I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 11

Idle Talk: A prediction is but a prediction, it is not certain. (Daniel)

I was keeping an eye on that room.
Since I knew what kind of obsession Prince Henry had, I knew that there were no threats to their health. Also, I saw that he was trying to hide his obsession, so I had calculated that there would be no direct harm done to His Highness.
Since those sort of people enjoy it on their own without showing anyone else……
In addition, I had thought that the small fry prince would not have the gall to do anything.
This disdain became the root cause of the failure this time……

As I could not see His Highness’s fate, I could only predict. I knew the magic tool they were planning to use, and also predicted their actions from their personalities. I never thought that it could go wrong……
I had left His Highness as ‘bait’ when I went to Angelica-sama’s room. To softly ‘exterminate’ them……

Who knew that ‘suspension magic’ would have no effect on His Highness……


I always placed thin webs of magic on His Highness’s close acquaintances.
If anything happens to them, His Highness receives the most damage.
When I serve him, I always must mind the safety of His Highness’s acquaintances.
It is not uncommon for me to secretly remove threats. Especially, Jessica-sama and Angelica-sama had many attempts on them by Hughie-sama.
It seemed that Hughie-sama was interested in not only Angelica-sama but also Jessica-sama. He was scheming many things to try and get them in his hands.
Though, I had been easily stopping his childish plans that did not require even an information exchange with the other butlers……

However, when Prince Henry started intervening in those plans, it got more serious.
From then on, I started seeing him as a serious threat, but even so, I could only see him as ‘a rich brat with a childish mind.’ It was very puzzling. Although he reeked of a small fry and his plans were full of wholes, the plans were executed with perfect finesse. This imbalance was confusing my judgement.
In retrospect, it was all the butler Erius’s manipulation……


His Highness Kyle could sometimes be seen murmuring ‘is it the game’s influence……’, but at first I could not understand what he meant. However, when I started analysing the incidents when he said that, I could gradually understand what he meant.
The ‘game’s influence’. Indeed, some things seemed predetermined, even when I could not see the visions.
Although I could not see His Highness’s fate often, I could predict it from the circumstances.
However, sometimes ‘completely’ unexpected events happen.
For example, the teacher Brad’s kidnapping and Angelica-sama’s transportation to a different dimentsion……

The reason is most likely the ‘laws’ of this world.
According to Michelle-sama, this world had many things ‘set’ from her previous world. Would that mean there is a scenario that ‘God’ had written……

From that perspective, His Highness Kyle does somewhat feel as though he is unaffected by the ‘laws’ of this world.
The reason he is unaffected by the laws of this world.
Although he is hiding it, he is probably the ‘same’ as Michelle-sama. Then, the way he suddenly turned interesting, the way he spoke as if he knew the future and the way he comprehended Michelle-sama’s story so quickly all makes sence.

In addition, it seems that those close to him easily derail from the laws of the world……
To do so is to escape God’s predetermined scenario.
However, if events happen even then, that it would mean those events are unavoidable.
By derailing from the laws of the world, the world would perceive him as a heretic bug.
His Highness may be facing these dangers because the world is moving to eradicate the bugs.


While I was restoring the dimensional mess in Angelica-sama’s room, I was watching how things were unfolding in His Highness’s room.
As I was always close to him, I knew how he acted.

So, when I realised that ‘suspension magic’ had no effect on His Highness, I was very surprised. Also, when he knocked down Henry ‘because he was offensive’, I ended up blurting out “What the hell are you doing!?”
If he stayed still, he wouldn’t have been hurt, just what was he thinking……?

I had originally predicted that His Highness would be unable to move from the suspension magic. Then, I would have been able to safely earn time and exterminate ‘the problem prince from the neighbouring country’.
As His Highness had hurt Prince Henry, Erius saw His Highness as ‘a threat to deal with’.
Normally, it would end with restraining him, but even in that situation His Highness looked aloof……
He looked as if he were enjoying that situation, even though he was great danger……

Seeing that, Erius burst into a fit, and started beating up His Highness. Since he said, “Disappear, bug!” he too seemed to have noticed how His Highness was unaffected by the laws of this world.
At that rate, Erius would have ended up hitting His Highness until he died!
I had hastened my work and quickly headed to His Highness’s side.

