I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Hatred too is part of (love) obsession.

I took a breather in my room. For today’s green tea, there were rice balls as a side dish.
The ingredients: dried plum and bonito. That’s my Daniel, he knows!
Seeing me eat the rice balls with glee, Louis too took a bite in hesitation, but soon started eating it while murmuring something.
I’m glad he liked it.

As we’re still in our growth phase and did not have enough for dinner, we had quite a lot of rice balls. No matter how much we eat, Daniel replenished them, almost as if conjuring them out of nowhere.
Every time he brings out more, the ingredients change, such as salmon, mentaiko, and kombu, so it was even more enticing.
I think I might have eaten two bowls’ worth of rice by myself.
Whatever the case, I’m full now.
Tomorrow, breakfast will be had in my room, so I believe I can eat in peace.
While I was thinking about tomorrow’s meals, Louis was staring at me.

“Hey, Kyle, what did you do to Henry?”

He said something that would be reflected badly on me if others heard.
Aren’t you saying it as if I seduced him? “What did you do?” That’s what I want to know. I really, truly want to know, okay?
If I learn the reason, I’ll start acting to earn his ire. Still, I don’t think I’ve done anything to gain his goodwill.
I was hated by him too. Just what is this change. This is definitely the game’s work here.

“I did not do anything. Rather, it is I who wants to know the reason why…… I already know why I might be hated.”
“You were pretty harsh before too……”

The two of us crossed our arms and agonised over the problem while groaning.
Daniel was watching us with a grin on his face. Maybe he might know?

“Hey, Daniel. Do you know what might have switched Henry on?”
“Is it not just that ‘hatred’ turned into ‘obsession’?”

I’m not sure what he means. What exactly is it?

‘Strong hatred’ = ‘obsession’, is that it?

I did not get it, but Louis seemed to have got it.
Amazing, Louis. Why won’t you explain it to me.

“You do realise that the opposite of affection is not hatred, sir?”

Seeing me confused, Daniel kindly started explaining.

“Yeah. The opposite of affection should be indifference, not hatred, right?”
“Indeed, sir. As for him, I believe that ‘imprisonment’ is his expression of excessive affection, but in this case of hatred, it turned into obsession.”
“…………Which means?”
“It means that he is pervert through and through, sir.”

Daniel said something so harsh so nonchalantly.
Hm…… so, since he is a pervert, he becomes obsessed even with his target of hatred, and would make perverted measures?

He really is tiresome……

“He truly is a tiresome prince, isn’t he?”

Louis murmured as if he read my mind. His expression showed disgust towards Henry, who was going to create more problems.

“Seriously…… Is it not possible to make him return to his home country quicker?”
“This time, he has no pawns, so he needs to things on his own, so he’ll dig his own grave soon.”
“Well, he’ll probably be making a plan worthy of a small fry.”

We laughed merrily as we talked and then parted for the night.




“Your Highness. Angelica-sama’s room is……”

The next morning, Louis and I were having breakfast early on, but Daniel said something disquieting.
Daniel stared off into the distance vacantly, but soon a sinister smile, one the likes of which I have never seen before, formed.

I almost thought he was a devil for a moment, you know? Really scary.
And what happened with Angelica?
‘Her room’? What does he mean? What would happen in her own room, no less?

My head is full of question marks.
If there’s something bad going on, I’ll get going right away.
Without saying a word, I stood up.

“Please wait, sir. Your Highness should wait here. I shall go alone.”

Smiling nefariously, Daniel stopped me.
I’m not sure what it exactly is, but he looks furious. I mustn’t go against him now.
But, is Angelica alright? If something’s wrong with her, I’ll be going even if it angers Daniel.

“Angelica-sama is alright. It’s definitely…… a trap set for Your Highness.

When I silently stared at Daniel, I heard this in reply.
A trap…… Angelica, is she really alright?
The trapper is 100% Henry!

There is a very unpredictable element there……

“Doga, please remain here. There is an uragirimono in our midst.”
“Once I exit this room, he will come here. They are eyesores, so we shall crush them all together.”
“Understood. Then, what am I to do?”
“Nothing…… ah, if possible, make an expression that says that you are very disappointed in their actions.”

Ignoring my uneasiness, the butlers Daniel and Doga were having an unsettling talk.
Uragirimono’, that meant ‘traitor’ or ‘turncoat’, right?
{TN: Uragirimono is originally in english, so I swapped it to Japanese.)

Since Daniel was not waiting for my order, it must be between the butlers……

Daniel got truly angry.
It was the first time I ever saw him angry.

“Your Highness, I will now go to Angelica-sama’s room and take care of the problem. I believe that Henry will then come in, but may I plead you to endure it for a while, until I return?”

Since he did not say exactly what I had to endure, I deduced that it was related to the ‘pervert’.

A while, how long is that, Daniel-san!?
What will you do if I get a trauma in that short time!?

“If possible, I will return before any damage is inflicted.”

“Fufufufufu……” Daniel chortled.
……Somehow, I can’t seem to trust him.
But if it’s for Angelica, I can to suffer a trauma or two…… no?

“It’s not ‘if possible’, return as soon as you can!”

I don’t want a BL experience.

I’m half crying.
I can’t help it? Well, I just heard, “You’ll be a homo’s prey, but bear it for a while ☆” Anyone would cry from that!!


Looking satisfied at my reaction, Daniel responded joyfully……
But why a question?



Barely a few minutes since Daniel left, my doors flew open beautifully……
Henry and his butler entered like general returning from a victorious campaign.
Here begins my penance -death.

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21 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 43

  1. Nooo!!! kyle run!!!
    but wait, isn’t louis in the room too??
    will he became a prey too???
    but i really want to know what will happen when daniel angry though!!
    after all he always so composed and perfect and a little sadist, will this be another side of the great butler daniel???
    thanks for the chapter!!!
    can’t wait for the next chapter, especially about kyle as a prey and angry daniel!!

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  2. We laughed merrily as we talked and then parted for the night. <<<< This was the biggest mistake you could have possibly made Kyle… DON'T YOU LEARN?!?! ::facepalms::

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!


  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Kyle, just be a man and kill Henry. He’s a fifth prince, a problem child, a pervert, an idiot nuff to cause trouble to The Crown Prince of another major power country. All in all he’s a person forsaken by his country and family aside from providing basic royal needs.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!!! ❤

    Daniel really seems like a living wiki there! complete with walkthrough and cheat codes lol

    Well..can Kyle save his own ass? And will Henry's jealousy towards Louis made him another targeted butt? XD


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