Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 88

Aina and Emmerich’s Elopement of Love!?
Additional Chapter

This takes places some time after chapter 47.
This is the story of the two who ran away from the village.

I was out of the village and was heading for Emmerich’s country.

After running away from the village, I finally came to my senses after we boarded the ship.
The cabin room has a bunk bed and there was also a curtain to separate the room.
I could have my private space, but it did not change the fact that the two of us were sharing one room.

With a carefree attitude, Emmerich asked me if I preferred the top bed or the bottom bed.

“Such a thing, anything is fine.”
“Ah, okay, then, Aina-chan gets the top bed.”

What is this. This, the way how he’s suggesting that the top bed is better.
When I asked about it, he told me that he was always the one on the top bed when he sharing bunk beds with his brothers.

“Shall we go eat?”
“There’s a dining hall above.”

I did not have much appetite from the morning so I did not have anything.
I felt hunger now.
While appreciating Emmerich’s offer, I followed him.

The dining hall where we could have foreign food was crowded with people.


Even if I saw the menu, I couldn’t read it well. I can’t read Emmerich’s language very well. My grandparents were against me learning other languages.

Ritz-oniichan sometimes taught me in secret, but I’m still not used to the language.
As for our conversations, half of the words are in my language and half of the words are in his language.
He studied hard for me.
However, I wanted to learn Emmerich’s country’s language so I asked him to speak more in his language.

Just being able to read the words didn’t help with identifying the dishes.
I felt as though there were glances directed here, so I wanted to return to the room quickly. Therefore, I left it to Emmerich.

“Aina-chan, what would you like?”
“……Anything’s fine.”

I regretted saying that afterwards. Why did I say such an uncute thing.
It would be nice to be able to smile and ask which is good like Ritz-oniichan would have done.

“Let’s see, what would be good.”

After hearing Emmerich’s response, I could raise my head.

Good. He didn’t look displeased at my attitude.

I repetitively apologised in my head.

“There are dishes that have a strong flavour, so~”

Emmerich started explaining the dishes on the menu.

“The bread probably won’t be too different from the ones we had in the village. As for the soup……”

I told him that anything was fine, but he explained everything for me.
I ordered potato soup called ‘Kartoffelsuppe’ and a fried veal sirloin dish called ‘Schnitzel’.

Emmerich ordered onion soup called ‘Zwiebelsuppe’ and a dish of chicken cooked with red wine, called ‘coq au vin’.[1]

The ordered dishes were served quickly. In the centre of the table, a basket with bread was placed.

‘Kartoffelsuppe’ was a thoroughly stewed soup made from mashed potatoes, milk from livestock, and spices, I suppose? It had deep flavour, and the sensation on the tongue was soft. Dipping bread in it was delicious as well.
‘Schnitzel’ was a dish that was cooked by deep frying beef sirloin covered in dried bread crusts.
He told me that I should sprinkle lemon juice over and that I should have it with steamed potatoes.
When I brought the knife to the meat, it cut through very well. It was a very soft meat.
The surface was crispy while the meat juice overflowed inside. Because of the lemon juice, the taste was clean as well.

Foreign food was surprisingly good.

On our way back, Emmerich told me that he’s going to the store.

“If there’s anything you need, please tell me.”

Emmerich paid for the meal. I thought of paying for myself, but I had left my wallet in the room.

“Aina-chan, would you like some chocolate?”
“No need.”
“I told you there’s no need.”

I did it again.
Why do I keep saying such uncute things.
As I watched Emmerich’s back going further away, I felt like running away.

I want to be more sociable like Ritz-oniichan.
The things I suddenly say are all harsh things.

“Shall we go.”

I followed Emmerich back to the room as he held a paper bag.


When I entered the room, Emmerich served juice and snacks.

“Eh, this, why!?”
“Let’s eat together after a while.”

Emmerich just smiled and said that he wanted to have some.

After that, the rest of the time was used to study the language.
If there were things I did not know, Emmerich taught me.

The two days boat trip flew by quickly.

At the port, we bought breakfast at the market.

While eating, we discussed what we should do afterwards.

Emmerich’s place is located in the capital of this country.
Since it would be conspicuous to wear traditional clothes, he bought a one-piece dress and a coat for me.
Thanks to the goodwill of the clerk, I was able to change in the inside of the store.

The dress had frills with flower patterns on the hem and the cuffs. The skirt was light, unlike the traditional clothes of the village. There were many ribbons near the chest and the hips so it was cute. The coat was fluffy, made of wool. Compared to my homeland, it was not very cold here but Emmerich told me that I might catch a cold so I bought it.
I was planning on paying for the clothes, but Emmerich paid for me. I felt bad.