“You’re late, Daniel.”

That was the first thing His Highness said, while still unfazed and aloof.
It was a very perplexing feeling……
I was angry at my self for being a failure of a butler that could not even predict well. I was angry at Erius for violating his domain as a butler.
Yet, His Highness did not at all look resentful towards me…… and was just concerned about his appearances.
I felt overwhelmed at His Highness’s carefree attitude……

I could feel my body loosen up.

However, even though he acted carefree, the violence was indeed severe, that he lost consciousness the moment he checked Angelica-sama’s safety!
I urgently moved his Highness to a bed.
I checked if there were many major damage to his organs, and then applied self-restoration magic on him, to accelerate his recovery. I also set up magic tools and called for a doctor.

Still unconscious, His Highness’s complexion was paling, as white as paper……

I could tell that I was making a terrifying expression.
When I returned to the room next door, I saw Louis-sama restraining Prince Henry with a magic tool. His expression was also that of a ‘demon lord’

“Daniel, how is Kyle?”
“There are no dire problems. I have applied self-restoration magic and recovery acceleration magic tools in response. I have also prepared a doctor.”

Louis-sama relaxed a little, but his wicked smile still remained plastered on his face.
I wonder if he might be thinking the same thing I am……

I was frustrated at my own incompetence, and was looking for a way to vent it all out. And there was a person that fit perfectly for that role……
Now, how should I get my reward?

I finally realised that 閑話 was used in many novels to indicate ‘side chapter’ and the like, rather than the literal translation of ‘idle talk’ I was using. I feel so stupid… But it’s too late to change it for this novel! I won’t make the same mistake with other novels though, I promise!

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27 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 11

  1. Thank you for translating~

    by the way Translator-san, in the sentence “As I could not His Highness’s fate, I could only predict”, doesn’t it should be “As I could not SEE His Highness’s fate, I could only predict”?

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  2. I offer my gratitude for letting us see the greatness of Daniel-sama! m(_ _)m

    So..If I don’t read the previous chapter, and look at Kyle who keep being calm and smiling in that kind of situation, I may think of him as a very cool guy..
    But..since I know his inner thoughts..pfft.. I can’t help but laughing at that gap XD
    and Kyle seems to be attracting “demon lords” to him? lol

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Finally we get Daniel’s view! He’s definitely a first class Butler. Should I say true Butler? I mean seeing the future isn’t really Butler like, prediction suits a Butler more. Clairvoyance and future view are just overkill on Butler’s like Daniel IMO.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! Daniel’s S level up! Now there’re two demon lord as Kyle subordinate.
    Seems the theory about Henry’s Butler as a reincarnated/transported person is a miss. It was the work of “the law of world” to eradicate a bug.

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  5. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Wait.. if daniel didn’t know Kyle is a reincarnator, how did he know about those recipes?! The only one that knows those recipe was supposedly Michelle and Kyle! Can you even predict a recipe from Kyle’s personality?! ..Such a high level butler skill..

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  6. Thank you for the chapter!
    I really like the “Idle talk”, it goes really well with this kind of novel. If the other one (sorry forgot the name) with the snow country has side chapters, it would be great if they are also called “Idle talk” It sounds kind of soothing ^^

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  7. aand in daniel’s side we know the truth about the bug and daniel prediction!!!
    from here we know how great daniel as a butler!!! XP
    and in the last i really want to know how the sadist side of daniel get his reward!!! XP
    well i like idle talk too!! so it’s okay!!
    thanks for this chapter XD

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  8. Then the shoujo game turned into a war visual novel where Kyle led his soldiers to war against the Henry’s Kingdom. He won the war, reformed his country and made it far more advance than the other countries. He had three children all of which were outstanding and not backstabbers. His children worked together to help him make his country even more prosperous. Years later, Angelica died, out of sorrow, Kyle soon followed. His first child took up the throne and made a monument of his father to honour his greatness. Kyle was reborn in another world of swords and magic. After the age of sixteen he left his house and went on an adventure. In his adventure, he met the reincarnation of Angelica and then both lived their second (third for Kyle) lives happily ever after. The End.


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