I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 10

Idle Talk: I love you enough to want (to) capture.

I am Henry. The fifth prince of my country.
As I am to handle diplomacy in the future, I came to this country to study.
At first, I just thought of the school and this country as ‘boring’.

However, it all changed when I met the new student, Michelle. She was kind, and was always positive even when facing hardships.

I became interested in her.
It did not take long for my feelings to turn into love.
She was very popular, that there were around six of us that were close by her.
Who will be the ultimate victor. While we kept each other in check, we still enjoyed our time together, with an hour of dating with her.
It was fun spending time as a group, but when there were only two it felt a lot more amazing.

I had such pleasurable times with Michelle. I would chance upon her, then we would end up kissing or I would sometimes be lucky enough to bury my face in her chest.
It seemed that it also happened to the other followers, not just me.
I felt as though we got closer every date, that I would take a bad path if it was for her.


I first realised the change in my emotions when Robert’s fiancée caused a commotion in the dining hall.
There, the prince of this country solved the incident. He took Robert over to another room. He probably was trying to say something in secret.
And there, Michelle blocked his way to protect Robert.
I was touched by her action. At the same time, I got angry that she was not protecting me. Looking at her trembling legs, I also found a desire to protect her.
Also…… I started despising the prince of this country who made such cold eyes.

I won’t forgive him……
How dare he make my Michelle……!

Michelle, I love you so much, yet your eyes reflect so many different silhouettes. It’s tainted by many things.
I cannot forgive it.

How can I make her mine and mine only?

With each passing day, my possessive desires grew. I did not want to tarnish her with people’s gazes. However, I could not discuss this with the followers.
All of us were not used to being ‘Michelle’s special one’. That was the saving grace.
If I thought of her as ‘our Michelle’, I could somehow suppress my urges.

The being I had to take care of. That was Prince Kyle.
Michelle, she seemed very interested in him, far more than she is in us. Yet, his attitude toward her was scathing, fanning my rage.
Although he does not seem interested in Michelle for now, who knows when he might turn.
He needed to be eliminated.

Thus, I asked Brad for cooperation.
Brad, like Hughie, was a capricious man, and had illicit relations with many students. As he had Michelle, he pretends to not have noticed it, but he looked like he was interested in Prince Kyle.
Then, I just need to hand him over to Brad and let them engage in perverted activities. Once they know the taste of men, they won’t approach Michelle anymore.

I carefully constructed the plan and all that was left was to execute it!…… or so it should have been. but because Brad went on a rampage the plan crumbled.
Furthermoe, it looks like Jackie and Michelle became closer after that incident!!

She was everyone’s…… is she Jackie’s now?
No, she’s mine!
How will I recover her……?
……Yes, I’ll lock her up…… Even if she’s from another country, a mere viscount has no power to oppose me.
I’ll lock her up in a cell connected to my room.
If I am with her every day, all she’ll be able to think about will be me.
Should I make her unable to live without me.
I did not think the perverted stories I heard from Brad would help now.

Delightful delusions.
I make preparations to make that a reality.
However, before I could even start preparing, Michelle and Jackie disappeared. The perpetrator is Prince Kyle.
You again!!

You took away my beloved Michelle and yet you have gall to play with your fiancée…… in front of my eyes!! And what do you mean you locked them up together!

I cannot forgive you!!

When I approached, I was stopped by his butler.
From Prince Kyle’s gaze toward his butler, I could see relief and trust in it.
He was always protecting something. With a fierce gaze kept his surroundings in check and protected his fiancée, his friends behind his back.
Yet, you show that look to your butler!?

(What is?)

Something burst within me.
It was probably already hidden within me, slowly taking room.
And now, it had blossomed……


The next morning, I was already by Prince Kyle’s side when I found him.
The fake smile and his annoyed sound felt lovely.

How despicable. He keeps disturbing my mind!!
(More, I want more…)
Spitting out insincere pleasantries!!
(The time we spend together is delightful……)
I’m supposed to be with him, but how dare he let his retainer sit on the same table without my permission!!!
(Our time together was interrupted! Unforgivable……)
I’m here too, how dare they communicate with their eyes!!!!
(Don’t take your eyes of me! Inexcusable…………)

“(I’ll make you look at me and only me!)”


Now then, how should I capture him……?

I surprisingly have quite some time on my hands! Lovely. It’s not all work this week as I feared.

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50 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 10

    • Well, to be fair, while it was just a game, there was no brainwashing due to complete lack of brains – everyone’s personality was just a bunch of scripted lines some writers came up with. Then characters became sentient but flags, triggers and events remained and still pack quite a punch…

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  1. So, those bad future that was seen Henry making was mostly due to Brad’s bad influence XD
    Before he was just some problematic/spoiled kid…
    And she sure was a little bitch! >/
    The moment when hate turns into love~
    ……….. or is it a reincarnated fujoshi yandere?
    Well, Henry seems fascinated with different/unusual things~
    Thanks for the translation!

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    • So there’s a chance Hughie will go all BL and “I Love You” on Kyle whenever he returns or if he does?
      Fun fun chapters the development and their reaction to the situation especially Kyle


  2. Thanks for the chapter 🙂 can’t wait for more
    And I think “There, the prince of this country solved the country” is probably supposed to be “There, the prince of this country solved the incident” or something? That solving the country seems a bit exaggerated 😛

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!!!
    Is this one of that situation where hatred become love? (´,,•.•,,)
    Watch out, Kyle~ The more you try to rub Henry in the wrong way, the more he will try to capture you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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