I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 12

Idle Talk: The natural way of pride (Erius)

A butler has an inviolable ‘domain’.


I was born in a family that have been butlers for generations. Amongst them, I have been born with with skills and ability that would be called the best in my family.
Thinking that I would of course be a butler, I enrolled in the butler education school.
There, I was considered ‘superb’, but there was also another superb man two years above me, to whom I was always compared to.

“You and Daniel-kun both are excellent students. I look forward to seeing how you grow.”
“Daniel, the most talented butler in history.”

I was always mentioned in comparison when talks of him came up.
I never met him in person, but I hated him.
I am the only one who should be considered ‘superb’. There cannot be anyone more superb that I am……

When that man graduated with the title of ‘the best butler in history’, I had no doubt that title would be mine in two years.
However superb he may be, he could not be more superb against me who is from an elite bloodline.

Indeed, you can get drunk on that title for two years.
I’ll soon crush that feeling……

When I learnt that he decided to serve the empire, I decided that I will take that title from him and serve the empire myself.
I’ll deprive him of the title of ‘the best butler in history’ and work at the same workplace, to shred his pride to pieces.

“Why am I not ‘the best butler in history’!”

After graduation, I screamed and destroyed my room. I could no longer suppress my destructive impulses.

On graduation day, I was told that I graduated at the top of my year, but that was it.
I am more talented!
Why can’t you see that!!??

……If you won’t acknowledge my superiority, I’ll make you!!!

Which is the efficient method to make everyone acknowledge my superiority?
How will I show that I am the more superb one……?

I couldn’t bring myself to serve the same imperial house.
My pride did not allow that.
I have no plans to be in the same workplace as someone who is said to be more superb than me!

When I was reading the commissions, one stood out.
A commission from a royal house. When I held it in my hands, I could not see the future.
That man was serving a prince in school, and in front of me was a request for another prince that was soon going to school.
I did not know what kind of relationship the had……
But they both seemed to have had very uncertain futures.

This is it!
If I serve this prince and stand on the same field, I can prove that I am better!!
If the prince I serve is better than the prince he serves,……
If it’s me, I can make any prince, no matter how imbecilic they may be, into a consummate gentleman.
And using this prince, if I cause that imperial prince’s downfall, everyone will admit that I am the better man!

That was the moment I decided on whom I will serve.


As planned, the prince I serve entered school.
He was never an outstanding prince, so I did not yet have the opportunity to shine.
Still, that stupid but arrogant prince would cause trouble so many times. Just to prevent any accidents from happening, the butler needed high abilities.
The days were neither good nor bad.
Though it went different from what I had originally planned, I had pride as a butler who could control that prince, and I was receiving praise for it as well.

“As expected of Erius. You indeed are superb.”

Such praise fed my pride.
I could say with confidence that only I can take care of this prince. It was the first time I felt joy for my work, the first time since I decided to become a butler.
I was curious about that man, but lately I did not feel as much hate toward him.
However, this year, things started changing when my prince started approaching a new student that enrolled this year……
The prince I served showed a strange obsession for that new student.
From my perspective, I could only see her as a thieving cat without any control over herself. Still, strangely enough, there were many that were captivated by that whore.
All those men had become that woman’s slave…… except one man……

The fact that that person was the man that man served put a crack in my pride.

Why. Are you trying to say that the prince you serve is better than mine?
Or, is it because that man is serving the prince so well, that he is not interested in that woman!? Are you saying that because I did not serve my prince well enough, he got captivated in that woman!?
Then, that is tantamount to saying that he is the better butler! Is that it, huh!?
He is definitely acting out of his ‘domain’. That must be it!!
Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense that I am losing to him! There is no way I am losing!!

I felt my heart fill up with something thick.
How will I bring down his imperial prince to my prince’s standing. My head was full of those schemes.

There, I had a vision, different from the ones all before. It was definitely different from my ‘domain’.
Something on a higher dimension…… Right, ‘God’s’ territory.
I could see the ‘laws’ of the world!

The laws of the world that God set.

Since I can now see that, I am no longer a simple butler. I must work as a herald of God! ‘Domains’ are petty things now!!

From then on, I started moving accordingly to the laws of the world.
I set up plans to split that prince and his fiancée apart and to lure him to that whore. For that, I proactively ignored my domain.
I smoothly led that woman’s followers to execute my plans, yet none came out as I wanted……
Everyone was taken care of by the imperial prince!
Why!! Do you really want to prove that you are superior!!??
I can see the laws of the world! I am more superb!! Then why!!!

I see…… he is a ‘bug’.
That prince is a ‘bug’.
He is something that strayed off the laws set by God. That is nothing more than a ‘bug’.
That’s why he is being an obstacle in my path. It is not in any way that that man is superior to me.
That man is using that bug prince to ignore the laws set by God.

“As a butler, please remember to advise your master from taking radical actions.”

When that idiotic prince of mine lashed out against the imperial prince, that was what that man said to me.
At those words, my pride as a butler had been shattered to pieces.
I don’t care anymore about that prince ruins himself. No matter how I may be assessed……
However, I will not let you be!!
A bug needs to be eradicated. An existence that goes against the laws of the world, I will not allow it to be!
It’s all their fault that everything went wrong. They will take responsibility too.

That man who did not even care about me, and even that carefree prince!!

I will make them realise it!

Next chapter is the final chapter for the main story.
Afterwards, there are only extra chapters remaining.

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21 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 12

  1. What, the MC solves all the problems he knows of and they end the series? How novel!

    I hope that some of the content to come will tell us more about Angelica’s experience in that other dimension. I wonder if it’s a place that would give her more insight into Kyle?

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  2. what??? so all of this mess because of jealousy towards daniel??? 😲
    i think when he get the laws of god, that mean he get the memories as reincarnated person but his jealousy making him more mad and using kyle as a bug to get revenge towards daniel.
    poor kyle~~ the main reason of his bad day is daniel!!!

    but~~~ this will reach the end??
    i really love this novel!!!
    i’m feeling happy and sad at the same time now!!
    still thank you so much for translating this great novel!!! 😍

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  3. Thanks for the Chapter.
    At first I thought that Daniel would be the villain (the butler is always the criminal :D) , I got right with the butler but wrong in it being Daniel, haha.

    How mad Kyle will be when he discover that most of his misfortunes, like his dates with Angelica being interrupted, were caused because of a Yandere butler that had a obsession for Daniel.

    And is this novel really ending? Already? Will Kyle climb the stairs of adulthood on the next chapter? Will Louis become the Demon King and rule the World? Will Angelica become even cuter and finish in killing us?

    All of this will be answered on the next chapter. When? When the translator wants. 😛

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  4. Yeap! He saw a past life’s memory about the game (that fujoshi friend of bitch-chan who played it all), it seems that his persona is so strong and past self weak in comparison that his current self didn’t realise that that thing was a memory……

    Thanks for the chapter~!


  5. Thank you for the chapter!!
    Such a petty butler compared with the Great Daniel…

    It..is..ending? ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )
    I’m going to miss this very much… The narcissistic prince..
    The cute angel Anju-tan (or lil devil?)
    The mighty butler Daniel (aka real MC)
    The demon king and his pure love..
    Well I don’t think I’ll miss the other small fries like muscle head though~
    Again, thank you for your hardwork!!!

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  6. Oooo, so not a reincarnator, but he could see the influence of the game! He really could have been superb but it just shows his inferiority in the end that he decided to follow the “laws” of the world rather than his domain…. and in the end he becomes the last boss???? XD

    So in the end… the butler did it.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

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