Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 12

Chapter 12: Sieglinde’s Activity Report No. 2
Volume 1 — The Temporary Snow Country Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

As to why I suggested to be temporary spouses for a year, I did so thinking that even Ritzhard would realise it.

My body, personality and even my appearance is very different from normal women.
Once we started living together as husband and wife, I had expected that he would realise that ‘something is not right’.

I did not mind what he said, but for now I needed a place to hide until my cousins married.
In addition, if the land fits me I can settle there.

Although I may not be able to become a good wife, I could become a reliable inhabitant.

But before that, we parted ways for a while since I needed to meet my parents first to discuss the schedule.

After I returned home.
I had thought that the problems I had were solved, but I could not relax well for some reason.

Although it was on a tentative contract, I still did decide on marrying rather hastily.

I realised that even I had some sensitive parts.

I hear that there are many loveless marriages in the world. There also seemed to be many couples that maintained a friendly relationship even without love, but I was not sure if I could manage such a feat.

I kept questioning myself whether everything would go well just because our interests coincided.

Furthermore, we grew up in different countries, in different environments.
The knowledge I learned from my service in the army may not do me ay good in the Snow Country.

When I thought of those things, I felt somewhat sorry for him.

In the end, I greeted the next morning without getting a wink of sleep.
I wanted to get rid of the anxiety by meeting Ritzhard before I left, so I sent a letter to the place he was staying at.

Even though it was a sudden call, the snow fairy gladly accepted my request.

When I waited at the meeting place, he appeared right on time.

Even in the streets, Ritzhard stands out. For better or for worse.
His kind-natured smiles were very elegant, but in this country where people do not smile often it made him look rather frivolous.

Since he said that he wanted to shop for necessary goods for his life in the Snow Country, we left the square.

There was quite a crowd. When I was about to speak out, he took my hands and put in it his pocket without saying a word.

I did not know how to react to his sudden action, but his intent was soon revealed.

He turned back while saying,” There’s an amazing crowd of people here,” with a troubled expression. Then he said, “Your hands, weren’t they cold?”

He was wading through the crowd as if to protect me,and he let me in first saying that it was cold.

He was treating me like a princess.

As I spent the day with him, my anxiety was almost gone. I felt that this marriage could work.

However, just in case, I told him that we should start with being ‘friends’.
I was not used to being treated like a woman, that it was a strange feeling when I was treated like that.

The next day, his introduction to my parents ended without much trouble, and it was decided that he would spend the rest of his days in this country until he returned home.

While he was staying in my family’s house, I heard many stories from him.
Ritzhard’s fief’s environment, culture, history and daily life. They were all very interesting stories, that our time together passed by quickly.

On the morning of the last day, I greeted Ritzhard goodbye.
When I stretched out my hands for a handshake, the man in front of me said something unexpected.

——“I’m looking forward to our next meeting, ojou-san,” he said.

Where is this ‘ojou-san’. That was the first time I was called like that.

I could not believe what I heard. Meanwhile, my outstretched hand was enveloped in his hands.
While my attention was diverted to those warm hands, something was forced on my cheek the next moment.

Believe it or not, Ritzhard kissed me on the cheek.


Without out a doubt, he was making a face like a kid who successfully pulled off a prank. “This insolent man!” when I looked at him with such thoughts, his face was dyed lightly in red, as he smiled shyly.

I was as a loss for words.

Ritzhard dashed into the carriage, and waved goodbye as he departed.

I will be meeting him in two months. Now marked the start of long days.


Since my marriage was settled, mother started making unnecessary preparations.
She called over my second oldest brother’s wife, who was strict about decorum.

I told them I did not need to prepare for anything since they were hunters, but no one listened.

Starting from that day, I underwent a hellish training.
Embroidery, etiquettes for tea and dining. Making baked desserts for guests and wearing dresses.
Until I could get everything perfectly, the studying did not end.

Unexpectedly, I had quite the talent for handicrafts.
The handkerchiefs I embroidered, one handkerchief a day, all received passing marks.
I made about thirty of those. I was told that I should gift them to his relatives as a show of appreciation. The handkerchiefs I made became a part of my bridal gifts.

