Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 57

Chapter 57: Parents, Punishment!?
Volume 2 — The Honeymoon of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

— My missing parents are captured after a decade!? What’s more, I can cook them up however I want!?

“Ritz, what happened?”

I had been absent-minded, imagining about how I should cook my parents up.

“Ah, sorry, I was just surprised.”

I folded up grandfather’s unsettling letter and put in the inner pocket of my coat. I then explained everything to Sieg who was watching worriedly.

“It’s a letter from grandfather, saying that my parents are found.”
“I see.”

I wonder what this is. I don’t know whether to be feel good or bad. Sieg too seemed confused about what we should do.

“Hm. What should I do.”

Right now, there are no carriages. I don’t know how to ride horses, so I can’t hire a horse either.
Maybe it might be best to go next morning and take my parents to my village. If possible, I want to go right now, but I can’t bother Sieg’s family.

My thoughts may have shown on my face, because Sieg then suggested something.

“Ritz, why don’t I ask my father for a carriage?”
“Eh, no, it’s alright. It’s not like they can escape from grandfather so tomorrow’s fine.”
“But, aren’t you worried?”

Worried, right. There’s grandfather who’s at the climax of frustration, and my parents who don’t realise the graveness of the situation.
I’m more worried about grandfather. He might faint from high blood pressure at this rate.

“You don’t have to refuse. We’re family, aren’t we?”
“Thank you. Then, please ask father-in-law.”

We moved to the living room and asked father-in-law for a carriage.

“That’s a piece of cake.”
“Thank you.”

The preparations proceeded smoothly, and it was soon time to head to the capital.
Father-in-law too understood what I meant by making Sieg rest here. Now I could rest easy.

“Sorry, things became hectic now.”
“No, it’s alright.”

I felt that I won’t be able to catch my boat tomorrow, so I promised to come back here tomorrow.

“Then, see you later.”

I kissed Sieg, who came out to the front entrance, on the cheek and left.
If I dally here she’ll be staying outside in the cold.

Three hours after I parted with Sieg.
When the day turned over to a new day, I arrived at the marquess’s mansion.

“Welcome, Ritzhard-sama.”
“Sorry for coming at such a late hour.”
“It’s nothing, sir.”

I left my coat and hat to the servant and rushed over to where my parents were.
According to the butler, they were waiting without sleeping because I might come.

The butler opened the doors for me and I went inside.

“——Father, mother!”

My parents were there.

“My, Ritchan.”
“Waa, Haru-kun, long time no see.”

See their unchanging relaxed nature, any ill will disappeared.

By the way, father calls me ‘Haru-kun’, because he called my maternal grandfather who had a similar name (※ Rikhard) ‘Haru-san’. When grandfather was still alive, father called him with ‘kun’ many times.

My father was in a weird posture.

“Why are you like that……”
“Father told me to reflect on my actions all night.”

Father was kneeling on the stone floor with both knees folded. It seems that it’s a posture for reflecting in some faraway country. Mother stood behind him with a face that said, ‘How troubling~’.

Then I asked what I always wanted to ask.

“Just where were you?”
“Sorry, Ritchan, mum and dad were lost. Even though we wanted to, we couldn’t get back home~”
“……I see.”

I sort of expected that. Well, I was never inconvenienced from the fact that my parents weren’t there, so I didn’t really have anything to condemn them about.

“Still, I’m happy that you’re healthy~”
“Mother and father, you look healthy too.”
“Indeed, we’re very healthy! Anyway, Ritchan, you seem to be doing well, and you’re an adult now, I’m glad.”
“Right. Your face is that of an adult now.”

Well, I did age during a decade, and I had responsibilities as well. Ten years would change a person a lot.

We now learned what we wanted from each other, so we fell silent after that.

A while later, warm tea was served. Then, the door opened with great force.

“Ritzhard, you arrived?!”

Grandfather came into the room wearing pyjamas and a coat.
It looks like he was waiting for me. I felt sorry.

He looked at father with an expression that said, ‘How ridiculous,’ then he started talking.

