Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 101

Story of One Summer Day — First Half
Additional Chapter

The story takes place at Sieg’s place after Arno is born.

After Arno was born, grandfather came over to Sieg’s place every time he could.
He even buys large amounts of toys as a present every time.
I do appreciate that he’s buying mostly animal dolls, but seeing the mountain of stuffed toys I can’t help but tilt my head in wonder of who is making those.
I was thinking of asking father to make the ones we will be using at our home, but then I remembered that his handiwork was bad so I decided against that. Mother is more skilled than father, but I felt sorry about asking her so it would become my work.
Well, it’s too early to worry about making stuffed toys for Arno though.

Anyhow, grandfather came.

When I went to the front door after hearing the news, he was just entering while holding a large teddy bear.

“Grandfather, that is……?”
“It’s not for you.”
“Well, I knew that already though.”

I heard someone running over here from afar.
Shouting something.

“They’re here.”

Grandfather grinned. And then he crouched down on the sport.

“Grandfather Lüneburg~~!!”
“……Aru, wait, running’s, dangerous.”

It was the nieces. They came running, with Edelgard stopping nearby and Adeltraud hugging grandfather.

I wonder when they became so close.
I was surprised to learn that grandfather liked children.
Grandfather has a scary look so children of House Lüneberg are scared of him.
However, Adeltraud didn’t seem to mind, as she was talking to him with a smile on her face.
Edelgard didn’t seem to be used to it yet, since she was only glancing at grandfather’s face.
For now, I went up next to her and said, “He’s a kind grandfather, so why don’t you play with him?”
Grandfather handed the teddy bear to Adeltraud and then beckoned Edelgard, who was fidgeting a little ways away.

He always came late and left without staying, but today he will be spending a night here.

“It seems like I made it before the girls went off to sleep.”
“It is still rather late though.”

The time was past nine.
Since the nieces heard that grandfather would be coming, they were waiting earnest.
Let’s play tomorrow, or so they even made such a cute promise. Having received the teddy bear, the sisters were led away by a servant.

“Where’s Sieglinde-san and Arno?”
“They’re getting up, probably.”
“I see.”

He bought a parasol as a gift for Sieg. The deep blue parasol and embroidered with a black lace on the edge. It’s one that has a rather alluring, or mature design.
From I imagining Sieg using this parasol, I ended up smirking a little. Grandfather was also saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice?”

“This is for you.”

Apparently he had a gift for me as well.
I was given a heavy and large box from the servant. What could this be?

“Grandfather, what is this?”
“Well, open it up in your room.”

When I returned to my room, Arno had just finished a meal.
His belly was chubby, having had a lot of milk.
Grandfather received Arno from Sieg, and was making a smile as if he was melting.
If people of House Lüneberg saw this sight, they would be surprised.
I felt moved from seeing that sight for some reason.
Grandfather had been overburdened with parenting. I’m glad that he’s this delighted with children.

“Ritz, that is?”
“Ah, I wonder?”

I remembered that I was holding up a box.

“Grandfather, if it’s alright, please take a seat.”
“I’m putting Arno to sleep, so later.”
“Ah, thank you.”

Grandfather put in a lot of effort and energy into making Arno sleep. rocking his body. Arno quickly went to sleep in the cradle while letting out a “My.”
He was looking at Arno’s sleeping face, but a servant brought tea so he came over here and sat down on a chair.

“What, you didn’t open it yet?”
“Open it up.”

Grandfather’s gift was placed on the table.
I opened it as my heart pounded in excitement.


There was something like a metal pail in the wooden box. There was a tightly shutting lid for it. On its side, there were handles. It had a mysterious structure.

“What do you think it is?”
“Hmm, a metal pail!”
“Think more before you answer!”

……No, well, I can only see it as a metal pail.

Grandfather asked the same thing to Sieg.

“Might this be for making something?”
“Grandfather, a hint please.”
“For something cold.”
“Could it be for ice cream?”
“Hehh, so there’s something like that.”

When I opened the lid, it was double-layered inside.
Ice is to be put in the outer layer, and then the ingredients are to be put in the inner layer. After that, the lid is to be closed then the handle is turned to make ice cream.

“You can take it back to the village and set up a store.”
“Ah, that is a nice idea.”

Selling berry-flavoured ice cream to tourists and raking in money. That might be nice.

“Huh, wait, what is the ingredient for ice cream……?”
“We need dairy so the costs will be high.”

My dream was crushed from Sieg pointing that out.
We don’t have cattle nearby, so milk is an expensive product because of the transport fees. Reindeers can only be milked in early spring, and we need to make cheese, so there won’t be enough left to make ice cream. I went limp.

“Ritzhard, could you have never had ice cream before?”
“Ah, come to think of it!”

After grandfather pointed it out, I realised that I never had ice cream.
There are many ice cream stores in the cities, but unfortunately there are none in the remote land. Stalls sometimes set up in the port, up only kids have them.

“Sieg, have you had them?”
“Well, a few times.”

Apparently there is a famous ice cream store in the city.

“It’s a famous dating place for young people.”

I ended up complaining to Sieg, asking with whom she went there.

“No, I just went there with my cousins……”
“Then it’s alright!”

I felt relieved that she didn’t go with her colleagues or something.
To me who was acting like that, Grandfather put in an attack.

“Though you were playing with women every time you were coming here.”
“Erm, grandfather, those stories……”

What is he saying, now, at this moment.
Of course, that’s before I married.
No, well, I reported to Sieg about those things, so it should be alright…… not!!

Sieg was sending a sharp glare over here.
Even when I said, “Sieg is the prettiest woman in the world now,” with a trembling voice, she merely narrowed her eyes at me.

I was playing around freely, yet to be worried about Sieg’s relationships, how hypocritical. For now, I apologised earnestly and told her that we should talk about it later.
I might be hit using the parasol with the alluring design, but I vowed in my head to endure it.

“Now, why don’t we rest?”

I was surprised at grandfather withdrawing early.

……How cruel. Dropping a bomb and disappearing.

“Grandfather-in-law, thank you for the lovely gift.”
“It will be good.”
“Grandfather, thank you for the ice cream maker as well.”
“Make some tomorrow.”

Tomorrow’s schedule was decided.
The problem is what happens afterwards.

Sieg was tapping the parasol she got from grandfather against her palm.
From the movements that were as though she was checking the durability, beads of sweat formed on my brows.

“Erm, Sieglinde-san?”
“What is it?”
“What should I do for you to forgive me?”
“Why do you ask?”
“No, well, you look a little angry~”

I mustered up courage and asked, but Sieg-san replied that she was not angry.

But her movements were quite scary?
I said that I will do anything and then lowered my head.

“Well, if there’s something I want to do,”
“I want to ride a boat on a lake, so won’t you row with me?”
“I received a splendid parasol after all.”

I was surprised at the sudden date proposal.
Also, my heart pounded from Sieg’s embarrassed expression.

When I asked why she was swinging the parasol around like that, she replied that she was doing so because she was pondering about inviting me.

I felt relieved that she wasn’t angry.
Tonight, yet again, I was thankful at Sieg’s magnanimity.

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