Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 103

Compilation of Short Episodes
Additional Chapter

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Index of the Short Episodes

“The Story of Kayneth and Ritzhard”… A story from Kayneth’s point of view.

At the ball where dazzling young men and women seek for their lifetime partners, Kayneth, the third son of the viscount of House von Brzeska, entered with a grimace.
It was the first time he was attending a ball.
Kayneth had been living as a commoner for eighteen years.
However, his father whom he had never met before adopted him into the nobility as the eldest son had died just the previous year.
His mother who was working in a factory was apparently working at the viscount’s mansion when she was young.
Having relationships in the heat of youth and getting fired after pregnancy, it was a common story among servants working for nobles.
The viscount’s second son was sickly, so Kayneth was adopted as a backup successor.

Of course, originally a commoner, there would be no way that Kayneth was used to high society, so he merely leaned against the wall and stared and young men and women chat.
When he gazed somewhere a little ways away, there was a crowd.
At the centre was an elderly gentleman, whom father had instructed Kayneth to remember the face and the name.
Adalbert von Lüneburg. Marquess.
He was taught that he is an influential noble who uses his private funds to build schools for common people, factories or stores where women could work, among many other businesses for the economically weak.
The factory his mother was working at was run by the marquess, so he felt an arbitrary familiarity.
He was taught to greet him if he ever met the marquess at a ball, but unfortunately he did not have the opportunity so he was merely staring blankly at him.
Next to Marquess Lüneburg, there was a young man that did not look to be twenty.
Kayneth was surprised at the appearance of that young man.
Beautiful white hair that was almost like silver and blue eyes that were like gems. The beauty was something that was not of this world.
Kayneth could not help but stare at the appearance that was as though it came straight out of the fantastical paintings at the viscount’s manor.
It was not only Kayneth who was like that.
All the people around, regardless of age or sex, had their attention stolen by the young man.
While he was glancing at the white-haired young man as though he was staring at a rare animal, their eyes happened to meet.
The young man smiled slightly at Kayneth before turning away.
That time, Kayneth could only think that he was a frivolous man to smile at strangers.

At the second year of the ball, Kayneth set off with a scolding from his father to put more effort into it.
He properly learned the dance moves, and had remembered sentences that would please women.
The ballroom was still dazzling and colourful.
Kayneth was tasked to invite at least one woman to a dance.
When his heart was about to burst from nervousness, his eyes met a nearby woman’s.
The moment he was about to talk to her, someone bumped into him from behind.
“Ah, I’m sorry!”
He knew that he didn’t do it purpose because the person had apologised, but the woman in front of him ran away.
When he turned around spitefully, the person standing there was the white-haired young man whom he had seen a year ago.
“Is your back alright? I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”
Seeing the young man bow in apology, he concocted a plan.
Thinking that the man would be a good bait to allure women, Kayneth invited him for a talk.

That was the meeting with the white-haired young man Ritzhard Salonon Revontulet with whom he would be acquainted for a decade.


After introducing themselves, they started chatting while leaning against the wall.
Ritzhard had a fleeting impression, but he later found out that he is from a hunting people who hunt their own food with guns. At first, Kayneth thought that was a joke.
“As if someone so fluffy like you can hunt.”
“Yes I can~”
There are many unfortunate people in the world, and Ritzhard is one of them, or so Kayneth thought.
He had an enervating way of talking, or a unique relaxing aura.
However, his ability to charm women was real, since Kayneth could feel glances from some time ago.
“What did you come here for?”
“Of course to find a wife!”
“Then that’s convenient.”
Kayneth whispered to Ritzhard, telling him that they should to talk to the two beauties that were standing far away.

It was a brilliant plan to use Ritzhard as bait, but it sank splendidly.
Ritzhard failed to read the mood and started talking about butchering animals.
“How did talking about the recently popular spreads in the cities turn into talking about butchering animals!”
“No, I was just saying that ptarmigan liver spreads are delicious!”
“You don’t need to talk about the manufacturing process!”
“Hehh, I~ see.”
Unfortunately, Ritzhard was a hunter deep down.
“Hey, talk about things women are interested in, such as trending goods, art and flowers.”
“Ah, I know a lot about plants!”
He exclaimed as he pointed at the white flower in a vase by the wall.
“That flower is very pretty, but it’s toxic.”
“Cardiac dysfunction, was it? Apparently having some would cause one to have trouble breathing. I think I recall hearing that having even the water in the vase is dangerous~”
That’s not it, Kayneth thought, but he did not have the energy to retort so he quietly listened to Ritzhard talk.

