I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Huh? Meeeeeeeeee!?

The next morning, Hughie was no longer in school.

The Count’s House too was troubled about the hostility Hughie held towards me. They immediately accepted my proposal and took Hughie away last night.

For Hughie to be in the group opposing the prince, Count Woodlloyd must have felt jeopardised.
Originally, the count would have to take drastic measures to erase Hughie from the family tree and have him be separated from high society. However, I came and gave him the choice of reeducation.
As the count and countess dearly cherished Hughie, they accepted the opportunity without hesitation. It’s also part of the plan to separate Hughie from his parents too.

I won’t be able to see him for some time, but maybe he might reflect on his behaviour or on his standing?
It would be nice if he changes for the better in a new environment……


When I went to the dining hall, Henry approached me.
Every step exuded elegance and was relaxed, but his expression was grim.

Being all so worked up in the morning, in a way he’s quite energetic.

Was this place Amity Island?
I think I can hear the soundtracks from disaster films. He won’t bite suddenly, will he?

“Hey, Kyle-dono. You are a despicable man.”

After he approached with force rivalling disaster films, Henry said something out of the blue.
He really smells like a small fry.
What is it. Just what does he want?
Unable to read his intentions, I tilted my head while staring at him.
Should I say something? I don’t think I can afford to ignore him……
Then, should I greet him at least?

“Hey, good morning Henry. You are difficult as always this morning.”

To appeal that I am composed, I make sure to smile properly. Topping on some jabbing sarcasm, I also remember to respond, “Have you finished breakfast already? Then, shall I ask for tea?”
Well, I have already predicted that he will definitely get angry, so……

“Then, I shall dine. Since this a golden opportunity to learn of your despicable methods!”

Saying so, he plopped down across the table.
When he sat down, Daniel served tea to him.
……For some reason, aren’t Henry’s ears red? Is it just me?

What is this situation.
When I glanced at Daniel, he was grinning gleefully……

I have a bad feeling.
Huh? You’re kidding, right!?
I’m overthinking things. Yeah, that’s it.

“Hey, Kyle. This is an unusual combination. May I also join you for breakfast?”

My messiah appeared!
For a demon lord, being also a messiah, you’re quite the busybody!!

“By all means! Daniel, prepare some tea.”

Hiding my inner unrest, I invited Louis to breakfast with an elegant smile.
Louis took his seat next to me as he eyed Henry suspiciously. With Henry’s outburst yesterday in mind, Louis sat down on Henry’s dominant hand side. Flawless guy.
As Louis took his seat, Daniel simultaneously served tea while Doga served his breakfast meal.

Thankful to Louis for his kindness, I smiled in gratitude.
Louis too shrugged lightly as if to say “I know.”
As childhood friends, we could get our thoughts across without having to say everything.
So when I’m around others, I usually try not to. Well, they’ll feel excluded if we communicate silently, right?
When I thought, ‘I did it again!’ and slowly turned toward Henry, he had a murderous glare directed at Louis.

So it’s certain……
I’m the target. Louis too looks at me in pity.

Stop! Don’t pity me!!
If you really feel sorry for me, substitute me!!

I removed both Brad and Michelle from the picture, why’s the BL route activating!!
Is it that? Is he coming my way because he lost Michelle as a target!?
Or was ‘Michelle hides herself from Henry’ a flag for turning Henry and me into a couple in the BL route scenario?

Really, what’s the trigger?
You hated me so much!?
You were about to assault me, just yesterday!?
I really can’t understand Henry’s actions……


Today’s breakfast did not taste of anything. I managed to swallow it down and practically ran away.
……That day, none of lectures really got into my head.

After school, we went to the dining hall as usual, but Angelica had not arrived yet.
We took at seat to wait for them, then I saw a disturbing silhouette.
He was sitting on a three-man sofa, but his appearance……
He was resting one arm on the backrest while loosening his collar with the other hand, as he crossed his legs……

I know that……
I saw that quite a few times while surfing the internet in my previous life. The clothing’s different, but that’s!
I can almost hear things too.
(TN: Search up ‘yaranaika’, not putting up any links here.)

Not that! That really won’t do!!

I’ll pretend I didn’t see it. As soon as Angelica comes, I’ll leave and enjoy the date!
Let’s go to the garden with the roses!!
There’s superstition that the place is good for couples!!
I’ll enjoy some tea with the four of us, and then break up into pairs to enjoy ourselves!!!

I, I’m looking forward to it!!
I’ll only think of the date!
Don’t think of anything that’s bad for the heart, myself!!
Think of Angelica’s cute appearance and actions! Remember the expression she made when she waited for the kiss!
What should I do when that happens again. That should be my primary concern now!!


I was so panicked that I spilt my tea three times before Angelica and Jessica appeared.

“Your Highness, calm down. You may fan the flames if you act so frightened, you see?”

I was scolded by Daniel……


Still, I’m super scared of being targeted by a homo…… (shudder)

Alright, I’m off to read some non-adult BL. I don’t mind homosexual romance too much as long as explicit descriptions aren’t overused. Novels can be good even with (supposedly) bad context, like novels can be bad even with good context.

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27 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 41

  1. ohhhh poor kyle~~ BL route is still exist!!!
    and the partner is henry??
    daniel grin show that he already know that henry is in BL mode and he think this is interesting!!!
    demon king louis as messiah?? thats hilarious!!!
    thanks for the chapter!!! 😁

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  2. Maybe it’s time to just take Angela and elope, huh?

    I mean, though whole purpose of going to this school was to build a capable clique, right? But so far he’s lost over half of his intended ministers, so obviously he’s just wasting time here. May as well take Angela and run, right? 😅

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  3. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Looks like it’s not only Michelle that installed the “pheromone” content.. unfortunately the content is incompatible with “male” platform.. so Kyle’s version glitched..

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  4. Sshhh don’t strugle… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I know we both want it. *gay porn music started*

    Dovah thank you for the translation, fahdon.


  5. Thanks for the chapter!!!
    Hahaha sorry Kyle..I know that this is a dire situation for you but I can’t stop laughing XD
    Look forward to how you will defend urself against Henry’s attack~


  6. Huahahauaha
    At first Henry was into Michele, but Kyle destroyed every form of entertainment and even sent of a fellow avenger, but it was all done so casually with so little repercussion that it actually made him praise and admire Kyle……. and praise and admiration can easily turn into something else xD
    And so he wants to get close to Kyle~
    But Kyle really forgot that the BL version not only had Brad as a playable character but also contained him as a playable character xD
    Thanks for the chapter!


    • Lets star with Japan people are close mind , examples of that : they have the biggest industry of manga and anime but don’t acept the fans for that is called otakus (despectives ways). They have a train car specially for women . If your gay by disinherit is the norm . For all that Japan is’nt my dream contry and is better my country in that aspect.

      But in this case I do not think it’s against gays but rapists. We already know that would be the case both Henry as the Brat.
      But being the protagonist use my power is transferred to Siveria to work before all happen to alice and others
      I say this from my perspective as fujoshi ,


  7. Yare yare.. this chapter turned the story into an unexpected direction (well what would you say about someone who wants to kill you but the next day he is on the pink zone for you)


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