Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 21

Chapter 21: Goddess Worship
Volume 1 — The Temporary Snow Country Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

Once we finished receiving our guest Sieg’s acquaintance, our life returned to its normal cycle.
I was worried about what kind of relationship they had, but they simply were just friends.

Emmerich said that Ruruporon’s food was delicious, and even the hunted deer meat seemed to fit his taste so it was a relief.

It was also nice to my usually handsome wife’s unexpected side. That even Sieg would sometimes rush out and assault someone so hard.

“Sorry about making you worry.”
“No no, it was fun. However, I was surprised to hear that Emmerich once proposed to you.”

Sieg’s former colleague Emmerich David said that he had something to talk about the night he arrived and confessed.

That he proposed to Sieg.

He started softly speaking while the three of us were having a meal, so I had no idea how I should react.

Emmerich said that after he received that kick he realised that it was not love that he felt for Sieg.

“He didn’t really have to say that during our mealtime.”
“Yeah? But I felt relieved.”
“Frankly, I was worried. Our guest, your former colleague was man, but neither a friend, so I was worrying over what kind of relationship you had.”
“It’s just a nasty relationship we have.”
“Right, I’m glad. I mean it.”

The feelings Emmerich had for Sieg was admiration, and it seemed that he proposed to her while he did not understand his feelings well enough.
I was bothered about that all the time, so I was really glad that he told the story himself.

Just that, I felt that my open personality did not help at these times.
Since this sort of thing happened, I resolved to ask questions whenever I have something I am curious about.

Sieg’s friend Emmerich was a great man.
He helped with work during his stay, and he even furtively told tales of Sieg’s heroics.

“He was an interesting person. I wonder when he’ll visit next?”
“Well, he even cried tears because of the cold, he might not visit anymore.”
“I see~”

“He is a sensitive person,” laughed Sieg. I was jealous of how close they were, but they became like that after spending a long time together. I also hope that I can quickly become like that with Sieg.

Emmerich and I also agreed on a cultural exchange. He took an interest in the folklore and crafts of this land.

While looking forward to our next meeting, our guest reception went well without any big accidents.

“Now then, let’s get to work.”

Another busy day awaited us today.


Once the polar nights are over, the villagers get restless about preparing for the flea market. There, one can garner a lot of wealth.

In this village, wealth was represented by one’s reindeers, but nowadays silver is preferred to flaunt one’s wealth. Usually used as accessories for clothes, or as decorations for hats.

Most of the money people earn at the market is used to buy silver.

“Interesting culture.”
“Well, I suppose it’s possible because we are self-sufficient.”
“Yeah…… by the way, what’s this?”

Touching the flower shaped decoration on her coat, she asked.

“That was something my mother told me to give to my wife.”
“I see. It’s good.”
“Though it was hard to maintain it.”

Even though I am a Sami, I have no interest in silver. The money I earn from the market is saved up for emergencies.
The only product I am using might be just a flask for holding alcohol. That was something my rich paternal grandfather gave me as a gift when I became the lord.

If silver is not cleaned frequently, it quickly turns. It really made me respect people who had many silver things. The accessories on the clothes I use are made from carving antlers, so there’s only the flask I am cleaning.

We talked about the goods as we headed to the front door.

Sieg will be learning how to craft traditional bracelets from the women at the souvenir store. Since the table for lining up goods are empty in this season, they seem to be using that.

As to why this happened, it all started from when Sieg got closer to the women when she went out on her strolls. Her special ability to charm women also worked in many countries.

Thanks to Sieg attracting people even here, miraculously, our house would finally learn how to make bracelets.

Carving things out of hard birch, like cups, dishes and spoons are the men’s job, but making bracelets and accesories are the women’s job. There are many crafters in this village. The mothers and fathers of the households have been succeeding the traditional crafting over generations.

“Then, see you later.”
“Have a safe trip…… be careful of the elderly people.”

After advising that there are some xenophobic elderly people who sometimes get violent, I let Sieg go. After that, I also started working.

Today, I will be making wooden dolls.
It’s not a traditional craft, but something I started on my own. After hearing on the flea market that dolls of small animals are popular, I tried making it.
The first work, an adult white bear, did not sell well, but the baby bears sold well so now the shopkeeper lady is even urging me to make more quickly.

While I was carving more baby bears since the tourist season was coming around, Miruporon brought brought a lantern into the room.

“Oh, it’s already dark.”

Before I realised it, it had gotten dark. It seems that I was working only from the light from the fireplace.

“Hey, Miruporon, where’s Sieg?”

Holding up my index finger, which meant mother, I asked about Sieg’s whereabouts. Miruporon shook her head. Sieg’s not back yet.

Here in this village we normally stay outside only until sunset.
I was worried, so I picked up the lantern and decided to go get Sieg.