After that, Kayneth kept reuniting with Ritzhard once a year at the ball.
He was doing a foolish thing, repetitively getting fiancées who would run away.
“Come to think of it, Kayneth, aren’t you marrying yet?”
“I’m still alright.”
The year before the last, his father had remarried and had a son.
Now that the succession was no longer instable, people around him did not pester him.
“I’m just here to take a break from the bleak life in the military.”
“Ah, I get you!”
In the snow country, Ritzhard was leading a bleak daily life without anything to play. Kayneth, following a strict schedule in the military, he could only had a break in the ball.
“I wonder what marriage is like~”
“As if I’d know.”
You might not be able to find a wife here? He thought, but he did not say.
He pitied Ritzhard who was looking forward marriage so much.
However, that couldn’t be helped.
In the dazzling world of nobles, even Kayneth once had a dream.


Ten years later.
The ball was no different from usual.
Tonight, the ball that would act as a meeting place for men and women was to open.

What was different from usual was that a famous person who normally did not come to balls had come.
Sieglinde von Wattin.
She was a very famous person, whom everyone in the army knew.
Kayneth saw here only once in the army, but the vivid red hair left an imprint on his mind.
The women were swooning over the gallant figure of Sieglinde.
The men were envious of her who looked more handsome and manly than any others.
However, Ritzhard was different.
He fell in love with her at first sight and suddenly proposed to her.
As he was taking the soldier that was drawing the gaze of many women, Ritzhard earned much ire.
First, to calm the commotion down, Ritzhard and Sieglinde left the hall.
Ritzhard left with a hunched back, while getting curses from ladies.
Sieglinde had her hand on his waist to protect him as she led him out.
From the side, Ritzhard and Sieglinde was the splitting image of a suspect getting arrested by an elite soldier.
Kayneth laughed from seeing such a scene.

Kayneth saw his friend off while praying that he would find happiness this time.

A few months later, a letter with surprising news arrived for him.
What was written was that Sieglinde von Wattin and Ritzhard had married.
There’s no telling what might happen in life.
That was what Kayneth thought.



“Agitated Ritzhard”… Near the beginning of the story. Middle of the temporary life.

It had been a few days since I started living with Sieg. Other than the martial race family, it had been a decade since I lived with someone, so I was trying to not get carried away.
I was fluffy every day so I naturally made some mistakes.
One morning,
I woke up early for some reason, I thought of waiting for Sieg at the living room.
It was still dark as the sun did not rise yet. In the dark, I headed out of my room in my pyjamas.
For some reason, Sieg’s room door was slightly open.

It was always tightly shut, but how come!?

I was worried, so I knocked lightly and spoke out.
“Sieg, Sieglinde.”
I called her name many times, but there was no response.
I could only get bad feelings. The sound of my heart pounding echoed in my head.
“Excuse me, Sieg.”
I knew that it was something I shouldn’t do, but I entered Sieg’s room.
Of course, it was dark in the room. However, when I went inside, there was no one there.

——Sieg is not here.

I returned to my room and lit a lantern to properly investigate, but I couldn’t find Sieg.
I went down to the first floor and looked around the rooms in panic, but there was no one.
“Sieg, where are you!?”
I took a look around the mansion, but it was quiet here as well. The dog house, the reindeer shed and the workshop were all quiet.
I felt a presence at the forest near the mansion, so I ran over there, but ended up flinching.

I ended up meeting Teoporon.
“Ah, I’m sorry. I was, looking for Sieg.”
He did not falter a bit at my behaviour and showed me the boar he caught in the forest.
Did you see Sieg? I was asking, but I was panicking so I couldn’t communicate well.
I looked around a lot, but Sieg was nowhere to be seen within the grounds of the mansion.

Could it be, that Sieglinde is already, with the village ——!?