“Oi, I caught your parents. Do whatever you want.”
“……Ah, thank you.”

Even if he says to do whatever I want, it’s troubling. I don’t really feel anger or resentment towards my parents.

“Why aren’t you doing anything!? You’re going to feel much better if you hit my idiot son at least once, no!?”
“But that’s a bit.”
“You’re not angry!? Even after seeing your parents who forced the position of a lord on you and abandoned you for a decade!?”

Grandfather was trembling from rage, but I did not have that emotion, which was weird. Most people would get enraged.

“Ritzhard, let out your anger on that man loafing around!”
“Erm, what should I do.”

I strongly wished to live up grandfather’s expectations, but I still had no reason to hurt someone.

“Nuu! Richelle, why is your son, so, kind!”

With a frustrated expression, grandfather complained to Richelle — to mother.

“Dearest father-in-law, we were taught to ‘not rely on others’ by father from a young age, so Ritchan doesn’t think to rely on us a single bit, which is why he’s not angry~”

That might be true. I didn’t expect anything from father or mother.
I could say the same for any others, but then I realised that there was an exception.
Sieglinde. In all senses of the meaning, she was the only woman I could rely on. I felt happy that I realised I had someone like that.

I felt refreshed to know how I felt about my parents, but that was only me. Grandfather was shaking and holding his head.

“Uwaaa!! I can’t bear it anymore!”
“You, you idiot of a son!! You’re the root of all evils!!”

After saying that, grandfather slapped father with all his might.
Father rolled on the floor, and mother chased after him slowly while saying, “Oh my oh my~”.

“I should at least do this to feel better! Ritzhard, make this idiot son the lord! Then you’ll be living here for some time.”
“Ah, that might be nice.”
“Being so soft aga— ha!? ——This easily, really!?”

Grandfather ended up being surprised and questioned me.

“Truth be told, Sieg’s condition wasn’t very good, so I was planning on leaving her here until the child is born, but leaving her alone makes me feels anxious and lonely.”

Grandfather ran over to father and gave him a kick.

“Oi, you heard, right?!?”
“……D-Dad, I have something I want to ask before that.”
“What? I’ll tell you this now, but you have no right to refuse!”
“That’s, well, yeah. Alright. Probably.”

What father was curious about was Sieg.

“Sieglinde is Ritzhard’s wife.”
“Hehh~ Haru-kun, you married~”
“My my, Ritchan, is that so~”

My parents didn’t react that surprised to their son’s marriage. Well, I did expect this though.

In this unchanging relaxed mood, grandfather concluded the story.

“Let’s rest for today. You stay here and reflect. Richelle, you can go rest in a bedroom.”
“Well, father-in-law, it’s alright. I’ll stay here.”
“I can’t let you do that.”
“No, it’s paradise here. It’s not cold, nor are there any beasts.”

Grandfather ordered only father to sleep on the hard floor, but mother insisted that she’ll stay. In the end, grandfather yielded and gave a blanket for mother.

The next day. We left early to go the Wattins’ mansion. Not only did my parents accompany me, but my grandfather came as well.

“You moron son, don’t say anything needless there, alright?”
“Tighten the end!”
“Don’t extend it in the middle either!!”
“Alright alright.”
“Don’t say it quickly, and don’t say it twice you idiot.”
“This is hard.”

Thinking that it was a waste or something, grandfather poked father’s pinky finger, but father happily said, “This is good for my shoulder pains~”

The mood was a mess, but at least the plan was decided.
Either way, we have to go back to my country and write a paper to delegate my duty as a lord. Then I have to ask the martial race family to take care of my parents, and prepare for the polar nights.

“It’s fine about preparing for the polar nights~ Mum’s used to it.”
“Ah, I see.”

Mum was good at hunting small animals. She knows how to preserve food and how to make handicrafts, so I probably didn’t have to worry about that.

The problem was my father’s ability as a lord.
Since he did receive education, he probably would be fine regarding administering the realm, but I’m worried about how he would interact with the villagers or the soldiers in the fortress.

“Father, will you be alright being the lord?”
“It’s alright, alright~ probably.”

