Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 61

Chapter 61: Lovely Sieglinde
Volume 2 — The Honeymoon of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

After dinner I accompanied my father-in-law and my brothers-in-law in their drinking. They’re Sieg’s family indeed, they really can hold their drinks. Because I said before that I like ale, they prepared a fruit-flavoured beer for me.
The side dish is of course sausage (wurst)! The Thuringian sausage is handmade using pigs raised at the ranch and spices grown here.

We’re using only charcoal to grill the sausage, because that’s what’s needed to proclaim the sausage as a Thüringer. In addition, father-in-law warned me that the sausage being sold with the name ’Thüringer Art’ is not the real thing.

“Why don’t we make sausage together tomorrow.”

I was interested in making sausage from some time ago, so I was excited about tomorrow.

“Father, how about letting him rest tomorrow?”
“Ah, is that better?”
“Brother-in-law, it’s alright. I’m interested in making sausages, so I’m looking forward to it.

When I said that, everyone shot me a strange look.

“Er, erm, brother-in-law, did I say something weird?”
“No, no. We are just surprised that you wish to work so much.”
“Haa, is that so~”

I had a similar conversation with father-in-law.

“It seems that Ritzhard-kun hardly rest throughout the year.”

Upon hearing father-in-law’s words, my brothers-in-law looked surprised again.

“This is normal in our village, so, erm, I’ve caused trouble to Sieglinde-san.”
“No, use my daughter. She has enough energy.”
“Right. She does have energy left over……”
“Oi, stop, do you want to face a miserable situation again!?”
“Ah, ah. Right.”

When Sieglinde became the topic, my father-in-law and my brothers-in-law made a sad expression. They must be lonely that their lovely little sister married off somewhere far away. I didn’t realise it. Maybe it would be good to visit for some time at least once a year.

“Ritzhard-kun, what part of my daughter did you come to like?”

It seems that I should tell. However, to tell something that I didn’t even tell her to her family.

“It is alright if you do not wish to tell us.”
“I will tell you.”

Everyone looked sad, so I had to say it.
I reminisced about many things: learning true love, receiving love, feeling relieved…… though that was only a few months ago before I returned to my country.

“I fell in love with her at first sight at the ball.”

Grey eyes opened wide. I wonder if they’re thinking I’m a light man.

“Well, it’s not just her appearance, I was captivated by her spirited eyes.”
“Ah, that! Hm, I see. Then I can understand. Indeed, my daughter’s eyes are special.”

Indeed, she did have the eyes befitting the title ‘the Crimson Eagle’.

While living with her, I learned many things about her.
About her diligence, her kindness, her undaunted stance towards the hardships of life. Everything about Sieg was lovely.

“And then~”
“It’s okay now, thank you. I understand your love for my daughter!”

My father-in-law and my brothers-in-law were blushing. I might have talked too much about Sieg’s cuteness.

“Should we sleep now?”

Because the alcohol did not go down well, the party was over.

My face felt hot, so I washed my face and brushed my teeth before I went to my bedroom.
The room next to the one I was assigned was Sieg’s room. There was no light flowing out from under the doors, so she must be sleeping. I thought of seeing her face before I went to sleep, but I didn’t want to wake her so I went straight to my room.

Under the light of the fireplace, I slowly walked to the bed.


There was a lump on my bed.

“You’re late.”

I almost screamed.

It was Sieg.

“Huh? Did I enter the wrong room?”
“No, this is your room.”
“Oh yeah~”

In the dark, I took off my coat and changed into the thin silk pyjamas prepared on the chair.

“What is it? Is there something wrong?”
“Nothing, I just wanted to sleep with you.”

……Oh no, my wife is too cute.

I wanted to be by her side quickly so I quickly changed and climbed into the bed.

Under the covers, there was Sieg. This might be paradise.

Just it case, I checked her body.

Yup. She’s wearing clothes.

“How unusual~”
“They said that a pregnant woman should keep her body warm.”
“How unfortunate.”

I put all my effort into not having wicked thoughts.