That thought was a frightening one.
Could it be that she could no longer bear living with an over-familiar man? I should have been more considerate.
It’s too late to regret.
Before I realised it, I was running to the village.
When I shone the lantern on the snow, there were signs of someone passing here. However, there was the possibility that it was Teoporon’s footprints, so I could not rest easy yet.
The villagers were working in the dark. On closer inspection, it was only the women, digging and getting water from the well. I had heard that it was the women’s job to protect the house, but I did not know that they also did manual labour.
However, I did not have time to think about those things. Finding Sieg is the most important task.
While looking around, I ran to the fort gates.
Unbelievably, both the iron bars were up, and the bolt to prevent intruders was not there either. I ordered them to at least lock the doors at night, so I was going to scold the soldier in charge of the night duty, but there was no one at the window.
If it’s like this, I can’t even ask if Sieg came here.
I complained for them to work properly at night, but it seems like there was no effect.
I felt depressed at my weak-mindedness for being a lord.
I went outside and checked the snow on the ground. There were no footprints, but if snow falls the evidence disappears so there is no meaning to checking it.
For now, I bolted the gate so that no one will be able to come it.
If any merchants or travellers that visit in the dark, they can go to the shed outside the gate.
There is a fireplace as well as food there, so they won’t freeze to death there.
After finishing the check-up, I felt fatigue washing over my body.
I ran at full speed here, so my heart was pounding heavily.

—— My chest hurts.

That was probably not just because I was tired. There is another reason. I breathed in and out for a little, and then proceeded down the corridor to return home.
“Huh~, I wondered who it was, my lord?”
Someone looked out from the window, so I flinched a little.
The person who peeked out was the soldier in charge of security of the fort.
So I complained about how the night duty was in poor condition right away.
“Aa~, I did think that someone was here though~”

I thought so.
It felt like a waste getting angry.

Even if I shouted here, that would be me just taking out my anger on him, I decided to scold him lightly only.
First, regarding this one, I have to talk to the army headquarters. Even if I talk their superiors, it will be useless.
I thought that the conversation was over now, but the curious young soldier kept asking questions.
“What happened? This early in the morning.”
“Nothing. Just a little stroll.”
“Could it be that you fought with your wife and was chased out of the house?”
“Eh~ Really~”
Even I talked with him, I would only get depressed so I told him I had business and parted ways with him.

Maybe because it had snowed last night, the path I was treading down had barely any footprints.
I carefully looked around the village, but I couldn’t find Sieg.
“Oh my, my lord!”
“Ah, hello.”
The store lady that I coincidentally met greeted me.
“On a stroll this early in the morning?”
“……Well, I thought that going on morning patrols sometimes wouldn’t be so had.”
“Is that so, it was rare sight, so I wondered if anything was up.”
“……N-No, not really.”
I hardly went on patrols. My intuition must have dulled from my depression.
For now, I asked the whereabouts of Sieg.
“Have you seen Sieg?”
“Not today.”
“Nn? Not today, what do you mean by that?”
“Sieglinde-san takes a stroll around the area around this hour, so she should be back in the house by now, I believe?”
That was unexpected. Sieg was taking a stroll in the village every day.
I thanked the store lady and ran back home as fast as I could.
I ran through the forest and the small hills.
The sky was getting faintly brighter, that it was easier to see the surroundings.
When I passed the gate and ran up to the front door, I saw a tall red-haired figure standing there.
When I called out the name, the woman I wanted to see turned around.
I ran up and grabbed her arms.
“——What’s wrong!?”
Even when she asked, I couldn’t answer. I was having trouble breathing for the second time today.
I never ran this much in my life, so I didn’t know how to breath, only puffing out white breaths.
“Are you alright?”
While grabbing Sieg’s arms, I hung my head down. I was tired from running so much from the morning and an indescribable feeling of relief came over at the same time so I was very exhausted.
After I calmed down, I suggested that we talk inside.
“Sorry, it must have been cold outside?”
“No, my body was warmed from taking a stroll, so there’s no trouble.”
“Is that so? What a relief.”
“Aren’t you the one feeling cold?”
“N-No, it’s not that cold.”
“Is that so.”
Come to think of it, I was still in my pyjamas. I reflected on my actions.
“Now, it’s cold outside, so come inside.”
We went inside in a strange atmosphere.

