Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 53

Chapter 53: Sieglinde’s Activity Diary
Volume 2 — The Honeymoon of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

※Honeymoon volume, chapter 1.

Today, we are travelling to my country.
We will spend about two days on a boat, and move by carriage to the capital.
From the first day to the third day, we will participate in the ball.
For the last day, we will stay inside and then return home.

For this trip, we spent some time busily for it. I already had expected that Ritzhard won’t rest even in the boat.

“Ritz, why don’t you take a break?”
“Nn, just a bit more. Thanks.”

Ritz was doing the finishing touches on the wooden reindeer that was to be gifted to my family. He’s been doing it for three hours after the boat departed.

“I thought that was complete.”
“I thought so too, but on second look, it still had flaws, so I just had to fix them.”

With a knife, he was smoothing out the already grand antlers. He delicately carved the wood silently.

I can stare at him working with a serious face for so many hours, but worrying too much is one of his bad points.

“Ritz, let’s go buy some alcohol.”

For now, I managed to make him stop working.

On the ship, there is a shop selling some stuff.
Though I’m not sure why they sell more alcohol than food.

There are wheat spirits (Korn), black tea liqueur (Tiffin), many different types of wine, beer and also many drinks from my homeland.

“Sieg, what’s that?”
“A cocktail of herbs, spices and fruit alcohol (liqueur)”

What I had in my hand is Jägermeister.
It’s both bitter and subtly sweet at the same time, and it even has herbs used for medicine so it is said to be good for health.

“This might be a bit strong for Ritz.”
“I see. But, I want to try something different for a change.”
“Then, how about noble rot wine (edelfäule wein)?”

Noble rot wine (edelfäule wein) is one of the sweetest alcoholic beverages in the world, made from raisins. It’s not very sour, and has a deep sweet taste, with a smooth scent like honey. Even people weak to alcohol liked this drink.

“Then I’ll have that.”
“Good choice.”

We also bought snacks that went well with alcohol.
Cheese, chocolate, boiled eggs, smoked bird meat, dried fruits.

After buying alcohol, we went back to our cabin.

I sat on the bed, dragged the small round table close and served the snacks on a plate. Then, I took out glasses from the shelf and poured alcohol.

“Uwa, it’s red!!”

Jägermeister is red like blood. It’s strong, but it’s clean.

What Ritz was having had a beautiful amber shade. When I tried a sip, I ended up frowning from the sweet taste. I like sweet snacks, but I prefer my alcohol dry.

I turned towards the snacks on the plate.
Realising my gaze, Ritz looked at me while getting something from the plate.


Before I could answer, he pushed it into my mouth.

Sweet. But it went well with the flavour of the alcohol still left in my mouth.
And I could also feel myself heating up.

“Sieg, what’s wrong? Was the chocolate not good?”

I ended up remembering the thing that happened before so I hid my mouth, but Ritz unexpectedly leaned in closer.

“Nothing. The chocolate was normally good too.”
“I see. Then what’s this hand for?”

When I said that, he softly grabbed my wrist and moved my hand away from my mouth.

A moment later, we were locking our lips.

The lips were warm, making me feel fuzzy.

……Somehow, it became a ridiculously sweet mouthful.


As for the rest of the trip, we spent time playing games, watching the sea on the decks, drinking alcohol and chatting together. Time passed quickly.
When I was on the boat trip from my homeland, I remember being very bored. However, with Ritz, it was so fun.

A few hours before the disembarking time, I started dressing up. My family had sent me a dress.
I took off the men’s clothes I was used to and reached out to an undergarment.


It was structured so that it was tied at the waist. I couldn’t do it alone.


I spoke to Ritz who was sitting across from me on the bed.

“Sieg, what’s wrong?”
“No, well, erm, I might want some help.”
“Can you tie the undergarment string behind me?”

Ritz casually agreed.

Corsets do not only tighten one’s waist, but also make women’s breasts look beautiful. I untied the strings and placed my breasts well, above the thick steel wires in the corset.

Then, all that was left is to tie it from the back.
The dextrous Ritz deftly tied the string.

“Sieg, it doesn’t hurt, does it?”
“I’m alright.”

However, there was a problem. The dress waist part was a bit tight.
I only recently discovered it. The strings have to tightened as much as possible.

“What is it?”
“I have a wish.”
“Can you tighten the strings a lot?”
“Why? It’s not good for your body.”

The new diet consisting mostly of meat made my body fit for the snow country.
I wonder where the muscles that covered my body went. Now they’re being protected by layers of fat.

When I told that sad story to Ritz, he reluctantly sympathised with me.

I put both hands on the wall and strained my feet.

“Then, here I go.”

That moment, the string pulled around tightly, but it didn’t feel like it was enough.
It’s not possible to wear the dress like this.

“A bit more.”
“Sieg, that’s,”
“Do as I say.”

The second coming of pressure. This time it was somewhat hard to breathe.

“Sieg, is this alright?”
“A little, more.”
“This is the last time.”

The string contracted tightly around my body.


I was clenching my teeth, but my voice spilled out.

Once the sound of the string tightening was no longer there, I let out a sigh of relief.

Thanks to Ritzhard, I was able to wear the dress naturally.
I then went to the washing basin to put on makeup. I put on hair extensions, and hid my face a little with a hat. As I looked into the mirror, I thought that this way I would at least be seen as a woman.
The dress too was designed along the lines of the body, without much exposed areas or decorations, so it was better than the dress full of frills and exposed areas that I got from my family before.

Once I finished dressing up, I went out of the bathroom.

“Uwa!! Sieg, you look cute——!!”

Ritzhard reacted as I expected he would.

“What’s wrong?”
“That, appearance is,”
“It’s the foreign clothes that grandfather gave me.”

A squared-shaped fluffy white hat, and a fluffy coat. The black trousers and the black boots accented the white nicely.

In the middle of the room, there was a snow fairy.

I ended up feeling lost whether to feel regretful that my husband was much cuter than me or to sincerely appreciate it.

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30 thoughts on “Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 53

  1. I definitely didn’t expect to see noble rot wine in this novel. It’s quite interesting how the author includes all these little things.

    So for those of you who don’t know, noble rot wine is wine made from grapes that were infected with botrytis. The fungus dehydrates the grape but leaves the sugar. This results in an extremely sweet but complex wine. It’s my absolute favorite wine and if you have $30 to spend I highly recommend it. I’ve only had Sauternes but I don’t see why a non-french noble rot wine shouldn’t be as good. The flavor is very reminiscent of honey but with dried fruits added. It’s easily as sweet as a moscato but bold and complex enough to satisfy those who dislike simple sweet wines.

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    • An interesting alternative is ice wines. They’re made from grapes that froze on the vine and pressed immediately afterwards. Interestingly enough the sugar does not freeze in the grapes and so a concentrated must similar to noble rot wines is achieved. The flavor is more fruit forward and tropical than the honey, jam, and dried fruit flavor of the noble rot wines. It’s also about as expensive as them too unfortunately.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks for the explanation, now the German name makes a hell of a lot more sense to me, because it essentially means the exact same thing you were describing.


  2. A squared-shaped fluffy white fat, and a fluffy coat. The black trousers and the black boots accented the white nicely.
    -fluffy white /hat/

    Also. THA TPICTURE AT THEN END OMG SO CUTE. I had to save it, and it shall be saved as “The Fairy and Red” Kyaaa

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  3. I laug out loud when the part about chocolate kiss. I laught like a mad man. hystericaly. I mean LITTERALY. It so sweet like hell.


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