Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 71

Additional Chapter: With Father-in-law!
Whimsy Additional Chapter

This is an additional chapter.
The setting is the period when they lived at Sieg’s place, before Arno was born.
I want to write this without a set schedule.

※ Disclaimer — This chapter may induce hunger. The next five chapters after this one may also induce hunger. Proceed at your own risk.

Morning. I woke up from the violent chirping of the birds. The sun had not risen yet. Today I was going to go help out father-in-law at the ranch, so it’s a perfect time to wake up? I wonder I can’t feel thankful for getting woken up though. I complained to the bird that it should tweet in a cleaner tone.

Sieg was still sleeping. I whispered “I’m off,” brushed her hair and kissed her forehead. I also told the baby in her belly to be a good child.

I changed into my working clothes, washed my face, brushed my teeth and headed outside.

“Good morning!”
“Ah, morning.”

Yet again, father-in-law was here before me.

“Is it alright today?”
“Yes! I have permission from both mother-in-law and Sieglinde-san!”

Father-in-law nodded his head, going hm, hm.
Managing the ranch was father-in-law’s hobby, so mother-in-law did not really want me to work there. Thus, I can only help about two or three days a week, and for the rest of the week I am living like a noble as per mother-in-law’s directions.

We rode on our horses and headed to the ranch, a little way from the count’s mansion.

After I arrived at the ranch, I fed the animals.
Cows, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens and more. There aren’t that many animals, but there aren’t many people either so the work is tough.
For the horses, cows and sheep, the fodder consists of dried plants and many kinds of grains. For the pigs and chickens, the feed consists of ground grains and plants.
Having empty stomachs in the morning, the animals got very rough for food. So I said, “please wait a bit,” showing a humble attitude and trying to get into contact as much as possible.

When that was over, we would get away from the ranch for a while. It was time for breakfast.

“Father-in-law, it’s almost time for breakfast.”
“It’s already this late!”

We mounted our horses and rushed back home. If we’re late for breakfast, we get scolded by mother-in-law.

We rode through a small trail from the ranch to the mansion. The flora around us were swaying gently in the soft breeze.

“The wind in this season feels nice.”
“Is that so?”

After the cold season passed, warm and refreshing winds brushed the cheeks. The spring in the foreign country was this warm. I was surprised. I could understand why people say “I can’t wait for spring” here. My relationship with the horse I met here also quite good. I learned how to ride the horse from father-in-law. It doesn’t rock as much as the sleigh, and it feels good to ride on. The horses, used to humans, obediently followed us. It was so cute.

“When I was young, I used to go out on rides with my wife on the hill a little ways from here. In this season, the budding trees are very beautiful.”

Of course, mother-in-law was a soldier as well. When I asked if she valiantly rode her horse alone, he told me that it was so.

“Though I don’t recall seeing her ride horses recently.”
“Ah, she hasn’t been for about thirty years. She couldn’t after she had children.”

So it’s like that, as I thought. I remembered that mother-in-law said a biting remark to me who was focusing too much on the ranch, “This is the only period where you can still be cared for by your wife.”

“Father-in-law, why don’t we go out on a ride to that hill?”
“Just you and me?”
“No good?”
“No, that is not the problem.”
“……Well, I am worried about getting scolded by Sieg.”

Sometime ago, Sieg said that it wasn’t amusing when I was being friendly(?) with father-in-law.

Sieg and mother-in-law will soon hold a tea party, inviting other ladies, so I suggested that day.

“Going out together is pretty tough.”
“Sorry, my status within the family is rather low.”
“It’s okay.”

When we were about finished arranging the date for the ride, we arrived at the mansion. We led the horses to the stable and went in through the back door to the bathroom to wash ourselves.

After breakfast, we headed to the ranch again. We milked the cows and sheep, and cleaned their pens.

“Today, we will be butchering a sheep.”

Father-in-law decided to butcher a sheep whose milk was declining.

“Ritzhard-kun, have you ever tried sheep meat?”
“No, never.”