Miruporon was had lit up the fireplace so it was warm inside. It was a thankful thing.
When I sat down across from her in the awkward atmosphere, Ruruporon served warm drinks.
After having some herb tea and catching my breath, we started talking.
“So, erm—— Sieg, you go out on strolls every morning?”
“Aa. Sorry. I forgot to report.”
She told me that taking a stroll was part of her daily life. At her wonderful and composed hobby, I was at a loss for words for a while.
“N-No, it’s fine going on strolls.”
To go on a stroll in the dark, I couldn’t imagine such a thing. To immediate think the worst, what an amazing confusion.
Since I also shouldn’t keep secrets, I properly told her about that.
“Frankly, I had thought that you might have run away so I went outside in panic.”
“I did a bad thing.”
“No, thinking calmly, I can tell that Sieg is not one to go out quietly……”
It might have been that my head was not working properly form just waking up. I felt really sorry for suspecting her.
“I think I told you before, but my previous fiancées ran away so many times……. So when I couldn’t see Sieg in the morning……”
“Aa, so that was how it was.”
My considerate wife understood my exaggerated action.
“Don’t worry. I won’t run away nor hide. It would be unthinkable to disappear silently.”
“Thank you, thank you.”
I felt happy from her declaration, that my eyes got very teary form that.
I might have been afraid of people disappearing without me knowing. It’s most likely because I had been scarred by fiancées running away.
When I explained the situation, Sieg suggested a few things.
“From now on, when we go out silently, we should leave a note on the living room table.”
“B-But, wouldn’t that be a bother for you?”
“Just writing a little on a piece of paper is nothing. Don’t worry.”
What a magnanimous woman. I felt so thankful that I clasped my hands for her in my head.
“In return, I’ll keep going on morning strolls.”
“You can do that as much as you want.”
That was the story of the day when I made a promise with Sieg.


Northern Nobleman, a rather short story: “Luca Saw”… This is a short story that was posted on twitter.

While passing the window of the store, Luca became disgusted seeing the inside of the store.
(Mother, are you at the meeting to see the lord’s wife again.)
Today, yet again, there was a meeting of people wanting to meet the lord’s wife.
(That person’s quite amazing though.)
A woman charming other women. Luca wondered at the mysterious scene.
Just who are there, he thought and checked.
After checking everyone, he felt a chill run down his spine at the last moment.
That person had especially pretty hair and the clear eyes were looking at the lord’s wife.
Luca thought that the person who had the hair in one braid was the prettiest.
The moment he realised who that was, he became angry.
(……Shit! That, is the lord!)
Among the women, the lord Ritzhard was mixed in there.
How does he look so natural with the women, he wondered.

To begin with, it’s strange enough for the wife to look manly, Luca thought.

“This is wrong!”

Outside the window, the boy ran away from the store screaming.

~ Fin ~


“Eru and Aru’s Fantastical Fairy Story”… Edelgard’s point of view.
This takes place approximately two years after the final chapter of the main story.


In the summer of the third year after meeting uncle Ritzhard, me, my little sister, grandfather, father and Ritz the dog, four people and one animal went to the village of the fairies.
Grandmother and mother are staying home again.
Listen to grandfather and father and be good children. We promised that before we went.
Father was worried about sleeping inside the ship, but that was undue worry.
My little sister quietly read books, and I drew pictures.

We arrived two days later.
We finally arrived at the small port city.
I was surprised that it was cold rather than cool even though it was summer. I put on the long sleeves we brought from home, and got on the carriage.
After getting on the carriage, my little sister could not calm down. While looking at the scenery, she was throwing exclamations everywhere.
Like uncle Ritzhard had told us, the greenery of this country is beautiful.
It’s very different from the thick forests of my homeland.
We could see a bright forest for the first time.
I had read that most of this country consists of forests and lakes.
When I told that to little sister, she was very happy, even saying, “Because this is the country of fairies!”
My little sister believes in fairies.
Still, it couldn’t be helped because the reason for that, uncle Ritzhard really is like a fairy.
His white hair shines silver when it receives sunlight.
His blue eyes shine like gems and are very clear.
His eyelashes are so long that they might even make sounds when he blinks, and his skin is white without any flaws.
The appearance was as though it came straight out of a picture book. Both my little sister and I were fascinated by it.
Uncle was also very knowledgeable about the forest.
Trees where honey can be found, flowers that can be eaten, leaves that can be used for tea, we were taught many things.
We had thought that the dark forests were scary places, but thanks to uncle guiding us, the forest was a good playground for my little sister and me. Of course, we were keeping the promise that the two of us would not go in alone.
While we were absorbed in the scenery, we arrived at the village.


Little sister was surprised upon seeing the entrance of the village. Because there was a huge wall in front of it.
Grandfather explained. The walls were built three centuries ago to keep out harmful beasts.

“Hehh, I see~”
“It’s alright now.”
“Really? There are no bears?”
“Iyaa, please no bears……”

Grandfather suddenly shut his mouth and stared up at the sky.
Having become uneasy, father asked if it really was alright.