“Good night.”
“Are you going to sleep now?”

It would be nice if my love for Sieg was always pure.
Sadly, I am a man, so I normally it would be fine but once my desires start boiling I don’t think either my mind nor my body would be satisfied from light touches.

“What is it?”
“I love you.”
“I know.”

Even as she said that coldly, she hugged me tighter.

Uwa, my wife is too cute (the rest is omitted).

Because I was wearing thin pyjamas, I felt her heat directly. Moreover, I discovered that she did not have any underwear on.

……Let’s think of something else.

What should I do. Since I just told her that I love her, maybe I should tell her about what I talked about with her father and brothers?

“What’s wrong?”
“No, erm, well,”

Too much stimulation. I can’t sleep like this.

“Come to think of it, you took a bath with father.”

My head was drenched in pink, but from thinking about the embarrassing (?) bath scene with father-in-law, I remembered the dark past from a few hours ago.

What a relief. I think I can become unconscious now.

In the end, I fell asleep as I talked about how I came to take a bath with grandfather.


The next day, I went out to the ranch in the morning.
I milked the cows and got eggs. Fresh eggs came in the morning.

I took off my working clothes and changed into clean clothes before I went to the dining room. It’s hard being a noble. If it was my home, I would probably be just in my working clothes all day.

There were only pretty people from House Wattin for breakfast.
Mother-in-law, the wife of a brother-in-law and her two daughters (6 and 9 years old) and Sieglinde.

The little princess next to me was staring at me intently.

“What might it be, princess?”
“Princess!? Mother, he said princess!”
“Don’t raise your voice.”

Ah, I failed. It’s hard to talk to women.

“Hey, that headband, did you get that from aunt Sieglinde?”
“I thought so!”

So Sieglinde played dress-up with her little niece.

“Aunt, you are very good!”
“Thank you, Adeltraud.”

Is the story over now? I thought, but she was still staring at me.

“What is it?”
“Did you come from the snow country?”
“Yes I did.”
“I never saw a white-haired person before.”
“There are many of us back home.”

It seems that a six-year-old girl’s curiosity is endless.

After breakfast, the little princess of House Wattin, Adeltraud came over and told me to lend my ear.
When I crouched down, she started whispering.

“You’re actually a fairy, right?”

I ended up making a surprised expression at Adeltraud.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone else.”
“Ah, thank you.”

I ended up saying yes. What should I do? I’m almost a middle-aged man, but a young girl told me that I am a fairy.

When I discussed that with Sieg, she laughed. I’m being serious here though.

“Isn’t it fine, a fairy.”
“I’m almost thirty, and I don’t have special powers, though?”
“A special power?”

Sieg smiled, then came over and whispered something.

“The Snow Fairy of Happiness.”

From the surprise attack, my face heated up.

I crouched down on the spot and waged a desperate battle against embarrassment.

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  1. yep, I’m gonna refrain from reading this in public from now on. I smile against my will but try to supress it when I notice, and end up making a really weird face which makes me laugh even more while still trying to keep a Stoic face up.

    it’s utter failure.

    anyway, this was so lovely!! >////<

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  2. “I fell in love with her at first sight”
    Lol, that was priceless.
    Really, though. Played for laughs, but this IS sad. Sieg originally felt she was not good as a woman, and I blame mostly her family, more than the stereotypes and discriminatory remarks other soldiers may have told her.
    Just because she doesnt conform to their concept of a desirable woman, they ended up affecting how she viewed herself and, consequently, how she interacts with others, further reinforcing this idea by acting according to her thoughts and self-perception.
    It is very reprovable that they aren’t aware of her good points and attractive qualities. Ritz’s grandpa could discern them the same day he mey her! That she was busy in the militia ain’t an excuse; they clearly didn’t even try.

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  3. “There was a lump on my bed.

    “You’re late.”

    I almost screamed.“

    I can just imagine Ritz with an aghast and pale face frozen with a horrified expression on. I couldn’t stop shaking from silent laughter. People are sleeping geez. Calm thyself.

    Thank you for the update!


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