Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 54

Chapter 54: Sieglinde’s Activity Report No. 2
Volume 2 — The Honeymoon of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

Don’t ask me why the chapter title is like that. Ask the author.

We arrived at a port of my homeland a little after noon. Being one of the biggest port cities in the country, it was crowded with people.

“Sieg, what about lunch?”
“Let’s see……”

We had about an hour and half until our carriage ride. The restaurants probably are crowded.

“Let’s grab something from the marketplace.”
“That might work.”

The market at the port city had many goods, truly worthy of its title ‘Gateway of Food’.

“It really is the season of harvest.”

The fruit store near the entrance had mountains of autumn fruits. Ritz let out cries of joy.

Apricots, peaches, pears, apples. We were surrounded in a sweet scent. Ritzhard bought two green apples.
Then, we casually went around many stores, such as a vegetables store, a flower shop, an alcohol shop and a sundries shop.

Finally, we arrived in a street that had many stalls selling food. First, we went to the bakery.

“Hehh, there are many different kinds of bread.”
“From big ones to small ones, I heard that there are approximately thousand different kinds.”

Since he didn’t know what to choose, we bought something called knoten, which looked as if long strips were just put together.

Also, we could’t forget sausage. Most people around us were eating one with yellow powder that had a spicy taste. These are popular at stalls.

Finally, we bought coffee and sat down at the wooden chairs at the town square.

Because we heated up the knoten bread, I could feel warmth from the paper wrapping, and when we split the bread in two it was emitting a bit of steam.
When I bit in, it had a soft texture and a subtle sweet flavour.
I used to prefer harder bread that had firm chewing taste, but as I had bread that Ritz requested the lady of the Rango family to make, I came to like soft bread.

The currywurst was cut so that it was easy to eat, and it was on skewers.
It has tomato sauce on top, so there’s just the right amount of spiciness and sourness.
Grilled until its crisp, when bit into the outside crunched nicely. The roughly ground meat overflowed with meaty juices.

“Sieg, this is amazing.”
“I’m glad you like it.”

As for dessert, I had one of the apples we bought. They were a bit hard, but it wasn’t too bad.

Ritz too had an apple. Then he said one thing.

“Uwa, sour!”

Maybe he had an unripe apple. Or maybe the apple is of that sort. It was indeed sour, but not inedible.

“Sieg, is your apple sweet?”

While placing the apple on his knee and looking like he has no appetite, Ritzhard asked.

“No, it’s not sweet, but it’s not too sour to be inedible.”

After asking if he wanted a bite, I handed over the apple to Ritz.
He took one bite, and the next moment his face contorted.

“This is sour too!!”
“That’s unfortunate.”
“Huh, Sieg, did you like sour fruits?”
“……No not really.”

The apples in this country are taste sourer compared to other apples. So I was used to the sour flavour, but it felt different today. My body too was different from usual. This peculiar feeling could be that.

“S-Sieg, c-could it be!?”
“Wait, calm down. We won’t know until we see the doctor.”

Suddenly growing restless, Ritz advised that I should take my corset off.

“If I take the time to take my corset off, we’ll miss the carriage, and I won’t fit back into my clothes. It’s not that bad, so just be patient for a bit.”

It takes about an hour by carriage to the capital. It’s not that long. After we arrived, we went to Ritz’s father’s family house to offer a greeting. We received a passionate welcome from grandfather-in-law who came out wearing bear fur. Then, we said that we had business in the city and headed to the hospital.

The doctor diagnosed us, but because the only information we had was that I could eat sour food, so we could’t conclude anything.
I didn’t like sweet things to begin with, so it didn’t help.

“Well, it’s like this, so it might be best to not tell grandfather-in-law yet.”

It seems that it’s possible to know by hearing the pulses using a stethoscope five months in, but the doctors said that it was uncertain in this period.
In five months time, the belly will start getting big so I might know then.

Anyhow, since it was an uncertain piece of information, I warned Ritzhard to not get too excited.

So I was warning my agitated husband like that, but after I had meat with red wine sauce for dinner, I suddenly felt queasy and left the seat.

……Probably the so called morning sickness.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner!”

After dinner, grandfather-in-law was trying to call over a doctor out of worry so the two of us had to stop him.

“Even the doctor said that it’s uncertain whether it really is pregnancy.”

When Ritzhard explained the details, grandfather-in-law also understood.

“I see. So can I be happy that you are now a real couple?”

I recalled that our relationship back then was found out by grandfather-in-law.

“Grandfather-in-law, back then,”
“Don’t worry. The one who’s bad is my grandson who is dense to death.”

Ritzhard made a face as if he was getting punished. To that, grandfather-in-law said, “Are you a scolded dog or something!”


For the ball on the second day, grandfather-in-law prepared a comfortable dress that did not strain the body. That’s my homeland. I could find what I needed ready-made.

When I went inside, my noble title was recited.

Countess Revontulet, they said.

Every time I attended these balls, I was surrounded by young ladies, but this time no one approached. Though I can feel glances.

Then I greeted many acquaintances. Everyone was surprised at my change.

“Well, you appearance changed, but your personality became softer too.”

Hearing them say that, I became curious at just how menacing I was then.

Emmerich didn’t come. When I asked a soldier I knew, he told me that Emmerich went straight home after work because he has a new wife back home.

I talked to some other acquaintances.
Everyone was surprised at my appearance.

Finally, I talked with Ritzhard’s friend. He sincerely congratulated this sudden marriage that was decided a year ago.

After greeting people, I moved to a corner and got some fruit juice. Because there was the possibility that I was pregnant, I decided that I won’t have alcohol.

“Shall we celebrate?”

While spinning the glass in his hand, he gazed at my belly.

“It’s still uncertain.”
“But still.”

To my emotionless words, Ritz dropped his shoulders.

However, it was not as though I didn’t feel anything.

“Well, shall we celebrate just in case?”

I lifted the glass and gave a toast.

“To new family.”

The glasses struck each other with a clear clang. The drink I had was amazing, and was unlike anything I had before.

Until the month that my belly would start getting bigger and that it would become certain that I had a child, Ritzhard and I spent the months restlessly.

The new life would be born many months later, but we were already dreaming of the baby.

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  1. i- i have a question!!

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  4. Oh god. Just imagine how sweet and innocent their daughter would be if she had her father’s disposition and looks. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if she also had her mother’s spine of steel, and was worse than a Yeti if she had to deal with poachers just like Ritz.

    On the other hand, a son with his mother’s disposition would be great too. One willing to be the “strong man” that the village needs as they still don’t always respect Ritz’ kindness, but also having his mother’s charisma. He’d probably be a lady-killer and smooth talker.

    Between those two extremes, they’re going to have wonderful children.

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    Finally, she arrived in a street that had many stalls selling food. First, we went to the bakery.
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  6. Thanks for the chapter Kudarajin! Loving the comment section haha. Guessing it’ll either be a kid that looks menacing, but has a heart of gold and sweet temperament, or a kid that looks fluffy, but has the strength of Sieglinde.


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