“No, it’s alright.”

I decided to not mind what he said in a small voice. From the way speaks, it might be a safe bear.
Before we went in a soldier came out from a small shed.
When grandfather showed his ID, he led us inside.
Inside the fort, there were two iron bars, and when the soldier gave a signal, they were raised with a bell ringing.
Grandfather then wrote something at the window in the middle, and when that was over we headed to the entrance of the village.


Surprisingly, the inside of the village was full of greenery too. We were told that there is a house before getting to the forest.

“Ah, uncle!”

Before we found the house, we met uncle Ritzhard. It seemed that he was coming out to greet us.

“It’s been a while, princesses.”
“Uncle, you too!”

Uncle came over and hugged my sister and me.
It had been a year, so I felt like crying from happiness.
After that, uncle also hugged grandfather, but father waved his hand, declining the offer, saying that the feeling was enough.
After our reunion with uncle Ritzhard, we were guided through the village.


The red brick houses were lovely.
But more importantly, we were surprised at the villagers.
Everyone had white hair and blue eyes like uncle Ritzhard.

This was indeed the village of fairies.

Until we arrived at uncle’s house, my little sister was absent-minded, but we were then surprised by something else.
When the mansion door was opened, we saw an impossible creature.

—— A giant white bear!?

Before we realised it, my sister and I were hiding behind uncle.

“Ah~ Edelgard, Adeltraud, it’s alright~.”
“B, B-B-But, there’s a bear-san! A huge bear-san!”
“That’s a kind bear-san.”

After hearing uncle’s words, I slowly checked the figure.
On closer look, it was not a real bear but someone wearing bear fur.
But he was bulky and scary.

“His name is Teoporon. He greets people by pounding his chest. You two can return a lady’s greeting.”

Uncle introduced the white bear-san to us.
Then, he pounded his chest as was said.
Instead of curtsying, my little sister pounded her chest like the white bear-san did. Father did a similar thing with a serious expression.
I was a little embarrassed, so I curtsied slightly. It would be nice if I could do it by the time I am returning home.

When we went inside, aunt Sieglinde greeted us.
She had the baby that was born in spring in her arms.
Arno who could now walk also greeted us.

“Uwaaaa! Cute!”

Named Veronica by our grandfather, the baby girl had clear eyes and quirky hair, just like uncle.

“This child will become a beauty in the future.”

Father said that while looking at uncle Ritzhard, so he received a cold glare from aunt.
Grandfather had Arno on his lap while he was looking at Veronica who was in a cradle.

“Ah, cute. They really are cute children.”

Grandfather looked really happy.
He always looked a little sad when he talked about Ritzhard, so I felt happy as well.

Afterwards, it was time for lunch.
On the table, there were only dishes that I had never seen before.
I was especially surprised by reindeer meat.
Uncle said that it might have a strong taste, but it was delicious.
The raspberry sauce was sweet and sour, and went well with the meat.
We even had blueberry pie for dessert.
We ate so much that it was as though it was lie that we ate only a little with my little sister.

That day, we were a little tired so we rested early.
The next day, we went to pick berries in the forest, and the day after that we went fishing.
On the last day, we wore traditional clothes and played a little with the village children.

The fun days passed in the blink of an eye.

When we had to part with uncle, my little sister cried so much that it was a little hard.
However, uncle Ritzhard said that he will come over to play, so she stopped crying. I was glad that she was simple.

The experience at the village of the fairies became beautiful memories in our hearts.



“The Children and the Summer Forest”… the story takes place before Arno is born.


Today, I went out to the forest with my nieces and nephew.

“Uncle, today I made cream cheese and honey with older sister!”
“Hehh, sounds delicious.”

The nieces made snacks for eating in the forest.
A simple sandwich of honey and cream cheese in bread, it’s a snack that is loved by the people of this country.

It seemed that she put in a lot of effort for going out today, so I felt happy.
While I was feeling satisfied, I heard a deep sigh from next to me so I looked over there.

“Haa? Not meat sandwich?”

The cheeky Claus voiced his opinion to the nieces.
He looked discontent as he held the sandwich basket in his hand.

After hearing that, Adeltraud revealed the secret regarding the meal today.

“Uncle likes honey.”
“He doesn’t eat meat!”
“Uncle, you said that you usually have meat.”

