I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 42

Chapter 42: When a yandere becomes a tsundere, the dere disappears.

As soon as we rendezvoused with the girls, we ran far away from the pervert (Henry).
We enjoyed tea in an English garden and had our dates where we can see each other.

We held our hands through the rose arch and headed to the pavilion.
I think I felt a spectre (Henry) stare this way but it has to be my imagination!!
When I found him, I ended up saying “Hii!” and clung on to Angelica.
Am I a girl or what!!

I’m not going to follow willy-nilly just by the voice so it’s fine!
So I don’t need to be scared!!

………However, to get courage, I want to replenish on Angelica…

Having noticed my strange behaviour, Angelica patted my back.
After gently patting my back, she put a little distance between us by putting her hand on my chest.

“What is wrong, Kyle-sama?”

Still having her hand on my chest, she asks softly. I could clearly see her being worried about my strange state.

“Yeah…… there have been many things recently… so I’m a bit tired. So, I wanted to replenish Angelicanium a bit……”


When I whispered softly while hugging her, I could tell that she relaxed.
Then, I petted her head wanting to spoil er.
A while later, Angelica pushed me away once more, looked at me then closed her eyes. Although she did not say it out loud, I understood what she wanted. There was no reason to refuse either, so I gently kissed her. Keeping the momentum, I continued to peck her cheek and nose, then finally her forehead before I embraced her again.
I bent slightly and rested my head on her shoulders.

“I’m pathetic…… I’m sorry, Angelica.”

I whispered, softly enough that only she could hear.
Angelica bent back a little and caressed my cheek with her hand.

“You’re such a baby, somehow lovely…… I still like you.”

Smiling shyly, she said that.

So cute!
I love you much much more!!
Cute and lovely Angelica. I LO~VE you———!

After replenishing Angelicanium, I turned to take a peek at the spectre……, and.

Ah, our gazes met……
Huh, what? Why’re you coming this way!?

“Kyle-dono, to fool around in such a place…… not only are you despicable, but also shameless!”

I was suddenly slandered.
What, shameless……
Come to think of it, there was a manga by that title a long time ago……
Just a while ago, I wonder if we were full of eros like that?
Henry’s emotion is full of mysteries……

“A despicable prince and a obscene woman, you make a great couple!”

Maybe because he was restless from my unflinching expression, he started attacking Angelica this time.

What is he saying, this guy!
What do you mean, obscene, to such a pure and innocent woman!

I can’t have Angelica be hurt from his rude words. When I turned my head towards her in panic she did not look hurt. Rather, she looked surprised at Henry’s sudden interruption.
For now, let’s embrace her and hide her from his sight……

……Anyway, Henry’s word choice sounds somewhat hackneyed. And his objective is certain.
What should I do?
For now, I’ll complain. While I’m at it, I’ll jab him with a stinging sarcasm!

“This great couple is enjoying a date to the fullest…… Our neighbours have such tasteless habits to be interrupting, do they not?”
“Hmph! You dare mock my country!? ……If you were not a prince, I would have you be punished for lèse majesté!”

It’s no good. He won’t listen……
And who’s being the disrespectful one here……

When I was thinking of ignoring him, Louis came over, having heard the commotion.
To Louis who looked worried, I nodded my head a little and said, “It’s fine.”

“Kyle, shall we return?”
“Indeed. Let us go someplace where there are not many people around.”

To Louis’s saving remark, I responded while mixing in slight provocation.

The shameless I will go somewhere without many people and will do shameless things with my fiancée—

And whatnot.
Sure enough, Henry was looking at me with some amazing-looking eyes.
I wonder if he’s scheming my imprisonment……

I, I’m not s, scared!

Without saying a word to Henry, we headed to the female dormitory.
The four of us enjoyed tea, in Angelica’s room.
Even Henry would not enter the female dormitory without business, so we were able to spend the rest of the afternoon in peace.



“You lot really are obscene.”

When I was having dinner with Louis, Henry appeared again.
Can’t he let it go now…… Super annoying, this guy.
I got the fact that he does not like seeing me be friendly with someone else, very well.
I also felt him wanting to lock me up.
I also realised that he was doing his best to be tsun to appeal to me.
But he’s annoying. That’s all I can say.
So I ignored him. I cannot see nor hear him.

“By the way, Louis, the date you had with Jessica at that garden, how many times is it now?”
“I was busy, I did not have the opportunity. Today was the first.”
“Then…… do you know the superstition linked to that garden?”
“Ah. The superstition that couples who kiss there will gain eternal happiness? Of course I knew, and gained eternal happiness…… You too, Kyle, right?”
“Well, there’s no way I would let that pass.”
“I thought so.”

Louis too did not react to Henry and made small talk, about things like our date.

“What, ignoring me! Do you not realise how rude you are being!?”

I think I heard something, but no matter.
……However, he’ll be like this even tomorrow.

“Hey, Louis, how about having breakfast in my room tomorrow?”
“Alright, sounds great…… I’d like to have my meals in peace, at least. Then, at the usual time.”
“Wha!! What do you mean eating in the same room, what is your relationship!!!”

What should I say now……
For now, Henry’s annoying.
I don’t need dinner anymore. Let’s return quickly.

Louis and I made eye contact and left our seats.

“Let’s get some refreshments in my room. There will be tea and light snacks.”

Behind me, Henry was shouting, “Obscene! Shameless!” but I can’t hear anything!

Henry’s annoying.

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33 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 42

  1. Soooo does Henry actually like Kyle … or is he really a reincarnated person- like maybe the missing girl from the bus??!! XD prob not lol i mean she would probably have better tactics 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Henry used Stare. it’s super effective!
    Kyle used Angelicanium! SP(sanity point) replenished to full.
    Henry used Pursuit. it’s not very effective..
    Kyle used Ignore. it’s super effective! Henry is now jealous.
    Henry used Tsun. nothing happened.
    Kyle and Louis used Temptation. it’s SUPER effective!!
    Henry is too jealous to continue fighting.

    Henry ran to the nearest stalker equipment store to replenish SP.

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  3. Henry has become a jealous Henrietta…..
    He should just change his get-up already. Use some lip gloss and wear feminine clothes. Ah! A goth dress would sout the character he’s developed into.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. Not sure if I should be scared or amused (considering the idle talk 10).. Kyle you should protect your behind (or might it be the front?).. I think this Henry might be from the BL route.. but instead of a persuasive yandere seme, we got a tsundere uke… which lead to this annoyance

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  5. “If you were not a prince, I would have you be punished for lèse majesté!”

    Ughhh, did he forget in whose country he is now? It’s not like I’m angry, you know. Nope, im not angry at all. I just want to tap his shoulder gently, and whisper, accidents do happen, you know.

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  6. Now that would’ve been a little less annoying and a little bit cuter if that girl was either a loli or a big breasted blonde drill-hair woman… but no… it has to be a guy… I can’t remember if he is handsome or not, but if he is, that would be a little more disgusting… unless you are into that which I don’t have a problem, each to his own I guess…

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  7. I thought the introduction of the BL route could possibly be sexy, but nope!!! It’s just irritating!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work! I foresee Angelica beating the crap out of Henry…. XD


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