hughie, he seemed quite surprised.
More like, what is his butler doing? He’s not appearing even now. No candid advice from the butler? There’s no way a noble of his calibre doesn’t have a butler, so what’s going on?
On top of that, what’s up with his education…… Of course I know that Countess Woodlloyd is soft on her children, but that’s no excuse for this, is it?
{TN: I hate trying to translate names. Random foreign sounding names galore……}

Could it be that Hughie does not understand that I am the next ruler?
I think he might be seeing me just as ‘a tolerant childhood friend’, this little……

“I have no plans to have someone that is thinking of harming me by my side. Nor do I have any plans to appoint you to an important office should you continue your hostility. With that in mind, I urge you to reconsider your current standing. If you do not like it, consider leaving the country.”

With my final bit of compassion, I advised him, but Hughie just silently glared at me with an chagrined expression.
It was no use after all……

Giving up on Hughie, we hurriedly headed to the office.


While breezing through work, I thought of ways to fool around with Angelica.
I want to seat her on my lap and do various things, but to do that where Louis is…… well, you know?
Forming any cracks in our relationship now is not a good idea.
Then should we quietly enjoy tea and disperse?
I don’t want that!
Should I put a screen up and split the room in two……

When I looked at Louis, he too was looking at me.
From each other’s expressions, we read the same thing.


The two of us burst into a giggle.
Really…… Our heads are full of pink-shaded thoughts. Oh puberty!
In this situation where we were quite restricted in our actions, apparently most of our thought went to how we should enjoy this time fully with our respective lovers.
Really, I want to take care of the problem (Henry) quickly and date freely.
The reason I am so impatient to end this is because of safety concern. However, the biggest reason might be that I just want to ‘be lovey dovey without worry’.

Well, since we were able to enjoy our dates after we finished work, so all’s well that ends well?

Why is it that I get busier on the weekends…… Good grief. Next week’s going to be slightly hectic so expect at most one update a day. Sorry about that folks.

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19 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 40

  1. “expect at most one update a day.”

    …and this is when you’re busy. some folks update once a week/month, in comparison this is godspeed mate! no need to be sorry

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    • Well, I’ve been gone for a week without announcing anything, so I’m trying to make up for it really.
      Real life sometimes just hits you with unexpected events, but this is my hobby so I want to get to this as much as possible.

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  2. kyle is scolded by daniel for being to impatient because he want to be lovey dovey with angelica ASAP!!!
    yeah i really think daniel is the best butler!!
    he knows what the best action in the right time even if kyle is in denial mode and want to escape from reality!!
    thanks for the chapter!! 😁

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  3. Right now, I’m having a bit of mixed feeling about his personality. It’s like there’s a 180° change as compare to how he was at the start of the novel.


  4. hilarious end to the chapter. they know fluffy shit is all that’s in their mind right now and they find that as funny as everyone reading the story.


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