Unfortunately, there are no sheep back home.
I heard that the history of domesticating sheep for wool or milk goes back 11,000 years. In addition, it seems that the area in which wild sheep can live are limited.

When I learned how they butchered, it wasn’t that different from what I’ve usually been doing so I helped them.

First, we drain their blood through their necks, and hang them by tying their hind legs. The part near the bellybutton is slit open, and the sheep in gutted. Finally, it’s finished by carving the thigh meat.

“It takes about ten days to mature the sheep. Well, I do not know if it will be delicious since the species is one bred for milking.”

There are sheep bred for wool, sheep bred for meat, and short-haired sheep for tropical areas. It seems that there weren’t many breeds for milking before. So the taste is a mystery.

“It this region, do you have sheep meat often?”
“No, not very often.”

For the sheep meat, there is ‘lamb’ which refers to meat from sheep in its first year, and ‘mutton’ which refers to meat from sheep after its second year. Mutton has a deep flavour and a good texture, but the smell is strong.
Normally, it is said that mutton is not tasty, but it might be because people usually eat ones that are not refrigerated properly.

“This one was two and a half years old, so this is mutton.”
“Hehh~ But it might be tasty because it’s a female!”
“Right, female ones are tasty!”

Father-in-law and I got excited at a weird point.

We went to a cool storehouse to age the fresh meat, as well as take meat that is prepared.

“Ah, this looks good.”
“So this is sheep-san……!”

Shoulder, spare ribs, rack, short loin, legs, arms, flanks, there are many parts.
{TN: I just translated the kana readings. Any suggestions welcome.}

“Shall we have a taste?”
“Sounds good.”

We acted fast when the matter was decided.
A barrel cut in half was placed on some bricks, then gridiron was put on top. Then a fire was lit.

“How about the shoulder.”

Though he said that it was just for tasting, what was picked was a meat with quite a bit of white parts in the meat. That is then sliced thinly, then grilled with herbs because the smell is strong.

On the heated grill, the mutton shoulder was placed. As it was heated on the fire, the white parts slowly melted and the fat started boiling. Though it is said that the meat has a bad odour, but I could only smell something delicious, maybe because of the smoky smell or because of the herbs.

“Father-in-law, it looks great!”
“Just a little more, wait.”

Waiting in front of the barrel, the two of us probably don’t look anything like a noble. Mother-in-law said that nobles should always act elegantly, but let us off the hook just this time.

“Now looks like a good time.”

The grilled meat was skewered with a stick carved out of a nearby fallen branch. I took a bite into the meat that was dripping with fat.

“Uwa, delicious!”

The sheep meat tasted surprisingly clean. The tasty is about halfway between pork and heifer beef. I couldn’t think up an adequate description. It didn’t smell. Well, this might have been because I’m used to eating game.
Father-in-law was having a little trouble. Then mother-in-law won’t like it either. Grandfather liked reindeer meat, so it might be a good idea to take some as a gift for him.

“I think Sieg will like it as well.”
“Then you can have more. Sheep meat is abundant in nutrition.”

Sheep meat does not have much animal fat, and does not fatten one much even if it’s eaten a lot. It is also abundant in iron which pregnant women lack, so it’s perfect for Sieg.

As for the sheep meat that came out for dinner, Mother-in-law did not like it as expected. And as expected Sieg liked it.
Mother-in-law said that she didn’t want more, but when father-in-law said that it was good for reducing weight she suddenly started asking more questions.

Later, the tea party was changed to a party to have sheep meat.

※ There are parasites in sheep meat, so it might be better for pregnant women to not have them. (Though they are killed off from heat.)

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  1. I think frank is definitely supposed to be flank. The other cuts seem fine, but arm is a pretty odd way to refer to the shanks imo. I’ve never heard the shank referred to as arms. Now legs is fine. Leg actually refers to a specific cut of meat. It’s up to you if you want to change arm.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Somehow there’s no damage to me. maybe it’s because I don’t really like sheep’s meat in the first place. Best I could think of is Genghis Khan (not the human one – the grilled mutton one ) I still prefer pork’s belly over mutton.
    wait…. now it did have some damage. Did you plan this you evil … !


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