“I’ll also do your hair in a cute style.”
“Twintail braids are drab, you see?”

The braids are signify my belief in the spirit that protects the village.
She’s a kindly clerk. I could refuse.
However, this place is not my homeland.

“……Yes, please.”
“Leave it to me!”

I never tried other hairstyles than braiding. My heart fluttered a bit.

My hair was split into two halves then weaved. Braiding hair was the same, but having hair that was not let down was fresh.
I thought it was over, but it wasn’t so.
The bottom of the braids were lifted to give them volume and something was stuck through my hair to hold them in place.

“Okay, done.”

——Amazing! Feels sort of adult-like!

I checked myself out in a long mirror that reflected all of myself.
I couldn’t believe it. I looked like someone completely different.

“Now now, stop fidgeting, we have to show your husband as well.”

I tried to say that he was not my husband, but she kept pushing my back.
I wanted to complain, but unfortunately I did not know the words in the foreign language.

In the end, I was pushed out to the store floor with a thud.


I had shoes with heels, which I was not used to, so I lost balance.

I’m falling! The moment I thought that, Emmerich ran over and caught me.

“A-Are you alright?”

Not ‘fine’!

Why couldn’t say the short sentence, “Vielendank (Thank you very much)”


Even after a long time passed, Emmerich did not remove his hands from my shoulders, so I cautiously raised my head.


When our eyes met, Emmerich blinked unnaturally.

“Erm, are you alright?”

……Rather, are you angry?

When I was about to ask that, he spoke up first.

“Aina-chan, you look so pretty.”
“It suits you well.”

Apparently, Emmerich was acting strangely because he was fascinated by me.

When I found that out, I got embarrassed so I distanced myself.

“Quickly, let’s go.”

I bowed to the kind clerk and then we exited the store.

There was a carriage headed for the capital, so we rode that. After many hours, we finally arrived at the town Emmerich lived in.

“It might be a little cramped here.”

He lived in a rented room in a house three stories high.
It consisted of a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, perfect for living alone.

“Aina-chan, you can use the bedroom.”
“What about you?”
“I’m fine with the living room sofa.”

Even if I said that I would be fine with the sofa, I thought that he wouldn’t listen so I accepted his goodwill.
I found out as we travelled together that Emmerich is quite stubborn.
Also, he never gives up his attitude of placing ladies first.

“From here on, work will get busy so I can’t come back too much.”
“Should we hire a maid?”
“No need.”
“I can do it alone.”

I have confidence in cleaning and cooking and sewing.
If we hire people, it would burden Emmerich’s budget, and the thought of having someone else in the house made me feel uneasy so I declined.

“Then, if there is anything troubling you ask for help from the owner on the first floor. I will request for assistance to Aina-chan.”

Like so, my life together with Emmerich began.


As he said on the first day of living together, Emmerich did not come home for most of the time.
Meanwhile, I went outside to shop around or take strolls in the park, trying to go out of the house as much as possible.

However, there was one scary incident.
On the way back from the market, a young man talked to me.
He spoke quickly in the foreign language so I could not understand.

“It’s alright so hang out with me!” was all I could get.

He was not taller than Emmerich, but he had an intimidating aura.

I shook my head to convey that I didn’t want to. However, he grabbed my arm so I swung the basket I had on one hand to his shoulder.

He was taken aback and let me go.

I concentrated solely on running.

However, he was also chasing after me persistently. I could hear a terrifying roar behind me.

I thought that I was on the quick side, but I could not run well because of the shoes.

Tears came flowing out from the fear.

I was almost home, but then I remembered that I had put the key in the basket, which made even more tears flow out.
I did not have time to fetch the basket that hit the man.

I soon arrived at my home.
I wonder if the house owner is home.
Please, help, I prayed as I ran.


From the sight I was greeted by, I suspected my eyes.

Emmerich was coincidentally in front of the door.

“Eh? Aina-chan.”

I flew into his arms and tightly hugged him.

“Eh, what’s wrong——!”

The man who was chasing me faced Emmerich.

“What, she already had someone.”
“Who are you?”

They were talking about something, but Emmerich spoke quickly as well so I couldn’t get what they were saying.

“That woman, she swung her basket at me. I have something to say to her so lend her to me.”
“I can’t do that.”


Have I done something irreparable without realising it?

Emmerich softly patted my shoulders that were shaking.

“Well, what’s going on here?”

