I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 44

Chapter 44: At times like these, I’m really glad I trained my body.

Violent depictions ahead.

Grinning devilishly as he entered the room, Henry started activating various magic tools.
His butler returned the door to normal, and went over to Doga and restrained him with a magic tool.
Like so, everyone was restrained, except for me.

Then, do they know I can move?
I didn’t know, so I pretended to be ‘unable to move’.

Sitting still on the chair, I observed Henry’s actions. Thinking that I was rendered unable to move, he approached while smiling creepily.
Well, all I can say is that he looks like a small fry……

“Hello, Kyle, hello. You can’t move now, are you scared?”

Henry’s victory smirk was very irritating. He boasted his magic tool, explaining, “This was developed by a butler, and it restricts people’s movement within a specific boundary.”

……Made by a butler?
A butler would make one for their master to commit crimes?
Huh? Could that be……

When I glanced at Doga, he furtively winked in confirmation.
I thought so. It’s overstepping ‘the butler’s domain’……
Of course Daniel would be angry. Daniel has pride for his job.
A butler is restricted by the ‘domain’. Every butler’s ‘domain’ differs depending on talent and magic.
If a butler wishes for freedom in his choices, he must strive to expand his ‘domain’.
And Daniel has done many things to expand his ‘charge’ from a young age. Thanks to that, he apparently became the best butler in history.
Soon after I reincarnated, I was bothered by the existence of omnipotent ’butlers’ so I asked about it. I then learned many things about them, during which I realised that Daniel had a passion for his work.

Daniel cherishes his ‘charge.’ Thus, their actions are earning his ire.
First, this butler will soon see hell.
Henry too acted on his own, so this time he won’t be able to avoid having his status being demoted from royalty.

Now then, how should I stall until Daniel returns……
If I act disappointed like Doga, something traumatic might happen to me, so pass that.
I could feed his pride so that he will blabber everything about this plan, but he will become annoying so no.
Ignoring him would make him even more annoying……

What should I do……

“Are you terrified? Your beautiful face is contorting…… However, here comes the ‘real terror’.”

While I was thinking, he stretched out one hand to me.
The sight was so offensive, so I unconsciously grabbed his wrist and threw him by twisting my wrist.
Since it would have been annoying if he stood up, I decided to hit his stomach once more. “Gubuu!” he cried out. I tried to deactivate the magic tool, but I did not know how to.
As I fumbled around with the magic tool, my eyes met Henry’s butler’s.

“Huh!? How are you moving!?”

The butler, who was trying to use another magic tool to Doga, cried out in surprise. From shock, he stopped the activation of the magic tool.
However, he soon came back to his senses, and silently moved right next to me.
I learned some martial arts in my previous life, and Kyle learned fencing and self-defence, but it was practically futile against the cheat-like existences of butlers.

“As I thought, you are a bug…… If a mere bug is disrupting my plans, I must deal with it properly……”

Murmuring something, he used the magic tool he was trying to use on Doga on me, restraining me.

I became unable to move, but Henry won’t be getting up soon, so there won’t be any BL events.
I suppose this is good enough until Daniel comes back.

“In this situation…… How are you so composed? ……How irksome, this master and servant!”

When I smiled happily, he grew frenzied.
Right afterwards, I was slapped on the cheek. Moreover, it was not ‘paa’ but ‘guu’. Since I am a boy, I did experience a few fistfights in my previous life. However, back then, I was able to move freely so I was able to absorb the impact to some degree.
I tried to do that again this time but it did not work.
I was slapped quite heavily, but the chair feels like it’s stuck to the floor, that I did not fall over.
Which meant, that I could not absorb the impact.
All the force is transferred directly to me. It hurt quite a lot.

I was slapped once more.
It was a golden opportunity to say that legendary line, “You hit me twice!”, but I refrained from saying it because of the mood……
No one is here to retort me anyway…… and it would frenzy him even further……
Also, unlike Robert, I can read the atmosphere, so I can say things at the right time and place. However, since I can’t stop my mind from thinking, so I’d like you to forgive that.

Anyway…… it hurts.
My face is my only selling point. I’d like him to stop hitting my face. Maybe my body instead.

“How insolent.”

As if he read my mind, he spat that line in agitation and kicked me in the abdomen.

“Stop! Erius! Don’t hurt him!!!”
“Stop!! A butler is not allowed to touch a prince of another country!”

As I was starting get beaten up, Henry and Louis yelled to try stopping the butler.
Of course, to no avail.

“A bug needs to be eradicated.”

Or so he said, and continued to hit me.
Once, twice, he hit me, but when it was about time for the third hit, his movements stopped.
He was stuck in a very unstable posture as if someone pressed a pause button.

……He’s finally back……

“You’re late, Daniel.”

I said without moving.
Appearing silently, he calmly pointed a finger and said,

“I have arrived late. I am very sorry……”

While trying to suppress his emotions.
With a flick of his finger, our restraints were undone.

You really are late, Daniel! My beautiful face is ruined!!

When I thought that, Daniel’s expression loosened a bit.
He looks a bit calmer now……
It must have been unexpected for me to get assaulted like this……
Well, for me, since it’s much better than a BL event, I feel perfectly fine with getting hit.

More importantly, there’s something that I need to know……

“Angelica-sama is safe. She was locked up in another dimension but it is undone.”

Sounds like Angelica is safe too.
It seems that a weird phenomenon was occurring, but I’ll leave that for later……

I’m, relieved…… the, pain… is……


I blacked out.

My summer job is finally over! And holidays galore! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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26 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 44

  1. Thanks for your hard work and enjoy your holiday~!!!

    “Bug”? Hmmm…it’s suspicious…
    Somehow I think that maybe Henry’s butler is one of the game’s developer? And maybe all the butlers are? Which explain their cheat like existence??? Well it’s just a guess though ^^

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  2. Yups.. There’s a possibility that Henry’s Butler is another reincarnated/transported person.
    Never cross to mind that Kyle can do a self defense act. I thought he was just a brain mc type.

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  3. The Prince blacks out a lot….
    Also good that there’s no BL event. Angelica is safe! Also the bug comment (=_=|.
    “Was Erius confounded by some reincarnated person? Find out in the chapter of …this title is too long…” (Imagine that in DBZ narrator’s style and voice)
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. the butler is reincarnated person too???
    well in front of the mighty butler daniel, all the other butler even a reincarnated person as butler is nothing!!!
    but poor the narcissistic kyle~~
    thanks for the chapter xD


  5. “As I fumbled around with the magic tool, eyes met Henry’s butler’s. -> Henry’s eyes met with his butler’s.” I think that’s what it was trying to say. Thanks for the chappy. 🙂


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