From the store that usually closed when it got dark, light was flowing out of he windows.
Since the lady here usually closes up and goes home after dark, I thought it rare and peeked in.


In the store, there were many women ranging from teenagers to women in their fifties. In the centre, there was Sieg. It was like the concubine’s hall I once saw in an old picture.

‘How did it come to this,’ I thought as I was about to open the doors. Suddenly a hand was placed on my shoulder, so I let out a yelp.

When I calmed down and turned around, there was a girl reputed as ‘the village’s prettiest girl’.

Her name is Aina Salonen Bergholm.
She’s also famous for having the strongest personality among the village girls. She had white hair and blue eyes, which was not rare around these parts, but a passing merchant said that her facial features were unlike anyone here.

By the way, the name ‘Salonen’ between our first name and surname means ‘people of the forest’. As proof that we are from this village, people here all call themselves Salonen.

I tilted my head at this situation wondering why she was grabbing my shoulder.

“Eh, what?”

Aina is sixteen years old. She is quite tall and looks mature, but she is still at an age where she could be called a girl.
Looking somewhat hurried, she tightly squeezed my shoulder with her right hand.

“Erm, Aina? Can you say that again?”
“Come on, it’s cold.”

I had no coats on. Aina too had earmuffs, but no hats, gloves and coats.

A while later, she made up her mind and said it.

——You’re here to become a member of people who like Sieglinde-sama, right?

“Eh, what’s that?”
“You were peeking inside without even knowing that?”
“That’s the meeting of people who like Sieglinde-sama.”
“Like that, while she is being taught about traditional crafting, we spend some time talking.”

I was at a loss for such an organisation springing up.

“So, to talk with Sieglinde-sama, you have to pay a membership fee to the owner here.
“I-if you are caught talking with a foreigner, you’ll be scolded by old people, right? So the lady is charging a rental fee? or something like that.”
“Aa, I see.”

Being run by a foreign lady, elderly people with old ideas don’t approach here. I was impressed at how she money off that fact.


I sort of already knew, but I asked nonetheless.
Her grandparents hate foreigners. So I guessed that there was something about Sieg.

“Stop chatting about and o it! I’ll go in together with you!”
“Hey, wait, Sieg is my wife.”

I was forced inside.

“This is a rare sight.”
“My lord, are the baby bears completed yet?”
“N-not yet.”
“Please hurry up.”

Hiding behind me, Aina was grabbing my arm and stayed silent. Because of her grandparents, she never came to this store before.

As if she was threatening me, she rolled a fist in my side. It hurt.

“Ah, sorry. Erm, she wants to go in that Sieglinde club.”
“Ah, right!”

Inside, with Sieg at the centre, there was a strange mood.
From a drawer under the counter, she took out a wooden bracelet with flower patterns.

“Five markkas.”

The bracelets usually cost about four markkas. I stared at the owner lady for an explanation.

“There’s also the danger money for when we’re caught.”
“Ah, I see.”

If this secret meeting is found out by the elderly people, it seems that the owner lady here is taking all the blame.

“Aina, it’s five markkas.”

While using me as a shield, she placed a bracelet and a small patch of fur on the counter. It seems she’s bartering because she doesn’t have money. After she received the flower-patterned bracelet, my side was finally liberated from her fist.

The owner lady was about to close up, so she went inside to tell that it was time to disperse.
I was about to say to Aina, ‘It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t speak with Sieg today,’ but she was looking at the bracelet joyfully so I decided not to.

“Ah, that’s right!”

While I was staring at Sieg who was soothing a girl who started crying, Aina spoke to me.

“Did you have a foreign guest some time ago?”
“Are you talking about Emmerich?”
“I don’t know his name!”
“Was there something?”
“……He suddenly asked for name in poor language so I ignored.”
“……I-I see.”

So he tried to pick up a pretty girl? As expected of someone who came this far out just for Sieg. Well, I can understand him though. I also proposed because I fell in love at first sight.

“If it’s someone you know, tell him to not speak to me again.”
“Why not?”
“He’s a foreigner!”
“What’s that in your hand then?”

Aina looked at the flower-patterned bracelet in surprise, then put it in her pocket.

“R-remember this!”

With a mysterious line, Aina left the store.

After stopping the child’s crying, Sieg and I took her home and then returned home.

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Oh where is this Sieglinde-ism club let me join please.

That aside, those who guessed it was Miruporn, gotcha! It was a new character!

Here are the pictures of Aina and Emmerich:


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  1. Eh, she’s still cute and justified to have attracted Emmeret. Though she looks rather different from Miruporon, including dress. Are they two different races? Or is Aina just a half-breed with some exotic blood in her? I forgot if the author ever went into details about the races, other than the fact that the tribal races were exiled into Ritz’s family’s land.


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