He murmured softly so that the sisters won’t hear.
When I patted Claus for his kindness, he got angry and told me to stop.
Adolescent boys are hard to deal with.

Even as he complained about many things, Claus accompanied us on our stroll.

The early summer forest had beautiful flowers and lush foliage.
Edelgard and Adeltraud drew pictures to record flowers they found. Apparently they are going to find out the name with an encyclopaedia when they return home.

“What’s so fun about this?”
“You think so?”

From a young age, I felt calmer when I walked through lush green forests, and I felt happy from finding herbs in the forest, but Claus said that it was not so.

“Then, why don’t we try making cider?”[1]
“Ah~ erm, it’s something similar to Apfelschorle of this country, I guess?”

Apfelschorle is a sparkling liquor made using apples.
I told them the story of me getting surprised around ten years ago, when I was served sparkling apple liquor when I asked for cider in a store of this country.

“I don’t really understand, but you mean we can make sparkling water from things available in the forest?”
“You’re right. In addition, what I’ll make is recommended for early summer.”

I called over the sisters who were observing flowers and told them the plan.

“Uncle, is there something?”
“Thank you for coming. From now on, we’ll be making sparkling juice using things available in the forests.”

That’s amazing, the two piped up at the same time.

“Uncle, what will be making juice with?”
“Nn, that tree.”

The ingredient was right in front of us.

“Eh, that’s a pine tree.”
“You know very well, Claus.”

I reached out to pat his head, but then I remembered that he got angry a while ago so I stopped. Instead, I changed the trajectory and patted Edelgard and Adeltraud.

“W-Why are you patting Eru and Aru when they didn’t say anything.”

Well, you get angry when I pat you.

Adolescent boys are difficult after all.
I patted their head without much meaning, but the sisters received it gladly with smiles.

“Uncle, we can make juice out of trees, not flowers?”
“Yes. If we dip the leaves in water and expose them to the sun, the water in the bottle will become sparkling water.”
“It’s true. Let’s get some leaves.”

The way the sisters’ eyes gleamed as they heard my story was cute.
Claus looked at me as though he was looking at a fraud.

If fresh early summer pine needles aren’t used for making cider, it tastes bitter.
So this season is the best opportunity.

I climbed the straight pine trees and collected leaves.
Since the yellow bits at the edges create acerbity, the leaves were cut in the middle.
In the middle, Claus said that he wanted to do it too, so I taught him how to climb trees.

After we filled a small basket full of pine needles, we took a short break.

Claus was staring at the pine needles in the basket with a puzzled expression.

“Uncle, are these sweet?”
“I wonder? I never tried them raw so I have no idea.”

Full of curiosity, Claus tried some raw pine needles.


Of course it was not tasty. He quickly spat them out.

“What is this!”
“Well, I did think they won’t be tasty.”

I explained that the juice won’t be getting sweet from the pine needles.

“What do you mean!?”
“That’s a normal leaf.”
“Say that quicker!”

As to how the juice is made, the yeast in the pine needles become active when it receives sunlight. They then collect the sugar, and during their movements the water becomes carbonated.
I made it a few times when I was little, but the fact that father had been using the sugar in secret was found out so the production was halted. The juice has a sad memory to it.

We had honey sandwich as we talked about the pine needle juice, and then returned home.

After we returned, we promptly started making juice.

“First, we pour water in a pot and boil it.”

We worked at a corner of father-in-law’s ranch.

“Claus, can you measure the sugar please?”

I left weighing the sugar to Claus.
As for Edelgard and Adeltraud, I asked them to rinse the pine needles.

“If we wash it too much, the yeast becomes thinner, so rinse it lightly.”

After instructing the sisters, I got down to sterilising the bottle and making sugar water.
The bottle we were to use were empty bottle of alcohol father-in-law drank. To sterilise that, I boiled that in a pot.
For the second pot, I merely boiled water. That was for the drink.

Once the sterilisation was complete, the bottle was left to dry.
In the boiling water, sugar was mixed in.

While letting the water cool, I helped out with father-in-law’s ranch work.
As a reward, I got freshly made sausages.

Two hours later, after checking if the hot water cooled down, we started working on the next step.

“Can you please the bottles with pine needles?”

In two bottles, we put in the lightly rinsed pine needles. The preparations were finished by putting sugar water in there.

“Don’t plug it tight, but put a cloth over the lid and fasten it with a string.