Seeing father all smiles, I could understand painfully well why grandfather gave up on the education for being a lord on his son-in-law.

As I grabbed my brows, mother tugged at my sleeves.

“Ritchan, don’t worry. If anything goes wrong, we’ll apologise~”

I felt worried.

While I was still distressed, the carriage departed.
Grandfather kept lecturing father about what it was to be a lord, but I’m not sure if that got through.


Three hours later, we arrived at the Wattins’ mansion.
Mother prepared a simple gift. The basket has a berry pie she baked. Of course, we couldn’t get fresh berries, so she baked it using jam and syrup. She made it when I said Sieg liked berry pies.

“It would be nice if she likes it. But she’s pregnant, so her taste might have changed.”
“If that happens, let’s eat all together.”

Being scolded to not say anything needless, father was very docile.

It was the first time I saw wearing neat clothes. He was always wearing shabby clothes, and his hair was always unkempt. Seeing him wear dress suits, he did look like a dignified noble.
Mother too had a dress on. I was amazed at the fine embroidery on it.

The nice people of the house received my parents warmly. I’m really thankful.

From my grandfather’s lead, father could only introduce himself and reply with short answers. However, thanks to that, the first meeting went well.

Sieg liked the pie mother made. She said that she was happy because she didn’t have anything because of morning sickness.

Then, we talked about delegating the duties of a lord to father.

“After delegating my work to father, I’m thinking of spending time here until the child is born.”
“That’s a great idea!”

Fortunately, father-in-law agreed.

“I want to do some work here if possible.”
“Then, won’t you help with my ranch? We’re lacking hands recently. Ah, that’s if Ritzhard-kun wants to.”
“If I can, please!”

Full of greenery, this region is also called the ‘green heart’. Father-in-law, after retiring from the military, cultivated his private lands and was managing a ranch now.

It would take at least a month until I could come back here though. We’ll taking the boat tomorrow evening. Father-in-law said that we should take spend the night here, so I graciously accepted his kindness.

Mother-in-law too said that a couple should spend time together, so I moved to the room that was prepared.

The moment the door closed, Sieg hugged from behind.

“W-What is it?”
“I’m happy.”

She said that was free from that anxiety of having to be alone, so she felt as though she could fly.

“We have to be split tomorrow though.”
“That much…… I can wait.”
“I see. That’s good.”

Then we chatted together until it was time to sleep.

The next morning, I left while making as little contact with Sieg as possible because it would be painful to part otherwise.

I returned to my country and taught my father the duties. Then I also checked all the houses for the polar nights. As I did that, I also informed the villagers that I was leaving the village for a bit and that my father was taking over for a bit.

The month passed by quickly.

Then it was the day I left for Sieg’s country.

“Then, Haru-kun, see you~. Give Sieglinde-san and her family my regards~.”
“Ritchan, have this in the boat.”
“Thank you.”

Maybe it’s because he’s a lord now, he was wearing the traditional clothes that he said he didn’t like neatly.
Mother too was moving a bit faster to support him.

“Father, mother, I leave the village in your care.”
“Leave it to me.”
“It will be alright~”

Ah, it’s worrisome after all!!

However, more importantly, I was worried about my wife.

Even as I apologised to the villagers in my head, I left for the foreign country.

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I love his gramps.

Oh, by the way, I set a new personal record! 2190 words in an hour and half!

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  1. Father was kneeling on the stone floor with both knees folded. It seems that it’s a posture for reflecting in a faraway country.

    Parents got lost and somehow ened up in Japan,learned seiza and got admonished by violent gramps lol

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  4. From my grandfather’s lead, father could only introduce himself and reply with short answers. However, thanks to that, the first meeting wen well.
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  8. I find it hard to believe they were ‘lost’. The father is a scholar with a knack for learning languages, and despite traveling for a decade they didn’t seem to have suffered. Thru probably realized that going back would land then in the Lord position again so they just kept quiet.

    Also, I seem to recall Ritz saying he was getting letters every 6 months or so, and no mention of the parents being missing, just gone. Was that a retcon?


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