Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 92

Emmerich and the Fickle Kittens — Final Part
Additional Chapter.

Uncle’s marriage gift arrived.
A goat. A nanny goat.

It seems that it can be milked only in the winter. I was told to dote on it because it is tame.
Indeed, it is behaving very well next to Aina.

Since it can’t be left out in the open, I used materials lying around and built a goat house, with borrowed tools from uncle. When laid hay inside, it looked pretty good.
It seemed that the goat was satisfied as well, because it quickly went into the shed and rested inside.

“The goat is unexpectedly docile. I was surprised.”

While we were talking, I felt a strong shock from my back.
I managed perform a break-fall into a roll on the floor.

When I turned around to see who it was, the goat was standing proudly in the light.

“H-How come……?”

The goat lifted its forelegs and stood on its hind legs.
That excited appearance was as though it was showing hostility.

……Could it be, that I’m being threatened?”

Right away, Aina-chan tied the goat to a stake in the ground.

I found out later that goats are creatures of wild temperament.
On a closer look, its eyes are rather frightening.
Come to think of it, the sheep in the village were grazing the grass in a dignified manner. I regretted that I should have chosen a sheep.

I also told Aina-chan to be careful, but if it’s next to her it seems to be docile.
It even easily lets itself be milked.
Why is it aggressive only to me. I wanted to complain to the goat.

Worst of all, it seemed like the goat was trying to headbutt me whenever possible.
One time, when Aina-chan was waiting for me in front of the door, I ran up to her with a smile. Just before I could enter the house, it headbutted me at my side.
Coincidentally, it stabbed the knee, a key point of the human body, so I leapt up greatly.

Well, Aina-chan worried for me and gently nursed me so it was good.

Uncle gave me an absurd present.
I really want to thank him.


Outside the house, I am dominated by the savage goat, but inside I felt healed.

The red cat I received from my colleague, Rossa, was such a baby, following Aina-chan everywhere.

In addition, Rossa had no care in the world for me.

However, the way Aina-chan makes a blissful expression while having Rossa on her lap and caressing its chin, forehead and waist is unbearable. The cat purring with the same expression is also pleasing.

Recently, we had such leisurely moments.
In the city, it was unimaginable for the two of us to be even sitting down together.

With some months having passed since its birth, Rossa was growing well.
Its fur was neat, and aunt also said that the cat is pretty.
It also somewhat resembles Aina-chan. She also has clear almond-shaped eyes.

It might be true that cats and dogs take after their owners.

“Aina-chan, should I brew some coffee?”
“You can do that?”
“Ah, more or less.”

Because I had been living alone for a long time.

Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I last brewed coffee. Ever since she lived with me, I never brewed coffee.

Aina-chan said that she’ll brew coffee because the coffee I brew is fishy, but because Rossa was sleeping she couldn’t move.

“I’ll do my best.”
“The coffee in the red can deep inside the shelf is for guests.”

It seems that the coffee brewing machine was handed down from the landlady. I could also see new products.
Come to think of it, the coffee I had back home might have been spoiled.
I ground coffee beans. I set filters in a special container, put ground coffee and then poured water.
While I was waiting for the coffee to drip, I got bored.
When I told Aina-chan “I want to eat some snacks if there are any,” she told me that she had the cake she made yesterday in the shelf.

The cake was made with dried fruits. When I sliced it, a subtle sweet scent flowed out.

I placed cake slices on a plate and then it was time to wait for coffee again.

Once the coffee finished brewing, I poured them into cups and placed sugar and milk next to them on a plate. I then brought them out to the living room.

When I sat down next to Aina-chan, she glared at me.
Since we never sat down together before, she might be wary of me.

Could it be that I am still a suspicious foreigner to her?
I don’t want to ask.

Anyhow, I placed the snacks and a cup in front of Aina-chan.

“Aina, you want three spoons of sugar and plenty of milk, right?”
”……That’s right.”

I stirred in sugar and milk and served them to her.
Rossa was sleeping soundly on Aina-chan’s lap. Since it would be dangerous if the coffee spilled, I softly lifted her and placed her in the basket that was also her bed.

When I returned to Aina-chan’s side and asked if I could have some cake, she replied that I could.

I soon started eating Aina-chan’s handmade cake.
A bite using a fork.
It was soft and had a slight alcohol flavour. It also had dried fruits so the taste was expressive.

Aina-chan, this is very delicious! You might even be able to sell it!

When I placed the cake down on the table and stared at her to thank her, Aina-chan was staring at me while blushing deeply.

“Ah, sorry!”

At that moment, I put myself in Aina-chan’s shoes.

A disorderly foreign man suddenly demanded sweets and then shamelessly started eating next to her.

Oh no oh no!! So disgusting!!

When I tried to stand up in panic, Aina-chan grabbed my sleeve.


I flinched from surprise.

“Ah, erm.”

Aina-chan merely stared up at me with teary eyes.
For now, I apologised for being such a revolting man.
But Aina-chan said, “It’s different,” shaking her head.

What should I do? I have no idea what it is that she is thinking or what she wants.

The only thing I discovered was that Aina-chan sees me as a disgusting person.

When I fumbled around my pocket in panic, there was pen and paper inside.
I handed that to her with trembling hands for her to write what she wants to say.

Having received pen and paper, Aina-chan jotted down something. It seemed like writing the words themselves, but she didn’t hand the paper over.

I was in an awkward posture, so I sat down on a chair.
I wasn’t shaking, but I was very nervous.
It seemed like that was also the case for Aina-chan, who was peering into the paper.

Just what could she have written.

-Chirin- The bell on Rossa’s collar rang.
The kitten that had awoken jumped, aiming for Aina-chan’s lap.


Because Rossa jumped in, the paper in Aina-chan’s hand fluttered around.
I grabbed the piece of paper that fell onto the floor.


The moment I held it in my hand, the words came into my eyes.
It was an unthinkable thing.

“Ich mag dich sehr. (I love you)”

I was so surprised that I got a nosebleed.


I never realised that Aina-chan liked me.
No, on the contrary, there would be no reason for her to make such delicious meals for someone she does not care for.
I was just dense.

In this way, the two of us lived happily together after we opened up to each other.
Aina-chan is still very prickly, but even that is irresistibly cute.

We spend our pleasant honeymoon life peacefully.

Emmerich and the Fickle Kittens — Finished.

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How could I mistake kitten as cat!? Facepalms

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16 thoughts on “Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 92

  1. “ich liebe dich” would be better, “mogen” mean a friendly kind of like when “lieben” mean litteraly love in a passionate way.


  2. D’aww. So that’s how Aina finally opened up. I’m hoping my guess about her still being a bit tsundere but responding in kind is on the mark; because that’ll be cute. Emmerich coming home, giving her a kiss, she blushes and smacks him for it, but then blushes harder as she then returns it with a shy kiss of her own and murmuring “welcome home”.

    At least, that’s how I interpreted her still being prickly.


  3. “I never realised that Aina-chan liked me.
    No, on the contrary, there would be no reason for her to start exchanging letters, tell me everything I do is interesting, prepare a house for us to live in in her home town and then elope with someone she does not care for.
    I was just dense.”
    Uh huh


  4. Dear god youu dense buffoon. Oh dear denselords of the denseness continent. Holy crackerjack. You love this woman, and have spent quite a bit with her, and it took you so long to figure her out? Gosh darn it, you dense idiot. What that Aina see in you. =o=. Well you are a soldier, soldier = fit= muscular=attractive. I see it all now. =o=. But I still think yall are cute so, have at it.


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