The day I became free from my sister-in-law’s sessions, my nephew Claus came again, during his vacation.

As soon as he saw me, he said, “male crossdressing granny”. As usual.

Just a month ago, I told him to do something about that mouth of his, but as soon as I took my eyes off him he went back to how he was.

However, since it was that I was crossdressing, I did not say anything.

The next day.
Since I was to marry, I was told that I should stop dressing like a man from my father, so I decided to put on the dress my mother gave me.

When I asked my parents how I looked, my mother replied, “You tried your best,” while averting her gaze. Father said, “I acknowledge the effort you put in,” while averting his gaze as well.
Really, what rude parents. My brother and his wife had the same reactions. I did know that dresses did not look good on me, but my family still took care to not hurt my feelings.

However, I felt even more hurt from those easily readable attitudes.

Then, my badmouthed nephew Claus marked the highlight.

He called me “female crossdressing granny”.

I did not mind ‘male crossdressing granny’. It still made sense.
However, ‘female crossdressing granny’ made no sense. Not at all.

I grabbed Claus by the nape and lectured him for about an hour.

Soon afterwards, it returned to being ‘male crossdressing granny’.


During the following month, I felt restless.
Even though I went out shopping with mother and my sister-in-law, and went out for tea with other ladies, nothing stirred my heart.

My only joy was the letters I received from Ritzhard.
His sentences were bland, but he sent over the clothes he made and even fur shoes.

Meanwhile, my former colleague from the army proposed to me, and was pleaded by my cousins to not go, but there were no changes to my plans.

I arranged for the luggage to arrive before me, so I left with only one bag with me.

Two days since I left my homeland, I finally arrived at my husband’s place.

As I heard from the stories, it was a very cold place. Since there were so many people at the pier that it blocked the way out, I took the time to change into the fur coat Ritzhard sent me.
Animal hair is unexpectedly warm. I was surprised by the difference.

Ritzhard, whom I was meeting after a long time, was still looking like a fairy without any worries.
Seeing him welcome, I felt somewhat happy.

The cold in the Snow Country that was rumoured to kill was milder than I imagined it would be.
When the wind blew, my exposed face did hurt a little, but it was not unbearable.

Like so, my Snow Country life started. Unlike what I feared, the days were rather pleasant.

I felt weird every time Ritzhard called me ‘my wife’, but I was spending my days happily.

Although the temporary couple life was just beginning, I was excited over what new experiences I would have.

Every day passed smoothly with each day being filled with new experiences.

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Edit: Translator:
Remind me to never translate on my phone again, I made so many mistakes in this chapter.

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  1. “I wanted to get rid of the anxiety by meeting Ritzhard before I met”

    I believe you mean left not met.

    Thanks for the chapter. I really enjoy the relaxed feeling of this novel.

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  2. Translating on the phone is great. I managed to do most of Yanoto with it… Lol… Perfect for people who translate only in public transports.

    Of course, typing sucks with touchscreen phones…

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  3. Thanks a ton! I really love this novel so far and the characters feel solid too. (unlike 99.9999% of harems and their MCs) I’m really grateful that you put so much time and effort into translating this and letting us enjoy the story. You even are very welcome to editorial criticism! (i.e. spelling or typos) So now that this monologue is over, I just wanted to say thank you one more time. Thanks!

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  4. “Meanwhile, my former colleague from the army proposed to me, and was pleaded by my cousins to not go, but there were no changes to my plans.” Most novels would make such a fuzz and lots of drama about that kind of unexpected event, yet she just brushed it off as a trivial thing.

    I. Love. Sieg.

    That said, isn’t strange? Sieg’s previous descriptions of herself and how she perceives herself give the vibe men stay far away from her, yet there was someone who liked her that way. Makes a part of me wonder if, perhaps, she simply was unable to notice the few men who were interested? That would be funny.

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    • That makes sense. It’s possible that the Snow Fairy was the only one upfront with her. If she’s like other dense protagonists, she won’t notice any vague overtures.


  5. Thanks for the chapter. I just like better if the author added her reaction during knife buying and when he told her she is handsome in her uniform and many more. I’d like to know how she felt those times. =)


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