The reason is because if the lid is airtight, there is the danger of the bottle exploding from the fermentation process.
At night, the activities of the yeast stop so they have to be shut tight to not make the carbon fly away.

Once it is left for a few days, the sparkling juice is complete.

The finished sparkling water has lactic acids and acetic acids, so it tasted bitter.
Since it was sour, I added in honey and squeezed fruit juice to adjust the flavour.

I had my cooperators taste the amber-coloured sparkling drink mixed with honey.

“Uwa~, it’s bubbly and sweet.”
“……It’s delicious.”
“So-so, I think.”

The sparkling drink had a soft taste.

The cider was very popular among the children, so we went into the forest again on another day to make more.





“The Children’s Observation Diary”… the small incident that happened to Claus and the young sisters during Ritz’s stay at Sieg’s place.

“Stu——pid! That’s not true!”
“It’s not stupid——! It’s true——!”

The two that are fighting fiercely are Claus, the son of the eldest son of House Wattin, and Adeltraud, the daughter of the third son of House Wattin. Edelgard was panicking a little ways away from them.

“As if uncle Ritzhard would be a fairy, stupid!”
“It’s true! He is a fairy!”

As to why this happened, while the sisters were drawing fairy pictures, Clause saw them and realised that the model was their uncle.

Adeltraud drew a person in snowy scenery, while Edelgard captured a famtastical snow fairy in the snow.

White braided hair and blue eyes, from those traits, it was clear that it was Ritzhard.

Seeing that, Claus was planning on lightly teasing, “Uncle’s not a fairy,” but that statement lit a fire to the anger of Adeltraud, who firmly believed that Ritzhard was a fairy.

“What part of him is a fairy, he’s just an old soldier!”
“Uncle’s not a soldier!”
“That’s not what it means!”
“He eats flowers!”
“Haa, what the heck!?”

Adeltraud suddenly ran out the room. Edelgard followed shortly after.

Few minutes later, Adeltraud came back inside with a flower.

“I’ll give this to uncle.”
“No, feeding that to uncle, don’t you feel sorry?”
“Why!? He said that he loves flowers!”
“If you take it to him with expectations, he’d have no choice but to force it down his throat.”
“Then I’ll ask a maid to take it to him!!”

Adeltraud said that they can peek through the window to see what Ritzhard does with the flower.

After that, they asked a nearby servant to take the flower they picked from a garden to Ritzhard.

Then, the children started running. They headed for the window where they could peek into Ritzhard’s room.

Since the window was where Adeltraud couldn’t reach, they asked the gardener for a box and peeked into the room with that.

Inside, the couple was sitting side by side in a great mood.
Seeing that they weren’t late to see the servant deliver the flower, Claus felt relieved.

“Wa, it came—mugu!”

Claus hurriedly shut Adeltraud’s mouth, while she was looking excitedly.

They were peeking into the room using the gap in the curtain, but fortunately they weren’t found out, so he let out a sigh.

As he received the flower from the servant, he smiled slightly after heard that it was a present from the niece.
He enjoyed the scent, and made a broader smile.

The servant bowed and left the room.

From here, the three children swallowed their breaths and watched every single movement of their uncle.

After momentarily spinning the flower with his fingers, Ritzhard started talking to his wife.
Sieglinde darted his eyes about and looked flustered.

“What might uncle be saying? It’s the first time seeing aunt getting embarrassed like that.”

Claus checked once again if aunt really was being shy. Of course, her cheek was dyed red from embarrassment.

Could it be that something that shouldn’t be shown to the young sisters is starting, Claus started worrying, but he couldn’t move because he was so curious as to what will happen next.

Ritzhard hugged Sieglinde by her shoulder and leaned in. He grabbed her hand and whispered something into her ears, before decorating her red hair with the flower he had in his hand.

When he whispered something into his wife’s ear again, the children witnessed their aunt blushing completely red.

“N-Now, let’s go!”

Claus said that and took the sisters away.


“Haa, that was nice~”

Adeltraud said in wonder. It seemed like Edelgard had the same opinion as her little sister.

“We can take another flower to him later. When aunt is not with him.”
“No, it’s alright.”
“It’s been confirmed that uncle Ritzhard is not human.”

Claus thought,
Making that ferocious aunt become embarrassed like that is a feat impossible for a human.

“Uncle really might be a fairy.”
“See, I told you!?”

By recalling his aunt acting shy, a chill ran down Claus’s spine.