The house owner who happened to hear the commotion came outside.
Emmerich asked the house owner to take me inside.

When I explained the situation, I was told that I did nothing bad.

“It’s alright. David-san will take care of it.”

Even so, I was worried about Emmerich.
What if he gets injured, I thought. The shaking in my shoulders did not go away.
Maybe because my thoughts showed on my face, the house owner elaborated.

“He’s a soldier. He’s used to fights.”

As the house owner said, Emmerich came back with a nonchalant look.

“Sorry for causing a commotion outside the house.”
“No, it’s alright. However, the public order around the area has worsened due to increased immigration. I wouldn’t recommend letting a young woman walking around alone.”
“Yes. Indeed.”

I was the one who did a bad thing, yet Emmerich was scolded by the house owner.
I heard about the public order worsening from the day I arrived here. I was also told to shop from the door-to-door merchants.

I returned home with my back drooping.
Today, I heard that Emmerich would be coming back so I was planning to cook some delicious food for him, but I ended up dropping the ingredients.

I really should apologise this time.
I breathed in while thinking that, but Emmerich spoke up first.

“Aina-chan, I’m glad you’re safe.”

Emmerich held my hand and crouched down.
And then he started murmuring that he was sorry.

“W-Why? The one at fault here is me who went out arbitrarily.”

Emmerich softly said that it was not so, and fell into silence.


While I was looking at the top of Emmerich’s head, I remembered something.

“Eh, what is it?”
“The house key, I left it on the street with the basket! I have to go fetch them!”

When I said that, Emmerich said that he’ll go.

“It’s alright, so wait at home.”

He doesn’t listen to others when he’s like this, so I decided to leave it to him.

While Emmerich is outside, I started preparing the meal.

Even though I said that, there were only root vegetables such as potatoes, some bread, smoked meat and canned food.

In the kitchen, I categorised the potatoes.
In this country, there are three major categories of potatoes.

First, there’s ‘Festkochende Kartoffeln’, potatoes which do not collapse easily.
These are used for boiling or frying.
Second, there’s ‘Vorwiegend Festkochende Kartoffeln’, potatoes which are hard to cook while still maintaining their structure. These are used when one wants moderate texture.
Finally, there’s ‘Mehligkochende Kartoffeln’, potatoes that collapse easily. These are used for soup.[2]

When I first visited the market, I was surprised by the great variety of potatoes.

I used the easily collapsing potatoes to make soup. I added smoked meat, potatoes and some spices then I started boiling it slowly.
I baked the potatoes that do not easily collapse in the stove.
Meanwhile, I made white sauce.
Milk and flour are mixed, then seasoned with spices. I made a little too much. Finally, I mixed it with minced smoke meat and mushrooms marinated in oil.
On the cross-shaped slits on the potatoes, I poured white sauce and powdered cheese, and then heated them again. It’s done once cheese has completely melted.
The soup that was left on the fire after putting in the ingredients seemed to be done as well.

At that moment, Emmerich returned.

“Aina-chan, the key and basket with the shopped goods were there.”

The kind clerk at the tailor shop had picked it up.
I was relieved since we found the key.

“Th-Thank you.”
“Nn. It was nice that it was there.”

Emmerich went back to the usual silly smile.

When I told him that the meal was ready, he looked happy.
It was only a simple meal made from what I had home, but Emmerich still ate them deliciously.


The life in the foreign country was just beginning, but every day was fulfilling.

I also thought that it would be nice if I could have a honest attitude to Emmerich as well.

Aina and Emmerich’s Elopement of Love!? — The End.

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[1] The German names are the literal meanings (potato soup and onion soup respectively). Schnitzel I think most people know. Coq au vin is a french dish made by braising chicken with wine.
[2] Anyone proficient in German? Please check these terms if possible. Edit: A big thanks to ‘Anonymous Coward’ for taking the time and effort to check!

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  1. Regarding the use of “festkochend”: this can be transliterated as “firm/solid (when) cooked”, and “mehlig” in this context refers to the potatoes becoming soft, so the last category of potatoes just doesn’t work. It’d mean something like “soft-firm-cooking potatoes”.

    The “mehlig festkochend” should instead be “mehligkochend”. Which is the label you’d see on a sack of taters in a German supermarket.

    The middle category is A-OK since “vorwiegend” roughly means “mostly”, and “vorwiegend festkochend” is the correct designation of that category of potatoes.

    You’ve been doing an *amazing* job juggling the several languages in this novel. Mad respects. o/

    Also thanks for your work, as usual. Much appreciated.

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