From witnessing such a scene, he could not help but agree to the opinion of his cousins.



“Grandfather’s Joy.”… The time period is some time after Chapter 70 ‘Arno’s Activity Report’. From Ritzhard’s grandfather’s point of view


Today, my grandson, his wife, and my great-grandchildren are coming over.
I can’t adequately describe how much I have been looking for this day.

The youngest grandson, Ritzhard, became a father.
It was the first time I am meeting with their youngest son Erenfried. I’m worried that he might be afraid of me.

As for the bear fur, I once ended up making Ulrich cry so it was put away as decoration in the bedroom.
For this day, I bought many new books for Veronica. I wonder if she will like them.

I was also bothered whether Krimhilde became a little calmer. Really, that tomboyish lass, just who does she take after.
Arno was sending me a letter every month. From the firm wording, I felt happy that he grew well.

The butler announced the arrival of my grandson’s family.
I wanted to go out to the front door and greet them, but I patiently endured.

While I was waiting on the specially ordered sofa for eight people, there was a loud knock on the door.

“——Come in.”

At the same time the door opened, Krimhilde flew to me like a bullet.
I somehow caught her and released a sigh of relief.

Really, are you trying to kill me!? Or so I was going to yell, but……

“Great-grandfather, I really really wanted to see you!”

Hearing that, my complaint holed up in the inside of my throat.
After Krimhilde, other grandchildren came in.

“Great-grandfather, it has been a while.”
“Mm, indeed. Ah, right. Veronica, because I wanted to read some time ago, I bought dozens of books, so you can take a look at the library later.”
“Y-Yes, I look forward to it.”

Veronica was making a humble smile, but the moment I talked about books, she was smiling like a blooming flower.

“Great-grandfather, it has been a while.”
“Oh, Arno.”

Arno came in while holding Ulrich’s hand. He grew quite big. He still has a gallant face taking after his mother.
The easygoing Ulrich hugged me without saying a thing, so I embraced him back without saying anything as well.

“Rim, let me have the spot on great-grandfather’s knee.”
“No way!”
“Both of you, stop fighting! Get down from his lap, because that burdens great-grandfather.”
“How come! Arno-oniichan’s like a sister-in-law!”
“What!? Rim, where do you learn those things!?”

My great-grandchildren started fighting over me.
The popularity is troubling. Good, do it more.

“Uwa, everyone gathered around granfather!”

At the end, my grandson, his wife and Erenfried arrived.

“Ah, grandfather, it has been a while!”
“Grandfather-in-law, I’m glad to see you in good health.”
“Same to you.”

I’m meeting them after three years, but the couple still looks to be on great terms.

“Now, show me Erenfried.”

The youngest child, whom Ritzhard was hugging, was looking over here interestedly.

“Ehrenfried, it’s the first time meeting you.”
“……Yes, nice to meet you!”
“Eren, it’s great-grandfather.”
“Great, grand, father?”
“Yes. It’s grandfather’s father.”

When I showed him my palm, he stretched his hand out to me.
The youngest son is a surprisingly amiable child, like his father.
Even though it was our first meeting, he relaxed and entrusted himself to me.

“Come here.”

When I beckoned her, she came over with light movements and kneeled on one knee.

“You did great. To have five children, it is an amazing thing. I will always be proud of you.”
“Thank you, very much.”

Before handing Erenfried over to Sieglinde, I gently hugged her.


I only called his name, but he quickly came over here and sat down in front of me.

“Are you a monster!?”

I had thought that he was the only one looking young, but on closer inspection he did have wrinkles under his eyes. When he smiled, the wrinkles grew deeper.
Ritzhard was properly aging too. I somehow felt relieved at that fact.


I was going to say something, but the words didn’t come out.
Things came welling up, so I covered my face with my hand.

“For a while, let’s all live here”

Ritzhard hugged this old man’s body and patted my back.

“I forced all the work on father.”
“Ah, ahh, is that so. That is, an amusing, thing.”

I really have become useless through aging.
To think I would ever be comforted by my grandson.

For some time, this quiet mansion will become noisy as well.

There were many things I wanted to do, so it will become busy again. I psyched myself up again.


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[1] In Japan and Korea, cider refers to soft drinks like sprite.

7,200 words…… I’m spent… I don’t think I got this tired when I was writing my term paper……

Other than that, awww grandfather… I’m glad he’s still healthy when he’s almost 90 though. 🙂

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